Bye-Bye, Miss American Pie

Announcing the end of the party is a bit of a soft-shoe routine on reality. What that title means is The Republic is Dead. It was murdered by ugly reality and now everyone wants to point fingers. It may take a while to bury the corpse, and perhaps it will be propped up here and there, with lots of trick lighting to make it seem as though our “democratic process” is still breathing. Decades from now forensic historians will be guesstimating when the life went out. We’ll all be gone by then.

The Baron and I don’t talk politics anymore; it’s too discouraging to watch the predictably interminable pile-on, much less having to discuss it. When I read the other day that come September Trump’s youngest son will be attending an Episcopal day school in the Washington area my first thought was: when will the antifas show up at the school, making an ugly Fellini circus of the boy’s childhood? It’s not his fault his father is president.

I don’t have much hope for Trump’s presidency anymore. There are too many well-connected, rapacious enemies determined to bring him down. Their pyrrhic victory will bring satisfaction to no one but a few fatuous talking heads.

So why this post? Well, during that odious election just past, I was in the habit of reading Scott Adams’ blog, the one place I could be sure to see some realistic overviews of events. Meta-analyses focus on process rather than content; in any discussion, there is more to be learned from the former than the latter. And Adams’ even, reasonable discussions gave me a modicum of hope. Once Trump was elected, I didn’t need any further explanations so I stopped reading Adams’ website. My bad.

Today, for some reason, I recalled Scott Adams’ way of looking at things. I began to wonder what he’d have to say about these shameful attacks on Trump. Ever since the Donald was elected, one could more accurately term “News About The President” as “Gaseous Green Billows Emanating from the MSM Killing Machine (and its deep state sources). It grows ever more depressingly obvious the cabal is out to get Trump, to replace him with what they perceive to be our more pliable vice president (and a pence for any non- American who knows the vice-president’s name). I can’t bear to read those slanted, small-minded outpourings anymore; there’s not even any pretense now about their intentions.

So that’s why you haven’t seen much about American politics here. Unless it concerns the advance of the Ummah, we skip American journalism. However, today was different. I suddenly recalled my favorite meta-analyst during the 2016 presidential election campaign. I hadn’t read Scott Adams in months, so I turned to him for a change, hoping he’d have some insights into this continual beat-down of Trump, our duly elected president.

He didn’t disappoint. In a post entitled “The Slow Motion Assassination of President Trump”, Scott Dilbert was his cogent, contrarian self. I realized how much I’d missed his point of view when he opened with:

I saw this quote on today: “The episode is the latest woe for Trump, whose administration is engulfed in a series of scandals linked to Russia.”

A “series of scandals linked to Russia”? Would it be equally accurate to characterize it as a series of stories manufactured by the media, none of which have been confirmed to be a big deal?

Do you see what I mean? None of the MSM is saying this, but it’s true — we’ve had dozens of “media-manufactured” stories since Trump took office. They’ve been ceaseless Cassandras.

Adams’ analysis is short. He says:

Today’s headline news is that an alleged Comey memo indicates President Trump tried to obstruct justice in the Flynn investigation by saying to Comey in a private meeting, “I hope you can let this go.”

Key word = hope

How did the New York Times characterize Trump’s expression of hope?

As Adams points out with a screen cap, the old Grey Goose claimed that what he was asking was that Comey shut down his investigation, when all he actually did was express his own best outcome for the situation. No orders to Comey in that at all, but the MSM inferred itself to death.

Adams does not think this will end well. Sadly, I agree, though I think the same fate would have awaited any Republican who beat Hillary in 2016. The Democrats were this close to a complete takeover and Trump beat them. For that he will be harried into a forced fail.

Here is Adams’ take on that eventuality and its aftermath [my emphases are in italics — D]:

Do you see Trump asking Comey to end the Flynn investigation in the quote “I hope you can let this go”?

All I see in that sentence is “duh.” Obviously Trump HOPED his friend and advisor Flynn would be okay. Did it need to be said? Was there some confusion on this point with Comey? Did Comey enter the meeting thinking maybe President Trump wanted to see his friend and advisor Flynn get eaten by the system?

I’m no lawyer, but I can’t see any judge or jury in the United States prosecuting someone for expressing a hope that the future turns out well for his friend.

Watch the headlines and pundits today transmogrify “hope” into “asked to end the Flynn investigation.” [That did happen -D]

That isn’t news.

That is an assassination.

I also think we are seeing with the recent leaks the first phase of Mutually Assured Destruction of our government. The leaks will destroy Trump if they continue. But if that happens, no Democrat and no anti-Trump Republican will ever be able to govern in the future. Payback is guaranteed. The next President to sit in the White House will be leaked to the point of ineffectiveness. And that’s how the Republic dies.

That isn’t necessarily bad news. The Republic form of government doesn’t make sense in the modern world anyway. We already evolved into a form of direct democracy via social media and polling. Our politicians can’t risk going against a big majority – even for noble reasons – because social media will organize to drive that person out of office over the issue. In effect, we are already a direct democracy. The Republic is already history, except in a technical sense.

If you can sit passively while watching the Opposition Media turn “hope” into “asked Comey to end the investigation,” you are part of the slow assassination of President Trump. And you are also part of the slow assassination of the next president, and the next. If Trump goes down from leaks, Mutually Assured Destruction kicks in automatically.

On the plus side, the public has the power and the moral authority to strip the Opposition Media of its power and take control of the government via the weight of public opinion. But that probably won’t happen because of our old friend confirmation bias. Confirmation bias makes the innocent word “hope” look like “Asked him to end the investigation.” Trump’s critics will see it that way. And if they do, your next president might be Elizabeth Warren.

She should last about two years.

For some interesting takes on his point of view, see the comments here. Ignore the Trump-bashers; hung up as they are on content, they’ve nothing to contribute to an understanding of the process.

So many of our institutions, including the basic ones like marriage or gender, have been penetrated and destroyed by the lytic processes created in the gruesome labs of the Frankfort School. “Critical theory” has resulted in a massive dislocation of our most basic cultural ideas. This makes the dissolution of our political processes and even our cultural “glue” more obvious as time goes on.

Donald Trump’s enemies may well rue the day they made him play Samson. The temple they’re so determined to bring down around him is their playground, too. Let us hope — that loaded word again — that these players realize the self-destructive side to their machinations.

122 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, Miss American Pie

  1. Baron, I think that you’re underestimating Trump.

    Americans on here: if you’re in a Republican district especially, NOW Is the time to call your congresscritter and senator and to tell them that if they vote to impeach Trump, that you WILL remember them at the next primaries and NOT in a good way.

    This *IS* the kind of calling that *CAN* make a difference. Please do it!

    • I totally agree. I am reminded of Winston Churchill, after the Axis powers had forced British forces into retreat to the outer edges of the Mediterranean, who remarked that, ah, he had the blighters surrounded by a ring of steel.

      Remember this? “we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

      Trump will never surrender. Neither should we.

        • Perhaps you have not noticed that Trump is an ardent admirer of Churchill?
          I say take it to the mofo’s. They are weak, uninformed and unable to refute fact in any way that does not make them look like fools.

        • I will, nonetheless, ask that you please remind yourself how Trump is not Hillary.

          Small consolation thought it may be, please try and imagine the opposite.

          • The not-Hillary president got millions of votes. That fact drove many #NeverTrumpers to the voting booths. Even people who hadn’t voted in years. Obama and the Dems were big on their Get-Out-The-Vote schemes but it backfired, thanks to their candidate. Just shows how out of touch the Swamp Dwellers are.

      • I agree with you, and we’re not going to lose this fight. Despite the dishonest democrat media’s daily disinformation, Trump is winning.
        He’s going to drain the swamp. Thankfully the rinos are going down the drain along with their bureaucratic partners in crime, the democrat party.

        • I have noticed that it really gores their ox to conclude a fact based excoriation of them with some Trumpian slogan like “So much winning!”

  2. Well, if one takes into consideration that Trump has been literally fighting the Deep State and its proxies ever since he announced his intention to run for office, one must then take into account that so far he is winning, and the cacophony of hysterical fabrications and deceitful propaganda from an out of control MSM is the evidence I would point to in Trump’s domination so far.

    Trump held a luncheon this day for the anchors of the MSM. I have no doubt that the luncheon would have held a few surprises for those anchors and what they will have to consider if they keep adhering to the propaganda and lies that they have been continually spewing out.

    No doubt we will hear about the outcome of that luncheon soon.

  3. Dymphna, I’m more sanguine. I don’t think the folks are believing the content of much of this sniping. Rather, shrugging, the people daily become more disgusted and ever more supportive of a Trump-like person….maybe not solidly behind Trump himself because he is confusing and chaotic (and we do not really know him yet), but ever more supporting of the symbol of Trump and his Alt-Rt intentions of draining the DC swamp. Paradoxically, I think Robert Mueller will immunize Trump for awhile against further attacks and might be a beneficent force. Thus, his latent popularity may actually be increasing.

  4. i think everyone should have definite answers to simple questions:

    if Trump-Russia conspiracy was proven beyond doubt, should it result in – what?
    impeachment? trail for treason? nothing?

    why has Flynn resigned if there was nothing on him?

    why has Trump criticized Obama, Clinton, Merkel, Hollande etc, – but never said a word against Putin and his circle?
    and in the end, – who is bigger enemy of America and the West? Obama or Putin?

    • Obviously Obama. His quiet lethargic campaign of destruction will continue b/c he knows he’s 100% immune from ever being held accountable. I mostly ignore US news now as the endless hysteria feels like deranged Chavismo.

    • Yes, Obama, but as most are now aware-or should be-the first black President will always get a free ride, and never be held accountable for his ‘curious’ association with the MB and islam.

      • Peter35:

        You are correct that the lying, nefarious, agents of usurpation of American Constitutional government will give their current chief operative a free ride.
        But *not* in a vacuum; when the pendulum swings against them, they will be hiding under the rocks, where they belong. And I mean that in a temporal sense, hopefully, and in an eternal sense with utmost confidence.

      • you have no clue on what you’re talking about if you call a nihilist criminal turned Communist nomenclature official – KGB colonel – a “Christian”.

        and in what sense “Christian” BTW? Torquemada, Ivan the Terrible, St. Bartholomew Night butchers, and Cromwell were all “Christians” as well.

        Putin is mafia boss, chief of Gestapo-style “security”, usurper, dictator with imperial obsessions, murderer of political opponents, and war criminal.
        he is also pet jihadi enabler and puppet master of death squads – google “Kadyrov” and “Chechnya”.

        Obama may be a disgusting Gramscian demagogue driven by the whole set of vulgar anti-White, Marxist and Islamic centiments – but what he did in reality?
        he pulled troops out from Iraq and Afghanistan, not sent them in.
        he never annexed other state’s territory.
        he never murdered political opponents.
        he didn’t create well-armed jihadi kingdom within US borders.
        he didn’t start war with Canada on false pretext of “saving Anglophones from French persecution”, killing ten thousand people there.
        and he didn’t usurp power, in the end.

        I understand that you are driven by internal US politics and so on, but you can’t compare monster and a creep, they are two different levels.

        • Well, that’s a little harsh AY, even coming from you.

          Most of those who tagged Obama rather than Putin to your leading comment, and I could see where it was leading to, live in the country that Obama did much damage to – you don’t.

          You need to appreciate that within geopolitics leaders of countries have to deal with other leaders of other countries no matter what their background is – it is called diplomacy – and some say that diplomacy is the peace between wars, but we all share this world and we must at least been seen to be getting on with each other, regardless of what history shows us.

          • diplomacy is useful if you have vision.

            in Trump’s case, it is all-out blur.

            what was he doing on his first state visit – to Saudi Arabia?
            probably not trying to convert all these, robes and towels sporting, devils to Christianity?

          • @AY,
            He was striking a deal worth $350 billion to the United States. That’s a significant amount of money in anyone’s language.

            Btw he didn’t bow to the Saudi king either.

        • ay, obama lied about his birth certificate, faked its construction and posted the lie on government property, determined to empower islam in the US by denying the evil of its name, lit the fuse in Egypt and middle east thus forcing millions to leave their homes, allowing ISIS to brutally kill thousands and thousands of Christians and then the imported destruction of Europe.

          That’s a small amount of what Obama did…he needs to be indicted as a traitor of the US republic.

          • Yes, Obama is a traitor, for all of the damage he has and is still wreaking on the US; and under Sharia Law, he is also a Muslim by birth, as his purported father was Muslim.

            However, I suspect that the publicly released (and Photo-shopped) Hawaiian birth certificate is a red herring intended to draw attention from what I believe is the real source of his disqualification to have ever held the office of President, which was his Indonesian adoption as Barry Sotero.

            His autobiography stated that he had been educated in a Madrassa in Indonesia, and that he had visited Pakistan at a time that a US passport could not be used to enter that country, but an Indonesian one could be.

            The fanaticism with which his college transcripts are protected suggest that there is critically important information being concealed, not just low grades.
            The only thing I think could be so damaging in college records would be the record of a Fulbright Scholarship, which is only available to non-US citizens, and which would have his application as a foreign citizen and his Indonesian passport records.

            As to the reaction of Trump supporters and Progressive opponents (not necessarily the same population) to an impeachment or force-out, or a neutering of Trumps’ agenda by the RINOs and globalists, it could be very bad.

            I suspect that such an event could cause many of those who want no totalitarian and globalist government in their lives, and who were convinced by Trump to give the ballot box another try, to see that there is no further hope of stopping the Progressive / Globalist agenda by peaceful means, and seek other alternatives.

            An examination of the recent elections county by county vote map could suggest how badly such a breakdown in societal trust could damage the nation, as most of the Globalists are concentrated in larger cities, which are heavily dependent on regular and uninterrupted transport systems for food, fuel, water, and other consumables.

            I hope we manage to muddle through peacefully, as I am too old and worn to be a likely survivor of a major social upheaval.

            I try to speak the truth to those I meet and know, at least to offer other opinions and ways of thinking about current events, not so much to change the minds of the fanatics, but to influence their audiences and the undecided. I hope all of the readers and commenters here will do the same.

            GoV – Thanks for being here and keeping up the fight to show the world what is being hidden from us by the MSM.

            John in Indy

          • For John in Indy:

            “The only thing I think could be so damaging in college records would be the record of a Fulbright Scholarship, which is only available to non-US citizens…”


            US citizens are recipients of Fulbright scholarships.

            What are you talking about?

        • What did Obama do on his watch?

          Arranged for the murder of the dictator of Libya, the dissolution of the Libyan state, leading to the importation of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugee invaders into Europe.

          Arranged for the rise of CIA-supported “moderate” rebel groups to begin a needless civil war in Syria, leading to hundreds of thousands of Syrian deaths and providing the rationale for a massive influx of Muslim immigrants into Europe.

          The anarchy in Syria led to the near-destruction of Christian and Yazidi communities in Syria, which had been protected by the Syrian government our government is so anxious to overthrow.

          Pretty much inactivated US border controls, allowing virtually unlimited flows of illegal, low-skill Mexicans eligible for welfare and competing for blue-collar jobs, into the US.

          We don’t know yet if Trump will continue the insane neocon adventures of the Obama administration, but Obama definitely gets the credit for getting them rolling.

        • “he never murdered political opponents.”
          Yeah tell that to Larry Sinclair.

          “he didn’t create well-armed jihadi kingdom within US borders.”
          If not a kingdom he certainly enabled CAIR and Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to the extent of his ability.

          • The Fulbright Program works two ways: U.S. citizens may receive funding to go to a foreign country (U.S. Student Program, U.S. Scholar Program, Teacher Exchange Program, etc.) and non-U.S. citizens may come to the U.S. (Foreign Student Program, Visiting Scholar Program, Teacher Exchange Program, etc.).

            Candidates recommended for Fulbright grants have high academic achievement, a compelling project proposal and/or statement of purpose, demonstrated leadership potential, and flexibility and adaptability to interact successfully with the host community abroad.

    • Gee…All throughout the election cycle, I heard a voice saying “Vott…Tromp…vott…tromp…vott…tromp” coming through my computer. I now realize it was a broadcast saying “Vote Trump” in a thick Slavic accent. If a guy like me, with a Ph.D. in political science and five reading languages could fall for this, how much more susceptible would those poor Rust Belters be! [sarc off]

      The MSM, Democratic Party, and Washington Bureaucracy are in a tizzy because their girl [Hillary] lost according to the Constitutional rules of the game, when all the supposedly “smart” money said her victory was written in the stars by the Great Goddess Historical Necessity. That makes them very, very mad.

      • Too, I think that they (all the Trump haters) have suddenly realized that their selfish ideology and planned for goals have become irrelevant and the conservative side of humanity has begun rejecting them.

  5. Ultimately politics is a false god. And I say that as a not very religious person really.

    The media had it in for Trump from day one, so they would always manufacture lies and feed off and into Trump Derangement Syndrome. As an Israeli Jew, my attitude here is that a pro-Hamas and pro-Iran media cannot be trusted on anything. Nothing at all. Also, it should be obvious that no one man or woman as president can save anything or change anything much. It is a messianic belief system, coming back into the ‘secular’ political sphere.

    The irony is that Trump has sold out his supporters in at least some respects. Mattis and McMasters are disastrous appointments, dhimmis through and through. Trump has failed to stem Muslim immigration into America and how is the wall coming along? The Left has triumphed in America, the Republicans are RINOs and always have been. Eventually there may be a complete disintegration, at every level of American society.

    • Trumps been recently bought and paid for…. Jared Kushner and his cabal of associates comes to mind. My apologies Lawrence,I’m not an anti semite,but what im reading about Trumps possible choice for Comeys successor….I can’t but help point out the elephant in the room. This goes much deeper that a simply hostile media,of which the owners or sponsors are whom?

    • Your words make a lot of sense. While not living in America, I’m a Trump supporter, but am still waiting for him to round up c.a.i.r. and deport them, and also do something about the atrocious islamic proselytizing in American schools.

  6. Thankyou Dymphna! You just gave the answer I needed and the method to defeat the enemy. Thank God for the Internet!

  7. America is a mess but Europe is more so in different ways. Living in Europe has many advantages (for the fragile moment) over the U.S. but nevertheless I envy those who live in Alaska, who have woken up and are armed and aware. More options for strategic relocation. Although a retreat to my poor wooden shack in Chile is still convenient, the situation can turn on a dime. There are no guarantees anywhere. America, because people there can still be armed if they choose, is still the only hope expats may have left, despite the surveillance police state and other unpleasant things. I got off the Trump train the moment I saw he planned to continue to budget the endless wars for the weapons industry and demonize Russia.

      • Certainly looks like that, the leftists/democrats have become completely unhinged, particularly the distaff side!

      • I disagree SC. What the government wants is a return to the status quo: big government, no discussions, endless welfare, increased taxes, etc. They do not want a civil war as that would ruin everything.

  8. “Payback is guaranteed.”

    Payback from whom? Trump’s legions of supporters in the senate and media? I’m sorry, but I don’t see it. When Trump is replaced there will mostly be a huge sigh of relief that the conflict is over.

    • If you think that the Americans that voted for the ideas President Trump represents—traditional families, Christianity, the Constitution, patriotism. self-determination, the rule of law—are going to go quietly, you are sadly mistaken.

      I am as heartbroken as everyone else about the death of the Republic, but I will not submit to slavery. The death of the republic represents the death of existential coherence for millions who were blessed to experience America as a free nation. These Americans will do a lot of unforeseen things when faced with the prospect of living in a totalitarian state, when there is nothing left to lose.

      • Those who think armed citizens have any chance in toppling the government through force of arms are sadly mistaken and on the road to suicide.

        In an open conflict, the US government has almost unlimited military, not to mention police, resources. What chance do you think neighborhood gun clubs, or even survivalist groups, would have against special forces, ranger, SEAL, and delta teams, backed up by helicopters, unlimited logistics, and satellite and drone surveillance?

        The fact is, governments don’t like to use the military against their own populations, because the military themselves become unstable in those circumstances. So, to start assassinating government officials will be playing right into the hands of those who want to create a totalitarian government, since the military would start to see operations against civilians as self-defense.

        Because representative governments don’t like to be seen as aggressing against civilians, they use proxy street gangs, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, to dissolve security. These street gangs can be fought, since the government cannot be too open in supporting them. But it has to be done intelligently so as to not trigger support for confiscation of guns. And ranting about armed citizens overthrowing the state doesn’t help in the least.

        • As usual, your reply is spot on. Not that it would hurt to quietly stock up on ammo and food. And be near a source of water.

          It’s like keeping an eye on the weather – which I do because weather changes affect my health. I even read the scientific discussion about the why of the weather.

          In the winter and during hurricane season, if I see the slightest sign we’re due for something unpleasant, I stock up well ahead of time. Nothing is more of a downer than being in a grocery store full of frantic people or stalled in a gas station line waiting your turn.

          My caution in such matters began when I was left to raise my children on my own. I made mistakes, but I sure learned to watch the horizon carefully and to connect with others. No one can get along all by themselves.

          IOW, we still need to act on the personal level even if there is not much we can do about the larger culture.

    • “When Trump is replaced there will mostly be a huge sigh of relief that the conflict is over.”
      Oh boy are you ever wrong. When Trump leaves the real conflict will rear its ugly head and set the world aflame. You would do well to stock up on ammo and food, in this particular order.
      ‘let the hunger games begin…’

    • I think Ann Coulter observed that Trumpism is alive and well even if the man himself seems in a fog. Not an exact quote.

      His worst failing seems to be that he is indifferent to staffing his administration with loyalists. In fact, he manages the opposite. One is stunned by the inappropriateness of them. Goldman Sach types and Russiaphobes.

      Sean Spicer is an excellent press secretary. But is his position secure? I’m not sure.

      • Colonel, I believe Trump’s original picks were to placate and to stave off what he knew to be arriving at his desk – a concentrated and determined effort to undermine him – while he attempted to get through his first 100 days of election promises.

        His strategy has worked well, in my opinion.

        With all the leaking and other shenanigans that have erupted since his inauguration, especially over the past few months, he is now truly well aware of who needs to be replaced.

        And replace them he will.

  9. I wouldn’t underestimate DJT’s ability to survive this. He has outsmarted adversaries his entire life. Granted, he may currently face the biggest challenge of his life, but this, too, he may see through.

  10. I get my political news from theconservativetreehouse and with occasional visits to legal insurrection.
    It matters little what the cabalists are propagating, in their continuous lie-loop; they make fools of themselves because the American people have figured out their game plan.

    • Ah, the audacity of “hope” …

      “The idiocy of ‘hope’…”

      There, fixed that!

  11. Nice piece D. Melancholy as it is. If Trump gets through these
    present problems, there are years piled up ahead with the same
    treason. It is hard to watch.

    • ahem said – “Dymphna: You give up too easily.”

      I’ll leave it up to others here regarding detailed reports as to how utterly mistaken you are.

      Dymphna and I have experienced severe disagreement (and equally gratifying concord) over the years, but saying to her that, “You give up too easily.” is not something that I would EVER direct towards such a worthy opponent of Islam’s torrential evil.

      Please reconsider your supremely ill-founded accusation.


  12. Who is sitting in the dark cheering and wringing their hands?!
    A special sentence comes to mind…

    “To destroy their miserable house by their own hands and the hands of the believers”
    Now where did I read that…

    Oh yes, in “The Document” by the muslim brotherhood…
    Fight or die is the only option in the end…

  13. I don’t see a Democrat pol being treated this way. Progressives stick together. Besides, they are in favor of non-republican government; they are, after all, totalitarians.

    • True. Trump, on the other hand, has weasels like Ryan, McCain, Graham, and McConnell fighting him every step.

      The Uniparty is the reality. No need for me to get tense dreaming of any take-no-prisoners Republican approach that will never happen. The girls are too busy comparing recipes.

  14. Fact:
    Robert Mueller is the fourth-columnist FBIman; who PURGED essentially ALL reference to ANY connection twixt islam and worldwide TERROISM from the Shrub through the Bambi administrations OVER THE PAST DOZEN YEARS or so.
    As in:
    ALL policy, rules, investigations TRAINING, documentation, investigations–EVERY(damn)THING.
    Think elimination by obfuscation and deletion.
    My point here is that this was the most effective form of LYING–concealing all truth so that reality is irrelevant; danger remains unseen. Am I supposed to think that the forthcoming “investigation” will contain anything TRUTHFUL??
    We got ourselves a war, baybee.
    Anybody out there notice? Surely not the pubbies.

  15. “I don’t have much hope for Trump’s presidency anymore. There are too many well-connected, rapacious enemies determined to bring him down.”

    Can’t say I was ever particularly hopeful- I regarded Trump merely as not as bad as HRC. But Trump seems determined to be his own worst enemy.

    For example, why did he have to stir the pot by saying he had already decided to fire Comey before Rosenstein released his report? Trump seems to have no sense of when it would be wise to put a cork in it (for non-Americans, that means shut up).

    • I see U, but when the going gets tough the tough, i.e POTUS Trump, gets going. Are you in or out that is the big question…

      To all Americans, President Trump is all in for USA and U, make no mistake about it… His time on this earth is, as everyone else’s is limited and he is very aware of this fact. Doo good and die happy!

    • It wouldn’t have mattered what President Trump had said vis a vis the President’s communication with Rosenstein prior to the Comey firing.

      Not in the least.

      Our President has the prerogative of firing the FBI head whenever he deems NECESSARY.

      END OF STORY. It’s his job, don’t ja know. And how the nefarious and malignant MSM negatively spins said firing is yet another nail in the coffin of the MSM whose actions daily properly tempt NORMAL Americans to view said MSM as hostile and belligerent to our Constitutional Republic, which WE ARE NOT ABANDONING!

    • Im starting to think Trump seldom if ever just shoots his mouth off, despite it looking that. The more deranged his critics are the easier it is to step in and let their own words & actions damage themselves. I think Sun Tsu wrote of that. LOL

  16. Follow the money folks. The Dow is about ready to crash through the 20,000 mark and the 10-Year Treasury is on its way to 2% which is nice for residential mortgages but very bad for business. The Dollar is sliding against both the Euro and the Yen. All of this is the result of the politicians fighting in their playpen and not doing the jobs they are supposed to be doing.
    My sense of it calls for the big multinational corporations to say, “ENOUGH!!” The CEOs will then form a new Roman Senate, monetize all of the debt that has been incurred by the governments and then impose their corporate republic upon t he entire world. If you own stock in a company you are a citizen, if you don’t you are a plebian. If you want your stinking religion, whatever it is, you keep it to yourself.
    For the good (god) of the company and of the shareholders and the economy we must have law and order. Seig Heil! Coming soon to a state and country near you, stay tuned.

  17. Trump should have a joint press conference with Putin and explain why two superpowers { one ; the resurgent christian Nation; RUSSIA } and the other ; the United States need to be the best of fiends in a world being sabotaged by Evil Pricipalities who use Islam as their army. Last I knew ; The Evil Soviet Union died about 26 years ago.

    • The very thing the crazy ones don’t want is the very thing he ought to do, by definition.

      Btw I don’t hear all these crazy ones saying anything about their beloved FDR sucking up to Josef Stalin during WW2.

      And I guess they have forgotten how Barry Soetoro, or whatever his name really was, flew across to Great Britain and tried to directly intervene in the Brexit vote.

      I recall Putin standing next to Cameron, explaining to him why the British strategy in the ME was no good. “The people you’re supporting are cannibals.”

      Cameron didn’t know what to say, or do.

      I’d like to see Trump and Putin do a presser with a reel of all the atrocities committed by the ISLAMIC State running behind them.

      Then just say one sentence: “We are fighting against THAT.”

      Press Conference Over.

      The leftists would lose their minds …

      • “I’d like to see Trump and Putin do a presser with a reel of all the atrocities committed by the ISLAMIC State running behind them.”

        There’s wide support, in principle, for destroying ISIS. The support is so widespread, being against ISIS is being used to justify any sort of crazy policy. For instance, concern with “atrocities” in Syria was used to justify US bombing against the Syrian government, which is the most effective enemy, by far, of ISIS. What’s the real objective in Syria?

        ISIS is on the ropes in Syria, or would be if the Syrian government and to a lesser extent, the Kurdish armies were left to their own devices. But, the real targets of the US and Saudi intervention in Syria is the Syrian alliance with Iran and Russia.

  18. From a smearing campaign against Trump an old anecdote came to mind, which I heard from my Dad. One of his colleague had his winter coat stolen in a restaurant, while he was having dinner there. As the official investigation started, he was called by the police in his workplace, then he had to go into the HQ to give his statement, then later he had to go identify possible perps, later another interview in police HQ, then the court proceedings etc. So the poor guy spent a lot of time with “official” business, because of his stolen property, so much so, that people in the company started to gossip. One of his friend at work finally told him: “Dude, just to be aware, that a half a year from now, nobody will know what happened to you, but they will be sure: you got mixed into some nasty “coat stealing” affair…

    Now this is how the innocent turns guilty!

  19. Dymphna, and fellow readers may I offer this excerpt, still even more pertinent, to sum up what I would say less elegantly, and what I think ought to be said, to the world. And another relevant quote or two, following excerpted prose, would then be my comments, well stated, by the more famous, of rich and current value.

    “…I envy you, American citizens. I do not care about your military might, nor for your supreme currency, the US dollar. I envy your chance to deal on 11/8 a decisive blow to the rule of the Masters of Discourse. Though the Masters control the entirety of world media, and they decide what people may think and say from Canada to Hong Kong, only you, American citizens, can defeat them.

    This is a great chance, a unique opportunity not to be missed.The Masters of Discourse can be defeated. They are not stronger than any ruler of past. Trump has a great quality making him fit for the task: he is impervious to labels and libels. He has been called everything in the book: anti-Semite, racist, woman-hater–you name it. Yet he survived the flak. Such people are very rare.

    In the days of the Jewish Temple, there was a Magrepha, a wind instrument able to produce diverse and frightening sounds. There is no agreement among the scholars about what sort of thing it was. Whenever it sounded, people were scared. The media of our days is a new Magrepha. If all of its outputs are united, they produce a terrible roar.

    Yes, the onslaught of the media upon Trump has been exceedingly unfair, but he survived it. What is even more important, you survived it. It does not matter what the polls say: they say what the newspapers tell them to say. Even people answer the polls according to the media prognoses: they are shy of saying they would vote for a man who … But at the moment of actual vote, they do what they know is right for them. Not for transgenders, not for Muslim brokers, not even for single mothers, but for themselves. Go and vote, for yourself and for millions of us who aren’t entitled to. –Israel Shamir, Unz Review 3 Nov 2016 … ”

    “If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.” ~ Ben Franklin

    “Toward no crimes have men shown themselves so cold-bloodedly cruel as in punishing differences of opinion.” — James Russel Lowell (1819-1891) American poet and diplomat

    “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” ~ English Proverb

    These then, are my remarks…..

    • Forgive my ignorance, tjfi, but to what does “11/8” refer? Even assuming it’s American style (eg “9/11” rather than “11/9”) I’m confused.

      • That excerpt was written before the American elections, of November 8, 2016, hence shorthand of 11/8 as referenced to the then upcoming election. For perspective, the “masters of discourse” refers to the entirety of corporate owned media, print and broadcast, even somewhat including the democrat Murdock father and son James, of Fox and their hoped for Sky news fame. Both liberals in the modern progressive sense, not the classical conservative sense. However, they are at least dedicated theoretically to amassing more lucre, albeit less intelligently it is beginning to appear, as time passes and as Ailes is past, than Ailes could as master of the realm for 20 or so years. Past is past, now James boy will have to learn the hard way what Ailes accomplished. And it was nowhere enough for the likes of me, by the way. Thanks for enquiring, and nemesis the comment.

        And by the way, didn’t Trump thread a very fine needle, with his speech. These are very dangerous times, and I suspect he is about the likely most well qualified man for a most unimaginably difficult job, that requires master negotiating and salesmanship experience of the highest form imaginable, plus luck. No one else who ran, has anything such as his experience, which I have a small version of, and do understand what I believe he is doing, overall.

        You just don’t alter the course of a gigantic ship quickly, overall, that has been out of control on a collision course of destruction for so long, with wee willy and crooked hussein, especially with soros and his complicit media, and dems (hrc, and hussein), trying to push it back the wrong way, fighting over the steering wheel!!!

  20. Sorry I forgot Lady D, great article! I hope for your country, despite the rough weather it’s enduring, for America actually is the hope of the western world.

  21. When I saw that Mueller (career political appointee) had been appointed Grand Inquisitor a phrase popped unbidden into my mind. When I heard McCain and Rubio extoll his virtues and expound at length on their abiding trust in his integrity and how imperative it is that he go where the evidence leads the same thought popped up, “What could possibly go wrong?”
    The clock is ticking on Trump Agenda and I think progress will slow to a crawl so as not have to pump too much slime back into the swamp when this silly experiment in Dirt People uppityness is squelched. As this post intimates it’s all in the ‘process’, and nothing says sausage making like a bi-partisan Special Prosecutor.
    Unfortunately, if Trump is driven from office, by whatever means, at least 50 million Americans of various political stripes will permanently dismiss the legitimacy of the U.S. Government. That is also an inevitability of the ‘process’.
    Socialism inexorably leads to Venezuela.

    • Tom
      “Unfortunately, if Trump is driven from office, by whatever means, at least 50 million Americans of various political stripes will permanently dismiss the legitimacy of the U.S. Government.”

      Please elaborate…thx

  22. I don’t understand all this negativity! It’s only been almost 4 months since the swearing in. You don’t turn an ocean liner around in 4 minutes. He’s got 4 years. Give the man some time. Change will come, be patient!!

    • Notice I had no complaint about Trump. Zero. Nada. Rein.

      I may disagree with some of the impulsive things he’s said, but I generally agree with the platform he created. However, for many people, The Wall is paramount. And it’s not happening.

      When Geo H.W. Bush said, in his campaign, “Read my lips; NO MORE NEW TAXES” it assured his victory the first time around. When he reneged on that promise, Clinton won instead…and we had eight years of Team Clinton’s endless fund-raising whilst ignoring the Islamic threat — including the first attack on the Twin Towers. Billy thought so little of the first attack he never even inspected the scene. So they *really* blew up under Bush II. Got our attention, hmm?

      Yeah, that “Islam-is-a-religion-of-peace” Bush. Though that’s not what he said at first before the Deep State got to him.

      What concerns me most, and I said so in the post is the slow assassination of Trump by the MSM and the deep state – the latter being the permanent bureaucracy in D.C. and its many field offices. Just the numbers of the “intelligence” agencies’ personnel have geometrically increased since 9/11 and we’re increasingly less safe; government is increasingly corrupt.

      Trump cannot govern if the permanent employees flout the rules…and they do. Lately, even lower court judges are part of the pile-on, refusing to obey the limits of the Constitution.

      This ship of state may well have been deliberately run aground, and *that* is my concern. The people wanted Trump; the MSM and the permanent bureaucracy wanted Hillary. Because our federal government is so bloated and corrupt, this country may have become ungovernable. As Adams said, if that happens, the mutually assured destruction will carry off the Dems, too.

      The Dems thought they had a lock on things and passed laws for what they thought belonged to them – e.g., when in power in the legislative branch they ordered the IRS to go after Tea Party groups…now they’re in the minority – something they never expected. The whole situation bears close watching.

      Mr. Reinders, *some* of the complaints are of concern to people who voted for Trump. Of particular interest to us is the continuing number of Muslim “refugees” who are coming here. If you’re not already doing so, I suggest you look at Ann Corcoran’s site frequently. Here’s her top post:

      Here’s another one of hers:

      And another:

      That one is particularly interesting, especially for political reasons.

      No one fought harder for Trump than Ann Corcoran- on her own dime, just as she did against Obama’s second term. She and other Tea-Party folks have been turned away by the RNC. They are learning to work on their own. And this remedy is just what Scott Adams recommended if we want to keep any semblance of a republic.

      I suggest you read Scott Adams’ posts. He’s a careful writer who had made himself an expert on communication – all levels of it. In fact, I’ll recommend his book again.

      “How to Fail at Almost Anything”…

      I’ve talked to a number of younger people (younger than Adams – from their 20s to 30s) who find his explanations cogent and helpful. For example, look at his repetitions on the dangers of “confirmation bias”: he gets you past the hidden stumbles. From my own pov, I enjoy the way he handles the theories of NLP.

      Now he has a new book coming out in October:

      Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter

      As the MSM and government hacks have shown us repeatedly, it’s not the facts, it’s the spin.
      If you don’t “understand all this negativity” then I’d suggest you haven’t been paying attention. Read Adams to see what you, personally, can do to stop the momentum of this slow assassination. And if you come up with some creative ideas to turn the ship which is trying to make sure Trump’s presidency runs aground on the shoals of his numerous enemies, please, please share those ideas.

      The days of innocent bystanders are over. Gone.

      Perhaps if George H.W. had defeated Clinton back then, we’d never have to have worried about Hillary. And defeating her was sweet; it remains so, no matter what else happens.

      The wind created by that missed bullet is still blowing. She and Obama had such big plans. Now they have amended new plans and none of their ideas bode well for people like you and me.

      • Just remember, boys and girls……………….
        It’s NOT Trump they hate.
        Not really, I mean he’ll DO…..for now.
        (Remember ‘ol Saul Alinsky? Freeze,Personalize, Polarize…..etc?) Whatcha HEAR, watcha READ, allathat “Media” stuff?

        Well,…………………………………….no. Really,……….. no.

        THEY HATE YOU!! Reading this! Despicable YOU!! Forever YOU!!! Their REAL target!! Hate! HATE!! FOREVER HATE!!!!

        And………………..don’t EVER forget it.

      • Hence the probability of governance by corporations ala the “Hunger Games” I am increasingly convinced that the series was a warning from an insider who wanted the truth to be told. Too bad Hollywood got a hold of it but if you read between the lines the subject matter is rather prescient.

        • It sort of was. The author’s father was an officer in the Air Force who also had a PhD in political science. The whole thing seems like a summary of warnings she got from her father, simplified for teenagers.

      • “The wall is not happening, and that’s paramount…”
        Illegals coming over the border is way down, so I wonder if the Prez. has put that on the back burner while he attends to other problems. He’s only been in power for just over 100 days, and fought every inch of the way by the childish democratic snowflakes and traitors in the GOP. What a mess.

        I too am glad about the Clinton woman, one of three politicians I loathe most, the others being Obama and our own swell-headed clueless boy wonder, Trudeau

  23. I don’t get this blame-the-“Frankfurt School” thing; nobody understands or has ever understood anything that’s ever been written by Adorno, Horkheimer, and Marcuse (and throw Gramsci, Lukacs, whoever you want to into that bag, although this might be stretching the bag too much); therefore they couldn’t have had any influence. Moreover, I’ve read (without understanding) a fair amount of stuff by Adorno and Marcuse and even a book by Lukacs and maybe half a book by Gramsci, and don’t remember a single mention of girl-power, homosexual marriage, black lives mattering, Mexicans, Muslim colorfulness, or anything else that Progressives care about.

    • Sorry but I have to disagree with you. I grew up in (at that time) a communist country. Marxism was all about generating conflict between groups. The classical Marxism was about classes, but it did not pan out in richer countries (like the USA), where the workers were well compensated and had a relatively comfortable life. The followers of Cultural Marxism then decided to try to create conflict between other groups than perceived classes. It did not matter to them it was about race or sexuality or even gender, perhaps city vs countryside they just wanted a conflict. Maybe the lower players did not understood why they suddenly in a middle of such conflicts but the highest level, the academia knew.

      • Creating conflict is certainly what Alinsky advocated and I think Garr is also correct that leftists are unlikely to have even superficial understanding of the precepts of cultural Marxism.

        What is key to the left is the reliable megaphone of the media, which instantly transmits and amplifies the leftist exploitation of resentment, sloth, disdain for meritocracy, and every other unworthy emotion of humans. Same-sex bathrooms is a ridiculous idea but it was instantly “a big deal” because the MSM said it was.

        • They don’t have a formal understanding (I’m constantly trying to explain things to them formally) but they’ve certainly been enculturated with the underlying cultural assumptions of various aspects of neo-Marxism, especially conflict theory, postcolonial theory, and critical race theory.

          This is worse than if they had just been thought these things explicitly because it means they’re usually too unaware of what they believe to be able to question it. Consciousness of beliefs is a prerequisite to questioning them.

          The Frankfort School philosophers may not have caused this directly, but rather influenced other people. Some people like Max Weber seem to have also played a role.

      • The main link that Garr is missing is the influence of

        See here

        “After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin and flirting with a career as a car salesman, Mills went, in 1939, to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin. There he met his mentor and later collaborator, Hans Gerth, who introduced Mills to the work of classic European sociologists, in particular Max Weber. In addition to Weber, Gerth, as a German émigré and former member of the Frankfurt School, exposed Mills to the latest European neo-Marxist sociological thought. After his first teaching job at the University of Maryland, Mills moved to Columbia University in 1946, where he stayed until his death.”

    • The Frankfort School didn’t come up with this stuff themselves, but they did influence others later who did. Max Weber also seems to be involved.

      Look up some stuff like and 2nd wave feminism and later. Also postcolonial theory.

      I think it probably went something like Frankfort school + (post)modernism = critical feminist theory which then spawned this stuff like critical race theory, “queer theory”, etc., which all seem to be knock offs on the same thing with a different theme.

      Also see (may be the main person responsible for the modern critical/conflict theory stuff) and

      • From your links on C. Wright Mills, it seems he may or may not have supported the current crop of Marxist idiocies, such as the Critical Race Theory that you referenced. Mills seems to have been individualist and even scholarly, meaning he could go either way on questions which involve the denial of clearly proven theories.

        To be specific, Critical Race Theory obviously relies completely on the premise that there is no underlying factor (genetic) in individual or racial differences in intelligence and character. If you want a Great Pyrenees, you can buy a chihuahua and simply train him adequately to have a Great Pyrenees personality…oh, excuse me, I forgot I was talking about dogs and not humans.

        Basically, we don’t know how Mills would have reacted to the accelerated Marxist idiocy designed to dissolve the last traces of a European culture and ethos in the US. His emphasis on individuality and rational thought would make a case for his opposing current Marxist trend, but he certainly wouldn’t be the only academic to jettison actual individual thinking in order to advance the narrative.

    • For an excellent exposition of the Frankfort school, see
      Schiller Institute article on the history and philosophy of the Frankfurt School and its acolytes

      The primary goal of the Marxists and the cultural Marxists is to bring about an authoritarian, socialist government. All other objectives are subservient to that goal. The primary road to a socialist government is to dissolve cultural and national identity. Such identity would lead people to resist a global, unaccountable authoritarian government.

      Therefore, all kinds of fronts are created: racial groups, gender groups, feminist groups and interfaith groups. But, the objective is not to protect the interests of any individual, but to dissolve the culture. This is why Marxist gay groups are so indifferent to Islam and feminist groups are so indifferent to female genital mutilation (FGM). Because the particular issue is simply a tactic, but the goal is to dissolve the culture.

      Once you understand this, the individual inanities, such as forcing stable neighborhoods to accept black public housing, requiring states to enforce male access to female restrooms, or banning classic literature from the classroom, become readily understandable.

      It also points out the waste of time in trying to, say, convince feminist groups to take up FGM. They don’t care about women anymore than they care about men. They only care in advancing the narrative of cultural Marxism…that is, global socialism and the dissolution of culture and society.

      • As you say, for the left the issue is never the issue, it is only a tactic on he way to an unstated objective. This does make them impervious to all logic.

        We must amplify this at every opportunity.

  24. Dear Dymphna. Excellent essay. Kudos.

    Trump’s election illustrated just how much we Americans hate both official parties – both of which are actually controlled by the Deep State.

    The Deep State was shocked at the election of Trump for they had never before allowed to stand for election any man who could actually threaten its power.

    So, Trump was a total shock but The Deep State has rallied and is now in control and Trump is on his way out owing to who he is and how he operates. The truth about Trump is that his most intense qualities – he is vain, venal, and vengeful- are also his most vulnerable, and easily exploited, weaknesses.

    Mr. Trump was shockingly elected but not unexpectedly denied the right to rule by the Deep State; the best he could have done was to reign without ruling – doing the Deep State’s bidding – but he is unconstitutionally (intended) incapable of acting that way.

    The Deep State is impossible to defeat ultimately although Trump illustrated an outsider could win an election but the Deep State controls everything in America- both parties, media, academy, hollywood – and the men who created America were foolhardy enough to continue the radical rupture between religion and the State begun in Europe and so the rich and powerful, by design, gained the whip hand here while the various religions have forever fought each other permanently.

    The Never Trumpers never accepted his victory and the Trump loyalists will not admit he has been defeated despite all the objective signs he has been defeated.

    C’est la vie.

    America has ceased to exist owing to the 1965 immigration changes – the govt elected a new people – and the best that can be hoped for is a relatively peaceful break-up into regional confederations of states but it is difficult to see such great changes without first a bloody internecine war conducted along identitarian lines.

    • I think you’re giving up the ship too quickly. Think how many times during the campaign Trump did something outlandish where we thought, well it’s over now. As far as the objective evidence – how much of that is coming from fake news outlets?

  25. Concerning leaks. My wife asked the pertinent question: Do you suppose Obama had the place bugged before he left? That would account for the flood of leaks and the apparent inability to nail down the perps.

  26. What is most unusual and definitely most disconcerting is how the media the military and
    all of the American intelligence apparatus have fell into a stream of consciousness that can only be described as cognitive dissonance in choral concert.

    Cognitive dissonance is typically described as displays of inconsistent thoughts or beliefs, attitudes especially behavioral and attitude change. The media displays this daily and hourly in the drone like speechifying (screeching) that the Russians have stolen the silverware and the elastic from their shorts. The military in the sad unconscionable decision involving Bradley Manning and his transition to Bradley Womanning and how purloining state secrets is now the equivalent to sneaking Grandma’s smores recipe out the garden gate. The two events scream cognitive dissonance into young mens ears who serve, like trombone horn blast into ones sleepy face at 3AM. The intelligence agencies seem as schizoid as Obama shaped them. Simply they seem to serve God and the Devil and do a terrible disservice to both causes. Cognitive D, that’s D for Deluxe.

    One question! Why is this happening? Why?

    • “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

      Satan arrived in Washington, and discovered fast food.

  27. Every day Trump is in office benefits the country, every judicial appointment is a long term benefit. Trump will fight. The war will go on for months. Even if he loses it will be like the battle at the hot springs, the one in the movie about the 300; it will Trump and company against a horde of freaks. And the liberals will always cry after Trump.

  28. The biggest mistake the Left continues to make is to underestimate Trump. He will survive despite a media campaign against him.

    The media meanwhile is treating their readers and viewers as stupid. As if they cannot see through the flimsy accusations they throw at him on a daily basis. There’s a lot of smoke but no one has shown any fire.

    At worst Trump is too talkative, but there is no crime. This talk of “we are now in impeachment territory” nightly served up by the MSM is only convincing the Hillary people. Even Professor Dershowitz said this week he can’t see any crime in the breathless revelations of the WP and NYT’s. In fact, if any Israeli agent was put at risk, it was because of the Washington Post article, no doubt read Online by ISIS deep in Syria. Something the MSM doesn’t bother to mention of course.

  29. If the establishment keep this up then Trump may very well acquire an entirely different set of targets than he had when he got the job. He may very well adopt a Samson strategy, and decide well, if they can’t let me run the country and they obviously don’t give a hoot about the American people, I’m going to go “scorched earth” on them, and spend my time here destroying everything and everyone around me. Leave the job having completely and utterly undermined any public confidence in the state – so that America will really find out what it means to press the “reset” button.

    Time to read “The Iron Web” by Larken Rose, people …

  30. For any of you who feel put out, betrayed, lied to too often, and are just thirsting for some really intelligent anaysis of the America experience concerning the Trump administration, I recommend

    I know, it sounds like something for grade schoolers, but believe me, it’s the best blog about American politics that I have found.

    • I’m glad you mentioned Sundance’s work. He desperately needs a copy editor (someone, pleease!) but his original source work is peerless. He was the best go-to for content analysis during the run-up to the Republican primary. I never found it “something for gradeschoolers” at all. The way he laid out his predictions was spot-on. And he saw trends looong before anyone else did.

      I try to get over there once a week. Wish I could comment but the threads are too long by the time I’m there and there is little genuine interaction. I put him on the same level as Gateway Pundit but he’s laboring in that vineyard by himself, mostly, so that makes his work even more surprising.

      You know, he could rest on his laurels right now, just for the work he did on that attempted lynching several years ago by the press and by President Obama of the fellow in Sanford (I think) who shot the would-be burglar. He also covers the swamp of Florida politics in his spare time.

      I guess because I prefer meta-analyses of the language being used by those in play, I will always prefer Scott Adams’ overview. But both of them are forced to cover a very tiny piece of a complex, corrupt subject.

      For that matter, “The Daily Signal” is mighty fine. Who knew that incoming Congressmen had to pay through the nose to sit on Committees. It’s time for term limits. Here’s one I saw today:

      The Congressman is plugging his book, but still, who knew this??

      Buck said his book addresses corruption present in government today that he was not prepared for after being elected to Congress in 2014.

      “One of the things that I found startling when I got here is that you have to pay dues to be on a committee,” Buck said.

      During the time he served on the House Judiciary Committee, Buck said he had to pay periodic dues of $200,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the campaign committee of the House of Representatives.

      Now, as a member of the House Rules Committee, Buck’s periodic dues are $450,000.

      The obligation to pay dues, Buck said, forces members of Congress to hold fundraising receptions and encourages corrupt influences from special interest organizations who attend the fundraisers.

      I wonder if Sundance has covered this??

      The Daily Signal is the journalism arm of The Heritage Society. The MSM is doing its best to prevent DS from having legitimate press access. The Vandals’ Club is quite picky.

  31. How in the World did I not list Scott Adams in our last exchange? I’ve been pasting his panels as responses to TUS in every media I allow to perch or squat near me. I call it empathizing.

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