Your Money or Your… Never Mind, We’ll Just Beat You Up

The following article from PolitikStube describes yet another instance of kinetic cultural enrichment in Germany, this one from Hannover. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Hannover: Africans want money from a passer-by, beating him as he gives them nothing

Two strangers attacked a 53-year-old man on Stöckener Strasse near a cemetery on Sunday afternoon, April 2, around 12:40 pm, and escaped without loot.

According to early reports, the 53-year-old had bought food from a restaurant and was walking towards the Freudenthalstraße tram stop. At the stop he was approached by two men with dark complexions. Both demanded money in English. After he refused, the pair struck him. The perpetrators then escaped to the nearby cemetery without any booty. An immediate search was made without success. The victim suffered minor injuries.

One of the perpetrators is about 1.60 meters tall (5 ft. 2 in.), has a normal stature and a Iroquois (?? Mohawk, maybe?) haircut. He was wearing a red leather jacket and carrying a plastic bag with beer bottles. His accomplice of almost equal size had dark short hair. During the attack, he wore black trousers and a yellow jacket. Both have an African appearance.

The police are now looking for witnesses who can provide clues. Please call the west police station at the number 0511 109-3920.

6 thoughts on “Your Money or Your… Never Mind, We’ll Just Beat You Up

  1. I am sure he will be voting to reelect Merkel. Anything to show he is not wayysist, because we all know that not all those with an african appearance are like that…

  2. I like the translation. The U.S. and Canada are going sending over troublesome native Americans now too?

    • Red leather jacket, Mohawk hairstyle, they could have been in a multiracial gang from a Michael Jackson video from the 80s

  3. Baron, you have already revealed your affinity for the Freak Brothers. This story reminds of the time Phineas was held up. The robber tells him, “Give me all your money,” and Phineas spends a lot of time pondering what that would entail. Savings accounts, piggy bank, all pondered in thought bubbles. Finally the robber runs off because he decides Phineas is crazy.

    Flashback to my ill-spent youth.

  4. Hannover ? Oh yeah Hannover. I remember the name.

    The Pied Pipers of Africa and The Land of Jihadism

    RATS !! What: Jihadi RATS!

    Hamelin Town’s in Brunswick,
    By famous Hanover city;
    The river Weser, deep and wide,
    Washes its wall on the southern side;
    A pleasanter spot you never spied;
    But, when begins my ditty,
    Almost five hundred years ago,
    To see the townsfolk suffer so
    From vermin, was a pity.

    . . . ETC.

  5. The report should have read, “both were Africans”. As an Australian I’m sick and tired of reports that weasel out by saying that the criminals “were of African appearance”.

    No, they were Africans! Unassimilable Africans. Unassimilable Africans that the majority of Australian don’t want in our country. Africans belong in Africa.

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