Time for Britain to Assume the Position

I was fooling around with some graphics this afternoon and put these together. I delivered versions to Vlad a while ago, and I believe he’s already tweeted them:

What Prime Minister Theresa May actually said on May 23, 2017:

I want to reiterate what I said this morning about the professionalism of the emergency services and the bravery of the people of Manchester. Through their actions, they proved that cowardice will always be defeated by bravery, that evil can be overcome by good, and that our values — the liberal, pluralistic values of Britain — will always prevail over the hateful ideology of the terrorists.

And this one’s from UKIP Daily:

19 thoughts on “Time for Britain to Assume the Position

  1. Pluralism!

    It’s what’s for dinner!!

    Hey, ya gotta laugh, right? RIGHT?!

  2. If UKIP finally get a tough policy against the political ideology ‘islam’, they will have a chance. If they continue to stay weak and pretty much ignore it, they have none, will have been a one hit wonder achieving Brexit.

  3. Barnsley – I’d vote for him. How the UK expects to dig themselves out of this demographic hole is beyond me.
    I have been following Twitter and the forces waged against sanity are formidable. It seems that anyone that is angry about the fact that this jihadi lunatic traveled to Libya and possibly Syria and that he comes from a jihadi family and was able to travel back to the UK is a “hater.”
    “Love not hate” from people living cloistered lives with 24/7 protection is wearing thin when you can’t even take your pubescent daughter to a show and emerge unscathed.
    Kay T Hopkins being made to appear by the police for presenting her rage in print… Law abiding citizens in Manchester being put on notice that “hate” will not be tolerated? So, the gov’t authorities want to condemn normal citizens for actions they haven’t taken yet?

    How about you condemn the whole f’ing mess that has led to this point?

    The army is now on the streets with big guns. Does anyone feel better now?

  4. Your entire society is being disrupted. I would really like to hear from UK voters what they think and what they think they can do about it.
    I hate watching train crashes but I fear the UK is headed for such.
    At least the US voted for Trump. As much as I disagree with him, he will not sell us to the Islamists.
    I am very much afraid the the UK HAS ALREADY sold you to the Islamists.

  5. I think it obvious to many what the political elite think of their ‘constituents’ as they get 24/7 armed protection while the plebs are left to fend for themselves.

    May could have shown some spine by refusing to put troops on the street but arming all English police as part of their duties. Gone are the days when unarmed police could patrol the streets without fear of being targeted, and she could have refused the extra security that is now in place around Parliament.

    That refusal would have won her some much needed support, but all she has earned is the ire of the plebs who are fast becoming fed up with how things are expected to be.

    Troops on the street mixing with heavily armed police is more a show of force than any real deterrent to those who wish to carry out their murderous plots. The home forces cannot shoot at an enemy they are not allowed to recognize.

  6. The reason why May put soldiers on the streets is that the police don’t have enough personnel to respond to the threat.

    Here in the UK we’re about to vote for a new Parliament. There are only two people, May and Corbyn, who stand a realistic chance of becoming Prime Minister. One is an imbecile, the other’s a traitor.

  7. Please vote for ukip and other right wing parties in Europe and will destroy Islam. Islam has gone wild globally from Indonesia to Australia up to Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lydia going to France, Sweden, Germany Belgium and Britain etc, is going uncontrollable .left wing governments are kneeling before Islam .people of Europe and the world should increase our birth rate rapidly to counter Islam immediately .

  8. I will be moderated for this but I will say it anyway.

    I have been studying the growing secularism in England for the past 30 years as an event that really didn’t make any sense unless you knew and understood the gradual change of heart that England has been undergoing. As people were leaving a Christianity in England whose mistaken and sometimes heretical doctrine is rendering it irrelevant, a vacuum was being created. That vacuum is being obligingly filled by the antithesis of Christianity. The State (Big Brother) is at the least complicit in all this by its dereliction or directly involved as a matter of collusive support for the change in the religious paradigm.

    However, what we are seeing today is the result of the choices that people have been making for the past 30 to 40 years as they have abandoned Yah-Shua, their Redeemer, in favor of themselves and never spoke out when the tide was beginning to turn against Christianity about 30 years ago. The watchmen on the wall abandoned their posts in favor of the Pub.

    Now the gates are broken down, the walls are breached, and the city is overrun. The few that are still standing against the tide are out-numbered and are now hunted down as enemies of the State, a State that has presumed upon itself the prerogatives of YAH instead of being the dutiful steward of what YAH provides.

    It is said that there will always be an England, a refuge of godliness against the mendacious barbarism countenanced by the rest of the world. I can only hope and pray that is some corner that the light is still burning and gathering strength so that it can shine brightly once again.

    Spoken by a Welsh expat from 1723

  9. Several years ago I spoke with a British Army Major that troops would be on the streets of the UK…he just laughed…paymaster of the Queen do her fakse duty..

    He was pro muslim despite losing his men in some [pest] hole called Afghanistan…

    why are we there…leave it…plus leave the ME…let them kill each other…

  10. The convoluted English social structure, has like any other modern cultures, evolved to conform to certain standards that benefit the community and reject those that don’t.

    The last fifty years have seen mass destruction of social mores deemed for thousands of years by the many to be true and right and English. Most are enshrined in law, not to be brushed away until forgotten but used to uphold that said ‘Englishness’.

    Somehow it was decided not to back this plan and try out multiculti instead. With ever increasing computational power and retrieval the masses could now be programmed to accept bucket loads of tolerance and timely propaganda warning of the dangers of trying to offload that tolerance if the thought ever crossed the mind.

    The abomination in Manchester will happen time and time again as there are enough jihadist’s amongst the masses to carry on with their quest for quite a time. Instead of helping to eradicate that more a long time ago, like other abominations the authorities chose to ignore what happens in the festering enclaves and tag things like cohesion or enrichment when challenged. Sorry, if challenged, beat the dissident harder.

    The media are also complicit in ditching the plan Mr Saville and a few others were headline news for weeks. The propaganda backlash a lot longer………… But, in cities all over the country, tens of thousands of girls lives ruined by this enrichment. Authorities hushed it all up and the story can’t be told – too politically incorrect. Goes against the programming. Beat the dissidents harder.

    The observant of you will notice how multiculti society resembles highly stressed packs of rats, all doing their thing as the programming still works but when tolerance wears thin all hell breaks loose. There is a limited amount of Elvis to placate, when times get grim and enough start to think……

    To avoid that happening, all the answers are all in the past. But until those English laws are the law of the land, abhorrent mores challenged and the positive bias towards alien culture addressed and balanced then England will become more of a dystopia than it really deserves.

    • I’ve given up on England.Scotland would be in a better place if they kicked out Sturgeon and the Muslim invaders.Sturgeon’s replacement could refuse to accept more Muslims and deport the most recent batches of Muslim fighting aged men dumped on the tiny defenseless Island communities. Bute population 7,228, had a Muslim migrant horde of 2000 persons ,dumped on them over the course of a month.Not fair.

      • Shelagh, that’s happening here, too. Very small communities being inundated. Garden, Kansas for heaven’s sake.

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