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Alexandre Cormier-Denis is running for office in Quebec as a staunch opponent of Multiculturalism and Islamization. When his supporters put up posters like the one shown above (“Choose your Quebec”), they caused outraged among Muslims and their leftist allies. A complaint was made to the police, and the police reaction was to take one of the posters down.

As Mr. Cormier-Denis points out in the video below, the action by the police violated Quebec’s electoral laws. The police chief apologized, and the poster went back up. Yet the fact of the initial response — instantly giving in to complaints by the perpetually offended — gives us an indication of the state of PC degradation into which Quebec has fallen.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:12   Hi, everybody.
00:16   I wanted to make a little video to comment on yesterday’s events.
00:20   The controversy over a poster that was placed next to the metro…
00:24   the poster you can see behind me. In fact, what happened
00:28   is quite incredible, it’s a first in Quebec’s history:
00:32   police officers removed a poster
00:36   legally accredited by an official agent for a candidate
00:40   who himself is accredited by the director general of elections
00:44   of Quebec. Well, what happened on Thursday afternoon —
00:48   I went with a couple of militants to the metro… at the corner
00:52   of Chateaubriand and Rue Bomier, to put up a poster,
00:56   and while we were putting it up, a crowd gathered; people were watching and taking photos,
01:00   and at some point we were insulted in English
01:04   by some sort of an “Angryphone”, out of control,
01:08   started running after us, to insult us at first, and
01:12   then they started to punch our militants. Of course we left;
01:16   we weren’t looking for a fight. We continued to put up our posters,
01:20   and when we went back, we discovered that the poster
01:24   was removed, which was of course an illegal act,
01:28   even a criminal act — of vandalism — to target electoral posters
01:32   that were legally accredited by an official agent.
01:36   When we called 911 we found out
01:40   that it was police officers who on their own
01:44   seized the initiative to remove the poster because of a call
01:48   from our political opponents. Yes, this makes no sense whatsoever.
01:52   So of course I contacted the local police post.
01:56   The commanding officer was very nice. He explained
02:00   that it was his men’s fault, and
02:04   that wouldn’t happen again. Which is in fact very interesting.
02:09   In this event, basically you can see
02:13   the lack of democratic openness in Quebec concerning what is
02:17   basically at stake. So, as soon someone criticizes the Canadian
02:21   multiculturalist model, which is imposed on us
02:25   especially by the Canadian charter of freedoms and liberties, we realize
02:29   that there is a sort of a collective hysteria: police officers go to remove
02:33   posters, people yell, it creates incredible debates!
02:37   Whereas, to be very honest, we know very well that multiculturalism
02:41   has been criticized for several years in Quebec!
02:45   I remind you that people who see in this poster a racist or xenophobic
02:49   poster are completely confused: the proof? It’s the same girl!
02:53   It’s the same girl who is on both sides of the poster, right?
02:57   One is, say, integrated, assimilated, rather,
03:01   a nationalist from Quebec, and on the other side, it’s a woman in a niqab,
03:05   in a full covering who promotes a political [ideology], the most radical Islam.
03:09   Well, the poster is saying: choose your Quebec!
03:13   There are two integration models: an assimilationist model
03:17   for the newcomers, meaning that we ask the immigrants to
03:21   adopt the habits and practices of the people of Quebec
03:25   in order to really become part of the melting pot of the nation,
03:29   and become members of the Quebec people, and on the other hand a multicultural model
03:33   very close to Anglo-Saxon circles, to what is going on in England,
03:37   and also in the English Canada, where immigrants are confined to
03:41   their ethno-cultural community and “ghettoised”
03:45   a little in this identity. Of course I am completely opposed to the
03:50   Anglo-Saxon multicultural model. I extol cultural assimilation
03:54   of the immigrants, which has absolutely nothing to do with racism,
03:58   that would be a discrimination against people
04:02   based on their ethnic origins; all the while it’s the exact opposite:
04:06   what we want is that the immigrants become totally people of Quebec.
04:10   I hope that this video helped clarify my
04:14   political positions. So we can have a democratic debate
04:18   calmly, without hysterics, or calling the police
04:22   to remove the electoral posters of political opponents. Me, for example.
04:26   I am totally opposed to the Liberal Party: that doesn’t mean that I call the police
04:30   to remove the posters of Mr. Morneau. Or of the
04:34   Islamo-compatible left of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.
04:38   So, see you soon and don’t forget May 29th:
04:42   vote for the homeland, vote Cormier-Denis.

8 thoughts on “Choose Your Quebec!

  1. Thank you for the translation Ava.

    The video is actually uplifting. You have a police commander who makes a mistake, but then takes personal responsibility for the mistake. I have to respect him highly.

    The poster itself is not anti-Islamic or hateful. It simply shows the reality of the choices. Even a Muslim who dresses his wife in a niqab would have no reason to be offended: that’s the choice. The only reason to be offended is that when the issues are laid out clearly, the non-assimilation side is more likely to lose. It’s like Hillary transforming her own miserable candidate into a victim of Russian interference.

    • You are welcome: it’s fun most of the time. It always makes me smile how Quebec people manage to complain about Anglo-Saxons, when you wouldn’t think they (the Anglo-Saxons) couldn’t have had anything to do with the problem at hand 🙂 they seem to be compelled to talk about that just like Cato the Elder kept saying : “Carthage must be destroyed”. 🙂

  2. The key point is that it is the SAME woman on both sides of the poster. The speaker makes the point it is about assimilating immigrants into Quebec life. I think, of course, he is a fool for not banning the importation of barbaric people regardless. This just goes to show you, even if you bend over backwards, the pod people will not be satisfied.

  3. It is interesting how, at 3:30 ff, the speaker says that assimilation for immigrants is Quebeckish, while the Anglo-Saxon, English-Canada model is to encourage the separatiste ghettoisation of Islamic and other immigrants in isolation from native Canadians.

    • And that is why integration works better in France also. 😉

      Har, har…

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