The Puerility of the British Establishment Whilst Muslims Butcher our Children

Our English correspondent Seneca III sends his observations about the official response to last Monday’s jihad massacre in Manchester.

The Puerility of the British Establishment Whilst Muslims Butcher our Children

by Seneca III

So, to two headlines and quotes from today’s Times (London):

1.   HUGE SCALE OF TERROR THREAT REVEALED: UK home to 23,000 jihadists

Intelligence officers have identified 23,000 jihadist extremists living in Britain as potential terrorist attackers, it emerged yesterday…

…Ben Wallace, the security minister, told The Times that the existence of a database of 23,000 potential attackers was a stark illustration of the magnitude of the threat. “The figures reveal the scale of the challenge from terrorism in the 21st century,” he said. “Never has it been more important to invest in intelligence-led policing.”

‘Jihadist extremists’? — Muslims, you fools, MUSLIMS who are…


Further down in the same edition:

2.   TERROR IN MANCHESTER — Rise in hate crime reports since attack

There has been a spike in hate crime reports since the Manchester attack including widespread racist abuse and a bomb threat, Greater Manchester Police has revealed.

The police force said there were 56 reports of abuse on Wednesday compared to 28 on Monday, a substantial increase in the daily average…

…Chief Constable Ian Hopkins of Greater Manchester Police said the “hate-filled views of a very small minority…

…There has been a spike in hate crime reports since the Manchester attack including widespread racist abuse…

…police force said there were 56 reports of abuse on Wednesday compared to 28 on Monday, a substantial increase in the daily average…

…A woman in a supermarket was shouted at and ordered to remove her face veil and a Muslim man with no known links to the attack was told he should be ashamed “for what you did last night”…

A very small minority, Hopkins? Racist abuse? — you need to get out and about on the streets and in the pubs, you posturing Common-Purposed drone, because you have no idea of the magnitude of the feral anger harboured by this far from small minority, nor how much of it is directed at you and yours for wasting resources persecuting outspoken members of the victim group whilst…


You cannot imagine the depth of the hatred I harbour for you, Hopkins. And, as we are both white autochthons, you may shove your incessant ‘Racist, Racist, Racist’ mantra where the sun doesn’t shine because…


…and you are covering for them, you loathsome box-ticking career invertebrate.

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41 thoughts on “The Puerility of the British Establishment Whilst Muslims Butcher our Children

  1. Thank you so much, Seneca III. You have given me the words I need to address our former Congressman, a George Soros boy, who has put himself before the electorate as one of several proposed candidates for Governor of our Commonwealth.

    Take that, Tom Perriello, you loathsome box-ticking career invertebrate.


    Today I saw a screen cap of a police tweet saying that they were going to come down hard on…Islam. Hooray!

    Ummm, sorry. They’re fitting up jail cells for Islamophobes. Silly me.

    • BTW, that was in the same Twitter flow where some Dutch pest called us Nazis. I gave him the old one, two of Godwin’s Law. Later they changed it to altright. Darn right, too. Who wants to be among the GOP(e) group?? Those greedy Judases.

      • Common Purpose.

        there is also Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.
        and Frankfurt School.
        and Illuminati.

        there are many little fairies in the sky.
        when they are peeing, we say “look, the rain falls”.

        • So does anyone know who’s handling this Manchester Victims’ Fund? If it were American, I’d sure want to trace the bread crumbs back to their origin…what with the socialist medical system paying for the hospital and rehab and all the other challenges the victims may face (does NHS pay for prosthetic limbs?) how would the monies collected be used?

          • “how would the monies collected be used”
            C’mon Dymph you already know the drill.
            There are scores of lefty managers, consultants and layers just waiting for a cushy job.
            More than willing to manage those funds for a “reasonable” fee.
            The victims won’t see much of it.

  2. powerful image.
    one of possible resistance tactics would be – to print images like that and use them as stickers.

    for example, in urban environments, pro-Islamic posters are already quite common.
    with the help of such stickers, one can effectively correct the message.

    • Not a bad idea…you can print such things privately now, too. No need to go to the print shop…I hope some Brits take up the idea. Lots of different compelling images. Bring a friend to shield you whilst you stick up your rebellion image

      • one problem with that – cameras are everywhere and it is virtually impossible to go undetected.

        how easy is it to prove “hate crime” in this case, I’m not sure.

          • Oh heavens! I forgot about the soviet cameras everywhere in Britain. How do the criminals do it? Slouch over as though you’re old, wear a grungy cap and an old tweed coat (and old man is cold all the time). Be sure not to wear trainers, a give-away.

            Or hire a kid to do it…if it were over here, I’d put on me burqa and veil and off I’d go. But y’all are trapped in hell. It’s so very sad.

        • All too easy, considering the warnings from the police. I mean, those tweets they sent out were like threatening messages from bullies.

    • One way forward might be this which I have stolen from the comments section of a Breitbart article.

      “A new battle cry and the only solution for us native inhabitants:

      “Not one Mosque, Not one Madrassa, Not one Muslim” in this once green and pleasant land – symbolised by 3(NOM).

      Write it on your bathroom mirror in lipstick, print it and frame it in every room in your house then take it to the barricades, fly it high and scream it loud before fixing your bayonets and advancing.”

      But don’t go around spray painting 3(NOM) in public places or littering the streets with as many leaflets as you can print because that would be illegal.

      S III

      • write it in toilet cabin, rather.
        no cameras, no risk.
        also, will be associated with matters of extreme urgency.

  3. Seneca 111, I feel the blistering heat of your words as I am sure those whom you call out would also feel them if those words could be made available to them.

  4. Keep reminding everyone: they are butchering our children because of their fascist ideology, not ‘race’. Islamic Fascism has been named, analysed and written about by Hamed Abdel Samad, a great expert on the topic. The anti fascists of today are those opposing this ideology, not those making excuses for it.

  5. I’ve read this blog for perhaps 2 years. I’ve watched our situation worsen (in the UK) . I appreciate everything you’ve done for Tommy etc. But…I think we’re done.

    I can’t see a way out… I’m the guy that champions old England…not just what it invented, not just what it stands for, but the place itself. My ancestors..the downland, the forests, the chalk hills. The sea… The [awful] weather… God I love it, it brings me to tears…… I cannot fathom THEM taking it from me without a fight, but you know what? There is no fight anymore….the young people don’t want it. And that sounds crazy when you’re only thirty.

    There’s a giant old oak where I walk every day. It’s the last one standing because the other oaks helped fight the armada and won trafalgar. The wooden walls of England. This old chap is probably 1000 years old, and God I’d fight for him. He’s served time for his country. But that giant old oak can’t join this fight.. I’d like to think he’d try if he could. But wooden ships won’t save old England anymore…

    The enemy is in the gate, they’re in our cities, and they’re already 3rd generation and they’re out breeding us…. And out voting us

    There are no parties that offer a solution.

    Because there isn’t a solution.

    You can’t deport what has a right to be here…

    England wept… Because no one stepped up… I’ll step up, but what will I fight for?

    Starbucks, McDonald’s, and a Styrofoam cup that doesn’t ever have a picture of the prophet printed on it…

    To hell with it, I’ll go down swinging anyway. Join me dear reader… There’s hope yet. England loves an underdog.


    • “You can’t deport what has a right to be here…”
      You are wrong there. Laws are not hewn into granite. They are mere words written on pieces of paper. Laws can be altered, replaced or even discarded if and when you and I decided to do so.

      I sense a growing anger in Seneca’s and your words, and in the words of so many others. This anger has been growing here in the West for the past ten or so years.
      Anger in the human mind is a strange thing it does not dissipate over time but accumulates instead. Like a head of steam in a boiler.

      The best discription of this process I can find are the words of one of your own writers Rudyard Kipling.

      by Rudyard Kipling

      It was not part of their blood,
      It came to them very late,
      With long arrears to make good,
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved,
      Ere the Saxon began to hate.

      Their voices were even and low.
      Their eyes were level and straight.
      There was neither sign nor show
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not preached to the crowd.
      It was not taught by the state.
      No man spoke it aloud
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not suddently bred.
      It will not swiftly abate.
      Through the chilled years ahead,
      When Time shall count from the date
      That the Saxon began to hate.

      I believe we are getting close to the last few lines of this poem;
      “the chilled years ahead that will not swiftly abate”

      • Yep. The Bishop already quoted that for us. But Kipling wrote it before England was a police state. Have your read the threatening announcements from the Manchester Police about arresting Islamophobes? Nothing about arresting terrorists. That’s not in their job description.

        • My point exactly. This behavior of the police will only increase the anger levels. And these levels won’t come down. They will continue to go up untill the boiler explodes. As it must.

        • They threaten ‘islamophobes’ because they are afraid of them – they’re afraid of them because their numbers grow.

      • Anger, undeservingly in my view, gets a bad press these days. It is apparently something we must avoid at all costs; it might upset delicate folk and send them to their Safe Spaces. It is also ignorantly confused with loss of control. Controlled anger, however, is a hugely powerful force which, if directed properly, can achieve great and good things.

        Bob Geldof, the almost unknown Irish musician who pulled together the quite incredible world-wide Band Aid concert in aid of starving African children, was driven not by pity or a desire to do good, but by white-hot anger. Band Aid was a wonderful example of what can be achieved by such a thing when directed properly. We could do with more of it.

      • right, you can’ deport,but you can make them want to leave.And that will be very unpleasant.
        Remember the behaviour of those folks in battle: whenever the going gets rough,they run like chicken because they are undisciplined and cowards.

    • yes you can deport those who were born here, because they still have no right to be here, there parents didn’t have that right.
      there is no point putting self defeating blocks to action on your own country that’s how wars are lost.

    • there is movie, “Tale of Tales”.
      I would recommend.
      this is for poets, not Starbucks.

    • De-Islamise. Do what Mr. Wilders proposes. ban the Koran as hate speech or ban hate speech, shut the mosques, repatriate the dual citizens . Stop state funded prayers, separate prisons for Muslims, no visiting preaches, ban return of those from ISIS, prosecute bigamy and FGM, cut benefits for big families, sack the BBC and the Guardian. Judicial deportation upon conviction and make it retrospective for those who have been convicted over the last say 10 years. Demolish the houses of the families of suicide bombers. Do what the Israelis do. You have the numbers now, do it now while you can.

      • We have to hit bottom first. In the meantime we keep doing what we are doing. When our posteriors finally hit concrete the Muslims in general will find out the true meaning of “radicalisation” and the “Wrath of God”. In our heart of hearts we know that right now we are just “buffering”.

      • funny about “demolishing homes”.
        why to demolish council homes?

        also, Guardian can’t be “sacked”.
        only metaphysically.

        on the rest of the package, my full support.

    • Your post made me cry.I can identify with everything you say,everything.Our young do not have the passion,so they do not have the fight in them.They are too busy with hair gel,the latest phones.the latest clothes.The bulldog spirit has gone and now we have our kids raped and now killed.Who is there to lift the lion back up onto his feet?

    • Well said. Now look across the water and see what is being done to other European peoples – same story. I was in Germany recently and I did not recognise the place anymore. I saw old Germans combing through bins. I took the train to Paris, and while it was never particularly safe, I felt as though I was in North Africa. One scary place I will never return to. Then I flew to London City Airport …to take a look around my old haunts in the East End….London is dead. Call it Londinistan, soon white people will only be safe in specific areas. On I went to Edinburgh. Lovely place, still. But one thing struck me: the amount of homeless white people in every other doorway. One never sees Arabic looking homeless, I suppose they know how to make the system work. I flew home West then full of regret that I wont recommend my children to go anywhere near Europe. I will return to join any effort to retake Europe. But it has got to come from an indigenous Resistance movement – remember the spirit of the Blitz. Oh, one more thing. The other grassroots white Europeans are not your enemy. They are in the same boat, put there by evil, corrupt governments and corporations.

  6. I do not think there is any way, practical or ethical, that all the Muslims in Britain can be removed from the country. However, it is not only possible but actually quite easy to remove what drives them – ie Islam. If the Government could find the courage to stand up and declare Islam a proscribed, violent and malevolent cult and ban it, then its malign influence would, I believe, diminish increasingly rapidly with each new generation.

    The mosques would have to be demolished and the Imams deported, and severe penalities imposed for practising or preaching Islam. If such were ruthlessly implemented, I do believe that Britain, or any other country brave enough to do the same, could rid itself of this vile scourge quite quickly, and with relatively little bloodshed. The alternative, given Islam’s avowed intent to destroy all of humanity apart from itself, is too bloody to contemplate.

    Islam, in my view, is a collective, like an insect colony. Like the insects, the Muslims are programmed to serve only the needs of the colony, not of themselves or their fellows. The needs of an ant colony are continuously circulated amongst the insects through the exchange of pheromones; those of a bee colony by exchanging food; and those of a Muslim colony by exchanging ‘prayers’. Stop this circulation of information and you will stop the colony – the creatures will be like headless chickens, with no idea that they are supposed to be helping the colony expand across the whole of the Earth by killing or consuming all that stand before it.

    The incumbents can then let the old, confused Muslims die off, and put all their energies into educating the young ones in the values of probably the greatest, most liberal and tolerant civilisation this planet has ever known: one that is surely worth risking the wrath of a few witless Liberals in order to save.

    • The Soviet Union throttled Islam for a while. The Ottoman Empire collapsed. The Crusades kicked ’em […]. The Spanish cleaned house. The Chinese are working away. Sooner rather than later just the sight of a mosque or a Muslim will be more than anyone can tolerate within a hundred miles if where they live. Do we tolerate the uniformed Klan and Nazi child molesters strolling down Main Street America antagonising and cursing peaceful citizenry?

    • The ancient Romans tried eradicating Christianity by banning it under penalty of death – how did that work out?

      No, banning any ideology, and that is what Islam is, will not kill off the ideology, so the only other alternative is to have those Muslims who wish to remain in whatever country that gets to taking back its nation, is by having them publicly denounce Islam and swearing allegiance to the Nation State.

      Ideology is a very powerful emotional and inculcating tool that when instilled within the believer, drives his/her total system to the rejection of everything else. Those Muslims who are fundamentalist Muslim or a ‘good’ Muslim, will reject outright the chance to change their ways whereas those Muslims who wish to be away from the Islamic menace will openly embrace that chance.

      • Though I think there is a big difference her, while it`s true that Islam is somewhat attractive for some western nutcakes, the Religion itself has not much to offer for the average Westerner.

        Unlike Christianity had for many Romans (at least in the beginning).
        It was attractive equally for critical thinkers from Roman high society who didn`t really believed in the old polytheistic cults any more, as for the poorer classes or even slaves.

        • Muslims are a threat that gets mostly imported, it`s not homegrown like Christians in the Roman Empire.

    • I don’t think that would work. The romans did ban Christianity. It didn’t work. Nobody abandons a religion because it’s prohibited.

      I think that cutting all benefits to muslims would do the trick. Why do the “refugees” want to go to Sweden, UK and Germany?

      Cut the benefits and they won’t come. Cut the benefits and most of the muslims already in the West will go home (or at least have fewer children).

      Another thing would be to consider being a muslim as a factor that would give you a harsher setence in the case of committing a crime against a non muslim. Let’s say 25 years for murder, but 40 years for a muslim murdering a non-muslim.

      Also reintroducing the death penalty only for muslim on non muslim crimes would be a good idea.

      But that would take politicians with strong minds and a people that was not indoctrinated from birth into multiculti nonsense. It will not happen. In the end it will all come down to genocide. Either Europe’s native populations kill/expel the muslims, or the other way around.

  7. This has to stop. Whoever is unable to see the plain truth is already a lost cause. Therefore, no matter how mainstream press try to comb quotes, plain truth is simple: children died at a concert in a western city in a western country. Sad, sad, sad. I see the good thing: “hate crimes increased”. There is still blood running through those dormant veins.

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