Geert Wilders: “I’m talking about Islam, not about ‘radical Islam’, not about ‘Islamism’”

Last Sunday Geert Wilders gave the keynote speech at the American Freedom Alliance event in Los Angeles in honor of David Horowitz:

Also: see the WND interview with Geert Wilders.

9 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “I’m talking about Islam, not about ‘radical Islam’, not about ‘Islamism’”

  1. Great speech by a great Dutch patriot.

    Compare him to the mealy mouthed, hollow, hackneyed, rhetoric spewed by
    Our British Parliamentarians ( with the honourable exception of Nigel
    Farage), the BBC and the usual left wing, self loathing, ethnomasachistic
    “Luvvies” in the wake of the dreadful Manchester Concert attack.

    The problem is political Islam, there is no appeasing them, no negotiation
    Will ever be possible-how can a 21st century society ever reconcile it’s
    Hard won freedoms with a 7th century society without destroying itself
    In the process?

    Merkel, Juncker, Timmerson, Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Cameron, May
    And all the other self appointed apologists for decades of Muslim
    Attrocities, should be put in indefinite detention for their crimes
    Against the European peoples. They negated their primary function,
    Protect the welfare of your OWN country and people FIRST, the main
    Requirement of any ruling party in any western government.

    • Not ‘political’ islam, just and only—islam.

      Wilders gets it right. Few do, but until they do, things will continue to deteriorate, for using any word other than ‘islam’ is appeasement.
      Think about it.

    • So well said. I am still it complete shock that Tony Blair has the audacity to still continue to make speeches about Britain’s future, especially as he and Bush/Clinton were the main reasons we are dealing with these atrocities

      Common sense was trumped by their sheer greed, vanity and ego into thinking they could deal with cultures and ethnicities they knew nothing about. Maybe there was a good reason that the likes of Iraq and Libya were run by tyrants.

      And like we thought it just could not get any worse, you have Frau Merkel opening up the flood gates to one and all, which is going on unabated even though she has seen the savagery of the people she is welcoming. Hopefully, history books will not be kind to these people as they deserve nothing more than the label of traitors.

  2. How does a west that is supposedly so clever and educated sell itself a bill of no goods as poisonous as Islam? This has to be one of the ultimate mind-quacks.

    • So right! Every day for the last 40 or so years, I wonder anew at a world gone irretrievably mad–no need for a Trojan horse; the traitorous governments of most western countries actually welcome the enemy into our countries, our cities, our towns.

      Utter masochistic insanity!

  3. ………if the bloody minded Muslims are brainwashed – what is the West?

  4. If I were a Muslim in the west I might easily look around and see kufar dhimmis and female slaves as far as the eye can see in any direction. These Richards will even pay you to stick around and rape to your heart’s content while the numbers of bros from around the world catch up.

    The less educated are just getting on with it.

  5. A real pleasure to listen to! I think he is being heard by more people than we are aware of. Thanks for posting it!!

    • “…..being heard by more people than we are aware of.”
      I wish. You saw the result of the dutch election?

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