Flowers and Teddy Bears? Not for Manchester

Don’t you wonder how the Aftermath of Public Massacres will evolve? I mean, there has to be an end to teddy bears and flowers, right? How many candles can you light before the sidewalks are slick with wax?

Well, the mother of one of the dead victims of the Manchester bomb blast is honoring her daughter with a tattoo. Of a bee. Because it’s the old working class Manchester’s symbol. You know, underpaid worker bees. Drones.

Hundreds of Mancunians have been queuing to get their city’s symbolic worker bee tattooed on them in the wake of the terror attack that rocked the city.

Members of the public were filmed outside the city’s Holier Than Thou tattoo centre as they waited in the scorching sun, while other parlours reported large numbers queuing for the design.

Minimum donations of £40 were taken from customers, but many were paying up to £100 for their bee tattoo, with all the money raised being donated to the Manchester Arena Victim’s Fund.

The worker bee was adopted as a motif for Manchester during the Industrial Revolution.

Among those to get one done was Charlotte Campbell — whose daughter Olivia was one of 22 people who died when Salman Abedi detonated an explosive device after an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.

As the mother of a dead daughter, I can sympathize with this mother’s overwhelming need to do something, anything, to make her suddenly and cruelly vanished daughter feel more present to her. But even had I thought of it, I doubt I’d have gotten a tattoo in a desperate attempt to replace my child.

Predictably, the sheep good citizens of Manchester are lining up behind this mum, waiting to get their skins inked, too. Why, that’ll show those terrorists! At forty pounds a pop, and even more from those who can afford it, these monies are going to be donated to “The Manchester Area Victims’ Fund”.

But it gets worse. The Mail reports:

Her distraught mother described the heart-sinking moment a police liaison officer told her Olivia had died.

She said: ‘I got the call, I was outside and I got the horrific news. I looked up to the sky and a shooting star went across.

‘At that time I didn’t think anything but I look back now and it was Oli passing over. It was phenomenal.’

Ms Campbell claims she received 18,000 Facebook messages after the news of her daughter’s death, the sheer volume broke her phone.

She has now revealed how the family want to make Olivia, who was a talented singer, a star.

They plan to rope Simon Cowell into this effort. He is no doubt hiding somewhere, waiting for the whole thing to blow over. And no doubt it will. If Londoners can get over the 7/7 bombings, Manchester can move past a concert. Look at how Paris has coped: y’all can do it just as well when the next slaughter happens, surely? Show those French how to do it.

No one in Manchester appears to be angry (though some appear to be barking mad) about the slaughter. It will make them stronger when they don’t get angry, see? And stronger for what, precisely? I do hope what they mean is they will strongly prohibit their teenage children from attending large concerts without wearing full Kevlar body armor.

Now some are muttering because the Queen went to see the victims (about darn time, your Royal Highness. Why weren’t you at Lee Rigby’s funeral?) but the star of the show hasn’t done the same. I would imagine she is somewhere shaken to her soul, never mind noblesse oblige visits to those who were lucky enough to survive the carnage caused at her venue.

Islamic terror will change how we live. It will damage us economically — want to visit a mall? It will trap us into a spiritual vacuum — i.e., what’s the point of fighting back when you’ll just get charged with hate speech?

For years, Brits have told me, “you just wait. The day will come when we won’t take it anymore. And then you’ll see some bloody changes”. Well, the day has come — it has dawned several times now — and I see no changes. Nothing. Just an ever more repressive government.

Getting your skin inked in a medically questionable procedure isn’t gonna do it, y’all. Not even close.

And you don’t need a Victims’ Fund in Manchester. You need a Fighters’ Fund, for heaven’s sake! Fight back while you can or continue to watch your children die… if enough of you man up, including the mothers, the police can’t put you all in jail. Overwhelm them with your numbers and your rage!

You don’t have full freedom anymore, do you? If you did, there would be gangs of angry dads out in the streets now. But the government was one step ahead: what do you think those protective government troops were designed to do? I believe they were a visual message to the families, as in “watch your step there, mate”.

At this point, Manchester, what do you have left to lose?

61 thoughts on “Flowers and Teddy Bears? Not for Manchester

  1. Unless something occurs to shift Britain away from its suicidal tendencies, then what we may see over the coming years in Britain is a long playing real life version of the movie, Children of Men.

    • What would that shift be, Nemesis? Oz has just set aside land for a Muslim cemetery that will hold more than 40,000 graves. How many of the infidel-killers reside in Oz now??

      • All I can add at this time is to watch what Trump does when he lands back home. If he doesn’t begin what is required of him by cleaning out the White House, then we will all know he has become compromised.

        I don’t mind 40,000 dead Muslims, at least we know they won’t be a problem any longer.

        • Trump has sold out as he always was going to do. I mean he has just been fawning before Saudi royalty, as Obama and Bush Jr. did before him. But hey there is all that money to be made selling weapons to Muslim regimes from Saudi through to Pakistan, and corporate largesse is what America great, right? (even as the USA sells rope to its own hangman and Israel’s coming to think of it). He met up with jihadist terrorist Abbas, whilst calling for a united front – WITH a jihadist terrorist –
          against uh jihadism. How is that wall coming along, what happened re the fight against sanctuary cities? Nothing doing. The courts, the media, the Left still run America, and they are running it into the ground. Trump will be calling Islam the RoP next. His speechifying in Saudi was boiler-plate dhimmitude.

          • It might help if you took the longer view. The objective vs. what strategies are used to achieve that objective.

            Sometimes boiler-plate will do. At the end, he said clearly “God Bless America”. His wife did not wear a bag or a veil. In fact, she wore what Saudi men hate: a bright red dress. He settled with the Saudis to attempt to even out the damage Obama did with Iran. Theirs is a Shi’ite vs Sunni battle and they’ll have it even if the rest of the world were empty. What Trump did was a good strategy for the objective of inducing a better stalemate. You’ll notice the Israelis didn’t complain. They’re already taking a lot of incoming from the Iran-funded Hamas, et al. And Iran has now funded the terrorists in Lebanon, so Israel has another front to cover.

            Please separate strategies and objectives. Look through the fog the media creates to see what is in play.

            The permanent bureaucracy is in full battle mode against Trump’s administration. Look to see Russia jump into the fray to cause more chaos.

            And learn the rules for the long game. Trump hopes to get his 8 years and as his next election moves closer, watch for the wall. If he did it now, Americans would say in three years, “what have you done for me lately?” Meanwhile, the illegals on the border can read the writing on the non-wall. It is written in Spanish and says “Your days are numbered”. So they’re leaving or not coming in…it’s a war of attrition.

            We are letting in primitive, third-world drones to work under slave conditions in small towns where Big Meat and Big Agriculture need them. NO ONE can dismantle those billion dollar arrangements immediately. Especially when they’re under attack.

            You have described a game of checkers, sir. This is three dimensional chess and Trump has been playing that game in other arenas his whole life. Notice the press could never dig up past dirt on him; all the way back to grade school he was a leader.

            He’s also an egoist. Nice change from the faux humble pie of BHO, but the press hates it. Anything the press hates is worth looking at.

          • Least of our worries is Trump, just we be patient, he is way smarter than the whole cabal thinks, he has the common sense to know about jihad, he has Gorka to advise. They have to take it slow at this point. Saudis are “officially” fighting jihad groups. We need all the allies we can get in the middle east, but i understand that much oil money went to promote islam all over. maybe that will end up down the drain.

          • A well armed Saudi Arabia is a very useful foil against the equally insane degenerates in Iraq. The more the Sunni and Shia barbarians have at each other the less time and resources they will have available to have at the rest of us. The money won’t hurt America either.

        • I don’t think one can predict Trump’s behavior on landing home. The Deep State is in full fight mode. One high-up Obama appointee was called to be questioned by the relevant committee in Congress. He resigned his position rather than testify.

          Now they are going after Trump’s son-in-law, the Russians joining in the pile-on because they love the chaos.

          I knew when Trump took office the permanent bureaucracy would be in battle array, but who could conceive this level of treason?

          • One thing about the back line communication:

            OBAMA had several and one was with the Iranian President.

      • Did you know the Brits in several areas near London , are now taking several hundreds of years, old CHRISTIAN cemeteries and dumping all the hundreds of dead in the graves in a common grave and selling the newly empty land to MUSLIMS for their use.

        How modern day whipped are these Brits???

        • Hi Attack Cat. Ignoring the Muslim aspect, this has gone on for many centuries. As a lover of old Christian churches, I suggest you check out St Patrick’s Church, Patrington, East Yorkshire (early English Gothic, just before the Black Death; I was there in March 2000). Find it on Google Earth and go down to street level, and note how the graveyard has risen around the church as successive generations of the deceased have been buried on top of one another.

          Is this any less disrespectful than what you describe?

      • That guy writes [some ideas I disagree with] and then he sends you to buy his book. No thank you.

        Trump was [right] in wan[t]ing to go after terrorist family.

        Of course, they all should be lynched; I have no problem with that.

        The problem is he cannot even block those murderer[ing] Muslims who come into [the] USA …so to go after terrorists that is even harder.

        • Obviously you’re not familiar with Scott Adams’ work. That tag suggesting that the reader buy his book is a long-standing joke that his regular readers understand.

          I agree with you re Trump’s (so far) failure to block Muslim immigration. Like many, I am impatient for that to begin. Some of his strongest supporters are losing heart about the situation.

          Those issues aside, Scott Adams remains one of the best meta-analysts we have. It’s a shame you fail to understand that.

          BTW, “MyFreeeurope” – why the sardonic nic? There are some free spots in Europe, but we can name them on a few fingers.

          • Respect for you Dymphna,
            No, I do not take the time to understand Mr Adams.There is no time for complex analyses and twisted thoughts.Simple, direct that will do.
            I know he got a lot of heat for supporting Trump last year.I got that too and with all that I converted and open the minds of many at my work.
            It is so scary how many Americans do not know anything about anything.I see that every day .Makes me mad and I continue my battle of the truth.It is not much but I do my bit.
            I happen to love this country, that is my last country. I hate the lefties and I have muslims with deep hate.
            MyFreeeurope comes from sadness and desperation.The west is not free, the east was destroyed and now it is battling an uphill battle which I think they will loose.
            I think Poland and Hungary will loose just because they stand alone.
            Romania ? Well, the biggest mosque in Europe will be built in Bucharest this summer.People fought it unsuccessfully… they already accept refugees.As a matter of fact EU wants to rush the Shengen entrance of Romania just to make the refugees path open through the eastern path.So, because of the traitor government. Romania is lost as well.
            In US the words are king and the words and useless.there , in Europe the battle is raging on and it is bloody as hell.
            There is no real free Europe.

          • Thank you for your heartfelt reply. Your cri de coeur. It is sad and moving, MyFreeE.

            When you say,

            No, I do not take the time to understand Mr Adams.
            There is no time for complex analyses and twisted thoughts. Simple, direct that will do.

            Mr Adams is not complex. He breaks things down to show you what is underneath the lies and deceit. He shows you how politicians use persuasion. He teaches you to use your best mind to persuade others.

            Our intellect and our hearts (our gut instincts) are what make us human. To NOT take the time to understand is to live a half-life with the only life you will be given.

            Make it more than that. As one of my favorite song-writers once put it: “I may not beat the devil, but sometimes I drink his beer for nothing”…and Adams would agree: it’s persuasive.

            Become a skilled persuader. Use your mind to back up what your heart knows.

  2. Britain should be seething with righteous anger at this slaughter of its children—instead what we see is passivity and complacency, despite all the claims of staying strong and “not changing who we are.” This will have zero effect on any future Muslim plotters of death.

    Public anger, loudly and passionately expressed, would force the government to act. Candles and teddy bears might be momentarily soothing but they will not prevent the next atrocity. Nor will bee tattoos.

    • The anger is real, what is not happening is that it is not being broadcast in the media, only the hand wringers and the cowardly are getting the attention which is how things are now set in place.

      • I agree. What is being said, mooted decided in private and in pubs where people know each would shrivel the skin of the traitor classes. It is coming.

    • Loud public anger would get people arrested and they know it. I have no idea how tipping points are reached, but so far I’ve not seen any in Europe. Again, I blame it on continent-wide socialism (including the UK, even though it’s not really part of the geography).

      In a paraphrase of the mid 19th century French economic philosopher, Frederic Bastiat, there is this: “government is merely the vehicle by which we all try to live at the expense of one another”.

      Simplistic, but he was making a larger point that there is an inverse proportion between individual initiative and government regulation. This was further developed in the last quarter of the 20th century by Nobel Prize winner (Canadian) Mundell’s “supply side economics” – meant to show that if individuals were freed from the harsh government regulations then ultimately, there would again be a flowering of human initiative.

      Magaret Thatcher was even more blunt: “To cure the British disease with socialism was like trying to cure leukemia with leeches”. It is so sad that she proved to be right. The Brits step over atrocity after atrocity, just as Obama did.

      Socialism started with Bismarck in Germany and gradually spread until the whole continent was diseased. He saw it as a way to keep the public quiescent and obedient. He was right. Marx, Engels, et al, thought it would spell the end of class warfare. What a joke. Read Marx, every single idea has been proven wrong.

      If I talk on and on about Homo Economicus, it’s because he is us in all our manifestations, from the homeless beggar to the grasping George Soros whose money has left him longing to be immortal.

      In America, in 2009, due to just one five-minute spontaneous on-air rant by a journalist on the floor of the stock market (in Chicago, iirc), there was a sudden eruption of the TEA Party (T(axed) E(nough) A(lready) movement. The many and varied groups who banded together to confront their govt representatives scared Obama and his ilk. Orders came to persecute the Tea Parties by having them investigated by the IRS. Shortly after that the IRS was weaponized, believe it or not.

      At first there was a lot of in-fighting/turf wars among the various Tea Parties but eventually it got ironed out and many, if not all, of them have renounced all attempts at being non-profit. They have performed well: got many of the corrupt Dems out of office in WIsconsin, and saved the GOP governor from an electoral slaughter. As a result, Wisconsin went from having a deficit to having a surplus…and they got the most powerful Republican (here in Virginia) in the House defeated because of his stand on immigration…he is determined on revenge and wants to destroy the GOP in his own state.

      This is long enough to be a post, but my point is: in Europe, including the UK, the govt controls people’s money to a larger extent than they can here. Ask Tommy Robinson: they shut down his business and took over his bank accounts. They couldn’t do that here, or not nearly as easily…though it began drifting that way during Obama’s years – which is why our Deep State wants to destroy Trump.

      What chance is there for a tipping point in Europe that wouldn’t cost people their jobs, their pensions, etc.? They will go quietly, trained by the welfare state not to step out of line.

      A thought experiment: try to conjure up another version of Thatcher rising now, telling people they were going to take government back to the people…I don’t think it’s even imaginable anymore. The press and her opponents made sure of that, just as they are trying here with Trump.

      It took a long, long time to boil the European frog but he is well and truly cooked. And a small number of people enriched themselves at the trough.

      • No it is not over yet. The British will react in their own way. Read Kippling’s poetry when the “(Anglo)-Saxon begins to hate”….

        It was not part of their blood,
        It came to them very late,
        With long arrears to make good,
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        They were not easily moved,
        They were icy — willing to wait
        Till every count should be proved,
        Ere the Saxon began to hate.

        Their voices were even and low.
        Their eyes were level and straight.
        There was neither sign nor show
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        It was not preached to the crowd.
        It was not taught by the state.
        No man spoke it aloud
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        It was not suddently bred.
        It will not swiftly abate.
        Through the chilled years ahead,
        When Time shall count from the date
        That the Saxon began to hate.

        They do hate now.

        • The hatred must begin to coalesce and organize or it’s merely impotent rage.

          I am glad I’m a woman of faith or I would despair because I cannot for the life of me see a wedge The People could use to get a shoehorn into the present very tight shoe that is modern British culture.

          For some reason, I am reminded not of Kipling but of the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. A generation ago – well, two generations, perhaps – most English children knew them by heart. Here are the pertinent ones:

          Blessed are they who mourn,
          for they shall be comforted.

          Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
          for they shall be satisfied.

          Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
          for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

          That last Beatitude is particularly for those who have suffered or died because Islam is regnant in the British kingdom…

          as I said, perhaps, the UK can be partitioned like India. We know how well that worked.

          • Kate Hopkins mourned as did the Mothers of the dead girls. Kate got the sack and the mourners and angry families threatened with arrest. Watch as Corbyn gets in to Number Ten.

        • I love Kipling but I am sick of seeing this poem. Bishop, it isn’t going to happen. There will be no resistance, anywhere in West Europe. We are way beyond that point. Surely you understand that? The British Bulldog, like the French coque, has already shown now time after time what kind of a creature he really is. Give it a rest.

          Kipling was born into a world of men with self-respect, self-confidence and honour. That world is gone. The people who have inherited Europe are not fit to lick the boots of the Europeans of their grandfathers. And they are getting what they overwhelmingly vote for and what they deserve. Remember, it is today’s young who will live to see themselves become a minority in their homelands.

          As for us old fogeys, we still have boltholes–much of Britain is still entirely unenriched, partly because the settlers know they are not welcome outside the cities and the southeast. Keep loudly making trouble, of course. But do not expect results.

          • Let’s say the next Muslim atrocity is a real whopper, 60,000 killed in a sports stadium. And let’s say May or her successor answers with the usual palaver about respecting pluralism. In your considered opinion is there any chance that the army would stage a coup at that point?

          • Try this poem – more generally descriptive of conditions in what the late Larry Auster called the “Dead Isle”. They’re not making Englishmen like Milton anymore.

            Milton! thou shouldst be living at this hour:
            England hath need of thee: she is a fen
            Of stagnant waters: altar, sword, and pen,
            Fireside, the heroic wealth of hall and bower,
            Have forfeited their ancient English dower
            Of inward happiness. We are selfish men;
            Oh! raise us up, return to us again;
            And give us manners, virtue, freedom, power.
            Thy soul was like a Star, and dwelt apart:
            Thou hadst a voice whose sound was like the sea:
            Pure as the naked heavens, majestic, free,
            So didst thou travel on life’s common way,
            In cheerful godliness; and yet thy heart
            The lowliest duties on herself did lay.

          • “It is good to be east of Suez where a man can be a man.” Kipling
            “The voters get what they deserve. And, they deserve to get it good and hard!” Mencken

        • Fine, but London fe. is no longer a “Saxon city”.
          In the last 10 years about 600.000 white British citizens moved out from London.

          What we witness today is the beginning of a Balkanisation or Libanisation all over Western Europe.
          Next step will be civil war, just like in this places.

          In my own city – Vienna, about one third are now migrants, not counted are former migrants who already have citizenship.
          Not all of them are muslims of course but a majority is, and with still growing numbers.
          We get “outbreeded”.

          • Dymphna,

            I had the privilege of knowing Larry Auster during the last six years of his life. He was an amazing writer with the ability to cut right through the murk and get to the heart of the important issues. One can substitute Auster for Milton and America for England in the first three lines of Wordsworth’s poem.

    • If the UK couldn’t get collectively outraged over the tens of thousands of young girls sexually molested by one specific ethnic group then the reaction here should come as no shock.

      You have to have a sense of group identity to express mob anger, something that has been brainwashed out of westerners for the last couple of generations.

      Everywhere people turn to for answers say that this is a criminal act, not part of a wider agenda targeting westerners, this is the time to come together etc. Anyone deviating from this narrative is part of the “alt-right” or a straight up nazi, in other words, someone to ignore because they’re making the situation “worse”, even using tragedy to push their hate.

      Nowhere do we hear anyone with the power to do anything even raise concerns about moslems as a group, it’s all about reducing our freedoms, having more guards everywhere, more detectors, more cameras.

      I can see these same people running a shark-infested pool. Instead of removing the sharks they tell swimmers they’ll have to wear more restrictive clothing and not to mind the sharks, they almost never hurt people…almost.

      What gets me is that a couple of bad instances of brakes failing can be enough for every car of that type to be recalled. Why is the same level of safety not enforced on immigrants – refugees or otherwise?

      There is still an older brother living in the UK, maybe two siblings, the rest of the family should be deported back to Libya – why take the chance?

  3. Yeah, right, bee tattoos are going to solve the problem.

    BTW Dymphna, I was unaware the Queen did not attend Drummer Lee Rigby’s funeral. I just assumed she would have given he was an active serviceman in her armed forces. Shame on her.

    I recommend Stefan Molyneaux’s take on the Manchester atrocity.

    It’s been 12 years since the London tube bombings and absolutely nothing has changed, except that Labour MPs and police chiefs are cuddling up to jihadists more than ever. And the “Conservative” Prime Minister mouths the same platitudes as the 2005 Labour Prime Minister.

    • I believe the tube bombings were 7/7/05, right? Silly, naive me: on the days leading up to 7/7/06 I combed the British online media trying to find a mention of any memorial planned. *crickets*

      That’s how far back my worry began…

      • I remember in 7/7/2010, the posters appeared in the London underground.
        They depicted beautiful, confident, large-faced Muslims; there were some mottos, like “Muhammad stood for social justice”. This action was named “Inspired by Muhammad” and launched exactly at 7/7.

        presently, the london underground staff is wearing orange (Guantanamo-orange) vests with traditional emblem’s (crossed circle, white/red/blue) colours changed to black with white letters “underground” on it.
        what a creative achievement of an unknown graphic designer.
        the staff itself is, as I can see, already about 50% Muslim, many of them tall athletic blacks sporting Islamic beards.
        but even non-Muslims wearing this thing, become walking advertisements of jihad.

        and certainly, Mayor of London’s name coincides with the name of one of the suicide bombers.

    • The Manchester police spokestoad with lots of silver on the bill of his hat warned that diversity is our strength and no one would be able to undermine that, OWTTE. A highly-paid blank kisser.

      It’s one thing to have them sell out their country, but quite another to hear them tell how wonderful that is.

  4. You cannot fight the BBC and its guardianista, they ARE the moral high ground and they are cultural marxist through and through. As the sirens wail because the muslochs have done it again, so the BBC encourages us to live calmly and in temporary tranquility, and that our turn to be fragmented is in the far future. to be angry is to be ‘out of control’.

    After all we are guilty of colonialism and thus we deserve everything our victims do to us, so take your punishment like a (wo)man/trans.

    There are no leaders on the political right, nobody behind whom the country can unite and fight off the enemy, and the powers keep it that way, it was why they knpbbled TR and allow no platform for LibertyGB. They are scated stiff of a Spartacus.

    • Oh there’s a solution to the mouthpieces of the BBC albeit in a terminal sort of ending. Matt Bracken laid it out in his article “What I saw at the coup”

      In fact in a fight with the state and Islam, the people will also need to fight the MSM which has always been a weapon of the establishment and a secular inquisition of sorts used by the elites to enforce values and beliefs on the proles while making sure no populist is allowed to get noticed.

      Pat Caddell’s lecture lays it out.

      • “Oh there’s a solution to the mouthpieces of the BBC…”

        The only real solution is to get the government completely out of the business of news, broadcasting, or regulation of the same.

        In the US, the technical regulation of businesses, particularly enforcement of anti-competition laws and fair use of the airways, is used by large corporations to squeeze out smaller competition. There’s nothing new in this: it was apparent in the first regulatory commission, the ICC. ICC was almost immediately captured by the large railroads and used to restrict local competition.

        Once you have unnatural concentration of the market due to government assistance, the communications conglomerates themselves are very compliant with government wishes. Their stocks can be brought down by a whisper from regulator-in-chief.

  5. Until the average person starts insisting that politicians name islam an intolerant fascist ideology instead of a ‘religion’, there is no hope. There is far too much respect for religions: all, any of them.

  6. We are ignoring why the public are so apathetic, not only in the UK but throughout the West. They have more escapes than ever before. The Internet, mind-numbing social media, Sony Playstation, football, stupid movies and stupid TV shows, binge drinking, drugs. The mindlessness of Western youth is something else, and their desperate sense of vapid escapism is surely unsurpassed in history. Britain becomes a vassal state of Islam, well there is the Champions League final to distract us, etc. Will there eventually be a point where the people say enough is enough? I don’t know. And I don’t know if it will be enough of them. Certainly we are nowhere near a tipping point. Not in the UK and not in the rest of the West. The UK govt and other Western govts will not only continue their repressions and hard sell of Islam, but will intensify their persecution of the anti-dhimmis. For example they may even shut down or force ISPs to shut down Islamorealist websites and blogs. Such as this one, at least block access to it in the UK, Europe. Mass arrests of EDL folk and allies, quashing of anti-dhimmi demonstrations, as the authorities get more desperate. We don’t really know, we will see. I don’t see any happy endings here.

    • In the US there is passionate interest in professional sports. Call-in radio shows last for hours as teams, coaches, and scores are debated in excruciating detail. HMOG. The only thing to equal it is cat videos on YouTube.

      Demonstrations are a waste of time. Surely there are other ways of getting the attention of the powerful. Boycotts usually strike me as a waste but Kelloggs and Target have paid a price for their sycophancy. And Chick-fil-A was benefited by concerted consumer awareness.

      I think people are more sick of it than we realize. Not everyone but more and more. If Trump proves to be a wet squib I think that’s it for faith in elections.

      • I finally realized what a horrific waste of time sports are. One is far better off reading a useful non-fiction text, practicing a hobby, exercising, or playing a sport with a group of good friend.

        Better late than never I guess.

    • You’ve touched upon some important concepts here. Just the other day another Gen Xer and I were commenting on what he called the weapons-grade escapism available to today’s youth.


    • Seems to me there’s a contradiction in your post.

      “public are so apathetic…”

      “The UK govt …will not only continue their repressions and hard sell of Islam, but will intensify their persecution of the anti-dhimmis.”

      If the public is anesthetized and doesn’t care, why is it necessary for the government to intensify its thought repression and jail people who mention Islam unfavorably?

      It is my understanding that during the American Revolution, only about a third of the colonials supported the rebellion.

      Pure democracy, direct decision-making by the voter on issues, is and always was, an abominable idea. It’s the people with strong ideas and abilities who are the movers. You can’t judge a society by its majority.

      The mechanisms of repression in the UK are on full blast to suppress the activist minority. It occurs to me that one very good beginning antidote would be to invest more powers in the House of Lords. And in the monarchy. These institutions have a stake in the preservation of British culture and people.

  7. No will to fight. No will to defend. Maybe not even will to live. There is no right or wrong: everything permitted. Muslims deserves their mosques, it is their right to come and to live as they want. The more loud they are the better chances they get to achieve what they want. It is just open suicide tendency. This culture of impotence is astonighing.
    The establishment wants more petrodollar money and they think: Gold is oir God, if islam wants to buy our souls, we will sell even yours, to make more money.

  8. I find it difficult to believe that our leaders are so blind to fail to see what is obvious to everyone else.Recently a young African man was collecting for the UNHCR at our local shopping centre. He asked me for a donation for refugees which I refused. I asked him if he had been back to his home country since arriving as refugee . “Many times “was his happy reply. I asked him why he did not stay there. He said that Australia was much better country. We are fools.

  9. I was literally slack jawed when one of the first announcements from the Manchester police was that they will not tolerate hate. 22 people slaughtered and scores injured and you will not tolerate hate? It seems like you already have.
    Sure enough, K T Hopkins was hauled in for tweeting her rage.
    TR was told to shut his pie hole or he would be thrown back in the slammer.

    On Thursday in NYC a rally was held to stop Linda Sarsour from giving the keynote graduation speech to a campus that is 25% Jewish. It was pouring rain and still 200+ turned out. Ms Sarsour is the Al Sharpton of feminist Islam. I’d like her to submit to FGM… (of course she won’t, that would be absurd!)

    I have spent a bit of time trying to put myself in the shoes of an average Brit just trying to get along and live a British life. If the thought police can descend on you in an hour’s time of your tweet, what are your prospects of organizing anything to fight back this madness?

    We need some deep pockets to help this. We need someone that has the heft to organize no matter how much the establishment doesn’t want them to. TR was spitting in the wind until recently when Rebel Media picked him up. And BTW, Rebel Media has had an astonishing trajectory. Going from taping in his living room to correspondents in D.C., UK, Australia, etc, Ezra has tapped into a vein that the establishment wished to be shut off.

    My point is that this is now a very steep hill to climb and nothing less than a complete repudiation of the status quo will work.

    • Grass roots Babs, it has to come from the grass roots. A successful counter to what is now occurring against us has to be from local areas where people know each other and can vouch for their patriotism.

      Organizing over electronic means via media only makes targets of those brave enough to tell it as it is – and they will be targeted.

      Anonymity among one’s own kind who can vouch safe for everyone concerned is the only method that the elite fear because there is just no way of interdicting and countering such an uprising unless someone from within betrays them.

    • That phony “ONE WORLD ” propaganda…they ran that stupid picture like 5 times on one article.

      By the way elderly Jewish woman is NON PRACTICING Jew, she is an OLD commie of long standing.

    • Thanks, I saw that photo in The Independent’s nauseating coverage of the Manchester atrocity and thought “That has to be staged propaganda” Is she Jewish? is he an Imam? Most unlikely.

  10. islam is a plague on humanity , it needs to be exterminated . as the book of obadiah so aptly states islam is a stain and it “WILL” be eliminated . “GOD” will do the job that we will not . what a joke humans are to not see ” the forest for the trees ” . it is because of “sin” we do not act and only when we have no choice will we finally act . we have never learned , we are to arrogant and self righteous to see what we have become . please “FATHER” have no mercy because we have earned none .

  11. The family story of the Manchester mass-murderer is predictable and a perfect illustration of the folly of Western immigration policy:

    Mum and Dad leave Libya, claiming persecution, and are granted asylum by the UK. And no doubt leeched off the welfare state for a few years. At least two of their four progeny were subsequently born in the UK and all six (or rather the surviving five) now have British citizenship. Until he returned to Libya late last year with wife and their sole daughter, Dad worked an airport security …surprise, surprise.

    The mass-murderer’s brother has now been arrested. I’m betting the rest of the family will stay in Libya.

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