Thorny Questions for Europe

JLH sends the following translation from the Austrian blog Der Konservative Rebell, and includes this brief note:

Here’s a little “thought for the day” piece. Norman Vincent Peale it isn’t.

The translated essay:

Thorny Questions for Europe

May 6, 2017

Official European policy and its moral guidelines conceal several questionable premises. Upon close inspection, many of the oft-quoted European values and several of the judgments proceeding from them are quite inconsistent.

Here are my seven thorny questions for Europe:

1.   If all cultures are to be regarded as equally and equivalently legitimate, are there some in which child marriage, public executions and honor killings are legitimate, while these things are inconceivable in our own cultural milieu?
2.   What kind of hypocritical relativism is it that Western officials swear allegiance to universal human rights, all the while emphasizing delusions like “cultural equivalence”?
3.   If the equivalence of cultures is officially not in question, but seriously negative effects exist in non-European cultures, and these attitudes are increasingly reaching Europe, then how valid is our Western, constitutional identity, and how true and stable is European policy?
4.   If those responsible for government in Europe are not committed unconditionally to their national and indigenous culture, and to not believe them to be the best of all, then how believable and authentic are these people?
5.   If politicians are not prepared to stand up for their own culture and their own nation with all the means at their disposal, then how trustworthy are they?
6.   If the majority of officials act like this, then what else can citizens expect from such conscienceless, opportunistic, cowardly politicians?
7.   And the thorniest question of all: Concerning cultures that say they must and will conquer the world in accordance with a divine commandment, are they not basically stronger and more powerful than those that preach only tolerance, compliance, self-deception and secular equivalence?

Anyone who answers these questions with a modicum of intellectual honesty will come to one fearful conclusion. These answers should determine our future behavior.

7 thoughts on “Thorny Questions for Europe

  1. When Humanism replaces God and inalienable Human rights that all Western governments once generally adhered to, then that which was once rejected as not being beneficial to civilization becomes readily acceptable to the foolish and those who like to control all others.

    The above are all good questions that only those who still can be honest with themselves know the answers to.

  2. I was watching this Notice the constant and relentless shouting by leftard counter demonstrators as the speakers make some good points and present them with relevant facts.

    There is no dialog possible with these people, it’s their way and their way only, but unfortunately, they have a strong grip on the academia, MSM, politics, entertainment and culture in general. Those 7 questions above are excellent, too bad many are unwilling to hear them and will immediately resort to name calling and insults if you bring the subject up.

  3. If all cultures are equally valid, cannibalism is merely a matter of taste.

  4. “Now Fred’s an intellectual, brings a book to every meal,
    He likes the deep philosophers, like Norman Vincent Peale!”

    -Tom Lehrer, “It makes a fellow proud to be a Soldier”.

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