26 thoughts on “Rue Britannia

  1. The muslims are celebrating their way of life (and death for all others) for sure…

  2. At one time it was said that ‘Britannia rules the waves’, now it is certain that ‘Britannia waves the rules’.

  3. How could anyone born and raised in a country that was proud of its traditions not notice the destructive forces that are now at play. Does this woman totally blank out from her mind the obvious problems that are now only too evident or is she just an imbecile?

    • Nemesis: I doubt she is unaware of the ‘destructive forces’. It’s just that ‘diversity’ is a done deal here. She has to try and keep a lid on the simmering native population by trying to persuade them how wonderful it really is. She also must not alienate the Muslim vote or say anything that will bring members of the Religion of Peace onto the streets.

    • no more so than any other elected politician all terrified about what happened to Enoch Powell’s career, only exceptionss I can think of is Farage and Nuttall,

  4. But just don’t try to lead an English (Scotish, Welsh) way of life – it is haram….

  5. “….to lead our lives as we choose”. Bull! The way of life for Brits is living in fear which is a logical consequence of being docile in the face of Islam.

  6. “We celebrate different ways of life???” Tell that to British Army soldier, Fusilier Lee Rigby!! Tell that horse manure to the parents burying young children, in Manchester. “We lead our lives as we chose?” Tell that to the countless children who were forced into sexual grooming. The woman is a twit. And the Elites in GB are simply playing the “eat me last” game with other people’s lives. [expletive]! I keep praying that I will hear about a tremendous uprising from the people who literally conquered the world. Right now, all I hear are [vulgar intensifier] crickets.

    • ‘I keep praying that I will hear about a tremendous uprising from the people who literally conquered the world. ‘

      I hate to say it, but I fear you can write ‘I keep dreaming’ instead of ‘I keep praying’. Let’s face it. There’s been NO reaction of just outrage after MCR, quite the contrary. Not that it’s any better over here, with the media doing their utmost best to pour oil on any wave of anger. Yesterday e.g. I was treated to a story about a muslim nitwit, a certain Baktash Noori, who blindfolded himself and walked the streets of Manchester asking to be hugged:


      Our disgusting media outlets litterally JUMP on stories like this, to show us, the Great Unwashed, what despicable bigots we are.

  7. I hate to throw the fact that she is childless at Theresa May – especially since she has expressed regret over this. But, leaders like her and Merkel and Macron really have no idea what it is like to raise a child from birth, worry over illnesses and schoolyard bullying, and whether they will find a place in life. The thought that my daughters – due to a plain old numbers game – might find themselves reduced in a muslim majority Europe turns my stomach. I would join any resistance movement needed to prevent or disrupt this from happening. One of the taunts these invaders use is that they will breed with our girls and we will have muslim grandchildren.
    I am an atheist of Jewish background, I remember being raised by my grandmothers tales of their WW2 sufferings – my own father was born in a cave shortly before the Americans crossed the Rhine.
    We forget the past at our peril, and what is in store for future generations of indigenous Europeans makes WW2 look like a cakewalk – and I have never met Aunties and Uncles, who were murdered by the Nazis.
    The Merkels and Mays of this world play fast and loose with the future of generations to come – and they have no skin in the game, so to speak.

    • [When you do not believe in a Greater Being than yourself the vacuum will be filled by something. The mu[slim]s are willing to die for their beliefs, are you willing to die and if so for what?

      • The men in the boats at Normandy didn’t want to die, but they went anyway. To defend the Freedom we now enjoy.
        I am deeply grateful for their sacrifice. Religion didn’t even come into it.
        Freedom is the one thing I would be willing to lay dowm my life for.
        Better die free on your feet, with your hair blowing in the breeze, than live on your knees covered in a bin liner, or something like that.

    • “One of the taunts these invaders use is that they will breed with our girls and we will have muslim grandchildren.”

      How did you hear these taunts, if you dont mind me asking? Internet comments, news stories, or something more personal?

      • Now that you mention it, I’ve heard it shouted by Asain demonstrators in large crowds on the internet. That kind of braggadocio coming from a deluded “Brit” is probably happening already.

  8. This is what it must have been like for a Roman citizen at the beginning of the end for Rome.

  9. We are living in a “alice through the looking glass world”.It’s an awful choice in the elections ,but can one not imagine Jeremy Corbyn going to the caliphate and kneeling before al Baghdadi begging forgiveness for British foreign policy .Of course he will blame the tories and the “evil Americans”.
    I can almost imagine the “Queen of spades”(Diane Abbot who else) chasing blonde blue eyed Finnish nurses around her native Hackneyscreaming “Off with their heads”.
    She once complained about Finnish nurses and got away with yt.

  10. “We have been forced to draw carts of lead with ropes about our shoulders….(and) have carried great barrs of iron upon our shoulders. I believe all Christian people have forgotten us in England, because they have not sent us any relief….since we have been in slavery. John Willdon.British slave (early eighteenth century) Now they are in your British house and you have not the sense to kick them out….But without sense you are not really British or Christian, or at least the British I knew.

  11. Is it just me or is there anybody out ther who is sick of this incessant ‘diversity’ excrement?

    • I think I value diversity- I certainly can appreciate exposure and interaction with people of other cultures.

      But let me reassure you, no, you are not alone!

  12. “Lead the lives we choose..” Theresa dear, go for a quiet walk alone through Tower Hamlets one evening….

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