Take Off Your Hood!

The following video was recorded by a Muslima in Washington State, who obviously wanted to generate sympathy for herself, and demonstrate that she was treated badly and “discriminated against”. Her issue is that she was asked to take off her veil in a credit union, since it was their policy that no one could wear hoods or hats inside their office. Given that there were other customers wearing hats, she considered that she had been subjected to unfair and discriminatory treatment.

There are several things to note about this brief clip. It’s hard to see the hats that the other customers are wearing, but they appear to be baseball caps or something similar. That is, the credit union’s staff were applying a common-sense interpretation of their rules — ball caps don’t cover anything except the top of the head, and are therefore not an issue. Presumably they would have objected to ski masks and hats with ear flaps (known in my part of the country as “retard hats”), which obscure parts of the face that help identify people.

The second thing to think about is what was left out of this video. The young woman has edited it to present her case in the best possible light. We don’t see anything until after the credit union has already invoked its rules. What did the Muslima do to annoy the staff? Because obviously she must have done something — made a scene or staged an incident. She somehow drew attention to herself in a way designed to create an actionable grievance.

How will a judge rule if this case goes to court?

Also: The bank must have surveillance camera footage of the incident. If anybody has seen videos showing the missing parts of what happened, please leave links in the comments.

Now watch for yourselves:

Hat tip: Silentium Voces.

19 thoughts on “Take Off Your Hood!

  1. Ghetto lottery set up. How do I know? Camera ready and recorded the whole thing – complete with ’emotional duress’.

    Probably Somali extract – we’ve got 1,000’s of them here and they learn fast how to game every dole program imaginable.

    But this is ambitious even for them.

    • Lol. We need a comedy show doing Muslim. Sock and awful victim phoney. Muslims especially welcome. The rest of the story s will just have fun treating this as it should be treated. The Muslim fifth column playing on the emotions of real people.

  2. I think Burkas and Nikabs should be banned, but hijabs should generally be permissible (tolerated)…that is, until Islam is banned as a hostile and fundamentally subversive ideology. But, we are a minimum of a quarter-century away from that.

    Given that a few ‘guys’ were allowed to keep on their baseball caps, she should have been permitted to wear her headscarf. It appears she was mistreated. That is, unless those guys were asked to remove their hats when they approached the teller window. As you said, when don’t have the entire picture.

    As an aside, with Washington as a state with a ‘living wage’ law, I believe the minimum that the teller could be earning is $13.50 per hour. In most of America, a teller starts at $7 an hour. That’s absurd!! I am a conservative, a counterjihadist (and an ardent zionist), but something (non-ideological and…) substantial has to be done to reinvigorate and save the middle class in this country. We have been moving towards Catastrophe for the past 30 years! I don’t believe that selling Saudi Arabia $110 billion in weapons and other military technology to bring us “jobs, jobs, jobs” is the answer!

    • Banks in Kent get hit all the time by the ‘usual suspects’.

      You walk in filming and partially obscured and you should get thrown out. I guarantee I would.

      Like I said – ghetto lottery. She’ll probably score 10 or 20K to shut up and buzz off – this is SJW land here in Washistan.

      • Lots to unpack here. Firstly, CAMERA OBSCURA. Anybody filming or taking pictures in a bank should be thrown out, whether they are ‘obscuring’ themselves or not! Heck, there ought to be a federal law against using a cellphone camera in a bank due to security risks (ie “casing”) They still keep money there, don’t they? (Yes, I anticipate the reductio ad absurdum argument about extending such a law to all loci where there are cash transactions.)

    • stevenkarmi: I expected to see the girl with full face covering but in fact she’s wearing a hijab with, as she says, her face fully exposed. As much as I hate the hijab I don’t see the bank’s problem.

  3. Until common sense and basic intelligence make a come-back in USA, we are going to be in deep doo-doo.

    Most banks have cameras and of course they want to film faces in case of un-foreseen (no, make that foreseen) problems. All of a sudden, (because of muslim migration to US — and whose fault was that?) cameras are somehow a form of discrimination — give me a break. Most of us are not that stupid, or at least I hope!
    In my pre-retired life, I worked at a bank and of course the cameras were running all the time — common sense is not so common these days is it.

    • I once sat on a jury where the alleged miscreants robbed a bank where the CCTV wasn’t working. We convicted them anyway, then found out it wasn’t their first offence.

      Word to the wise (or shy): Don’t pass questions up to the judge, and don’t go to the loo (“washroom” for Americans) on retiring to the jury room, or you may be elected foreman in your absence!

  4. This is a clear case of grievance mongering with a view to extorting money from the bank. We used to have a lot of this in the UK set up and funded by Hizb ut Tahrir.

  5. The sign in my small town bank says no baseball caps or sun glasses so that also means all coverings. Of course the Muslims believe they are above the Kafir laws and if the bank gave them an inch they’ll take a mile. I’m glad the bank manager stood up if unknowingly against stealth jihad. My first thoughts when I saw the girl crying was call the Wahhhhhbulance!

  6. The bank teller had no cause to scream at the girl, or to follow her out. So, with all due respect, I think the teller should be fired.

    As far as the issue of hijabs versus naquibs or burkhas, or baseball caps, I think a vulnerable situation such as a bank should have wide discretion concerning security. It’s like with the police: if they get a judgement case wrong, there’s no second chance. So, I think the appropriate course for the Muslima should be to get the number of a supervisor, and then leave as requested, calling the supervisor from the lobby.

    I am in favor of stopping Muslim immigration 100%, and removing all Muslim non-citizens. I also am in favor of 100% ban on any sort of identity hiding on public streets, unless you’re a kid under 14 with a trick or treat bag on Halloween. I am not, however, in favor of harassing Muslim citizens, nor forbidding them from wearing idiotic, but non-threatening covering such as a hijab.

    • Making moslems comfortable will bring more moslems. They are not “citizens”, they are the enemies. Educate yourself. Islam commands moslems to kill kufirs. There is no modarate islam and by extension there are no moderate moslems. We must discriminate against them, unfortunately, within the frame of the law.

      • making it uncomfortable within the law is the best tactic. Am I too cynic when I remind of the methods used in the US to keep persons of color out of restaurants or other venues?Oh, you’ ve got no reservation? Sorry,but can you call again around 11 pm?

        • Oh, but that revenge were a dish best eaten cold…the descendants of those black people in the U.S., the ones who had the courage to insist on their rightful place at the lunch counter, are living on the noxious fumes of a once-robust engine of cultural change.

          The absolute refusal to let their grievance go has long since become tediously predictable. Besides, there’s too much money to be made in hanging on to it and the MSM eats up those stories.

      • Sorry. I don’t agree with harassing individual citizens.

        If you want to keep Muslims out, use the legal process of limiting immigration.

        I am not opposed to freedom-of-association, where banks are run as private clubs with a restricted membership. But, as for coming down as a crowd against an individual Muslima wearing a hijab…count me out.

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