Rain, Rain, Go Away

I don’t know if this weather page will stay but it gives you some idea of the unstable conditions we’re facing.

Because there’s a lot of thunder about, some random bolt (no, not Andrew) may well hit one of the boxes responsible for our internet connection.

Well, y’all know the drill. If it looks like no one’s home… we done been hit. Again.

8 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. Lightening? try our monsoon season in S. Arizona usually starting July 4th for severe lightning LOL

    • Not very gracious, weatherman.

      Here in the UK, most power lines are buried; less susceptible to the vagaries of Mother Nature, but a total pain in the posterior for traffic when they need working on.

      • That’s partly because of the size of your country. England is roughly equal to the length and breadth of VIrignia. I didn’t factor in the rest of the UK. Even though you’ve visited North America, I wonder if you’ve internalized the scope of the logistics.

        I do notice the buried lines in wealthier areas – and big cities like NYC and D.C. – but it will never be economically feasible for poor rural counties to bury their lines. A small local town, very picturesque & touristy, got a govt grant via their representative, to bury the lines. However, a bigger small town, about a half hour from them, will never see that luxury. One is in a wealthy county where like people like the Kluges (Trump bought their winery) while the latter is in po’ country.

        When the Baron was painting landscapes, I asked him to be sure to include telephone poles, lines, etc., because they will become historical artifacts eventually. He was always willing to paint what he saw, but would refuse people’s requests to “pretty up” some site.

        In this present case, though, it’s the telephone lines carrying our internet connection; we have learned the hard way that this beta version (definitely better than nothing), has a series of connector boxes (whatever their technical name) and it is some part of those which seem to be vulnerable to lightning. Or to a right good amount of pounding rain. A fix presently requires a warm body driving out in a truck to replace some gizmo…

        Won’t be too many more years before that’s obsolete. At the rate technology changes, I expect satellite connectivity to bring rural areas into the 20th century, and I also expect full-scale spying capabilities to go along with it

        So by then, will dissident sites like Gates of Vienna be quietly placed beyond reach? They already are in certain schools and government buildings. We’re right up there with pr0n – whatcha wanna bet they let the pr0n sites continue on while we’re blocked? Given the general mindset of hackers, I predict they will build work-arounds to get past the blocks. They’re mostly a bristly anarchist group…hate to be told what to do. [Bill Gates, of course, has long since sold out. He’s just regular corporate bumpf now. His tiresome upgrades keep people on edge but the hackers sneer and tell you to build your own…

  2. We done been hit……love that. Shakespeare at his finest. Can’t wait to use that one with att next goround

  3. Rembrandt’s only seascape. Lost forever. Stolen from the Gardner Museum in Boston. 1990 I believe.

  4. Terrible weather here today on the isle of Lewis. Brilliant sunshine and enough wind to keep the midges away. Yesterday was 19c and today promises to be hotter. Roll on winter and the big storms.

  5. Stop going bon about you living in the sticks an your internet system being poorand subject to weather..

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