“Why Are You Doing This to Your Own People in Turkey?”

In the following video a young Turkish-German woman has rants against her ethnic compatriots who voted “yes” in last weekend’s referendum that augmented the power of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:10   I’ll try to keep this all a bit short;
0:13   I’ll try to see if I can do this in 3-4 minutes, we’ll see.
0:16   I got out a necklace here that I had put away a long time ago,
0:19   because I started to feel ashamed of my fellow countrymen,
0:22   but I thought
0:25   if not now, when?
0:28   I find it crass that 63% of my fellow countrymen
0:31   who live here voted YES, but at the same time
0:34   enjoy a nice democracy here including freedom of speech.
0:37   A few days ago I was at a bar and there was
0:40   this dude there, and he said to me,
0:43   “Girl be quiet, and stop talking about this,
0:46   and blah blah blah,” …and…
0:49   I said there’s a YES voter among us,
0:52   and I looked at him, and he said, “We have freedom of speech
0:55   and everybody is entitled to his own opinion.”
0:58   and I answered that no, you don’t have your own opinion,
1:01   but he totally ignored me, and kept going back to
1:04   freedom of opinion, freedom of opinion, blah blah blah,
1:07   No, dear YES voters, you do not have your own opinion!
1:10   OK? You were asked one only time, and that was it,
1:13   and I find it super crass that you are here,
1:16   keep on enjoying our democracy, OK,
1:19   where you can still utter your own opinions,
1:22   you can live any way that pleases you according to laws in Germany,
1:25   which is pretty free, I would say OK,
1:28   not like in Turkey, and what our Erdo-Pedo wants
1:31   is women to the left and men to the right,
1:34   Ottoman, Islam, whatever,
1:37   but why, dammit, why are you with your YES vote,
1:40   why are you doing this to your own people in Turkey?
1:43   I just can’t understand that! You guys don’t even live there!
1:46   I mean, in Germany we see what’s happening,
1:49   what is happening right now in Turkey is
1:52   the rise of evil number two, OK?
1:55   Many in my age range
1:58   who voted YES don’t know why,
2:01   But, uh, I mean, you did go to school too, no?
2:04   You went to school here too! And you also have learned
2:07   in history class about WW2, and you have read
2:10   what happened, the consequences, I mean
2:13   you have read about how it all happened, right?
2:16   And so I have to ask myself were you thinking out of your a**
2:19   when you voted YES? You don’t even live there!
2:22   You have not done that to me as a Turkish woman in Germany,
2:25   you didn’t do that to yourself! You haven’t done this to your family
2:28   that lives here, but you have done this to those that live there, OK?
2:31   And I also don’t understand why,
2:34   why are we even allowed to vote here?
2:37   I was, I am happy
2:40   that I had the chance to give my NO vote,
2:43   but if I had the choice between
2:46   whether I am allowed to vote here in Germany or not,
2:49   then I would have loud and clear said NO!
2:52   Because entire, the whole lot of anti-social losers
2:55   from Turkey, came here, they all live here, OK,
2:58   and all the decent people
3:01   who want to work, who want to be successful,
3:04   they live back home and to them, to these people you did that!
3:07   OK? And I don’t understand why, because what will this bring us now?
3:10   One man now reigns, OK,
3:13   and you are those “kanaken” [derogatory word for Turks], who say
3:16   uh… women here, woman there, I can do whatever I want,
3:19   you now can’t do what you want anymore, OK?
3:22   If you plan on going to Turkey now, then you can forget it
3:25   with your own opinions! Then forget it with your freedom!
3:28   Here you can hang around in all the discos, you can
3:31   hit all the booze you want, you can smoke your dope,
3:34   you can chase all the broads you want, whatever,
3:37   but that, all of that, you cannot do there.
3:40   The main reason you can enjoy everything here, right,
3:43   enjoy your freedoms here, do and not do any way you damn well please,
3:46   but to your own countrymen you will not grant anything!
3:49   Why?
3:52   I just do not understand it!
3:55   And I, I have to admit, yesterday my initial reaction was to cry,
3:58   simply because I had to think about if the death penalty now passes,
4:01   how many innocent people will be executed unjustly, OK?
4:04   And who gave you the right to decide
4:07   if someone dies or not? Who?
4:10   Especially, first of all,
4:13   many say, OK with pedophiles it’s one thing,
4:16   with murderers that’s different too, etc,
4:19   but such people I want to see suffer!
4:22   I want to really see them suffer, OK, I don’t want to kill them,
4:25   I don’t have the right either to kill someone,
4:28   I don’t have the right to make a decision about this,
4:31   and with your f***ed up sh***y YES
4:34   that you have voted, OK, it has now come to this that a country
4:37   which had developed itself greatly, a country that people
4:40   liked to visit, has now been set back a 100, 150 years!
4:43   And they scream Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Empire,
4:46   but the Ottomans were not smart. They were not intelligent, OK.
4:49   They were good when it came to whorehouses, they were good
4:52   when it came to oppressing women, they were good at killing and murdering,
4:55   stealing, whatever, but they were dumb people!
4:58   And for that you stand there and you scream
5:01   “Erdo-Pedo Erdo-Pedo is my man”?
5:04   Don’t get it, I just don’t get it.
5:07   If you, if you love him so much that you crawl up his a**,
5:10   well then p*** off and leave Germany and move to Turkey,
5:13   and let the 49% who voted NO,
5:16   my people, OK,
5:19   who stood for what is right, who stood for freedom,
5:22   let them come here, let us make a tradeoff!
5:25   I would find that the best, or just have the b***s,
5:28   which you don’t have because most of the Turkish men don’t have any,
5:31   well then live just like Erdo-Pedo wants it,
5:34   it’s that easy,
5:37   but that is — that which just happened —
5:40   is simply wrong, and
5:43   it doesn’t matter what kind of…
5:46   it does not matter what one’s religion is, OK,
5:49   one still should know what is right and what is wrong.
5:52   no matter what religion, no matter what skin color,
5:55   no matter whether a flat nose or bald, whatever,
5:58   one should be able to distinguish between right and wrong,
6:01   and what happens now there right now,
6:04   and has happened, and will happen in the future,
6:07   it is wrong, it simply is nothing but wrong, and
6:10   for that, the Turks here in Germany, are responsible,
6:13   and while you swing your b***s around here, over there you don’t
6:16   grant those people a damn thing, and that is wrong.
6:19   This was what I had to say, I don’t have any more to say,
6:22   and I will keep on doing everything I can,
6:25   at least from my side,
6:28   I will remain who I am
6:31   and I really don’t give a f*** what other people think,
6:34   I don’t have a problem with haters,
6:37   and each and every insult is an approval to me. Peace.

5 thoughts on ““Why Are You Doing This to Your Own People in Turkey?”

  1. Won’t change a thing. Measure for nothing. I’m sorry, but the odd story of Turks nixing Erdogan’s bid to become a full fledged dictator does not impress me.

    My particular reality is that in my own country, Belgium, a staggering 75 to 80 per cent (!!!) of Turks voted “Yes” to Erdogan.

    These ain’t Belgians. They are a fifth column, and out in the open. And ALL Turkish families have firearms without permit. And ALL know how to use knives to slash open living beings. To wield a knife, stick it into something living and breating requires a tremendous sang froid, do people actually realize that? Our boys are being feminized. Their boys get a knife thrusted in their hands and told to slit a sheep’s throat. And they do it.

    I foresee a horrible future where in one locality or another a policeman confronted with young muslim agressors will fire a shot. At once the muslim community will rise up and there will be mayhem everywhere. I foresee the few whites still living in muslim quarters being dragged through the streets and butchered.

    All of this was written on the wall. But even TODAY, the leftist journaille, the leftist politicians, the ‘cultural’ and educational sector, the bobos…. all still shun the Vlaams Belang proclaiming loudly that they will never work together with them.

    No, they wouldn’t, because the VB is for traditional marriage, respect for our culture, the demand that immigrants integrate and abide our laws (NOT that they are sent back, which is implied by leftist propaganda but which is another lie), for strict border control, for free markets (with social corrections).

    By contrast, almost the entire journaille (editors, journalists) are STILL advocating NOT to stop talks with Erdogan and Turkey over EU accession. While they know damn well he bombs his own people (Kurds), imprisons thousands without trial, and has vowed that no European will be safe on the streets anymore.

    Yes, they are STILL advocating we should talk with Erdogan. But talking with the VB? Never.

    Perhaps nothing illustrates the total and irreversible decline of morality as good as this simple fact. And there is nothing new under the sun. In 2010 Dirk Vandermaelen (prominent Socialist politican) advocated talks with the Taliban. But he would NEVER talk with the VB.

  2. ” Why Are You Doing This to Your Own People in Turkey?”

    NO, the correcter question would be:

    Europe why are you doing this to your native people, culture, and religion?

    Why don’t you care about European children being slaughtered and raped, but shed tears over children of far away.

    To hell with Traitors.

  3. I admire her frankness, especially “Erdo-Pedo”; even if the allegation is untrue, it demonstrates her disgust.

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