Time to Take Your Refugee Quota!

You’re a progressive Social Justice Warrior. You welcome refugees into your town. You think immigration is a good thing; it enriches your country. You’d take a refugee into your home, right?

How about right now?

Carlito & McFly are edgy French comedians. They decided to find out whether the bien-pensants were really willing to house refugees in their homes, and the following video was the result.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Stéphane, would you house
00:04   a migrant, starting tomorrow?
00:08   Well, I already have so many children!
00:12   But, why not? I want one who can swim, because there’s this thing
00:16   I can’t stand about the migrants, it’s their inability
00:20   to swim, once they find themselves in the water!
00:24   And… what? Is that where you draw the line?
00:28   Ah, we touched your limits! All right!
00:32   Humor, yes, but not too dark, right?
00:36   Anyway, Carlito and McFly want you ask you questions, and you
00:40   will see that it’s not only the politicians who use doubletalk. —Hello Monsieur, forgive me
00:43   for interrupting, I’m very sorry, it’s just a little poll; It’ll only take a couple of seconds:
00:46   what do you think about the massive arrival of migrants in Europe
00:49   and in France? I think it’s good. —I find it normal, France has always been
00:52   a welcoming country. —It can be good. —I think it’s rather positive.
00:56   Yes, and it accords with French culture. —Do you think we have to welcome them?
01:00   Yes, of course! —But they also deserve it!
01:04   Would you be ready to welcome a migrant in your house, given the opportunity? —Yes. —Absolutely!
01:08   Yes, I’d like to do that, yes. —And you Monsieur? —Yes, I would, yes. — It’s a huge coincidence,
01:12   because I work for France Welcoming Migrants, and we have Slobodan with us today, who just
01:16   traveled for two weeks and we are trying to place migrants, perhaps, by French people who would
01:20   accept them. You told me a couple of seconds ago that you would house them… —Yes, of course, but…
01:24   Well… you need to see the circumstances… —Well, as for me, tonight… it’s…
01:28   it’ll be difficult. — I think it’s good. —It’s a bit rude to do that
01:33   from one day to another. —For tonight? —Absolutely, yes! —No, tonight I can’t;
01:37   I’m not at home; tonight I sleep here in the hotel, but after that… —Monsieur is telling me that
01:41   he would welcome you for a meal or perhaps a shower.
01:45   Yes, I would, yes. —No I’d rather give him money for lunch… —No, right now… well,
01:49   say… for right away… for me… it’s not exactly possible. Yes.
01:53   Look, we’re talking to someone honest —I have a family and I have
01:57   a small condo. No. —I would like to do it, yes. —Thank you, Monsieur, Slobodan
02:01   says thank you. So this is €20, Slobodan. And do you know what I’ll do? I’ll keep it for you,
02:05   because I had to spend money for the trip and so on, so right now,
02:09   well, I’ll give it back to you, OK, trust me, all right? Let’s go.
02:13   Thank you, Carlito and McFly!

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