The Family That Preys Together…

The authorities have caught up with the Manchester bomber’s father and brother.

Here is a “breaking” story with family news about the killer. You can see what the MSM is saying almost anywhere. I chose this Australian version simply because I like the way he sums up what we know:

The father and two brothers of the Manchester suicide bomber have been arrested over their alleged links to Islamic State.

Salman Abedi’s younger brother Hashem, who was detained in the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Wednesday, was allegedly planning to carry out a separate terrorist attack there.

Notice the family resemblance?* When these fellows appear in a fiery blast before the faceless, mindless Allah, I hope they get their just reward. Cuz Allah has a killer sense of humor…

[This is posted as a convenience for our readers. A place to vent about these people the Traitor class in Britain supports.]

NOTE Normally the Baron would have a more detailed story, but he’s at the retinal specialist getting his eyes peered into and it felt wrong to let this story wait when I know y’all have lots to say. Consider this a placeholder and steam vent until he returns.

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[Not to worry, though. The B’s condition has healed beautifully and he says his sight is better than it was before his diagnosis. In other words, somehow the treatments also helped heal the worst of his severe far-sightedness as they also pushed back against his macular degeneration…only mad dogs and Englishmen and landscape painters go out in the noonday sun – for decades.]

*[I knew I should have studied for the exam. Drat! I thought I knew how to upload images in WordPress, but I’ve been taking the lazy way out and let the B do them for me. What a gurrll I’ve become. This is gonna end!]

10 thoughts on “The Family That Preys Together…

  1. And I bet editing pages upon pages of our translations and bringing them into proper English does not exactly help the Baron’s eyes either! All the best!

  2. you forgot to include carpenters and high-steel ironworkers. we are mad dogs because we are out in the noonday sun working.

  3. Yeah, I’ll take up the opportunity to vent. Katie Hopkins has another piece in the Daily Mail this morning (being 9:00 am, May 25) and I have no doubt from her writing that she gets it – her scathing attack on the ‘pollies’ and their ensconced security, ably provided by no less than the British soldier acting with fully armed police, exposes the sheer hypocrisy of the political elite when they utter such pearler’s as, stay calm, carry on, we are in this together!

    (please insert suitable expletives here)

    The disgusting hypocrisy and cowardice in refusing to identify the elephant in the room by the political elite is nauseating, and that feeling is reflected within the many comments in response to Hopkin’s article.

    But, the cloak of PC even reaches into Hopkin’s writing because not once does she mention Islam or Muslim, simply terrorists and radicals, as if they magically appear at the most inopportune times. I’ll have to give her the benefit of the doubt on that as she does write for the ‘Daily Mail’, another Global Media outlet beholden to the Global Media Moguls and their censorship rules.

    But, on reading the article, the anger is there, and that anger at this time is important because it means that many are now realizing that they have had enough of the (please insert expletive here) and if that is now occurring then that anger will, and in all likelihood, build up to a bursting point of volatility, and hopefully, some time soon.

  4. I think we in the west are in big trouble. The idea that children are being targeted is a very bad development.
    The BS being put out by UK politicians is stomach turning. We should carry on in a normal fashion? This will not break us? Well, it won’t break you PM because you are guarded 24/7 by rough men.
    It WILL break your population. Children have been deliberately slaughtered!
    Many people have suggested massive deportation. That won’t happen while under the jurisdiction of the EU. Do you remember the “cleric” in the red santa hat with the blind eye and hook hand? It took the UK years to get him extradited to the US to stand trial because of the EU’s rules and regs. The EU’s regs on terrorist “human rights” are insanity writ large.
    Happily, that miserable POS is tucked away in an American super-max, and let me tell you he won’t see the light of day for a very long time, if ever.
    So, the only way I can see the UK turning this around is if they successfully leave the EU. Until then, the bleeding and disruption to the fabric of UK society will continue. People that are wholly unsuited to live in a secular free society will continue to pour in and greater and greater state control of what you can say or do will continue. When you put the army on your streets you now live in a police state.

    • It gets even more ridiculous than that. Yesterday I saw on BBC some police big wig calling up the public to report anything suspicious “call our toll free number bla bla”

      Yeah right. You call the police “Hey listen there’s this muslim guy in our street acting rather suspicious. Preying in the middle of the street five times a day and toting gun bags around”
      Five minutes later a bunch of squad cars come to a screeching halt on your driveway and you will be dragged out of your house in handcuffs and charged with “hatespeech”
      Do they realy expect to get cooperatation from the public? You got to be kidding me!

      • Very true

        One hate preacher, two right wing racists
        One hate preacher, two right wing racists…

        • If there was any justice in this world a civil liberties lawyer would, act on behalf of all the victims of
          This appalling atrocity, be seeking damages from a
          Certain Mr David Cameron who revelled in the
          Violent regime change actions of his Government
          Of the time.

          Libya, and the consequences of his actions, have their
          Grubby footprint all over this attack in Manchester!

          Is it just me or has motormouth Cameron, the Parsimonious, pontificating, supercilious moron
          Kept remarkably off the radar at the moment?

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