The Peter Pan of the Elysée Apologizes to Algeria for French Sins

Back in February Emmanuel Macron, the future Wonder Boy President of France, was in Algiers apologizing to the former colonial subjects of France for the “colonial crimes” his country had committed against the Algerian people before he was born.

Below is an open letter to Mr. Macron written at the time by Bernard Lugan. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this piece from Boulevard Voltaire:

Open letter to Mr. Macron, the fruit of ART [Assisted Reproductive Technology] between big capital and repentance…

February 20, 2017
by Bernard Lugan

Launched on the political market like a new smartphone, you are, Mr. Macron, an ignorant thug, whose remarks about colonization are doubly inadmissible.

First of all because they were made in Algiers, before those professional independence fighters who — in an attempt to hide their failures, their looting and the regular deprivations imposed on their country — are constantly accusing France.

Some of your listeners who applauded your submissive comments (see Houellebecq), and in front of whom you actually acted the dhimmi, are indeed those who, on November 1, 2016, issued a communiqué demanding that France:

“[…] apologize officially to the Algerian people for crimes committed during the 132 years of colonization and for the colonial crimes perpetrated against the Algerian people in order to recall the pangs of repression, torture, exile, extermination and alienation of identity, because the history of colonialism will remain marked by its blood crimes and its inhumane practices.”

As a candidate for the presidency of the French Republic, you have therefore given your guarantee to such demands as outrageous as insulting. In doing so, you have become an accomplice to the pressure and blackmail that Algeria is exerting on France in order to obtain from it an increase in the number of visas or a certain diplomatic or financial advantage. In other times, you could have been prosecuted for “harming the fundamental interests of the nation”.

Secondly, because your remarks constitute not only a retreat of the state of knowledge, but also a violation of that historical consensus reached by historians on both shores of the Mediterranean. Now, out of ignorance or from miserable electoral calculations, you have trampled them.

In the name of what scientific legitimacy did you dare to hold them? Have you ever heard of the work of Jacques Marseille, of Daniel Lefeuvre, or of mine?

To dare to speak of a “crime against humanity”, awkwardly rectified as a “crime against the human”, about colonization, actually amounts to classifying the latter as a genocide of the 20th century, which is truly scandalous. In this field, you are therefore even more cutting-edge than Christiane Taubira [former French Minister of Justice], which is saying something …

Pierre Vidal-Naquet, a militant of the decolonization and assumed “water carrier” for the FLN [National Liberation Front, Algeria], wrote on this subject:

“To assimilate the colonial system to an anticipation of the Third Reich is a fraudulent ideological undertaking, scarcely less adulterated than the identification in Setif [city in Algeria] of colonial repression with the crematory ovens of Auschwitz and Nazism […] .Or, if the colonial massacres announce Nazism, we cannot see why the bloody suppression of the Spartacus revolt, or the Saint-Bartholomew, would not have announced it as much… In history it is dangerous to mix everything. Can nonsense be a work of reflection? […] the current social, economic and political context is still fruitful, which will continue to generate such ideological tone-ups with a predominantly media vocation.”

I add “electoralists”.

Yet you should know, Mr. candidate for the presidency of the Republic, that in creating Algeria, France gave a name to a former Ottoman colony, traced its borders, unified its populations, created an administration and all its infrastructures.

In doing so, would it have committed a “crime against humanity” or “against the human”? The figures for population growth do not seem to indicate this, since in 1830 the Muslim population of Algeria did not exceed one million inhabitants, whereas in 1962 it had jumped to twelve million.

Could France have been committing “crimes against humanity” when her doctors and nurses treated and vaccinated the population and reduced infant mortality? Is it because she committed “crimes against the human” that each year, from the day after the second world war, 250,000 births were counted in Algeria, an increase of 2.5 to 3% of the population , thus doubling every 25 years?

In this regard, let’s re-read René Sédillot:

“French colonization has encouraged ingenuity — or awkwardness — to the best of its ability to promote births: not only through family allowances, but also by the creation of hospitals to combat the sterility of women. Thus, when they were afraid of being repudiated by their husbands, because of not having given them children, Muslim women could find in the reception centers, equipped with the most modern means, all the necessary assistance to obtain maternal dignity. […] (History has no meaning, Paris, 1965, page 71).”

Finally, since your indecent remarks in Algiers require us to make accounting balances, here, Mr. candidate for the presidency of the Republic, is one remark that can be made about French Algeria: in 132 years of her presence, France created Algeria, united it, drained its marshes, improved its lands, equipped the country, cared for and multiplied its populations, offered it a Sahara which it had never possessed after having discovered and exploited its sources of energy that today create its wealth. As I have been writing for years, when giving independence to Algeria, France left there 70,000 km of roads, 4,300 km of railways, four ports equipped to international standards, a dozen major airfields, hundreds of civil engineering structures (bridges, tunnels, viaducts, dams, etc.), thousands of administrative buildings, barracks and official buildings owned by the French State; 31 hydroelectric or thermal power stations, a hundred important industries in construction, metallurgy, cement works, etc., thousands of schools, training institutes, lycées, universities. As early as the year 1848, when the conquest of Algeria was far from complete, 16,000 mainly Muslim children were enrolled. In 1937, there were 104,748, in 1952 400,000, and in 1960 800,000, with almost 17,000 classes, or so many teachers, two-thirds of whom were French (Pierre Goinard, Algeria: the French work, Paris, 1986).

In Algeria in 1962 there was a university hospital with 2,000 beds in Algiers; there were three major hospitals in Algiers, Oran and Constantine, 14 specialized hospitals and 112 multi-purpose hospitals, the exceptional figure of one bed for every 300 inhabitants.

All these facilities, all this infrastructure, all these institutions as well as the personnel who made them work, had been paid for by France and with the money of the French.

Mr. candidate for the presidency of the Republic, I am posting to you this morning in RAR [file format] my latest book: Algeria, the Story in Place, so that you can measure the abyss separating the historical reality from your unacceptable remarks.

Bernard Lugan is a historian and a specialist on Africa. He is also an expert at the ICTR [International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda — one of the UN International Tribunals], a lecturer at the Center for Advanced Military Studies at the Institute of Higher Studies in National Defense, and he directs a seminar at the Joint Defense College (École de Guerre).

41 thoughts on “The Peter Pan of the Elysée Apologizes to Algeria for French Sins

  1. Hi Baron : I admire your impressive impromptu art works. Goodness … how layman people without any type of faith to guide them and show them a goal become. They become zombies, barbarians, savages towards their own blood and flesh and abject cowardly grovelling lowlife creatures towards muslims. He and all his predecessors should apologize to his own people, whom are being driven to near future slaughter houses with their eyes blindfolded. They think they are led to the Utopia of diversity and exotic muslim creatures land.
    How could noble things evolve into this ad absurdum is puzzling.

    No little macron pres. Don’t worry about Algerians. You went there and fought and found virile men . . . real men fighting for their honor courageously with no more than islamic faith and a simple rifle until you were forced to retreat with your tail between your legs, abjectly defeated. Faithless, You could not turn one muslim away from his islam.

    But now France is a continuation of Algeria beyond the sea. You could not turn them into Christians but they are turning you into islam. You did not gain victory over them, but now you are losing the war against them every hour. You went there and beat a hasty retreat, but mislims are in France permanently. And you won’t have a nation with THREE ESTATES, nor a Proud Secular Republic to boast about. You will have a Caliphate.

    As every so-called “high moral ” ruler of the west has said, ” muslims are here to stay.”

    If you believe that muslims are here because they are refugees you are no more better than a donkey.

    They are here to elope your girlfriend and 9 year old daughter. But you are drunk and stupefied with winning which means nothing for natives but means a lot for muslims.

    Is an external force preparing this wretched Earth for a cataclysmic Catastrophe?

    Is the world being deceived by the devil Pirate.?

  2. Macro has a wife as old as his mother…….Trump has a wife who could be his daughter. The former is indicative of a little…manipulated ” boy toy “. The latter is probably indicative of a fear of growing old. I’ll take the latter.

    • You know Francis, I saw Macron the muslim toy boy with his wise wife Brigitte at express newspaper:

      She could be wise, sweet. I respect her as a woman with feelings. But his choice ( did not consider having kids, nurturing kids, the joys and sorrows of having kids . . . ) sheds a big light on his poor judgement. He will use the same eccentric poor judgments when president.

      But who cares when all his judgments will be to islamize and lose France. He found presidency: He who founds himself will lose it.

      Does democracy turn rulers into children?

    • Mahomed first wife….Macron first wife… signs of personality?

  3. I spent 4 years living and working in Algeria.

    In short, those people never had it as good before or after the French colonization.

    All that wonderful infrastructure the French left behind – the schools, the universities, the hospitals? Fallen to rot and ruin because the arrogant natives, who thought they could do it for themselves, could not and can not do it for themselves.

    This is why they now have a literal zombie holding the office of President. His handlers blame the French for all their problems, fix the elections, and voila, a new dawn for the country beckons!

  4. I once read a book by Alister Horne “A savage war of peace ” about the French living in Algeria and the atrocities commited in that war,The actions of I.S.I.S seem to be inspired by the actions of the F.L.N. in those times.
    The French population of Algeria was for all intents and puposes ethnically cleansed from Algeria(around 1 million).
    Can anyone imagine the reaction around the world if the French tried to remove 1 million Algerians from metropolitan France .Liberaliism and tolerance is purely for Europeans and Christians.

    • Excellent book.

      It also shows that the French rolled the Algerians militarily. They only ‘lost’ because their political will was exhausted.

      The book also notes that the early ’60s Parisian French were not shy about chucking problem Algerians into the Seine.

      • There was a TV programme in the U.K. once about that situation called “Drowning in bullets”,with the usual fake outrage about innocent deaths.They mentioned later that around a dozen policemen had been killed in Paris by the F.L.N.

  5. Would someone please explain the reference to Houellebecq? (I googled “Houellebecq Macron” and the articles that came up are in French.)

    • Houellebecq wrote the novel “Submission” that visualizes an Islamized France in the near future.

      • Excellent short read. Nothing as profound as Camp of the Saints, but could happen in 2022.

        After a Macron failed Presidency the sit out the election left might unite around a ‘moderate’ muzzie – ala’ Khan in London – and sleepwalk into Islamization.

        Quite a plausible scenario in fact.

    • It was an allusion to the book Submission by Houellebecq. Here, what Wiki says about it: Submission (French: Soumission) is a novel by French writer Michel Houellebecq.The French edition of the book was published on 7 January 2015 with German (Unterwerfung) and Italian (Sottomissione) translations also published in January. The book instantly became a bestseller in France, Germany and Italy.The English edition of the book, translated by Lorin Stein, was published on 10 September 2015.

      The novel, a political satire, imagines a situation in which a Muslim party upholding traditionalist and patriarchal values is able to win the 2022 presidential election in France with the support of the Socialist Party. The book drew an unusual amount of attention because, by a macabre coincidence, it was released on the day of the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

    • I’ve read it — that’s why I was curious, because the open letter’s reference to Houllebecq suggests that Houllebecq approves of Macron’s apology, which doesn’t fit Houllebecq’s apparent attitude in the novel.

    • Houellebecq wrote a novel called “Submission”, where he describes the Islamization of France, helped, as usual, by the socialist party. I started to read it but I couldn´t go on (Don´t take me wrong, it´s very well written but it´s painful). Now reality surpased fiction, Submission is arround the corner.

  6. Macron also ignores WHY France originally attacked Algeria …

    … the Algerian slave-taking raids on France.

    • Which was the same effective reason for the foundation of the US Navy – to prevent slave taking attacks on US shipping in the Med.

      • The US Navy was founded in Whitehall, NY at the southern extremity of Lake Champlain, as part of Benedict Arnold’s Canadaian campaign.

        It was the Marines that were founded for the campaign against the Barbary Pirates.

    • And all Western progressives completely ignore a very inconvenient truth, that Islam itself is a colonial ideology.
      Christian Algeria for example was forcibly colonised by Islamic invaders, as were the other 56 countries of the OIC (except Sumatra and one other which volunteered to convert I seem to recall).
      The expansion of Islam was the:
      ‘ Greatest Murder Machine in History’
      and it’s yet to stop, Islam’s borders are among the bloodiest places on earth.
      The OIC’s declaration of Cairo article 11
      “Colonialism of all types being one of the most evil forms of enslavement is totally prohibited. Peoples suffering from colonialism have the full right to freedom and self-determination……..”
      Obviously the common understanding is Islam is a religion but it’s not (as readers here at GoV will understand full well), it’s an expansionist, supremacist ideology, of which requires conquered peoples, by way of religious obligation to make at least one trip to the original colony in Saudi Arabia, (if they can afford it, which absolves the poor and means only those with cash turn up- a sound business model).
      No European colonies forced the natives to pray towards London, Paris or Rome 5 times day.
      All countries subjugated under the Islamic sword, should, I agree, ‘have the full right to freedom and self-determination’ from colonial ideology of Islam.
      Not what they meant what the declaration of Cairo was written I imagine but hey-ho.

  7. In reply to Garr: you should go to Amazon books and look up Houellebecq and his book “Submission.”

  8. God bless. Algeria and l want to see France try it again maybe our government give to u in plate but not our people freedom comes with price they did build Algeria but not for free

  9. What the french did. same what hitler did.
    As my origins from Algeria i know exactly what the French did
    They committed a big crime against humanity
    I don’t want to live with the past
    I want the future my kids and others

    • Aren’t you Hadith readers, believers and practicers so lucky to have Hitler to quote. Gradually Western youth will start to re-discover the Mooney “Hitler’s” of the last few centuries and act accordingly.

    • Hi Babali, I wasn’t aware that what the French did in Algeria was the same as what Hitler did. I didn’t know that the French sent six million Algerian souls to the gas ovens, for example, but thanks for enlightening me.

      • You can be sure the freedom hating hadithers would get rid of a lot more than the fifty million who perished on Hitler’s trip – given the chance. How long more do we ignore,o

    • Amateurs when compared to the bloody expansion of Islam, the greatest murder machine in history, which of course colonised North Africa.

      How many Berbers died, were enslaved or ethnically cleansed when the Islamic Arab hordes subjugated them under the sword?
      A very inconvenient history, with many crimes against humanity- too many to mention here.

      But of course I forget, the Arabs were merely bring peace, tolerance and love.

  10. Well, if France is “islamized” there goes their wine, one of their better products overall. Maybe they will still be allowed their cheese.

    I read Camp of the Saints several years ago — horror story and very depressing.

  11. Macron is a French Tony Blair.

    One of the side effects of Blair was that he annoyed the English intensely over devolution. Devolving power to Scotland and Wales, while denying England the same. The Blairites kept on telling us “England doesn’t exist” until eventually we had enough. In 2004 we had a referendum over regionalism which we thoroughly rejected. This was the downfall of Blair never mind the Iraq War.

    Macron has already shown that he is anti French, and Front National or Les Patriotes or whatever FNs successor is called must highlight that Macron is anti French. It worked for us in England.




    • [redacted]. They murdered, raped.
      pillaged and plundered on a scale that is much easier to imagine now that we are getting a much more up close look at what the Muslim ideology is all about. A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. We are getting to know the Muslims really well well well.

  13. Mr Bernard Lugan was right.
    France loved Algeria and it’s people.
    The proof?
    A few years before the Algerian independence, they dropped an atomic bomb in the Sahara that is still killing the indigenous populations there and leading to birth malformations and disfigurements. Also to occupy Algeria, the French terrorists had recourse to all those criminals – murderers, rapists, thieves, homeless and hungry people- they released from jails and shipped to Algeria to kill the indigenous populations there, to expropriate from.their land , to slave them and steal their herds.
    As for building roads, railroad, seaports , all these infrastructures were intended to export fruits, vegetables ,meat to the hungry people of france which just come out of a black decent of desease in particular the leprus and a long devastating war, as also those so-called infrastructures wère used to flood france with algerian oil to develop the ruined infrastructures in France.
    Also the schools, hospitals, you name it were only used for well-being of french colonists.

  14. You all are [epithets].france invaded algeria just like it invaded some 20 countries in africa in order to steal their wealth.
    The population in algeria before the invasion was 9 millions inhabitants and in 1962 after the independence it was 7 do the math [epithet].france killed and massacred millions on algerians.7 millions to be said. One million and a half just in seven years.
    Take a look today at all the countries that were french colonies.they are all under developed and poor countries .france made sure to leave behind a chaotic countries so it can keep her main purpose. Stealing the wealth of those poor human beings.

    • No, you do the maths. 9-7 = one and a half?

      And the English language?

      And you couldn’t express yourself without epithets?

      Oh, why do I bother?

  15. The so called west is now led by some very kinky characters. I wonder what else mighty Macron and and his old lady are up to? Rome at the height of the bottoms up on fire empire. You name it – while you can-can.

  16. Remarkable… the increase of childless European ‘leaders’ ?

    Angela Merkel, chancellor , Germany
    Macron, president, France
    Stefan Löfven, prime minister, Sweden
    Xavier Bettel, prime minister, Luxembourg
    Nicola Sturgeon, prime minister Scotland
    Mark Rutte, prime minister, The Netherlands

    ‘Caretakers’ of our future generations ?

  17. De Gaulle wanted an empire such as the British Empire. He chose the Middle East and therein lies the horrible mess created. Think of all of the lost French assets sunk into Algeria. The lives, the finances and the residuals are now in Europe, ready to dominate the continent. There will be no more France nor will there be any more Europe for Islam destroys non Muslim history and culture. Quelle domage.

  18. Witness the mature and intelligent responses from our Algerian friends upthread.

    Of course, what can you expect from a country that has done almost nothing with 50 years of independence?

    Today they have to import US, European, and Asian expertise to achieve anything. The best part is how they’ll bring in the Japanese to build a highway, slow-roll them, complain about the lack of progress, and then take legal action to eject them over the lack of progress!

  19. Has Algeria ever apologized to France for the piracy it instigated that originally led to the colonial takeover? I doubt it.

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