An Obstruction on the Streets of Paris

In the following video, an anonymous Parisian voices his reservations about Muslim street prayer to an unsympathetic audience. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:56   This demonstration, it doesn’t shock you?
01:00   This demonstration. It doesn’t shock you? There’s an obstruction
01:04   of the street, right, there are people who are working, voilà, that’s all I wanted to ask.
01:08   Whether you have an answer? —Of course.
01:12   Yes, concerning what we are doing? We allow passage every time. —Yes, but you didn’t help.
01:16   We allow passage every time —You are causing a traffic jam behind.
01:20   Let him finish.
01:24   Monsieur, please, we are conducting an interview,
01:28   [unintelligible] what do you want?
01:32   I’m sorry? —What do you want, that we should leave? —I find it a little…
01:37   an extreme inconvenience, if you allow it
01:41   to block a street… —Do you find it acceptable
01:45   that a mayor is coming?
01:49   Monsieur Mayor, he comes from one day to the next, he gets up and he closes the mosque.
01:57   Do you think that this will change a lot?
02:01   No, I was talking with the other gentleman… —No, no leave
02:05   Leave — please — this won’t fly with him…
02:09   I find this a lack of respect, that’s all. There are people who work,
02:13   perhaps there are ill people, perhaps there are people who need to go to the hospital —ill.
02:17   If they’re ill, they’re in the hospital —and if there’s an emergency, traffic jam, what do you do?
02:21   There are police. —So, what are they going to do?
02:25   No, if there’s an accident… —Monsieur, do you work in the neighborhood? —No, I live there —OK.
02:29   There are police there, you have to ask them —Of course, the police.
02:33   I already talked to them. I’m sorry monsieur, I don’t need to
02:37   talk with the police. I know very well, I talked to them a minute ago.
02:41   I think … —They did nothing? —I’m sorry.
02:45   I’m sorry, can I finish? —No you can’t finish! —Fine, I don’t finish.
02:49   Wow, the tolerance, thank you, monsieur! —Thank you. —I hope you recorded it! —Yes.
02:53   Well what is disturbing you there? —What I find disturbing is that I think
02:57   that if you go there towards the Seine boulevards, it causes huge traffic jams.
03:01   There could be medical emergencies, or other type of emergencies,
03:05   and this type of demonstration is blocking a possible…
03:10   you could go through there…
03:14   I’m sorry, monsieur, I’m not talking to you, I’m sorry.
03:18   Voilà, you have my point of view, I think all was said, and…
03:22   You had too much to drink; you don’t know what you are saying.
03:26   You had alcohol. —It’s somewhat deliberate. —You were drinking.
03:30   It was on purpose, it was a somewhat on purpose. —He was drinking.
03:34   Voilà. —How long have you been living in the neighborhood? —I beg you pardon?
03:38   How long have you lived in the neighborhood? —A dozen years. —OK. And this is the first time?
03:42   It happens this type of… huh… —For the past
03:46   five or six weeks, yes, voilà. —There’s the police. Call the police.
03:50   Call the police. —I’ll have nothing to do with the police.
03:54   I discussed it with them. I already gave them my point of view, so they know it, and voilà.
03:58   I’m open to everything, I have nothing against any religion…

18 thoughts on “An Obstruction on the Streets of Paris

  1. I’m open to everything, I have nothing against any religion…

    Too bad for you, man.

    The Mahometans do have a lot against your religion and they are there to replace you and your religion

  2. The video seems to be three years old, which doesn’t make it less relevant; just wondering why it’s popped up now?

    • It’s also bloody annoying! Keeps restarting while I’m browsing further down.

    • This video was sent by a reader. It’s sometimes hard to tell how old it is, if it’s not coming directly from the news. I often go and check on youtube, but people keep reposting videos -so it’s not that reliable. This one, I admittedly didn’t verify. My apologies.

  3. We already know what’s going on.

    The Muslims are establishing their sovereignty over the streets. They’re pushing to see how far they can go at this time. The objective is to establish de facto Muslim control of an area.

    By gathering regularly and pretty much blocking the streets for mass prayer, they are trying to establish an ipso facto ordinance giving Muslim wishes priority over all over civic functions.

    So, any culture without a strong sense of boundaries, borders and identity falls victim to the Muslim hijra. Muslims have a very Darwinian pressure to establish Islam: any Muslim who does not support the expansionist mandate is killed.

    • Ronald, your analysis is based on facts.

      Darwinian… wolves yes. And the wolves asked us, nay ordered us to turn ourselves into sheep . . . and we obeyed dutifully.

      • Islamists don’t bother even hiding it anymore.
        Guy Millière:
        “In his book Priorities of the Islamic Movement in the Coming Phase, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars and spiritual leader of the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF), the main Islamic movement in France, explained how Muslims living in the West have to proceed: they may use terror, they may use seduction, exploit Westerners’ sense of guilt, grab public spaces, change laws, and create their own society inside Western societies until they become Muslim societies.”

        Meanwhile progressives provide Islamists all the cover they need.
        For example a statement of mind-bending double-think from Hope not Hate, a supposed anti-fascist group (the report appears to have been withdrawn but the Guardian had already quoted from it).
        “Counter-jihadists” believe western civilisation is under attack from Islam, and that secular, liberal society is aiding Islam through mass immigration into Europe and policies of multiculturalism, the report added.”
        Which the very statement itself aids Islamists by implying their supremacist, colonial agenda is in the imagination of the ‘right’.
        It would also make Yusuf al-Qaradawi an Islamophobe but then again such accusations, are only used against Europeans or ex-Muslims.
        It’s a measure of what we’re up against.
        Expansionist and supremacist Islam openly espoused while its progressive enablers, doing their best to pretend it’s really a religion of peace and it’s actually the bigotry of Europeans that’s the ‘real’ problem.

        Meanwhile Islamists like al-Qaradawi and the Muslim Brotherhood plan for the ‘coming phase’.

  4. Is there a human adjective/ attribute lower and crappier than COWARDICE.

    This cowardice comes from so-called democracy. Why? Each Party goes lower ( not higher) grovelling to this jihadi or that to get votes. That is done when the enemy thrives. And the elected winner does not mind if his country is destroyed by his actions. Or if another parallel society is being built that will cause civil war and loss of the country in 10 years.
    The hunger for fame and the consequences of winning and then empowering the jihadis is ignored. And the voters is too stupid to realize that. Fear was there that if Trump and Le pen win civil war would ensue. But Trump was forced to change course and renege his noble promises. ( fake news, immigration control, . . .) They were so noble that 80 % of people are too stupid to imagine what he meant. So peace now.

    Le Pen did not win: How could stupid sheeple understand what her deep ideas were. So peace for now.

    But civil wars in the coward west are only postponed temporarily, because jihadis are being strengthened by the infidels anyway. And it is too early: If jihadis start the flames now they might lose. But one day will come and civil wars will start no matter who is elected or how lower they bend for jihadis. Because jihadis hate partial control, they want nothing but total control to grind the infidels.

    • Heinlein had the right idea all along; that in order to be a citizen and therefore earn the right to vote or hold office, one had to first serve and defend with one’s life the republic before earning one’s citizenship. Most of the problems with government and public officeholders in my opinion come from the lack of a meaningful requirement regulating the fitness of those running for office or of those voting for them.

      • I like Heinlein too (if not all his political views), and I know he served, but he maybe forgot that the military finds volunteers far more useful and effective.

  5. Dogs planting their odor flags, stormtroopers marching through the streets, muslims praying on the pavement, all mean the same: “Mind you, this area is OURS.”
    In short: savage and fascist.

  6. Muhammadans are not prone to uncontrollable compulsions to lapse into simultaneous holy communion. They pray in public for reasons political, not religious, and they are precisely the same reason dogs pee on fire hydrants.

    • “Muslims pray in public for the same reasons a dog pees on the fire hydrants”. Perfect!

    • Sadly, the Ivy League-educated Intelligent Yet Idiot class fails to recognize the Ummah’s behavior for what it is.

      One of the most terrifying things about Islam is how even the believer’s basic daily routine is explicitly designed to chip, chip, chip away at any non-Islamic society they find themselves within.

  7. I was wondering what happened after the video stopped. The Muslim was complaining to police. Did they intervene?

  8. This should be mandatory in Sweden. At a temperature of at least minus 20 degrees and 20 inches snow. 🙂

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