Tommy Robinson in Manchester: “They are enemy combatants in these houses”

Tommy Robinson has really come into his own in his new role as an investigative reporter for He’s full of fire, passion, and righteous indignation on behalf of the English working class. If enough of his fellows were able to hear it, his could become the voice of the English working class, because he definitely speaks for them.

In the following report from Manchester, Tommy reports on what happened last night, and discusses the collusion of British politicians with Islamic radicals:

Also from The Rebel, a website collecting information and reports about last night’s terror attack in

24 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson in Manchester: “They are enemy combatants in these houses”

    • Not the only one, Nemesis. But certainly the most persecuted voice. As Paul Weston stated, it is the fears of the Traitor Class which keep the whole Islam ship going in Britain. Didn’t Labour admit some years ago that it was a deliberate ploy so they’d own the vote?

      Similar to what Lyndon Johnson did with his huge welfare scheme in the U.S. and admitted as much when warned he would destroy the black family with his “free” money and boondoggle programs that chugged along under the aegis of the “War on Poverty”.

      • I had forgotten Paul Weston, and there are others that did not come to mind, such as the leaders of Britain First who have been in and out of jail over their own campaign against Islam.

        If the Crown Prosecution Service had not been heavily stacked with Muslims, I doubt what we are now witnessing would as evident as it is now.

        • Nemesis: the Crown Prosecutor who brought the successful prosecution of the Rochdale rape gang (after it had been shelved by his colleagues) was from a Pakistani family. Whether he is a practising Muslim I don’t know.

          • That’s his job. Just because others do not do their jobs properly doesn’t make what he did anything other than his job.

            Your expectations are too low

    • Anne-Marie Waters and Pat Condell are fabulous. Shazia Hobbs is great. Paul Joseph Watson might not count as English depending on his domicile.
      There are plenty of people who are not asleep in the UK. They are the only ones I listen to.

  1. You are so right! Keep spreading the word about Islam and god be with you and your family!

    • Don’t you think he’s doing that? Don’t you think people are looking out for him? It may not be the upper classes (the British version of our SJWs) who are guarding him, but you know the people of Luton – the ones who were there before Islam showed up – certainly are.

      Given your political philosophy (as based on your previous comments, Jeff E.) I’m surprised at your caution. Or is it only when someone *really* sticks his neck out that you propose caution. That’s disappointing. Look on the Rebel site for Tommy’s thank-you video after he left court. People not only “watch his back”, they pay for his legal services. He’s not getting shafted with incompetent legal representation anymore and is thus alive to tell this tale.

      • What a difference decent legal representation makes! Many thanks to all who contributed financially to Tommy’s defence.

  2. Tommy nobody is listening. ISIS and Obama are just the tip of the Muslim iceberg. Even Stalin and Churchill Roosevelt could meet and greet and cooperate in the previous war.

    • Does that mean we should let the Stalins and Roosevelts run things? I refuse to put Churchill in with those two since he was often caught in their pincers. The USSR got our latest materiel and lotsa money; Churchill had to beg and settle for left-overs, for which the Brits finally finished paying off just a few years ago.

      You have no idea whether anyone is listening or not. And if you read history you’d know that often one lone voice can be the tipping point.

      Shame on you, AlphabetSoup.

      • Thanks to Tommy, raising many different points that others would gloss over.

        I am a Churchill fan; and for ones that speak out about the islamic threat.

        WW2 was a close run battle for a considerable period of time.
        It was the absolute up lifting speeches and determination of Churchill that kept Britain in play.
        “Never give in”, still applies today. The full 2 page speech.

        that appearances are often very deceptive, and as Kipling well says, we must “…meet with Triumph and Disaster. And treat those two impostors just the same.”….. never give in….

        Gatesofvienna with Baron & Dymphna as “one lone voice can be the tipping point”, so we too, should be triggered to support and add to the rhythm, melody, harmony and lyrics of truth, to this war, for this world.
        Thank you.

      • Ooops! [vulgar double entendre redacted]. Thank you Dymphna. What you say gives me renewed hope.

      • “You have no idea whether anyone is listening or not.”

        Absolutely right, Dymphna, and a very important thing for anyone who comments on this issue to bear in mind. I once remarked to my publisher that I never got any feedback on my books and she replied: “That doesn’t mean no-one is reading them.”

        I think the tide is slowly turning on this. There is noticeably more objective and courageous criticism of Islam in the public domain in recent years and it is very much down to the cumulative efforts of folk like Tommy Robinson and yourselves. Please, please keep it up.

        Your efforts prevent the thing being swept under the carpet, and before too long even the Authorities will no longer be able to pretend there is not a problem with Islam. By that time, thanks to the likes of you, there will hopefully be sufficient concensus, and momentum, among the ordinary people to force the pusillanimous politicians into taking action. They don’t like a NO vote up ’em.

        • Churchill was a genocidal monster who ultimately created half of these problems by fathering or uncling Pakistan.

        • [Vehement disagreement] the muppets are not listening or care what is creeping ie Sharia

  3. I feel so sorry for him. He’s sacrificing himself trying to save an ungrateful country.

  4. Straight up! Bang on. I’m amazed at Tommy’s courage, and disgusted he’s being harassed as much by traitorous government officials as by Muslims who want him dead. He makes me wonder if this is the elite — aristocratic, in a sense — governments (whether Labor or Tory) deliberately using radical Muslim groups to intimidate, rape, maim, and kill the working class. B/c there is active, provable, chronic collusion by the British state with Islam & radical terror groups, and an equal harassment of free speech advocates.

  5. “Fire, passion, and righteous indignation” are useless for this kind of journalism, even more so when confronting people face to face. The angry man will simply be arrested and taken away, shouting and screaming.

    It is much better to be like the famous journalist Roger Cook, who would calmly confront con men and other criminals – to the point where he would sometimes be filmed or taped asking “Mr Smith, why are you punching me?” This approach is far more effective at winning hearts and minds.

  6. I’m sure Tommy’s accent puts him out of bounds to many upper and upper-middle class English. But it shouldn’t. What’s exclusively working class about his actual words? Nothing. He’s a national treasure, not only a working class treasure. Tommy gives voice to all English patriots.

  7. They need to stop arresting him. He deserves to be knighted for all the sacrifices he’s made in his effort to protect his country and her people. He should be declared a national treasure!

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