Justice for the Chinese, But Not for the Germans

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Michael Mannheimer’s website:

Germany Sentences Refugee to 11 Years in Prison for Attack on and Rape of Chinese Students

that is:

(Pressure From China Causes German Judges to do What They Ordinarily Refuse to Do)

For justice to be done in Germany, the intervention of a world power is required. A Muslim invader (code name “refugee”) sexually assaulted two Chinese female students in Bochum. That was last year. The incident had wide media exposure among the 1.6 billion people of China.

It is known that Chinese diplomats personally intervened to demand a severe punishment. And that happened. This is indirect proof that our system of justice is not independent, but directed from “above.”

We may be sure that if the victim of this Muslim invader had been a German woman, he would have gotten off with a light sentence. Examples of this can be found by the hundreds.

Only the fear of international loss of face caused this stern and just sentence against the rapist.

Germany apparently feared that its image would suffer among one-quarter of the world’s population. That alone was the cause for a comparatively just sentence.

On the occasion of German state visits to China, the precarious condition of human rights there is routinely noted. In the future, German politicians can save themselves the trouble of these remarks. Now the Chinese know very well how basic rights in Germany are: not much better than in China.

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4 thoughts on “Justice for the Chinese, But Not for the Germans

  1. It’s a sad day when pressure from Chinese Communists leads to the CORRECT thing being done.

    Conclusion: it’s safer to be Chinese in Germany than to be German.

    I’ll bet that rape doesn’t go over too well in China, presumably unless the rapist is connected with the Communist Party.

    This is sick. It’s beyond the pale.

  2. Says it all, really. I’ve beeen saying this to my German friends for a long time but they never answer.

    I’d like to know what happened to the pretend-Syrian who burned down a refugee home in Berlin (too much or too little potato on his plate, or something similar). “Don’t do it again. Please think more carefully next time”?? Released with a warning, no doubt. And what about the loathsome specimens who tried to set on fire to that man in the Berlin U-Bahn. All quiet on that front, too.

    Talk about marching through the institutions.

    • the u bahn guys got sentenced to jail, but not long enough to make them rot. As they are young persons, they will certainly find loving care among the other inmates.

  3. So if you’re a ‘refugee’ rapist looking for some routine weekend action be sure to rape an ethnic German woman and not an Asian visitor. Germany apparently has multiple parallel legal systems in place, treating people differently: Germans, Muslims, non-Muslim foreigners. And with sharia coming in the move to full-on submission to Islam will make the biggest change of all.

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