Do Not Accept Islamic Terrorism and Islamism as the “New Normal”

The following essay was originally published at the Polish website in a slightly different form:

Do Not Accept Islamic Terrorism and Islamism as the “New Normal”

by Jan Wójcik

After the Manchester attack it is clear that yet another act of terror moves us less than previous attacks. We discuss less, we are less outraged, there are fewer expressions of solidarity. We start accepting it as the “new normal”.

Accommodation to an existing situation is a human habit. We could observe it in even such extreme conditions as German Nazi death camps. The same thing also happens in media outlets. After the invasion in Iraq, every suicide bombing was noticed. But as months passed by and there was yet another, and another, the number of casualties got… boring.

On the one hand terrorists want us to be shocked, outraged; they want to provoke conflict. So one might claim that less excitement about another attack will make the achieving of their goals harder. But that can also mean that they will try to find something more attractive for the media, which means more violent.

But there is also another side. Politicians, security officials, and journalists want to convince us that terrorist atrocities are part of the risk connected with life. We hear London’s mayor Sadiq Khan saying it is “a part and parcel of living in a big city” to risk becoming a terrorist’s victim. We hear that those lone wolves are unpredictable and impossible to spot, even though they are on police watch lists. Convincing us to believe it will make politicians’ lives easier. And that is exactly the opposite of what we should do.

In that sense it is worth noticing Maajid Nawaz kicking lazy bottoms which hide their ineffectiveness behind the freshly coined phrase “lone wolf”. Politicians who use it to say that there is no good solution. Security officials who say that they are unable to monitor the whole of society. Finally Muslim communities, who can claim that there is no general problem with radicalization; there are just isolated cases.

However, there is another “new normal” being accepted — Islamism and Salafism. Specialists and security officers are not targeting anti-democratic groups. They claim they are unable de-radicalize them. They are focused on ‘disengagement’, meaning they want to pull radicals away from being violent. Ultimately, they are afraid that targeting those groups will lead to an escalation of violence.

So, as a result, we have various Muslim organizations labeled by security services as fundamentalists, extremists, but they operate without obstacles. For instance IGD (the Islamic Community of Germany), which BfV (the Federal Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution) believes to be a part of the Islamist movement, but at the same time it is one of the major partners in dialogue between the government and Muslim communities.

If we are going to accept that as a new normal presence, we also must accept that kind of future. With the current demographics and immigration patterns it means we must accept the end of democratic states.

Jan Wójcik is the president of the anti-Islamization European Future Association, which runs, and is one of the top experts in his field.

42 thoughts on “Do Not Accept Islamic Terrorism and Islamism as the “New Normal”

  1. Alas, he is true.
    Europe will fall to Islam.
    I no longer see any way around it.
    the basic demographics say this.

    Europe will fall to Islam.
    I wonder where they will hide the paintings and sculptures.

    • You have to do something. They are still in a minority. Do what Geert says. De-Islamise. If the politicians won’t change, change the politicians. Apply Israeli rules to everything. They have had plenty of practice dealing with suicide bombers. Tokyo doesn’t have a problem with Islam. wonder why? That’s right, they don’t let them in. If they are in, get rid of them otherwise your country is lost. Islam is a religion, not a race, the laws that protect it should be abolished and replaced. It is a hostile ideology that needs expulsion. The Saudis, Indonesians and Turks do it to Christians, perhaps you should protect your culture.

      If you do not take action in your own country, look at Lebanon, you know what to expect.

      • The media is a bigger problem than the politicians. They spread disinformation. If the facts were known, the politicians would be replaced overnight.

        • The river of oil money flowing from the Gulf to the pockets of Western politicians is another problem. I don’t know how that can be fixed.

  2. One might also begin to consider that the ‘new normal of terrorism’ has been encouraged by the elite to cower the wider general population into accepting the final outcome in ‘converting’ to Islam as the only known remedy to the terror.

    • This is exactly what I expect to happen. The existence of hell and the fact that everyone goes there who dies a Muslim is completely lost on Europeans.

      Expect mass conversions to Islam in the not too distant future.

      • It’s also what I expect the leaders to advise us all to do–submit and convert.

        It is NOT what any sane person would want.
        Cover your women, get down and grovel to an imaginary moon god five times a day with your backside in the air, be subjected to disgusting islamic yodeling in the early hours of the morning–every morning, no alcohol, no ‘game’, no shows, no arts or music, no–well you get the idea.
        I can not see people willingly converting to this.
        What to do? Cut off all benefits, fight the following war, and
        Get rid of them! It can be done!

  3. Time to study the activities of the Christian nations in past years….signified by the victorious ” battle at the Gates of Vienna “. Wake up ….Islam is NOT a religion ; anymore than Communism and Naziism were. They are gone…..Islam is still gaining ground.

    • The Israelis fight these battles on a daily basis. It is imperative to change the narrative. That can be done by the public challenging of the status quo. Europe is changing, but not yet. The Netherlands, Austria and France have done better than any before politically, and Merkel is beginning to look isolated. Another 5 years the penny will have dropped, hopefully not loo late.

      • Have I missed something here?

        The Netherlands and France have just voted for ‘more of the same’ and Germany will also, while at the G7 Merkel was given huge ovations….
        The only hopeful thing I’ve noticed happen in Europe was the Brit. vote for Brexit. (which started with a bang, but has ground to a whimpering halt)

        • I will believe in Brexit when it actually happens. It was the older generation that voted for it and had the high voter turn out. If the younger generation had actually shown up the vote might have swung the other way and it’s what the future rulers/voters think that matters most in the long run.

          I’ve heard that Generation Z is turning out to be the most conservative generation since WW2 — probably in response to the nonsense they see their parents and older siblings/cousins are touting but by the time they are old enough to vote and hold high positions of power — well, they probably won’t be able to get into those positions. We might not even want them to if the pendulum has swung too far the other way. Totalitarianism of either political persuasion is still totalitarianism.

        • Peter, the PVV , and the Front National both increased their vote from the previous election massively. It is only because they did not win that the increase in vote is disregarded by the MSM. AfD notwithstanding its internal ructions is way infront of where it once was. The establishment parties came close to losing Austria, and now we have Italy. Brexit and Trump both show that the momentum is beginning to turn. One thing certain is that the Ramadan Bombathon will continue and people will tire of living in the next Lebanon and will aspire to living in a city like Tokyo with no Islamic violence. All that is necessary is for a change in the PC narrative, and with that a change in the politicians.

          All we have to do is make sure that it changes whilst we still have the numbers. If not everything is lost.

          • Anon, while I agree with much of what you say, the fact is (as I see it) that PVV and FN both lost, when both were expected (?) to win.
            OK, it was close in Netherlands, but I keep hearing that the Dutch govt. is so corrupt they simply will not let Geert rule even if he wins, while in France, Marine wasn’t even close despite being touted as the future leader of France.

            While this may sound unrelated, I am dismayed at the number of people in U.K. who seemingly accept the ‘new norm’ of living in a country thoroughly infiltrated by the enemy. Could France and Netherlands also be accepting their new ‘countrymen?’ France in particular has had a moslem presence for several decades.

          • Much longer than that, actually. A lot of colonials resided across the Med in France during the heyday of the French presence in Algeria. Van Gogh painted a picture of a Zouave in full regalia ca. 1890.

  4. Deport, deport, deport. This is not 1683 or 1863 (I do get my dates mixed up but I know it’s one or the other).

    Europe is not helpless, they just think they are. People like stupid Merkel don’t help anything, of course. How can Germany bear that stupid ridiculous woman? She has body guards, of course, so no worries about being raped by a rabid arab.

    They (government) can round up all these monsters in a few weeks and deport them as fast as possible. The cost will be more than worth it. And then have enough sense not to let any more in again. They are NOT culture enrichers, they are culture destroyers.

    Jesus Christ (and I say that with all respect) what is wrong with these people? The fact that Europeans are disarmed makes it worse. Here in the US, they know we have guns. It makes quite a difference in their behavior.

    Until Europe acquires the gonads to deport these monsters, the killing and destruction will continue. Who can’t see this? Only the willfully blind I think.

    Hungary and Poland are the only two countries in Europe (that I know of) who are not stupid — evidently they have NOT forgotten their history and are not willing to go through it again. It is the only answer. Don’t let them in and if you have done the stupid act, start deporting them as fast as possible. They belong in their own lovely land in the middle-east, which is one of the hell-holes of the world but it is their home and they deserve it.

    Sorry if this sounds mean, but to me it just seems sensible. Read your history, this has happened before but today Europa is so politically correct they are afraid to call a rat a rat.

    • “Sorry if this sounds mean….”

      It’s not mean! Expelling the Muslims is not mean. Fighting for your life is not mean. Never apologize!

    • It only sounds mean because we’ve come to worship the individual so highly that the health of the community as a whole has become essentially worthless. It is ‘mean’ to force a singular person out of the country when they personally have done nothing wrong but they are part of a community that is the enemy and unless they renounce that community we have no real way of isolating them from the individuals who do mean to do us harm. This hyper focus on the individual leads to our culture’s rot from within.

      Islam seems to be the extreme in the other way. To maintain the community they persecute and oppress the individual. I think this comes from an ideology that is inherently rotten and can not withstand the scrutiny of individual thought or expression.

      Both take something good — ie, individual AND community — and push them farther than they’re meant to be taken.

      Obviously, this is only one aspect of the issue but I do think it’s a factor.

  5. Every day this continues, the more fierce the ultimate war to stop it.

  6. We kind of confound two separate issues: the spread of Islam and the existence of terrorism.

    Islamization of Europe, Canada, and the US was going full blast without terrorism. The base theology of Islam is profoundly anti-democratic, anti western culture. Islam has built-in mechanisms ensuring that the base theology and the interpretations and laws based on them do not change. Any Muslim reformer puts his life at risk, anywhere there are other Muslims around.

    By any rational standards, a country allowing Muslims in on an almost unrestricted basis, and which provides public support for the multiple wives and hoards of children is going to become Islamic. The Muslims may not display Muslim clothes or even have their women wrapped up, but in the voting booth they support Muslims or Muslim-sympathetic politicians. Again, this takes place without any necessity of terror. Eventually, the government and laws of the country come closer to sharia.

    Terror is actually a losing strategy for Islamization, except in the special circumstance that the target society is so demoralized, it has no will to fight back, and thus terror speeds up the final dissolution. Tragically, France, Germany, Sweden and England (this is not an exhaustive list) seem to be at that point. But otherwise, terror serves as a warning and as a rallying point for opposition to Islam.

    However, theoretically, for societies still possessing a sense of identity, terror is a red herring and a focus on terror is a losing strategy. Any solution to Islamic terror other than shrinking the Muslim population and keeping it shrunken, is simply kicking the can down the road and ignoring the real issue, which is having large and coherent groups of people with citizenship rights but no commitment to the existing government and society.

    Mature Muslim communities, I think, have less terror or random violence, and more individual discretion, than one would think. This is because Islam encourages a strong, authoritarian dictatorship or kingship that uses pretty horrific methods to enforce its own rule. Dictators and kings are not fond of jihadists in their own country and often wish to protect non-Muslims because their presence enhances the economy.

    But, that’s not the type of governments we want in the West, so the best solution, terror or no terror, is to keep the Muslim population in our countries very small. Lebanon from the 1950s may serve as a model. Lebanon had a Christian majority in parliament, by their constitution, even if the Muslims had a majority in population. This agreement broke down when the Lebanese Muslims and Christians, especially the Christians, made the fatal mistake of allowing Palestinian refugees to enter the country.

    • “Mature Muslim communities, I think, have less terror or random violence,”
      I think you are correct, though it can go through different periods of going soft and then reforming to “formal islam” in purges.

      Unfortunately this has been distilled into the likes of
      The Brennan Law Center in its 2011 report,

      “The path to terrorism does not have a fixed trajectory with each step of the process having specific and identifiable markers.”………..
      ……………There is no profile of the type of person who becomes a terrorist; indeed, the process by which a person embraces violence is fluid, making it nearly impossible to predict who will move from espousing “radical” views to committing violent acts. …. Islam itself does not drive terrorism. In fact, the most recent research suggests that a well-developed Muslim identity actually counteracts jihadism.

      I think that this is continuation of hiding the effects of islam, and for me the impossible point that more islam is good for you, as there is simply not enough, so that is why we have problems.

      Another way of covering this massive muslim immigration, and of course the ‘terror attacks’.

      One can look at history and see how dhimmis arose, massacres, slavery was endorsed, etc.

    • Chris Patten, a minister in Margaret Thatcher’s government and a former EU commissioner for external affairs, is chancellor of the University of Oxford.
      MAY 26, 2017

      That resolve is one of the strengths of democracy. We will never hand the political agenda over to those who offer only simplistic slogans, crude arguments, and extreme policies. Those who want to pin their problems on “the other” — as defined by race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality — will always be in the minority.
      Their goal is to close hearts and minds. They have no interest in understanding the causes of violence, or in developing effective ways to address them……….

      ………..The people who plan and commit terrorist acts will probably never learn that theirs is a lost cause. Open societies will undoubtedly have to withstand further assaults in the future. But if one thing is clear, it is that terrorists cannot defeat democracy.

      Comments are good too.
      As one of the comments from another paper was just how did the North Vietnamese prevail against the greatest and many of the democratic countries? Some lost cause that won ! ! ?

      I believe this theory is being really pushed now.

    • Australian Security Intelligience Organisation,ASIO boss Duncan Lewis made a startling claim yesterday as he apparently tried to make One Nation leader Pauline Hanson look silly.

      Instead, Lewis has made himself seem dangerously blind with this staggering claim:

      26 MAY 2017
      “I have absolutely no evidence to suggest there is a connection between refugees and terrorism”.

      I would take it that he meant muslim refugees, as that is what people take as the topic when questioning terrorism.

      • I take it that he deliberately meant to NOT say muslim refugees.

        He has to have learned dissimulation and obfuscation rather well to get to his position.

        As a senior government official he has just one client, i.e. The Minister, the politician in charge of his agency and as head of that agency his job is to always make The Minister look good and smell sweet, especially in Senate hearing. So he used the mean Muslims and their supporters use to make Islam look good and smell sweet, i.e. taqiya.

      • No ones voting for the head of ASIO or the Special Broadcasting Service. Pauline Hanson on the other hand has 23% of the voters in Queensland (a very large Australian state) behind her.

    • It has become a way of not naming the problem, that is all there in the ways of Mohammad, the “‘perfect man'” that muslims are expected to emulate.
      It is all written in his sayings, deeds, actions, and advice found in the koran, hadith sunnah and sira.
      All of that must be freely discussed, debated, joked, cartooned, mocked and drawn to have a western reformation.
      29 May 2017

      An Australian doctors lobby group has dismissed the ‘inherent links’ between Islam and terrorism and is urging a powerful committee to follow suit.
      The Public Health Association of Australia has called on the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade to ‘disavow’ the concept.
      Read more:

      The big hidden issue is the that we seem to be closing down our own systems of being open, and free speech.

      Thanks to Baron and Dymphna in the way you inform, balance many issues in life, and inspire other good commentors.

      • “to have a western reformation”. to continue
        to have a western reformation of islam, not that there would be much left.

        Muslims have a choice, to go forward to Ahmadiyya, Bahai faith, or go back to Christianity, or even further back to Judaism.
        Then there is atheism, Buddhism , Hindi, etc..

        The principle is to regain the “golden rule”
        “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”

        • Simpleton1,

          I appreciate your comments and your links.

          I did not mention this in my original post, but my opinion is that there is something going on in addition to Islamization. Western leaders may not be terribly bright, but the nature of the Muslim immigrants is so blatantly apparent, the most uneducated laborer can see it. Physically, it would be easy for the Western European countries to remove the Muslim immigrants. But, the powers of the EU and European nations are being used to import Muslims and jail and fine critics of immigration or Islam.

          The determination of the EU leadership to enforce EU diktats and spread Muslims to Hungary and Poland explains to me the sanctions against Russia, and the aggressive placement of NATO units and rockets on the Russian border. The EU and NATO want to neutralize Russia in the case of an EU attack on Hungary and Poland.

          The deeper question is, what do the EU leaders hope to gain from the flooding of nations with Muslims? My current thinking is that their ultimate objective is power. They want to centralize all government and all power to themselves. The Muslims serve as a dissolving agent to make the traditional national and ethnic consciousness impossible.

          These are basically Stalin in a business suit, willing to undertake any atrocity to make themselves the center of all lines of power and authority. It’s equivalent to Stalin knowingly ordering the Holodomor to annihilate any possible resistance by Ukrainian peasants. The Russian government was perfectly aware of the starvation caused by their policies, and suppressed the news, with the willing compliance of Western journalists.

          The most salient objection to my thinking is that nobody who regularly reads GoV, or JihadWatch for that matter, thinks that Muslims would be satisfied to be governed by non-Muslims if the Muslims held decisive power. But, if EU leaders think they can handle the Muslims, whether they can or can’t isn’t important. The use of Muslims could then be explained by the desire of the EU leaders to centralize power to themselves.

  7. Killing people out of religious reasons may be a commonplace in Islam.

    Just like acts of terror out of religious reasons are only a normalcy in muslim dominated (not necessarily predominantly muslim) families, cities, countries and societies.

  8. When fear and loss of privileges seems imminent, it is astonishing how easily the elite will surrender. Read about what happened on the night of August 4, 1789 in the French National Constituent Assembly.

  9. “mayor Sadiq Khan saying it is “a part and parcel of living in a big city””
    if you append “full of muslims” at the end, it will start to make sense.
    The solution is simple, though.

  10. Why are we so reluctant to even discuss the option of treating the Muslim World the way we did to Germany and Japan? I understand that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Are we going to wait until they Nuke us first? Are we so gutless that we would roll over and die rather than making Tehran glow in the dark?

  11. Guys, as always I see a lot of theories all over, but the only way to do it is to deport all refugees Muslims , the citizens will be adopting western laws, all the mosques will be closed and if they don’t like it there is always Middle East.
    Kill the isis supporters and deport the families even the grade 2 .( fire squadron and donot loose the money for courts and lawyers).
    Force the reproduction of muslims to be 1 child per family. This is what I would do,but for this, we need a dictatorship or a true admited state of war.
    Discussing ad infinitum it’s a waste of time.
    And stop already with excusing yourself , unfortunately you know , blah blah…

  12. We can pour over the many variations of the why’s and wherefores of the Islamic mindset,but enough! Look,the fact is these people who follow such an ideology are a danger to us and the world,where ever they go,death and destruction follow.They must be halted in their tracks,they must stay in Islamic countries,no more pandering to their wishes.Islam is incompatible with any civilised society and any country that takes them in,like the parasite living upon it’s host,will soon find itself at death’s door.

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