Zana Ramadani: “No Other Religion Brings Forth So Many Murderers as Islam”

Zana Ramadani is a former member of Femen, and one of the activists who founded of Femen in Germany. She was born in Germany of Albanian stock — her parents were from Macedonia, and her mother was a believing Muslim.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this interview with Zana Ramadani published in Tages Anzeiger:

“Muslim mothers raise their sons to be losers”

In her bestseller The Veiled Threat, Zana Ramadani writes about macho men, coddling educators and the West in the clutches of an integration frenzy.

[Photo caption: The former Femen activist Ramadani in Berlin: “Muslim women are the biggest oppressors of their daughters.”]

You tangle with everybody in your book: with politics, especially the Left, with feminists, conservative Islam, Muslim machos and their enabling mothers. Do you need police protection?

That’s a lot more difficult to get than one might imagine. I have filed numerous reports with the police, but because the threats, especially on social media, are almost all anonymous, the police can’t do very much. I therefore applied for a gun license last year.

Who shows the most severe reactions?

The gender-feminists. They ridicule my education, call me a single incident and relativize. The conservative Muslims, on the other hand, don’t criticize; they only threaten me.

What do the threats look like?

Well, you can find pretty much anything there. They call me a whore, they threaten me with rape, murder, and since I am pregnant now, they threaten to kick my child out of my body.

Are you afraid?

It would be absurd to say no, I’m not afraid. It weighs on me, yes, but I try to not let it take over.

Is it especially bad that you as a Muslim woman criticize Islam?

If I were a German woman, they would call me a Nazi-slut and a racist; we know these accusations always come up first. But because I am a Muslim woman, it makes it harder and therefore worse. That I as a woman express myself critically against Islam is the worst of all. And so I am simply called mentally ill and traumatized. But they also fear me more, because I know very well what it is I am speaking of. Whenever possible, my opponents always avoid sitting across from me in talk shows.

What do you have against feminists? You were a member of Femen yourself at one time.

I am only against one very particular brand of feminists. Those who speak of solidarity among women but don’t live it. Those that think the only evil in this world is the white Western male, and he can be criticized without limit, unimpeded, while they automatically call you a racist if you criticize men from foreign cultures that are extremely misogynistic. Feminism is about human rights: one should be able to criticize anything and everything that abuses women’s rights, even Muslims. So when feminists call me a racist when I do that, I have a problem with their understanding of what feminism is.

Is this the reason you left Femen?

That was one of the reasons. Femen always had attracted these gender-feminists. It went so far that they wanted to burn a German flag at the Holocaust memorial to protest Fifa, and one wrote on her breasts “Bomber-Harris, do it again” because of Pegida in Dresden. That is unacceptable to me. [Translator’s note: Here’s a link about Bomber Harris in which he said he’d destroy Dresden again.]

Your family fled from Macedonia to Germany when you were seven years old. While your father was progressive and eager to start a new life, your mother became more traditional. Why?a

I was very lucky that my father was so educated. He came from a liberal family; not one of the women wore a hijab. When we arrived in Germany, he avoided contact with other Albanians, and instead became active in village life. He immediately learned German and told us over and over just how important it is to speak the language and that we have to work hard to speak it.

And your mother?

She couldn’t find connections. She was on the phone every week, for hours and hours, with her family at home and so she remained imprisoned in that world. The values and morals from there, which my father never liked, the narrow=mindedness and the parochialism against which he had always defended himself, became more and more important to her. Because the Germans were seen as the unbelievers, and German women were sluts, she had — the older I got — an ever-increasing need to control me. Because I could defile the family honor and then no Albanian man would want to marry me anymore. And it would be seen as her fault.

The women continue doing that under which you used to suffer as well?

The women are the biggest oppressors of their daughters. That’s why it would be important to concentrate on the women with integration efforts, and to show them the achievements of the Western world, because in the Muslim world women are the ones that are responsible for the preservation of family honor, not the men. The sons can sell drugs, be violent, that’s all no problem for the mothers, because the family honor will not be harmed by that. But the virginity of the daughter has to be protected at any price. And when that’s not the case, then it’s the mother who has failed, and has brought shame over the family. That’s why at some point my mother ordered her brothers to come to Germany. I fled on that very same evening to the women’s shelter, because I was rightfully afraid that I would be taken to Macedonia to be married off.

Muslim mothers in general get a bad rap in your book: You write of a fatal “cub-cult”.

Because the boys are being raised to be princes. They are coddled, spoiled, waited on hand and foot, and last but not least they’re raised to be losers. They fail in life, because the West is a meritocracy. It’s an achievement-oriented society. But in their homes they are being taught something entirely different. They don’t know that there are expectations of them, that they have to work hard, make efforts, and endeavor. And therefore they fail. And of course it’s always someone else’s fault first: The female teacher — that kuffar slut — has no business telling a son what to do. Or just generally all Westerners; they are all racists and don’t give Muslims a chance.

You write that you avoid certain areas in Berlin, for instance Neukölln, that you would be looked at and treated as fair game. Is that not a bit exaggerated?

No. In Neukölln, Wedding and Kreuzberg there are streets where you cannot go as a woman, and especially not during the summer. It’s like you’re running the gauntlet, you get massively harassed. Just recently I parked my car in Neukölln, and a young Muslim man yelled at me: “Hey slut, get lost, I want that parking space.” I only felt safe there once: last year when I wore a hijab for a report — for the first time the men didn’t look at me. It just can’t be that I, as a woman in a German city, only receive respect when I am veiled.

Is this the reason you fight back so vehemently against the hijab?

The hijab stands for gender apartheid. Wherever political Islam marches in, the veiling of the women takes place as well. In the beginning the hijab was merely meant to be able to tell honorable women from slaves that were free to be used. Yes, used, that’s what it says. And this is the thought-basis for the hijab, and it still exists: one differentiates moral women from immoral women. Therefore Western women are sluts and whores who can be touched.

Is that what third generation Muslims think who live in the West?

Wow, you should hear just how many of them speak of Westerners and what they speak about. That’s like Pegida in Turkish. Or Albanian or Arabic.

Still: Religious Muslim women who wear the hijab insist on their right of self-determination.

That self-determination is a joke. Millions of women in Muslim countries do not have a choice whether they want to wear the hijab. In Iran they even shave their heads because of it. And here they speak of freedom? I wish there were a hijab ban, especially in schools; at least there the Muslim girls should be free. For minor girls the hijab should be banned anyway: When you put a hijab on a 12-year-old, it sexualizes her, but they are still children! it really enrages me that from all of that understanding that some profess to have, they can’t comprehensively connect the simplest dots.

You are making exactly this understanding responsible for radical Islam. It’s a bold thesis.

No. Politics has courted conservative Islam for years, with their representatives and proxies being invited to talk show after talk show. All the while it is never about spirituality for them, but only about politics. At the same time nobody hears or listens to progressive Muslims, because they aren’t as loud. And they don’t have as much money either. Therefore even those Muslims who never even visited a mosque pre-millennially — I’m speaking of the majority of them — suddenly they get the impression that being Muslim is like its own identity. And that they are being discriminated against by “the others”, the Germans and the Swiss, and that they have to therefore defend their Muslim identity. And because of sheer Western uber-tolerance, the more tolerant Muslims are thrown to the mercy of the conservative Muslims.

You are going one step further: You are making Islam responsible for Islamism.

No other religion brings forth so many murderers as Islam. With that in mind, one cannot just say then that one has nothing to do with the other. Of course it does. You don’t have to go search for apologies or justifications or find any excuses. Muslims would rather see themselves as victims instead of practicing self criticism. But this is exactly what backward Islam deprives them of, this ability for self-criticism, because it is fixated on the afterlife and not on the present. It is not about progress or about asking questions. For instance this one: Why is hate being preached in a mosque, a holy place, a place of spirituality? The fact that you will never ever get an answer to this question says it all.

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      • I know Zana personally and as far as I know she is not a Muslim. She comes from a Muslim background, but does not self-identify as a Muslim.

        • Why is she so hard on Pegida? They say nothing but the truth when I listen to their speeches.

          • I wondered about that reference. She seems to imply that PEGIDA supporters say in German what Muslims say in Turkish or Arabic. That PEGIDA is an ​example of secret, virulence.

            AntiFa would be the better comparison. AntiFa in Turkish or Arabic. That I can see.

        • I take the view that, contrary to the politically “correct” view that religious matters are in fact to do with “race”, it has to do with one’s beliefs.

          That is to say, it is not a matter of human hardware (bones and blood, etc) at all. It is a matter of software.

          And the difficulty people such as the aforementioned lassie have is that Islamic software has been loaded on to their system by thier parents at a young age, so that it has been embedded within their “operating system”.

          Now, it’s all very well realising that there is a problem with your “software”, that it is buggy, tries to execute commands that are incompatible with other parts of your “software”

          – and after all a 7th Century Islamic operating system is going to be incompatible with 21st Century applications –

          but it is another matter to actually uninstall that Islamic software. That is quite a difficult and complex task.

          So I would suggest that this young lassie has recognised that her Islamic software is incompatible with the rest of her beliefs and principles, and so forth.

          Stage 1.

          But she may have some difficulty actually uninstalling it – completely, so all traces of it are removed from her hard drive finally, and forever.

          If you see what I mean …

          • I agree with your excellent assessment.

            Long before I was able to talk, my own “software” was wound ’round tightly with malware due to abuse and neglect. My mother had to work (as a legal immigrant but not a citizen, she was not entitled to welfare) and worried a lot about our well-being in her enforced absence. It was difficult – and this is still the case for women deserted by their husbands- to find competent care for us. At least our neighbors kept a careful watch and would tell her of anything untoward going on while she was at work. Several of our ‘minders’ were summarily dismissed when she learned of abuse.

            They now call what happened to us “Averse Childhood Event(s)- the acronym being ACEs, so designated by the CDC and Permanente, who have created a massive intervention program, “ACEs Too High”, to help adults and to identify children who are at risk.


            Islam has created an evil structure for raising children. It’s so awful that the Danish psychologist, Nicolai Sennels, who worked in the Danish school system (fired for telling what he saw) said that most of them can’t be reclaimed. I first read of him in The New English Review:


            His work has spread and he has a website – I’ve lost the link, but here is a collection of posts about/by him at Tundra Tabloids:


            What you describe regarding “software” is spot on. Neuropsychiatrists can now do fMRIs (functional MRIs look at the brain in a series of on-going images is what I was told about this procedure) which demonstrate the radically different architecture of the brain of a damaged person. A lot of the explanation is technical, but essentially it boils down to the hippocampus and amygdala being somewhat atrophied. The chronic corrosion from a cascade of neurohormones – the HPA axis (there’s a good wiki on it) is switched to constant “ON” and this has serious effects on the body.

            Due to the currently high level of non-parental “childcare” for very young children and babies, it’s a huge problem here, too, but with different outcomes. We don’t raise killers as Islam does, but we do raise people who find it difficult to make strong attachments with others; they are all too often impulsive and addictive. And in the US and the West, auto-immune diseases in adulthood are creeping up to epidemic levels. But since the causal events for these whole body manifestations of illness are so far in the past, doctors continue to treat symptoms without ever addressing whole life situations.

            In my long journey to understand the patterns, I’ve been fortunate to find researchers who have devoted their professional lives to identifying developmental PTSD. One, Dr. Bessell van der Kolk, began breaking pathways through the underbrush of conventional medical wisdom back in the 70s (though I didn’t find his work until the advent of the internet.


            I don’t always agree with some of his leftist conclusions, but that’s the water he swims in, so I simply “strip” the information from its sometimes politcal context. He’s incredible.

            Another avenue to understanding is via the theories of attachment disorders, and the ways these are manifested in the facial muscles – iow, the hardwiring from brain to face, with the latter displaying (universally) a limited set of emotional responses. One of these facial patterns that reflect inner reality can be seen in the chronic interruption of a baby’s exploring curiosity. That chronic “stoppage” leads to an inert, “frozen” affect in children (and adults). For this work, see Donald Nathanson’s work…

            Shame and Pride: Affect, Sex, and the Birth of the Self


            Strikingly original work, but I think his later efforts on “restorative justice” are too much, too soon. Trying to work on top of a rotted system eventuates in horrific mistakes. However, there is no getting around the fact that in America’s prison system, 99.9% of those inmates were deeply abused, neglected, and left with no strong adult attachments during the crucial years of birth-three. It’s like leaving a baby totally in the dark when its optical nerves are developing cortical connections and then wondering why the child turns out to be blind.

            Thus, you can see why I am in agreement with your proposition about the difficulty of un-installing Islam’s cultural software. Even those deeply desirous of doing so will find the task to be arduous and long. I continue to work on the deep structure of my own impoverishment, but then again I’m extremely fortunate: I married a man from a normal family whose childhood was stable and deeply nourishing. He is truly my companion, in all the senses of that word.

            There are no easy answers to the deep-structure problems of American family life, often so obviously on display physically in middle age. But Islam’s tribal structures are another order of malign magnitude. We can perhaps recover some family cultural ‘habits’ of a former time, but Islam, founded as it was on the mentality of a Bedouin thief (who probably suffered from an occipital lobe lesion leading to auditory hallucinations) has nothing to offer. Sadly, even those who would leave it find they are indeed burdened by the baggage of their earliest years and “belong” nowhere.

        • Even she said her mother was a Muslim. Take note of the past tense “was”. So both of them have quit Islam.

    • Since she’s essentially an actual GERMAN-German (?), I’m afraid she seeks their “Cloud Coo-Coo Land” of the good/normal/westernized Islam that exists nowhere else abut their wishful imagination.

      I suppose that is why she is still a “muslim”.

      In ACTUAL fact–in the words of today’s Caliph Erdogan–there is no moderate islam, ONLY the (“radical”) one–and no other, they simply do not exist.

      In actual REALITY, islam is incompatible with ANY other religion–even the varied ‘sects’ happily murder each other.

      This means: unless stopped, it will devour any other and all of society.
      Our reality, or theirs; we must choose.
      Choose wisely.
      Choose well–AND FAST.
      It may already be too late.

      • No, it’s not too late, at least in the U.S.

        The EU is practicing stealth population replacement: two brutal world wars killed off their desire to reproduce and the exhausted survivors bought the socialist lie that the world is “overpopulated” so that even their abnormal refusal to create and raise families was seen as “virtue”…now their overlords are busy putting into those slots (designed for the children of their own culture they refused to bear) a gaggle of third world primitives who mindlessly hate anyone not in their clan.

        What could possibly go wrong?

        • ‘ socialist lie that the world is “overpopulated” so that even their abnormal refusal to create and raise families was seen as “virtue”’

          Soooo true, Dymphna. That’s exactly how it was in Germany when I was young in the 70s and 80s! A whole generation brainwashed out of having children.

        • I have to disagree. The two world wars didn’t kill off Europeans’ desire to reproduce. My mother was one of seven born not long after WWI and I was part of the post WWII baby boom. I suggest the refusal to procreate was mostly due to the pill in the 60s. Whenever women gain control over their fertility they very sensibly restrict themselves to one or two children…unlike you know who.

      • Islam, like Christianity and Judaism, has its lightweights, moderates, and heavyweights. In other words, radicalism knows no boundaries. For anyone to say that one religion is exclusively “radical” is [lacking in knowledge, in my opinion].

    • Speaking as a white Western man,it is easy to be dismayed by the amount of Kudos people like this woman recieve. After all,the traditional white Western man has maintained these views for decades and in the final analysis,he is the one and only effective defence mechanism there is.

      • Many of us know this and appreciate you, but currently the only chance to be heard on the left and MSM is for ex-muslims who can state they have experienced islam and know it from the inside.

    • It is a new thing. I remember times when an Egyptian was an Egyptian, a Turk a Turk. But these days, people can speak out against Islam as much as they will, they can even write books chastising it, and they will still be called “Muslim”.

  1. It’s very informative to hear from someone like her.

    The problem is a very very serious one. I’d say that Germany has about 5 years to start dealing with it, else they’re done.

  2. This woman is amazing. We need to see perspectives like hers on this site more often. Is the reason we don’t hear from those like her here because they are virtually shut out in Germany, and thus never get translated and onto this site?

  3. Thanks for publishing this interview. So simple, so clear. Why don’t Guardian type feminists get it?

    She refers to herself as a Muslim woman but seems to dismiss most of what we associate with Islam. I would be interested to know which elements of Islam she accepts. If she is against Muslim contempt and hostility towards non-Muslims I don’t understand why she identifies as Muslim since it comes straight from Allah.

    Good luck to her. She needs it.

  4. “The gender-feminists … ridicule my education, call me a single incident and relativize.
    (Die Gender-Feministinnen … sprechen mir meine Bildung ab, nennen mich einen Einzelfall und relativieren.)”

    What does it mean to be a single incident (unique/individual case?)? What are the gender feminists relativizing? How are these criticisms?

  5. “Bomber” Harris was a great wartime leader of the Royal Air Force, Bomber Command. He has fallen out of favour in some circles, in these enlightened times as the politics of bombing of cities has changed. He is one of the few WW2 leaders you won’t find a statue of in a park in Britain. Even the statue memorial to RAF Bomber crews was a long time coming. But in the 1940’s or even the 60’s or 70’s Harris wasn’t a controversial figure at all. But then that generation knew the history.

    • Without having pulverised Dresden, it wouldn’t have ended.

      Just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki needed to go, with the promise of more.

      It’s not like these were desirable conclusions: they were the least-bad conclusions.

      Nazism is no more.
      Militaristic Shintoism is not more.

      These types of ideologies cannot survive TOTAL defeat.
      But it must be TOTAL.

      The same goes for Islamism.

      • I don’t share your view of the necessity for those cities to have been obliterated but I do agree that Islam must be totally defeated. Denaturalization, second-class resident status, zero welfare benefits, repatriation, quarantine, economic isolation, no foreign aid, bounties on imams and university officials who preach Muslim supremacy, death for apostasy, war on infidels, and a koran that can’t be interpreted.

        If that doesn’t work THEN get tough.

  6. Taquiyya,

    This woman was an activist for femen for[heaven’s] sake!!

    So she has only just now woken up?

    Anyone who would support those Ukrainian anti-white racists and defend islam, must be either one shilling short of a ten bob note, or it’s taqiyya!

    Don’t be fooled by this woman, I know berlin, it’s full of muslims and left-wing tosspot-provocateurs.

    Berlin is very very dangerous place, very unsafe, scary.

    • From here, Berlin does indeed look unsafe.

      But it’s a big city, surely there are places which are [relatively] secure? That’s certainly the case in our feral urban areas in the U.S. A megapolis, dependent on tourism money, will no doubt work to keep some sections “safe-for-tourists”?? For instance, Baltimore designed and built the Inner Harbor to attract tourists. The crime rate there is low.

      Even Turkey has its so-called “tourist-safe areas”, heavily frequented by Russians. When Putin suggested he might put those places off-limits, he managed a good swift tug on Erdogan’s leash.

      • I’m told that Berlin has very nice areas.

        The comparison to American cities is probably an apt one.

        American cities are probably worse, though the trend is worse in Europe than in the U.S.

  7. Heres zana ramdani, showing her [attributes], for femen!

    Seems this woman is simply an exhibtionist, out to seek fame and attention,
    This woman is simply not credible, shes still muslim, seeking to break into
    The german politico scene.

    I smell taquiya very strongly here.

  8. Looking at some of these comments, I am truly disappointed. Although an atheist myself, I absolutely understand the human desire to seek some kind of spiritual truth, which is why I identify with this brave woman’s continuing attempts to find this truth in the religion into which she was (unfortunately?) born.

    Older British readers may recall the novels of the Scottish writer, AJ Cronin, about a Scottish country doctor in the inter-war years; they were twice dramatised on British TV as “Doctor Finlay’s Casebook”. Less well known is his story of a Jesuit priest in China, “The Keys of the Kingdom” (filmed with Gregory Peck in the ’40s).When the hero is training in the seminary, the priest says that God loves all Christians, but especially Catholics. Our hero points out that most people’s religion is an accident of birth; the priest says he has all the makings of a heretic.

    So, a little more understanding for this woman please?

  9. About the Police not being able to do anything: there are actual threats on her FB page. These people could be found, charged and tried!

    • I’m sure if the cops there were called out to protect there the cars would first need their regular maintenance, the registration would need to be checked, and officer nourishment consumed.

  10. U.S. = Mother of all evils (MOAE)

    English civilization ( UK US Australia )
    Axis of evils

    English civilization is not peaceful. It want to destroy all other civilizations
    Russian civilization
    Chinese civilization
    Native American civilization
    Islamic civilization
    Indian civilization
    Spanish civilization
    Western-European civilization
    African civilizations

    To destroy middle earth now a days ISIS is a legatimate codename to kill civilians there.

    No one can claim that the evil english civilization has morally evolved from its brutal past , when in the past they killed civilians and destroyed cities to win wars and still doing same presently .

    Evil English civilization recruite atheists from Muslim countries with muslim names for terrorism, presenting them as moderate rebels with mission to kill civilians in the name of Islam and later their atrocities are labeled as ISIS by their barking dogs ( Media )

    Terrorism will always be there till CIA keeps on recruiting its agents from Muslim countries . And CIA is not morally good organization.

    Almost all Muslim countries under muslim rulers are much peaceful then those Muslim countries which are under US occupations.

    Every killing is evil. Killing in the name of religion and not in the name religion is equally evil. Those who kill more are more evil and radical terrorist English civilization is the most evil presently as they are the ones killing more presently.

    Almost all modern English civilizational or American wars they tried to win by emotionally damaging freedom fighters by killing their innocent civilians women’s and children’s of invaded lands.
    Air Force is there to destroy enemy airforce , once the enemy doesn’t have an airforce then there is no use of an airforce in combat, it’s then soliders or Marines job. But if the excuse is that US bombs it’s own US criminals, those who hide in their homes to avoid arrest or in public, then only it might be justifiable to kill criminals of other countries also through aerial bombings.
    English civilization US forces lacks SPIRITUAL MANLINESS as they can’t fight muslims without aerial support.

    • I’m guessing you’re a Muslim from your name, Ali.

      I’m not a Christian, but I’ll quote Jesus: Before you point out the speck in your neighbour’s eye, do something about the plank in your own.

    • Are you a follower of the pedophile Mo Ham Mad whose 22nd wife was a 6 year old girl named Ayaisha?

    • Islamic ideology must be criminalized
      when I read al-quran
      I knew the non-muslims fate according to your faith
      I AM READY.

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