The Plight of Kafir Women in Modern Multicultural Germany

In the following video a woman shows the camera a goose egg on her forehead that was given to her by a culture-enricher when she dared to speak to him about his gross behavior towards her.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hi, folks, can you see it?
00:05   This is what happens when you tell
00:10   a foreigner to not call you “bitch”,
00:15   when you tell a foreigner to stop staring
00:20   and stop undressing you with his eyes. Dear folks,
00:25   this is Germany! Here women are beaten up,
00:30   here children are kidnapped and raped; and you are stared at and stared at
00:35   and you are stared at! Welcome, Facebook, you lovely social media
00:40   I am so thrilled what you are going to do with that! So cool, right?
00:45   Really fantastic! I’m so happy!
00:50   Nice Father’s Day to those male bitches,
00:55   to those woman-beaters; isn’t it brilliant?
01:00   It was hot! I’ve never had such an orgasm!

32 thoughts on “The Plight of Kafir Women in Modern Multicultural Germany

  1. I wonder if she voted for Angela Merkel and whether she will continue to vote for her in the future…

    Yes, I know it sounds cynical…

    • No, it doesn’t sound “cynical”. It sounds tired and disillusioned. As aren’t we all. It’s no help, either, that the supercilious attitude of Leftist feminists has bitten them in the gluteus maximus. Karma is tough; no point in kicking them while they’re down. Besides, if you tried to help one up, they’d snarl at you…
      …come to think of it, that condition describes Leftist feminism: feral.

      Feral Fems of the world can’t unite because they don’t play well together. They could use a little of the male bonding they sneer at. The best they can do is cliques organized to make other women feel like outsiders. But that’s not teamwork.

      • TV news in Europe, (Sky for example), are no more than propaganda with bored overpaid unprofessional feminist fashionistas and their completely gayed or emasculated girly-token men – tolerated. It stinks. The occupation by bloody Muslims by the millions builds unopposed. The general population of course will have break ranks and sort this lot out sooner or later. At what a cost? Resist now while stocks last.

  2. Dear German lady, please learn to swiftly and vigorously kick towards the crotch. Along with that, jam your fist into the voice box (“Adam’s apple”), energetically poke a finger or three into the most readily available eye-socket, or grab whatever available pinkie finger there is and bend it so far backwards that the owner can see into last Tuesday.

    Preferably … ALL OF THE ABOVE … especially if they are (or even just one of them pretends to be Islamic).

    Pepper spray, a multi-probe Taser, flick-knives, brass knuckles … even just a roll of coins in your fist … whatever the [heck] it takes to inflict sufficient harm such that these cretinous, rabid [epithets] experience a meaningful pause as they suddenly are obliged to reconsider exactly what is involved with respect to inflicting even the slightest degree of harm upon just one Western woman.

    [graphic suggestions redacted]

    Quite frankly, if it takes neutron bombardment of every last Muslim majority country in order to prevent all further occurrences of these gang (or even just single) rapes of Western women, then that is reason enough. Islamic concepts of preference and privilege are enough to make me wish that every last one of these Muslim hellholes are the recipients of neutron “enrichment”.

    PS: Please pardon my harsh language, but I am beyond all ability to tolerate Islam.

    • Remember you are addressing women. This is men’s war work.

      • “Remember you are addressing women.”
        So what! About fifty percent of the world population are women.
        Women are as much to blame for todays problems as men.
        So Sister stop hiding behind mens pants and step up to the plate and fight your own wars you helped to create.

    • Norse-

      Pretty sure the Germans will lock you up merely for possession of the first three items on your list, and I’m sure they could find a judge that would imprison you for running around with a roll of euros.

      I too am frustrated. I would advise refraining from posting such harsh sentiments because the Overton window has not shifted enough to permit that discussion in mainstream society.

      • Why not just take up knitting, girls?
        That’s a nice ‘girly’ type pastime–and one that traditionally women have taken with them in their purse to pass the idle minutes of their days in productive fun.
        Like–on busses and other ‘public’ transport.
        Or other ‘public’ places.
        The hard aluminum needles (in girly colors) and those stainless steel (better) ones are pretty damn sharp as they come–stock. The points can easily be improved with a nail file (hint).

        I would suggest a sudden thrust to the eyes.

        The concept here is to avoid the heinous EUropean “crime” of being “armed” and thus able to defend oneself.
        Naughty–and severely punished.

        But “It’s just a little hobby of mine–officer”.

    • “kicking in the crotch” NOT a good idea. A guy expects that and will grab a woman’s leg. Once she’s on the floor it is much harder to defend.

      There are other places to kick and stomp on that are lower and less dangerous.

      • Is it proper to strike a poor refugee? Are these European values? Welcomly spread your arms and legs, lady. Bring a piano and teach them love and human rights. Sarcasm, of course.

      • Knees and ankles are fairly fragile and much more difficult to defend.

        Damaging one limits an assailant’s mobility, and opens up a lot of options for the person under assault.

  3. Dear Lord how much longer are we to behave like “Eloi”. Fifteen years ago I warned and warned and still do. Even now “It’s nothing to do with Islam!” For pity’s sake when will Europeans get angry? The Saxon is starting to hate…At last! The Police continue to persecute the survivors and their families on Facebook etc but as yet no real anger shown. They will sooner than one expects (I hope). The mood in England is just like it was prior to September 1939 according to my 95 years old Dad.

    He also said”These animals will push and push just like Hitler and finally the damn will burst! There will not be a mob explosion but a very taciturn determination that will make it clear to the Quisling rozars (Old term for cops) that they are on the wrong side of the line. Troops on the bloody streets in England? What!!? Is that the best these clueless morons can do? Even in Blighty (Old term for England) the thicks have taken over. Communists like May and the rest don’t understand the British do they? Orwell said Socialism was bad for the national Character! So is Mohammedanism! It will never graft.

    First a tiny crack will appear in the damn, the it will break not in a rush but like a large unstoppable penetrating leak. Southerners are soft but nor Northerners. Trust me Guy that is where it will start. The rozars yap on about “hate filled minorities”, meaning us of course.

    They are going to find out is isn’t so small after all. What are we supposed to feel eh Guy? Happy the oiks just butchered 22 mites and we are expected to be silent or even accept this as normal? What are they on? Been sniffing your incense used in your services perhaps?”

    Bally sick in the head?

    • Bless these old folks who have been there before, had and still have the balls.

      I hope that your dad is right.

      I think that if government doesn’t do something, and bloody soon, there will be neighbourhoods where militia-type organisation form.

      I also suspect that the dam may break if there’s a really really “big one”. A chemical attack with thousands dead, or something of the sort. The funeral processions will probably turn into something uncontrollable, like what happened in Syria.

    • The real problem is that the elite and a large portion of natives have decided to side with the invaders over their own family, friends, and neighbors.

      What is to be done about this?

    • My perspective is, without having been there at all in a loooong time: England now has a totalitarian government, like the rest of western Europe. The first priority of a totalitarian government, far outdistancing any second priority, is to remain in power and in control.

      As such, the authorities will be incompetent and indifferent to any individual being assaulted, but will put the full force of their power against any organized actions on the part of the citizens. The authorities will also work to remove any means for citizens to act: no guns, knives, communications, or organizations of common interest. It was all recently illustrated when Hitler and the Nazis took power constitutionally in Germany.

      The paradox is that in the Eastern European countries under Communist rule, the police and army never made any pretense they were there for anything but control of the population, so the people actually had to develop a sense of self-reliance to protect themselves from criminals.

      I’m rather pessimistic about the predictions of a spontaneous uprising by some population or another when the criminality of the invaders becomes intolerable. The entire enforcement and undercover apparatus of the police will be used against any assertiveness on the part of the population.

      It’s like in 1984, the novel. The only efficient bureaucracy was the thought police. Every other government function was totally incompetent.

  4. I am sure this lady will lose her job and be indicted for hate speech. Punish one, educate hundreds.

    • What if she got promoted and sacked all the Muslims.. then became a nationality celebrity?

  5. Introduction says:”..given to a culture-enricher..”->must be?:”.to [her by] a cul…”

    • Quite right! That was my typo — I’ve fixed it. Thank you.

      Type in haste; repent at leisure.

      • that woman got hit all over the top of her face: There’s a lot more than one “goose egg”. My heart goes out to her. Germany used to be such a nice safe place.

  6. I am in Germany now, with my German husband; we go back and forth to the States. I carry with me: pepper spray, a sharp edged taser flashlight, and an American ice pick. My pacifist spouse has now progressed to the point of getting a pistol license and plans to buy a German pistol, which doesn’t use real bullets. But you can load signal flairs and some sort of bullet thing similar to a 9mm. He has stated that he would now shoot to kill if I am threatened. He has progressed in 2 years of my tutelage, when at first he would not countenance violence at all. Germans are mostly oblivious, they talk in private, but I’m not sure they will ever fight back. I plan on at the most 5 more years of trips to Germany before it goes totally to hell here.

    Best of luck to all German women. I promise that if I see you in desperation I will help you. Look for the little old Texan who keeps her eyes moving constantly. I hope some day to be able to help someone and hurt an invader badly.

    • Bless you Texan Nana. I would move in the morning if I qualified.. too white I am afraid. Imagine the US if all the native Europeans wishing to leave Europe for a free -er life in the US were let in….I ‘d say it’d be a good thing for all involved. America is still my shining beacon of hope since my 7 year old aunt was given her first orange by a GI in 1945. She had never seen one before. This orange – much like the onion in Dostoyevsky – has never been forgotten. Thank You, USA.

    • My little ray of hope was the attractive, middle-aged woman I saw reading Houellebecq’s novel “Submission” on the train from Germany to Austria during my vacation last Christmas.

      At one point she seemed to be explaining the novel’s themes to the friends traveling with her. They at least seemed to consider her statements and did not dismiss them outright.

    • be careful with the spray. If it’s not a really fast directional stream, like bear pepper spray, you can get pulled into the “cloud” it makes. Wind can also blow it into your face.

      Did you buy the spray in Germany or bring it?

  7. Instead of Muslims invading here could we not send them benefits boyz and women there instead? No…wait…..

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