Why Would Poland Want to Emulate Sweden?

Jarosław Porwich is a Polish member of parliament. He was a dissident under the communist regime, and was prosecuted and convicted for his activities, which included setting up an underground radio station.

In the following discussion taken from Polish Radio, Mr. Porwich discusses the dire conditions that cultural enrichment has created in Western Europe. If his awareness is widely shared in Poland, it’s no wonder that the Poles are being so stubborn about keeping “refugees” out of their country.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I live 200 km [124 mi] from Berlin in Gorzów Wielkopolski.
00:04   Many people [from there] work in Berlin.
00:08   Many work in France, in Paris for example.
00:12   They tell me what’s going on is some neighborhoods: about the
00:16   rise of delinquency that is taking place over there, about
00:20   the behavior of Muslim immigrants, who treat us as infidels,
00:24   who aren’t tolerant towards us,
00:28   who certainly won’t assimilate. We can see
00:32   what’s going on in Sweden. Recently I met
00:36   — through the parliamentary representative Liroy-Marzec — a DJ, who is a resident
00:40   of Sweden, near Malmö, and he told us what’s going on
00:44   in that town. Well, in Malmö, in general,
00:48   Muslim immigrants go downtown, they rally very loudly,
00:52   they burn Swedish flags, they tell
00:56   Swedes to get the hell out of their country; and this is something
01:00   abnormal, in my opinion, that happens with full approval of the police, and the approval
01:04   of the Swedes themselves. Police make wide detours far around those neighborhoods.
01:09   There, people are already saying, the militants from the Islamic State
01:13   carry automatic weapons.
01:17   I wouldn’t like this sort of fate to befall
01:21   our own citizens in the territory of our country.

11 thoughts on “Why Would Poland Want to Emulate Sweden?

  1. I greatly admire the brave Poles .May they never waver in their firm resolve to
    protect: their country, their children ,their grandchildren ,their culture ,their values ,their way of life.

    • Shelagh, it will be hard for the Poles and Hungarians to keep their resolve with the force of the European Quisling community lined up against them. It is ironic to think that what keeps them going is their lived memory of true oppression under the USSR, an oppression that could have been prevented if FDR hadn’t let “Uncle Joe” have his way.

      • Yes, FDR and Churchill didn’t care about Eastern Europe. Their descendants – Western Europeans , and Americans-are paying the price.

        • Are we ever! And when Diana West spent several years meticulously researching those horrific events, she was savaged mercilessly – by conservatives. They tried their best to silence her with ridicule, or by refusing to allow her to answer their fake charges. See the Amazon page:
          American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character


          The book is still selling after three years. Those thugs at National Review didn’t win. Neither did the former Communist, David Horowitz, who definitely didn’t want the history of Communism under FDR discussed.

          Look at those almost-300 reviews. The bottom one-star reviews are trolls. Read the 5,4, and 3 star reviews to get a real sense of her work.

          Here is the blurb on the book page; you will agree with every thought expressed there:

          Part real-life thriller, part national tragedy, American Betrayal lights up the massive, Moscow-directed penetration of America’s most hallowed halls of power, revealing not just the familiar struggle between Communism and the Free World, but the hidden war between those wishing to conceal the truth and those trying to expose the increasingly official web of lies.

          American Betrayal is America’s lost history, a chronicle that pits Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight David Eisenhower, and other American icons who shielded overlapping Communist conspiracies against the investigators, politicians, defectors, and others (including Senator Joseph McCarthy) who tried to tell the American people the truth.

          American Betrayal shatters the approved histories of an era that begins with FDR’s first inauguration, when “happy days” are supposed to be here again, and ends when we “win” the Cold War. It is here, amid the rubble, where Diana West focuses on the World War II–Cold War deal with the devil in which America surrendered her principles in exchange for a series of Big Lies whose preservation soon became the basis of our leaders’ own self-preservation. It was this moral surrender to deception and self-deception, West argues, that sent us down the long road to moral relativism, “political correctness,” and other cultural ills that have left us unable to ask the hard questions: Does our silence on the crimes of Communism explain our silence on the totalitarianism of Islam? Is Uncle Sam once again betraying America?

          In American Betrayal, Diana West shakes the historical record to bring down a new understanding of our past, our present, and how we have become a nation unable to know truth from lies.

          She calls what she finds “the lost history”. And she has 900 source notes. IIRC, she started in 2009, and it was either 3 or 4 years before she finished – finding that lost history took its toll on her.

          • yes, what Diana West is saying in her book is common knowledge in the Eastern Europe; it is also common sense. The West was showing contempt to the Eastern Europe for generations. Their actions proved it again and again.

        • Excuse me Ava, but Churchill (notwithstanding his shabby treatment of the Poles and Czechs at the VE parade in 1945) did get it; this is why he badgered Rooseveldt to concentrate on freeing the Balkans and Austria before the Soviets got there, and the thinking behind his famous “Iron Curtain” speech in Washington.

  2. Yep, thats exactly it, in a nutshell… Poles have headed out to the West to work, have seen what’s happening, and have told their stories to their families. Which is why support for anti-immigrant parties is not strongest among Poles in Poland, but those in the UK…

    One could say that the mass exodus of Poles westwards after 2004 is the very reason for Poles’ stubbornness against accepting Muslim immigration today.

    • Green Infidel , I fully agree, that Poles experiencing Islam’s “blessings” in the West are the ones who are saving and will save Poland from those “blessings” being imported to Poland.

  3. *” ……. the militants from the Islamic State carry automatic weapons.”*

    I wonder if that’s what the speaker meant. Or did he mean that “some Moslems are carrying automatic weapons”?

    His words suggest that in parts of Sweden, armed IS militias, who identify as such, are walking around unhindered.

    I hope someone will respond to my question.

    • He said that people know, that the militants from the IS (living in Sweden) own and carry automatic weapons. Sweden is doing nothing against known ISIS fighters returning to Sweden- other than giving them even more welfare than before.

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