Tommy Robinson Arrested for Attempted Journalism

Update: Here’s a direct link to the latest defense fund for Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson was arrested at 4:30 this morning at his home in Luton, which is in Bedfordshire, north of London. His alleged “crime” was to have recorded a videotape outside a courtroom on Monday in Canterbury, Kent.

Tommy was on the scene in Kent on behalf of, so this time he has the backing of his employer, which is a not insubstantial resource. The Rebel helped him get a lawyer, and he was out on bail by early this afternoon.

The Rebel have started a campaign to #SaveTommy. Our English correspondent Seneca III writes to advise Tommy’s supporters and The Rebel to redirect their petition efforts towards a more appropriate target:

There is one mistake in the Rebel Media report: the call to petition the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire. That’s going for the wrong target — Bedfordshire Police would not have carried out this raid without being requested to do so by the Chief Constable of Kent Police, one Alan Pughsley.

Below is the initial video appeal put out by The Rebel:

Here’s a brief video that Tommy made after he was bailed:

And here’s Tommy’s cell phone video of his arrest at 4:30am:

Once again, here’s the link to #SaveTommy

Below the jump are excerpts from a report on Tommy’s arrest published by Breitbart:

Tommy Robinson Arrested for Contempt of Court After Trying to Film Alleged Rapists Outside Canterbury Court

Tommy Robinson, founder and former leader of the English Defence League, was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning at his home in Luton for allegedly “trying to video Muslim paedophiles” on the steps of Canterbury Crown Court on Monday.

Posting a video to his Facebook page before the arrest, Mr. Robinson told his followers: “It’s 04.32 and the police are at my house, and I’m being arrested for going to a court case in Canterbury and trying to video the Muslim paedophiles.”

Moments later, two police officers are seen in the bottom of the partially obscured frame, one of whom tells Mr. Robinson he cannot use his phone.

A statement made from Mr. Robinson’s Twitter account read that he had been arrested “on charges relating to attempted journalism”.

Tommy arrested in his home at 04:30 following reporting from C…

04:30 this morning. #SaveTommy

Posted by Tommy Robinson on Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A spokesman for Kent Police said: “On Wednesday, officers attended an address in Luton, Bedfordshire, and arrested a 34-year-old man for contempt of court.

“The arrest is in relation to an incident at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday (May 8).”

Crown courts are open to the press, but any filming and recording of courts and court precincts is illegal under section 41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925 and the Contempt of Court Act.

According to KentLive, Mr. Robinson was waiting outside Canterbury Crown Court on Monday, hoping to interview one of four male suspects accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in Kent. Officers ushered Mr. Robinson and two cameramen from Rebel Media away, warning them they were at risk of breaking the law by filming on court steps.

51 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Arrested for Attempted Journalism

  1. I guess England is not even concerned with the appearance of being a free country.

    • That is the great about being an Islamic country. No need for faking being a democracy.

      • Oh but they do, they have elections and polling places and everything you need to be a fake democracy!

  2. England has willingly become a police state. It’s ironic to think about how much American blood was spilled to save them only to see them commit cultural suicide. It used to be fun to make fun of France, after all half the country turned and ran to join the other side in the WWII, but these days it’s the UK showing the world what true cowardice is.

    I’m recalling how Englishmen wore red coats so the blood from their wounds wouldn’t show and the French wore brown pants.

    I’m sure there are still some patriotic old codgers in the countryside who don’t like the way things are going, but folks, your country has left you behind.

      • As an “Old codger” that stood with NATO for years against Russia, It makes my blood boil. My wife worries about my blood pressure and heart.

    • Yup. Dad fought in the Eighth Army. North Africa, then the liberation of Italy in the last dust up. I can hear him spinning now.

    • “American sympathy is an amazing thing,” an exasperated Lord Woolton recorded in his dairy. “Newspapers, broadcasts, American conversations are full of it, but still they won’t allow their ships to come into England carrying either food or munitions, and they still didn’t give us one dollar’s worth of goods unless we pay cash for them.” (Lord Woolton, quoted by Roger Hermiston, All Behind You, Winston: Churchill’s Great Coalition 1939-1945, Aurum Press, p. 120.)

    • “Roosevelt and Morgenthau were daunting when working in concert, and they needed to be able to reassure Americans in general, who were still distrustful of Britan’s failure to pay its World War One debts, and the isolationists in particular, who did not want to give any aid to Britain, that they had squeezed the British until the pips squeaked. Morgenthau put pressure on Phillips (Sir Frederick Phillips, a British Treasury official) to liquidate national assets, such as British ownership of South American railroads an dtin mines, and rubber plantations in Malaya. At one point, the president asked Phillips straight out, “How about selling some of those securities you have in Argentina?” Morgenthau wanted to get American hands on British-owned companies in America, such as Shell Oil, Lever Brothers and Brown & Williams Tobacco. At the insistence of Morgenthau, Courtaulds, the giant plastics and chemicals company, was sold in 1941 to American buyers at a fraction of what it was worth. Britain had had its pockets picked.

      “Roosevelt and Morgenthau also wanted Britain’s gold. British reserves in Canada were already depleted to pay for war production in other parts of the empire. Britain had requisitioned French gold reserves and shipped them to Canada when the Reynaud government collapsed, but the gold could not be spent for fear of sparking a hostile reaction from the French Quebecois. Nonetheless, Roosevelt and Morgenthau pressed their advantage, insisting that a warship be sent to Cape Town to pick up $50 billion ($800 billion in 2014 terms) in British gold holdings there. Picking over their financial bones was humiliating to the British, one minister complaining “that the American’s love of doing good business may lead them to denude us of all our realizable resources before they show any inclination to be the Good Samaritan.” (Nicholas Wapshott, The Sphinx: Franklin Roosevelt, The Isolationists, and The Road to World War II, W.W. Norton & Company, p. 242.)

      • The second world war was about the British Empire trying to stop the creation / expansion of the competition – A German Empire. Ironically enough the cost was the British losing their Empire through the cost of WW2 and the USA gaining an empire as you described above. How isn’t this common knowledge?

    • We fought for for 2 and half years by ourselves in WWII. Germany failed to overcome the RAF and that is why the US was able to come into the war. Had we lost the air war, I doubt the US would have got involved, except to fight Japan after Pearl Harbour.

      We English are fighting to remove political correctness, and Brexit is the start of the process to remove it.

      • “Had we lost the air war, I doubt the US would have got involved…”

        It was Germany that declared war on the US; not the US on Germany.

        The Battle of Britain had been won well before Pearl Harbor. Germany was preoccupied with Russia and the eastern front. I don’t believe Britain proper was threatened anymore, but wanted to preserve its empire. Britain studiously ignored peace feelers such as the Rudolph Hess incident, and later the desperate attempts by the German resistance to get Allied support for a coup against Hitler.

        And,if you feel I’m coming down on Britain, I could also talk about the US. Much of it is documented in Diana West’s book,

      • Being brutally realistic, had the US lost Midway in 1942, Churchill woud have been unable to persuade Rooseveldt to give priority to defeating the Axis powers in Europe, and the war there would have lasted longer.

        Britain and its Empire held the line; the Soviet Union had the heaviest losses; the US’ munitions manufacturing capacity was hugely decisive. Do we need to fall out over it now?

        • Nah, there’s no “falling out”, it’s all just interesting, and in light of MC’s latest article (see above) it is good to see the propaganda that we have all been fed about the war being questioned.

          The Nazis showed right from the get-go that they were a dark and evil force on this earth – some of their massacres in Poland in the early months of the war were absolutely appalling, but these actions are little-known in the West. So the war effort against Germany could in one sense be described as a war of “good vs. evil”.

          However, it is inevitable that during a war, one must get one’s hands dirty (as the philosophical literature has it) and that, in the final analysis, each of the “United Nations” had their own interests at heart.

          The conduct of our countries during the war is a subject of endless fascination for many people – it’s quite astonishing to consider all the books on the war that are still being published today. It’s an interesting subject, and any excuse to delve into it … know what I mean.

          • Nick, you haven’t mentioned it, but are you aware of the appalling Soviet Massacres that were committed against the Polish intelligentsia in Eastern Poland?

    • “If our infantry would fight, this war would be over by now. On our present front, there are two very weak German regiments holding the XVIII Corps of four divisions. We all know it and admit it, and yet nothing is done about it. American infantry just simply will not fight. No one wants to get killed . . . Our artillery is wonderful and our air corps not bad. But the regular infantry – terrible. Everybody wants to live to a ripe old age. The sight of a few Germans drives them to their holes. Instead of being imbued with an overwhelming desire to get close to the German and get him by the throat, they want to avoid him if the artillery has not already knocked him flat.”

      (Gen. James Gavin, quoted by Max Hastings, Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-45, Pan Macmillan. Kindle Edition, loc. 5190.)

      • Sounds smart to me. What is artillery for? Written by someone who lived to 82, a goal shared by the men he led!

      Press Conference #761,
      Held on Board u.s.a. POTOMAC
      at Rockland, Maine,
      August 16, 1941, 3:15 P .M., R.D.T.

      “PRESS: Could you tell us where this conference with Mr. Churchill was held?

      THE PRESIDENT: I cannot , for obvious reasons. I had better make one or two things clear in the beginning. Names of ships are out. I suppose it has been published. The Prime Minister was there on the
      PRINCE OF WALES and I was there on the AUGUSTA, but outside of that, nothing about ships, nothing about times, dates, and nothing about locations. All those things tor perfectly obvious reasons, which I don’t have to explain. […]

      “PRESS: Mr. President, the announcements after the conference spoke of peace aims. The conferences themselves seemed to be conferences of possible procedure in defense of —

      THE PRESIDENT: (interposing) I think that is a bit at a narrow way of looking at things. Put it this way: that the conferences was primarily an interchange of views relating to the present and the future — a swapping of information, which was eminently successful. […]

      “PRESS: Mr. President, can you tell us anything about the actual implementation of those broad declarations now?

      THE PRESIDENT: Interchange of views, that’s all. Nothing else. […]

      “PRESS: Are we any closer to entering the war, actually?

      THE PRESIDENT: I should say, no.”

      • “I think you mean Russian blood.”

        I was wondering where you were going with your disconnected series of historical snippets, Nick.

        So, your thesis is that the US didn’t do much in the European theater, and was interested mainly in blackmailing Britain for tangible resources in exchange for war material.

        How about a few snippets on the British machinations to preserve their empire and their insistence on German reparations for World War I and most egregiously, their maintenance of the blockade against Germany after Germany had surrendered in World War I? The blockade resulted in widespread starvation in Germany.

        Do you have any historical snippets on the ineffectiveness of the US Fifth army pushing Germany completely out of heavily-defended Italy?

        • “I was wondering where you were going with your disconnected series of historical snippets, Nick.

          So, your thesis is that the US didn’t do much in the European theater, and was interested mainly in blackmailing Britain for tangible resources in exchange for war material.”

          i) The handful of facts presented previously are not “disconnected” in any way, since, in response to the original assertion that “It’s ironic to think about how much American blood was spilled to save them only to see them commit cultural suicide,” they all show the other side of the coin.

          ii) Since I never actually said, “the US didn’t do much in the European theater, and was interested mainly in blackmailing Britain for tangible resources in exchange for war material,” I’d appreciate it if you would not put words in my mouth.

          iii) All this to say that the commonly heard American refrain, that America saved the world, saved the Brits, won the war, blah blah blah … is an overly simplistic and quite unrealistic version of reality. That would be the point here.

          iv) America may have provided Britain – AND THE SOVIET UNION – with jeeps, tanks, aeroplanes and bullets. But they didn’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts – they sure sent in a hefty invoice, operating a “cash and carry” system until Britain had run out of money.

          v) While America managed to built up an army in time for “Operation Torch” in 1942, it was not exactly a world-beater. The Krauts kicked their behinds in North Africa, until they hardened up. It took until 1944 for the Yanks to make their big, definitive contribution to the war.

          vi) Britain had been fighting since September 1939, and the Soviet Union since June 1941. The Yanks were latecomers to the party, and only joined in AFTER Hitler declared war on America.

          vii) The Soviet casualties are quite mind-blowing. The Red Army broke the back of the Nazi war machine, and they paid the price for doing so.

          Reality is a messy business, and WW2 is no different in that regard. America did make a vital and important contribution to the war effort, there is no question about that. But any overly enthusiastic Yanks who have been brought up on patriotic myths about the war – and any Brits who are in the same boat – need to realise that this simplistic view of the war just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

          Check this out, for example …

          • We in Australia are pretty thankful to the US for saving our skins at Midway and the Coral Sea. The bravery of the US servicemen in the islands of the Pacific is legendary.

  3. I can think of a whole slew of alleged journalists that should be arrested for attempted journalism if this is going to be an ongoing thing…

    • I didn’t know that journalism itself was a crime, as in “attempted murder”.

      Then again …

  4. With Brexit, England is desperate and Old Bailey’s EUSSR apparatchiks are unable to restrain themselves. Clearly, this was excessive force applied in a manner meant to terrorize the Robinson family. Had le Pen been elected, this might have been shoot-to-kill.

  5. Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Britain First arrested on the same day… What’s going on in Britain? Tim Burton – ex LibertyGB – in jail!!!! for making jokes of publicly funded Tell Mama…

  6. This is what we would expect in Putin’s Russia. It’s not quite at the level of making people “disappear”, but it’s very much at the level of GROSS and UNCHECKED abuse of executive power.

    Tommy is close to the top of my list. I’ll be making (again) a contribution to this legal defence.

    The state is actually trying to kill him, from past experience.

    Tommy is a man who would actually be a REAL refugee, if he ran away and asked for asylum.

  7. Big bad Tommy needs to be silenced at all costs. Wouldn’t want the sheeple thinking for themselves now would we.
    A state in which peadophiles are more protected than their victims and advocates is a failed state.
    Tommy is a – foulmouthed, granted, but hey, ho – hero. I wish him the biggest; attackiest barrister money can buy. Let us rip the whole can of worms open, and see them wiggle.

    • It’s a display of power more than it is fear of any particular speech.

      It’s already been shown that the Western European electorates are not particularly swayed by logical or reasoned arguments…although the Brexit vote may be a counterexample.

      But, what’s important to the governing bureaucracy is to establish that the lines of power flow to them, and that deviations from their diktats will be punished. So, their focus is not to necessarily prevent Robinson’s arguments from being public, but to show that he will suffer from any actions that challenges the wishes and power of the ruling bureaucracy.

      It’s exactly the same reason Muslim try to kill critics of Islam and apostates. Contrary to what some critics think, the number of Muslims is not affected by the number of reasoned arguments against Islam (warning: I have no actual facts or studies on this); Islam is based on power and not reasoning, so Islam expands as Islamic power expands.

  8. The truth is that HM Government is a client dhimmi state of Saudi Arabia. The Police in UK are enforcing sharia.The May administration is petrified of upsetting the Arabs. Within 5 years Britain will be an obviously Islamic state. “Brexit” is fake. The EU is part of the forming Kalifate. The MSM is already telling women to cover up so as not to offend Islam. The population of Europe and UK incapable of rising up and will simply convert to Islam. That was the message of the Macron victory. UK and Europe fully deserve it for their betrayal of generations of deaths fighting for freedom. When one confronts people about Islam and the threat it presents due to public apathy, all one gets back is “I’m too busy” or “I have no time for this!”. Utterly and completely dumb and selfish. Moslems even advertise of buses that by 2030 UK will be an Islamic nation. HM Government have even told the Moslems so!

    I was due to go to the Gulf in 1990 and my OC showed me a letter from a woman called up for service- Quote “Dear **** thankyou for inviting me to partake in the coming gig in Iraq but, I am afraid my business will not allow me to come to the party!” Three days later she was in Police cells pondering why, This is today’s Britain…. and that was 27 years ago! Now it is far worse. We are headed for Hell.

    Tommy is fighting a lost cause, A very brave man indeed. The “British” or what is left of them do not deserve him. He is far too good for them. I fought a personal campaign for 12 years against all that is happening now but it cost me, my savings. nearly my family, my home and I am now unable to get a job as an “Islamophobe”. I have been “desocialised”-become a non-person and they are doing the same to Tommy. There maybe an uprising but I am afraid it is already too late. In a decade or so when the apathetic have all “reverted” some may wonder how all this was allowed, or how the UK became and Islamic republic? The rest will simply go along with the Islamic flow into the dark pages of history. I have lost all sympathy.

    • The link doesn’t work, so I looked up the ‘2030’ movement and came across the usual disinformation and propaganda.
      It says it’s “creating a positive dawah platform” which is probably closer to the truth.
      ‘From the south coast right up to Glasgow will carry the same message addressing all of humanity.’
      ‘The buses will carry the universal message of “O mankind spread peace and feed people” which is one of the central teachings of the Islamic religion.’

      Well, I suppose if you’re going to lie, make sure it’s a big one.
      And as we’ve seen in pc UK, any counter-ad campaign to this Islamo-propaganda would not be allowed- it would be deemed ‘hate-speech’.
      Not even a quote of the full Hadith, as we’ve seen from Geert Wilders’ show-trials the truth is no defence in Eurabia.

      As usual with feelgood verses from the Koran it’s a highly selective quote, the full verse is:
      Say (O Muhammad ): “O My slaves who believe, be afraid of your Lord and keep your duty to Him. Good is (the reward) for those who do good in this world, and Allah’s earth is spacious!”
      Or even more jarring, Narrated Abu Hurairah:
      That the Prophet said: “Spread the (greetings of) Salam, feed others, strike the heads (of the enemy disbelievers); you will inherit Paradise.”
      It’s debunked here.
      Another dawah effort to reveal the ‘true’ message of love, peace and tolerance that Islam preaches.

      It is also a ‘weak’ Hadith, so for many Muslims not reliable whatsoever…
      “…And especially in this day and age, when so many innovations and misunderstandings about Religion are present, many of them having their roots in these da’if ahadith, it becomes even more essential to narrate only authentic ahadith as part of the process of purifying the understanding of the Religion.”
      Which ironically would mean saccharine messages like the one on the buses being discarded.
      Then again when it comes to proselytising to the kuffar, any half-truth, weak hadith or selective quote will do it seems.

      • Edit- ‘As usual with feelgood verses from the Koran’, to which should be added, ‘and other Islamic scripture’, as the bus ad is a selective quote from a weak hadith not the Koran.

  9. Arresting a person because of who they are rather than what they have done is victimisation. If the law applied equally to all as it is supposed to there would be a lot of journalists arrested for trivial, accidental views of courts in the background….

  10. At the same time, Tommy does appear to have been breaking a preexisting law, one that wasn’t, presumably, put in place to prohibit only the filming of alleged Muslim paedophiles but has something to do with the rights and protection of accused persons in general. Was Tommy specifically singled out (in that others who’ve filmed or attempted to film weren’t arrested) or could it be that filming or attempting to film under these circumstances is rare (or doesn’t happen)?

    Tommy said, I understand, that he went there to film Muslim paedophiles, but in fact the accused were, at the time, alleged Muslim paedophiles, an important difference and one very well worth upholding (rather than having, as in Mexico, for example, the situation where newspapers consistently report that “police have arrested the man who ….,,, (killed the old lady, etc.),” rather than “a man is helping police with their enquiries”.

    With regard to a change in law allowing filming in court, I’ve just read in a 2012 “Independent” report that:

    “Whitehall sources confirmed last night that the plans would be included in the Queen’s Speech on 9 May, stressing they would be strictly limited, introduced first in Court of Appeal proceedings and then in Crown Court prosecutions. They said the Government was determined to stop trials becoming US-style television spectacles and to protect the identities of witnesses, victims and jury members.”

    Was Tommy being singled out? Yes, it’s likely but so far we don’t know.

    Just a point: Luton is about 20 miles south of Bedford, not in that city.

    • Thanks. Yes, I know that; it was a slip of the keyboard — I left off the “shire”. I’ve fixed it now.

  11. Here we go again. Just remember the UK government want to get Tommy into prison so that they can have him killed. We must not let them do it.

  12. When one looks back over the last two decades it becomes pretty obvious that the real rot set in after Britain became a fully fledged member of the European Union.

    Now, I am not predicting that things will change drastically or immediately after the European disaster is cut loose from the influence it has had over Britain, but political change will inevitably occur for the better.

    • Roger Scruton observes in his lacerating essay ‘Truth in Politics’ that there are two big lies in British politics, the second being that the EU was only a trade agreement.
      “The first lie – propagated by the Labour Party – is that mass immigration is a positive benefit, and that anyone who resists it is a racist, a fascist, a Little Englander or worse.”
      Efforts by the British establishment, to actively undermine homogeneity and nationalism have been immense, (it was not for no reason Peter Sutherland thanked the British establishment, for helping fund his efforts and presumably for actively undermining the UK, so rapidly.)

      In the declassified (under the 30 year rule) Home Office documents FCO 30/1048, (some of the correspondence between Whitehall and Westminster regarding joining the EEC, later the EU), the contempt for the electorate, among some Whitehall bureaucrats is palpable.

      One, among several, insidious notions within Whitehall, was that nationalism should be made to appear ‘unsound’.
      From these beginnings we now have entire networks dedicated to defeating ‘nationalism’.
      State-backed antifas being but one aspect.

      As Scruton observes these big lies were “maintained in being by intimidation of a kind that has rarely been seen in British politics”.
      The lie of mass immigration is still very much being perpetuated, British history is being revised as a history of immigration.
      Nearly 50 years after Heath’s treasonous lies about the EU, Brits have, by voting for Brexit , exposed the second big lie.
      The first big lie however, could prove far harder to crack.
      The efforts to uphold this lie, have meant any grass-roots resistance, whether to mass immigration, the EU or Islamic jihad, like that of the admittedly rambunctious EDL, being treated far more harshly than it might otherwise have been, while violent Islamofascists and terrorist-enablers like al-Muhajiroun being treated with kid-gloves.
      It has meant an utterly false equivalence wherein, groups like the EDL are described as the other side of the extremist coin to the likes of al-Muhajiroun and closer to them, al-Qeada and ISIS than ‘us’.
      Not only utterly fatuous cultural relativism but downplays, to the point of idiocy, the threat of Islamic jihad and exaggerates beyond all measure, the extremism of groups like the EDL.
      All of which is partly why we see a British patriot being treated appallingly, while Islamofascists burning poppies and telling British soldiers go to hell, were given a little slap on the wrist and offered police protection.

      I only see least worse options ahead, the political change required to change direction is not forthcoming at the moment and the British establishment sold out the Brits to Sharia law and Muslim demographics years ago.

      Brexit could be a beginning but to change course form the dark and medieval horizon, the SS Great Britain is currently steaming towards, will take a lot more than that and believing the globalist progressive Tories will alter course, is I feel wishful-thinking.

      • Churchill had his own battle with the Fascists within the British ‘establishment’ who took to undermining him at every opportunity, even to the point of secretly dealing with the Nazi hierarchy to implement ‘peace terms’ that would have been forthcoming if Hess’s little foray into Scotland had come to fruition.

        I have formed the opinion after many years of observance and research that the British ‘establishment’ hates its own and is very desirous of seeing an end to putting up with the impost that the system of Westminster democracy demands that they adhere to.

        And the ‘establishment’ includes the monarchy as well. I could write more but my internet has been behaving badly these past few days so I will sign off while I am still to without losing the comment.

  13. The photography was of course a deliberate Contempt of Court by a radical wishing to create a ’cause célèbre.’

    One may think his harmless provocation to authority both brave and necessary, if one believes that the essential nature of Jihad, which he is opposing, is criminal, and that our Police and Courts are not prepared to strike at the root of this problem.

    Unfortunately the State is grimly intent on suppressing and repressing the native population’s reaction to a dangerous and intolerable situation which is entirely of the authorities’ own making, in preference to permitting the exposure of their own historical crime as so-called ‘leaders’ in having conspired to destroy the peace of their own country.

    That is presumably why they are so active in prosecuting every little infringement against authority by their own unhappy people, while simultaneously taking a far more indulgent and even collaborative stance when dealing with the community which is the seat of the problem. It is as if an ‘alternative’ doctor were to force his useless, and even noxious, quack nostrums on a seriously ill patient: It is likely that such medicine would kill the patient even before he succumbed to the disease itself.

    The miasma of multiculturalism, that hangs over our great cities, will only grow more mephitic, if it is not dispelled by some political hygiene to clear our heads, and let the light and air of public exposure disinfect those things that scuttle within the dark places of the mouldy Law.

    Our authorities have long preferred to conduct their business in obscurity, untroubled by the cleansing energy of active democracy. Anyone who yearns to penetrate the gloom which oppresses our national spirits must rejoice at Tommy’s innocent – if strictly forbidden – pranks!

    It raises the spirits to see – if but for an instant – the insolence of office so confounded!

  14. The elite are clearly more afraid of what they have unleashed than they are of their own native population, and like a dear in the headlights…

  15. Unfortunately for Tommy, ‘attempted journalism’ is the key phrase here. A fully paid-up journalist would know that there is a law in the UK which specifically forbids filming in the precincts of the court and would include the steps to the building.
    The reasoning behind it is to stop intimidation of victims/defendants/witnesses/lawyers. By ignoring or being ignorant of the law means the transgressor is in danger of being accused of Contempt of Court.
    The same law applies to showing the film of the defendants while the trial is ongoing, if the accompanying narration is derogatory. It could lead to a collapse of the trial and a retrial costing £thousands.
    Filming by professional outfits usually takes place on the pavement (side walk) or at a distance with a zoom lens. Usually, if a mistake is made, police will warn the person off and leave it at that. It’s not clear whether Tommy moved away or refused to do so.
    Having said that, there is no excuse for the bully boy tactics of the police at his home, which smacks of continued persecution of a man who won’t bow to the overriding ‘law’ of political correctness.

  16. ‘specifically forbids filming in the precincts of the court’

    Yup that appears to be the problem, right there in the Rebel Media headline “Tommy Robinson confronts alleged Muslim rape gang”
    Ezra Levant says “we hired UK lawyers to go to court with Tommy, whose only crime seems to have been “attempted journalism.”
    From the BBC ‘Contempt and reporting restrictions’
    “One of its key aims of reporting restrictions is to prevent the publication of material which might prejudice a fair trial by influencing jurors to think that a defendant might be guilty. You can also commit a contempt of court by, for example, interviewing a witness before a trial or even by putting pressure on them to provide an interview after the trial.”
    There are several videos of confrontations (and they are quite confrontational).
    Such as this one,
    where the accused were “due to enter pleas at the court on July 7 and a provisional trial date was set for September 11.”
    In this particular case however, according to Kent Live a police spokesperson said Tommy was arrested for “contempt of court…….in relation to an incident at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday (May 8).”

    Perhaps the money spent hiring lawyers would have been better spent on a director. These confrontations would appear not to be a good move on Tommy’s part.
    Which is easy to say after the fact but there will I imagine, sadly, be many more grooming-gang trials and Tommy with a little media training (not too much) could get even more exposure.

    If there’s a lawyer reading GoV, some clarification would be useful, also what repercussions these might have on the ongoing trials?

    There’s much to be angry about, regarding Tommy Robinson’s treatment by the British state and its response to the surrounding issues but this probably isn’t one of them.

    • Maybe so, but the arrest at 4.30 am is total BS and is harassment of his family. The arrest could have been made by appointment as with his release on bail and is attendance at court done by arrangement.

      • I don’t doubt it, my point is the police had an excuse, which if Rebel Media or Tommy had taken 2 minutes to check the law, it could have been avoided.
        I understand full well where they’re coming from but haranguing the accused pre-trial is probably not the best way to report, draw attention to or protest the quite massive scandal of the rape&enslavent gangs.

        There has to be a better way to get the message across, especially as there are very specific laws about court reporting.

        • It did get some attention though, perhaps with a wider distribution. I cant imagine him being dealt with too severely given what happened to his female relative. There probably are better ways, but maybe the police in the North of the UK have such a bad job at preventing this kind of garbage that the odd protest could shame them into a C- school report. They have a lot of ground to make up.

          I am an old Australian lawyer and one of the best things that happened here was when the Sydney rapes occurred, the young Lebanese Muslims were given massive sentences and were called out publicly by the NSW premier. The PC idiocy that you put up with in the UK is not seen to nearly the same extent in the criminal justice system here as a result, (it is in immigration though).


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