La Porte de la Chapelle: Unlawful for Women?

Here’s another report about the multiplying and expanding no-go zones for women in Paris. I noticed that a lot of the people featured in this clip are non-Muslim culture-enrichers — that is, immigrants or the descendants of immigrants — who have been Frenchified, and are now facing the mass of Islamic culture-enrichers who will never do the same.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We now turn to this very controversial subject, with this question:
00:04   is the quarter of la Porte de la Chapelle in Paris becoming a
00:08   type of no-go zone for women? Anyway, some females avoid walking
00:12   on the streets, and report being insulted by men, because of a too-short skirt.
00:16   Natalie Berez went on-site. The quarter of la Chapelle
00:20   in the heart of Paris — has it become an unlawful zone for women?
00:24   We went to meet them, and for some women who live here,
00:28   the area is safe, but a couple of meters further, in the beauty parlour
00:32   the feeling is completely different: from the point of view of the owner,
00:36   in one year the number customers diminished by half, because of harassment
00:40   encountered by women on this street.
00:44   My staff already — who have to walk through there to go to the metro and so on —
00:48   and they cannot even go and buy anything
00:52   two minutes from here without being insulted and suffering aggression.
00:56   I am not scared of that, because I grew up in a quite violent neighborhood, so
01:00   I am not impressed, but concerning people who don’t know, when I brought my female friends,
01:03   who don’t know the quarter, they were watching the neighborhood very impressed
01:08   they were really very scared, and every time they had to call me so I could walk them through.
01:12   Situations of street harassment of women
01:16   were definitely noted in this neighborhood of the 18th arrondissement, since
01:20   the police presence was considerably reinforced.
01:24   The mayor acknowledges the situation, but refuses to talk about a “place forbidden to women”.

3 thoughts on “La Porte de la Chapelle: Unlawful for Women?

    • In commenting on GoV, context is important. Cryptic two-word phrases, not so much.

      So, for others who see you words and move along, I suggest that instead they read the wiki :

      And then Hep0nen, perhaps you could explain the parallels you see between what is happening now and what they did back then. We all love to learn; that’s why we’re here.

      Two or three sentences would do.

  1. Gee, there were places in Paris we were told to avoid back in 2008! Note all the loitering cultural enrichers – loitering was once seen by an ordered society as a law enforcement problem. I have no doubt that is where the ‘harassment’ problem lies.

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