Viktor Orbán: The Silk Road and New Models of Globalization

The “Silk Road” has been in the news a lot lately — the Chinese initiative to update the old trading routes from the Far East across the steppes of Central Asia to the Caucasus and Europe.

In the following excerpt from his recent remarks during the Silk Road negotiations, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talks about a new model of globalization that is replacing the old, worn-out one.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   History will decide whether it’s true or not, this observation
0:04   that we have arrived at a border of a new age. For myself, today I lean toward
0:08   this opinion — I would like to phrase it in such a way —
0:12   that the old globalization model
0:16   is over. It lost its momentum.
0:20   The old globalization model
0:24   is built on that the money is in the West;
0:28   the profit is also generated there; the technological know-how is there too,
0:32   and all these flow to the less fortunate, poorer,
0:36   less developed countries in the East.
0:40   However, in the last couple of decades, and especially
0:44   accelerating during the past decade, all that has changed.
0:48   The pulling power of the economy is in the East and not the West.
0:52   Or more precisely, the East caught up with the West.
0:56   From the point of view of technological advancement, the Easterners are not behind
1:00   the Westerners, and in reality the largest amount of money
1:04   Has piled up in Asia, which then will start to move back to the West.
1:08   So if you want to take a look at the Hungarian economy, you will see
1:12   that in the last couple of years American and European, but especially huge
1:16   American companies, were bought by the Chinese.
1:20   That is why the number of Hungarian investments owned by the Chinese increased so dramatically.
1:24   That is a completely opposite direction from
1:28   what we were used to or what we learned about how the global economy works.
1:32   On the other hand, a significant portion of the world has had enough
1:36   of the old globalization format, because it divided the world
1:40   into two parts: masters and pupils.
1:44   It has become hurtful that some better-developed countries are constantly “educated” in:
1:48   human rights, democracy, development, the market economy,
1:52   the largest part of the world. And now everybody has had enough of that,
1:56   and the Chinese are the strongest, so they started moving
2:00   in a different direction, they call it “One belt, one road”.
2:04   It is built especially on the acceptance of each other.
2:08   There are no masters and pupils; everybody has the right — said the Chinese President —
2:12   to its own society and its own culture,
2:16   to its own approach, to its own values. We should not change each other,
2:20   not be pushed into alliances, but accept each other as we are,
2:24   and instead connect with those countries, connect
2:28   the nations and economies. So from the
2:32   point of view of economic content, these negotiations
2:36   were mostly about the creation of necessary conditions for shipping routes, the building of railway lines,
2:40   The building of airports, the development of new road systems
2:44   and the building of bridges, generally about the people of the world,
2:48   mostly about connecting the nations around the Silk Road in a modern way.

11 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: The Silk Road and New Models of Globalization

  1. Sounds like in this, the Hungarian president has gotten snowed. China wants to leech everything it can out it other countries

  2. I would not trust the Chinese on anything they put forward. We in Oz are now just waking up to how Chinese ‘businessmen’ have been rorting the 457 Visa system that permitted ‘Australian companies’ to bring in cheap labor wherever there were ‘shortages’ of Australian labor available – and with 5 to 6% unemployment, and knowing how governments ‘fiddle the books’, probably higher, I don’t know how any reasonable person would think that Australian Labor was in short supply. The United States has had such a system in place and until the advent of Trump such a system was discriminating against American labor.

    As an example of how the Chinese operate; see Michael Smith News and his expose on what happened to Mitchell Rock, who was once employed at Kilcoy.

    I’m sure that any American laborer would be only too well aware of how the ‘southern immigrants’ have taken over the American labor market under their own Visa system that is obviously, and to the knowing, another Globalist impost on productive countries in order to undermine their economies by reducing jobs for the natives on the road to one world government.

    So, and in summary, I believe Viktor Orban needs a lesson on what the COMMUNIST Chinese are up to in their march for world dominance.

    A question; Why would Orban think the Chinese Communists are any different to the Soviet variety?

    • Excellent points.

      Western countries are bedevilled by malevolent politicians who have hatred and contempt for their own lands and people. In the US, our manufacturing base has been partially gutted and hostile trade, currency, intellectual property, tariff, and regulatory on the part of foreigners simply are acceded to meekly and submissively.

      Similarly, foreigners interfere in our elections (and I don’t mean Russians) and buy up our assets quite without any objection whatsoever by our “leaders.” US uranium anyone? Yours for a very modest investment in good government and charitable works.

      Trump electrified voters by indicating that it is not America’s sacred role to drink the bathwater of every foreigner on the planet (as earnestly and ardently desired by leftist and the corporate media). America First? Deutschland über Somalia? Ged outta here!

      Those politicians also are fanatically motivated to destroy their own people and turn their lands into third-world slums. Impoverish citizen workers with foreign workers is the order if the day. The sacred duty of the beaux trashes.

      The great Victor Orban is correct that the era of master-pupil is over, I only hope that US neocons get wind of this so our civilizing mission can come to an end toot sweet.

      There are two very old features of the world still at play. Imperialism and war. Both words need “stealth” in front if them. Foreign interference and war by malicious immigration need to end. Rex call your office and see if you can take a meeting with McCain, Ryan, May, Merkel, Löfven, Timmermans, Sutherland, and Specter to jack them up on the patriotism dealy.

      On the broad, overall point of colonial exploitation there’s an old Chinese communist term that can appropriately be applied to the Treason Class in every Western country – “running dogs of the imperialists.” I can appreciate the steam behind those apt Chinese words now. I don’t appreciate being sold out either.

      Trump only dimly understands the extent of the betrayal that’s at work.

      • Thanks Colonel, I appreciate your response and believe you have covered it all.

        I wonder what we would do with ourselves if this world was not in such a mess?

  3. yes, go for it! That will speed up and revive ancient business schemes along that road. It passes mainly muslim countries whose inhabitants had developped impressing skills of looting and ambushing trade caravans throughout the centuries. Wisely enough , its plan circumvents Afghanistan, the hothouse of roadside bandits.

  4. Mr. Orban is talking about trade NOT IMMIGRATION. I agree that immigration is quite another matter. I also agree that the Chinese could make mince meat of any one who is unwary of their dynastic and opportunistic methods when dealing with other cultures. Having said all of that ; I believe it is prudent to have business dealings with all nations in a peaceful and non dominating manner. The current Banksters are not at all peaceful and do want to dominate. Why not move in the silk road direction ” but keep your eyes open “.

  5. What Viktor Orbán trying to do is help his country to become a local center of trade and industry and with that to bring prosperity to his country. (for him its Hungary First) Politics and trade is never about “loving” or “hating” nations and or political views. It is about money and profit. What the little mouse of Hungary is tries to achieve is to get some of the crumbs from the big boys table, while running around very carefully to not being stumped, while the American elephant, the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon doing their tactical dance. Nothing more, nothing less…

    • I totally disagree. China is an international swindler. No one will gain anything opening the doors for them and Mr. Orban is just dreaming. Their method is simple: take the advance payment and run with it.

      TO GOV: I need to post through multiple tunneling networks for personal safety but your security firewall blocks me and sends me some technical info about how to remove the blockade. Can’t understand what’s wrong with IP hiding.

  6. The Chinese will use this to colonize Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe just like they are doing in Africa. Be every careful PM Orbán because the Chinese colonists have an eye on your country and will fill it up with migrants just as easily as Sub-Saharan migrants are invading and flooding Western Europe today.

    • Yes the reality that no matter where you turn, everybody will just use you up and throw you away. The Hungarians are learned this lesson in the hard way. Commerce is one thing, political incursion is a something other. I think that is why Viktor Orbán is trying to do the balance act.

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