“Leading Their Next Generations Defenseless to the Islamic Slaughterhouse”

The following open letter to Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen was originally posted on Facebook. JLH, who translated the text, describes it as “an impassioned — or anguished — cri du coeur from a genuine refugee, reacting to Van der Bellen’s nonsensical suggestion that Austrian women veil themselves in solidarity with Muslim women.”

Facebook: Franko Paulus

April 27, 2017

Open Letter to Federal President Alexander Van Der Bellen

Dear Federal President Van Der Bellen,

As a new citizen of this country and as an oriental Christian who has personally experienced the brutality of Islam, your call for all Austrian females to wear a headscarf in solidarity with Muslim women has surprised and shaken me deeply. Your statement stuns me, revives horrifying experiences for me and propels me into nightmares from which I and my family and many refugee

Christians thought we had awakened, finding refuge and peace in this country. For we must now face the fact that Austria, Germany and Europe are now ruled solely by politicians who demonstrate a deficit in cognitive emotional capacities when it comes to their own people, and through Islamization of their countries are leading their next generations defenseless to the Islamic slaughterhouse.

Tell us then, what show of solidarity did you make with us Christians from Iraq and Syria when the Islamic preachers and imams in Mosul and Raqqa condemned us to death just because we were Christians? Oh yes, they read melodic, satanic suras out of the Koran from the minarets, which put the Allah-fearing Muslims in a trance and sent them at us like wild bloodthirsty beasts, wielding machetes, knives and swords. Shouting the Islamic war-cry — Allah-u Akbar — they slit men’s throats, enslaved women and children for sale at slave markets, and set fire to churches.

I heard or read not one expression of consolation or solidarity from you, as a high-ranking Green official, nor from any politician of the governing parties. Just the opposite — at exactly that time, you pronounced that Islam belongs in Austria and Europe. And again, after the many Islamic terrorist attacks in the Christian Orient, you and other European politicians gave the Muslims cover and took care that they suffered no disadvantages here at home from the horrors committed by their religious brethren.

With all due respect, you appear to know absolutely nothing about Islam, neither about its bloody history of expansion, nor the biography of its “Prophet” — his mass murders and atrocities. Devout Muslim women wear the headscarf as a symbol of political Islam, whose ideology in its full context includes the call for murdering Christians and Jews. Apparently you do not comprehend that believing Muslims will never integrate into a Christian or non-Islamic society, since we Christians — you too, Mr. President, as an atheist — are unclean animals, with whom they must avoid associating. We are the sinners (kafirs) who have no right to exist on “Allah’s earth” unless we accept Islam. Islam claims the right to global domination.

To believe in Islam means to put the Koran into action, which calls for participation in jihad. Allah and his “Prophet” call for the expulsion of infidels, the enslavement of their wives and children and the seizure of their lands. In many places in the Koran, Christians and Jews are derogated as lower than livestock. Muslims are given a feeling of superiority and described as “the best nation of the world” ever created by Allah. They are to be the only ones to enter Paradise, if they have fulfilled their duty in spreading Islam and carried out Allah’s commandments for the conversion or killing of all humanity. That is the real Islam that has been lived out in the Islamic world from its inception to the present day; in which the Prophet’s atrocities and mass murders are glorified by his followers all the way to ISIS, and justified as revenge on the enemies of Allah. These are the deeds of which the West knows nothing and wants to know nothing, because they do not fit into its humanistic philosophy.

When Muslims in the West smile to our faces, they are consciously mocking us, in the sense of taqiyya (speaking with a forked tongue). By the next day, when their hunger is stilled, they forget their status as petitioners and supplicants, and again feel the desire and the duty to convert and subjugate the infidel. Essentially they are still living in peace among us, only because they need our help, after fleeing the brutality of their own religion. They will tolerate our presence only until they have become strong enough to force us into Islam. Prevailing policy in Europe makes this goal possible and prepares the ground and prerequisite conditions for it. In his early days in Mecca, the “Prophet” Mohammed allowed Jews and Christians to practice their religion. But in Medina, with an army at his back, he slaughtered all infidels. (Not one indigenous Jew or Christian remains in the Arabian Peninsula today.)

“Let us smile the in faces of non-Muslims, as we curse them in our hearts,” Ibn Kathir, Islam scholar, 1345.

Devout Muslims are confused psychopaths who have imbibed fear of Allah and his “Prophet” as well as hatred of kafirs with their mother’s milk. The exhortation to violence is pounded into them in the form of prayers. The killing of infidels and enslavement of their women and children is fed to them as a “sacred” duty. (For confirmation, see the Koran suras below.)

Believing Muslims are human beings who have lost their humanity to the texts of the Koran and have been transformed into bloodthirsty monsters. They are ticking time bombs, set to explode at any time. They have sold their souls and their worldly goods to Allah for 72 girls with swelling breasts (houris) in the pornotopia of Islamic paradise.[1] In the delirium of faith, crying Allahu Akhbar, they separate the heads from the bodies of innocents, or alternatively chop off their hands, their feet or all of their fingers. That is what Islam teaches and what is written in the Koran. Jihad is required as a service to Allah, which must be carried out to the End of Days. And at the End of Days, world dominance will follow. All infidels and enemies will be converted or liquidated.

I know what I am talking about. As an oriental Christian who has personally experienced the brutality of Islam, I saw the hatred in the eyes of devout Muslims in Mosul. Hell in the truest meaning of the word for a Christian or non-Muslim is finding yourself somewhere with Muslims where a power vacuum arises and anarchy and lawlessness rule. Here is the chance for every Muslim to show Allah and his Prophet how devout he is and how much he loves them. In the transport of faith, they cut off the heads of unbelievers. Everything that has happened, happens every day and will continue to happen as the implementation of the text of the Koran and of sharia.

In the ritual of beheading infidels (see videos posted on the internet), Allah-fearing Muslims carefully recite Allah’s commandments from the Koran, as if they were reading the user’s manual when operating a machine, so as not to make any mistakes.

The crux of the matter is this: Integration of Muslims depends entirely on how far they can be removed from Islam, not on building Islamic schools and mosques and wearing headscarves in solidarity with them. Integration will not occur without freeing them from the fear of Allah and his “Prophet.” Unless this monstrous ideology is banished from their minds, and forbidden by law, like the Nazi ideology, the integration of devout Muslims into Christian society, will be only a sham promise and politicians’ lip service to an unachieved goal.

What is necessary for the integration of Muslims are politicians in the leadership of every European country and the EU with backbone like Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orbán and H.C. Strache, and also the curbing of the purblind do-gooders. Politicians who will pull the weeds out by the roots and not just snip off the top. Politicians like Kemal Ataturk, who relegated Islam to the trash heap of history, and described it as a cadaver that has poisoned the life of humanity.

But all that will not happen. Instead, discussions which could unmask Islam, shed the light of day on its crimes and expansionist history, are avoided, prevented, declared anathema, so as not to encourage any hatred against the hate-filled Muslims and Islam. Every Islamic terrorist act is ascribed with a political correctness destined for the history books to a psychically disturbed criminally violent person, who has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Islam is described as a peace-loving religion. In a context of religious freedom, which Islam does not offer to other religions, Islam is taught in the schools in the West. With money from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, incubators for bloodthirsty murderers (mosques) are being built, Islamic kindergartens and schools are being subsidized, Islamic spiritual advisers are being sent into the prisons to further radicalize the prisoners. Across the land, Islam gains influence as the apparatus of government is infiltrated by Muslims. I can only be pessimistic when I read that 400 men of a 1600-man regiment in Austria are devout Muslims, who now have no need to look for weapons. They have their own prayer rooms where they can pray and then, in the rapture of their faith, fulfill the wishes of Allah. I can already see the heads hanging on the fence.

Quotation from Koranic ideology in support of my claims

  • Sura 33, VERSE 26: “Kill some of them and take some prisoner. [verse 27] And He has allowed you to inherit their land and their houses and their possessions, and a land in which you have never set foot. And Allah has power over all things…”
  • Sura 8, verse 55: “Verily, lower than livestock to Allah are those who are unbelieving (Jews and Christians) and will not believe…”
  • Sura 47, verse 4: “When you encounter them, strike their necks until you have caused a carnage among them…”
  • Sura 9, verse 5: “And when the holy months have passed, kill the idolaters wherever you find them, seize them, besiege them and lie in ambush for them everywhere…”
  • Sura 9, verse 111: “Allah has purchased from the faithful their life and property for paradise: they fight for Allah’s cause, they kill and are killed…”
  • Sura 78, verse 31: “Truly, there is a profit for the God-fearing…”
  • Sura 78. verse 32: “Gardens and berry patches”
  • Sura 78, verse 33: “…and girls with swelling breasts, contemporaries…”


1.   Thanks to things learned during some translating for the indefatigable Islam scholar and critic Andrew Bostom I have some reason to hope that these nasty types will discover upon arrival in the next world that the actual reward is more appropriate to those who have spent an entire lifetime wandering in the desert — 72 grapes. Who says linguistics is not a practical study?

17 thoughts on ““Leading Their Next Generations Defenseless to the Islamic Slaughterhouse”

  1. The letter will be lost upon that faux-austrian moral coward masquerading as a president. Surprisingly, he has children; one would think that someone with children would be concerned about their future, and the world that they will someday inherit. The only explanation I can think of is that these elites, insulated from reality as they are, truly believe that they will always land on top and that the consequences of their actions will never apply to themselves or their children.

    • Yup Moon, I think that’s a very fair summation.

      Their gated privilege and ring of highly trained, armed steel leads them to conclude that the world is both peaceful and safe.

      I myself cannot see any outcome from all this that is either.

      I truly hope I live long enough to get through the Era of Horror (or “The Great Cull” as I like to think future historians will call it) to witness the public trials of the lot of them. It can’t be too long before the kick-off surely?

      • One would hope it is not too far from the kick-off. Public trials followed by public executions are fine with me, but [intemperate suggestion redacted].

    • Those in power should watch more horror/vampire/zombie movies.
      They then might wonder how long they would last in their gated communities and the chauffeured commute before the mahomedan hordes decide to do a razzia on the wealthy estates and avail themselves of loot, females and young boys.
      But then, those stories would only be a warming to those who are awake and those who are born of the right, i.e wary of the unknown and preparing for the future.

  2. I sent this letter as a link from Gates of vienna to President Trumps contact along with a letter urging and warning him about mass Islamic refugee immigration. I doubt if he’ll ever read it but instead someone under him but this is something we all need to do. I also sent a letter to our representative Martha McSally in the House but sending a letter to RINOs McCain or Jeff Flake is useless knowing their record with Islam, mainly McCain. As I mentioned in another comment a Muslim entered a small local church in our town with very few Muslims and attacked their faith and he had to be forced out, so imagine what will happen as their population grows. Refugee watch is a great site – see Facebook. We all need to contribute to the fight against the Islamization of America. Who cares if the Left or the Antifas calls you a fascist Nazi for being opposed to mass Islamic migration. Maybe more of us need to send this letter to our President and other representatives. A few are still listening!

    • It is done that way deliberately. Do you really believe the elites want the message implicit in the French Revolution being taken to heart by the masses; that the power is in their hands to send the lot of them and their families to the guillotine for their crimes and abuse of their privileged positions? Instead Bastille Day (and 4th of July too) is just another holiday to have picnics and beer or wine with one’s family, as opposed to being remembered and celebrated as the beginning of the end for the French elites.

      • It would not surprise me in the least.

        You can easily test this by questioning the faith of any seemingly modern Muslim that likes to drink and party.

        If they give you a very vehement, enraged response, well, now you know where their true feelings lie.

        • Cracking wise about their alleged final prophet is another good test for the presence of muruna.

          If your formerly jovial, light-hearted Muslim buddy starts getting stern and tight-lipped, well, now you know what his true worldview is.

  3. EU lexicons of banned words for offcials, said to include ‘jihad’, ‘Islamic’ and ‘fundamentalist’, have been around for years, while educational charities like “Taught By Muhammad”, tour schools to clear up “misconceptions” about Islam being connected to terrorism.
    “And the good thing about being open and honest is that 98% of people say they understand the true meaning of Islam after the presentations.”

    A revisionist version of Islamic/European history that degrades Europe and elevates Islam is being disseminated, in various European countries, while the bloody history of Islam is omitted and the Arab slave-trade mostly ignored.
    “a series of abridgements and outright omissions in the textbooks leads to historical falsehood.”
    Meanwhile official Saudi textbooks, that include lessons on jihad and making the kuffar submit willingly, pay the jizya or else (Islam in other words) are distributed around the world.
    ISIS used them in their schools and also published Wahhabi tracts.
    One could go and on with examples but my point is this, sadly warnings like Franko Paulus’ impassioned plea above, will likely fall on stony ground and go unheeded because it jars too gratingly with the ‘religion of peace’ narrative.
    It is being inculcated in many European youngsters and one to which the progressive caste of Europe, is now committed to upholding and using increasing control and deception to sustain.
    Whether through cynicism, deluded ‘noble lies’ or an ‘abysmal ignorance’ about Islam,
    it all leaves many Westerners completely unprepared for the coming decades.

    And as Nicolai Sennels observes of those who say integration is possible,
    “There is a very great risk that they are selling us hope, a dream, that has no foundation in reality. This means that they will be the ones who are responsible for Europe looking away from and not addressing its problems until it is too late.”

  4. All politicians like Alexander van der Bellen belong in cattle class so they can travel and live like the ordinary people they supposedly represent in Europe. This will not happen of course and these types will always get elected by an ignorant and brainwashed public. Will the day come when this political class are all hanged and gutted by an angry mob? Even though a public hanging is probably the only way to get through to these people, I doubt it will ever happen. Europeans have truly submitted to the state’s authority and Islam, which funnily enough means “submission” in Arabic.

  5. Thanks for this very clear indictment of Islam and all its works, but in particular for the reference to Koran 33:27. Looking it up here:
    I see the Shabbir Ahmed translation links it to 24:55 which I had never come across:
    “Allah hath promised such of you as believe and do good work that He will surely make them to succeed (the present rulers) in the earth even as He caused those who were before them to succeed (others)…”

    For those concerned by the lack of clear evidence in the Koran for any but the limited ambitions of a local warlord (and I know it’s not a common complaint) this seems to be a smoking gun as regards sanctioning universal supremacism. Why should anyone care? Well, I think it is a conclusive rebuttal to those I come across in debates who put forward the contextual argument, ie that Mohammed never meant any harm to anyone outside the Mecca/Medina area and beyond his own times, and therefore we have nothing to worry about.

    Ibn Kathir makes the message explicit:
    “This is a promise from Allah to His Messenger that He would cause his Ummah to become successors on earth, i.e., they would become the leaders and rulers of mankind, through whom He would reform the world and to whom people would submit”

  6. Some privileged Leftists likely have 2nd homes in Asia which they can run to when the Islamic SHTF occurs. But the majority simply can’t believe such a dark outcome is possible.

    Everything in their conditioning has convincef them evil in the world is 99% due to white male Christians. This is Marxist dogma which is almost universally subscribed to in Europe. It’s ironic that Marxist thought has produced policies that will lead to genocide across much of Europe, within at most 10 years. Again Marxism will lead to a charnel house, one that apparently nothing can prevent. The French election was Europe’s last chance.

  7. So much has been said and written about the criminal indifference of the free world to the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany before WWII.

    Now we are all witnesses of the same criminal indifference of the supposedly free world to the genocide of Christians (and other religious minorities) in Syria and Iraq, to their ruthless persecution and daily harassment in Pakistan, Egypt and a number of other Islamic countries.

    Which is even worse, the current state of affairs has been, to a great extent, the direct result of Western interference in the Middle East and North Africa. Saddam Hussein was bad enough, but Christians, Yazidis and Mandaeans under him could survive and some even managed to live in comfort. The same is true of Bashar Assad.

    But Western leaders refuse to recognise their guilt, they refuse to pay more than symbolic attention to the holocaust of Christians and other religious minorities. Even the current Pope does not seem to worry too much, though part of the exterminated Christians belong to his flock.

    Western leaders also refuse to recognise that refugees who belong to religious minorities need protection from Muslim extremists even in Europe. They happily put them together with Muslims. As a result non-Muslims suffer intimidation, beating, rape and sometimes even murder in refugee accommodation centres.

    It seems that the Western elites see Christianity as their greatest enemy and want to put it out of existence by any means – from subverting it from the inside to simple physical extermination of Christians.

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