Vehicular Jihad in Fairfax County?

When this story first broke this morning, I thought it was unlikely to be jihad-related.

A woman was deliberately run over and killed in the middle of an intersection in Fairfax County, Virginia (Rt. 50 and Rugby Road, which is roughly in the Chantilly area, I think). Just to make sure she was dead, the perp ran over her twice, then sped away. Police said they were looking for a blond or sandy-haired man.

It sounded like a domestic incident — angry lover-boy runs over his cheating girlfriend. Wouldn’t be the first time.

But then this afternoon the identity of the victim was revealed, and she was 75 years old. Hmm.

Then the perp was arrested, and his name was (is) Kenan Ozcan. A Turkish name. Hmm again.

The news stories listed only his middle initial, M. Yet another hmm.

And sure enough, a little research turns up his full name: Kenan Mehmet Ozcan

In other words, this morning’s deadly incident in Fairfax County has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

It’s a strange form of jihad, however — running down a solo pedestrian. Why not a crowded bus stop, or the parking lot of a popular eatery?

We may or may not ever learn the answer to that question.

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I don’t know where Mr. Ozcan was born, but he attended both George Mason University and Virginia Tech. He seems to live in Reston.

He has a police record for armed robbery — several years ago he was arrested, convicted, and jailed, also in Fairfax County.

Some time afterwards he set up this GoFundMe page:


Im a Virginia Tech Graduate , and I have my Masters in Biology, however I have been going thru some tough times recenetly and I am an ex-felon, I thought going to school would change my life and I could really use any support to help my life, I really appreciate it.

It doesn’t seem to have done him much good.

That’s all I have on the story so far. The excerpts below are from various articles posted today, the earliest one first:

Police: Woman Killed in ‘Intentional’ Fairfax Hit-and-Run

The Fairfax County Police Department is seeking suspects after they say a woman was intentionally run down by a vehicle.

The incident happened at about 10:16 a.m. in the area of Route 50 and Rugby Road. An adult female was struck twice by the car, police say.

“The woman was crossing Rugby Road,” said Tawny Wright, Fairfax County Police Department public information officer, in a Facebook Live video. “It looks like the car struck her, turned around and then struck her again.”


Police are looking for a black or blue Chevrolet or Mercedes-Benz sedan. The car was last seen traveling northbound on Rugby Road.


The driver is described as being a “younger” white male with sandy blonde hair. The car has blue and yellow license plates, police say, and it may have front-end damage…

Police: Woman Killed in ‘Intentional’ Fairfax Hit-and-Run

WASHINGTON — A woman killed in a hit-and-run Friday morning in Fairfax County was struck twice by a car in what police are calling an “intentional act.”

The woman, who was struck about 10:15 a.m. on U.S. Route 50 approaching the Fairfax County Parkway, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver fled the scene in a vehicle described as blue or black Chevy or Mercedes Benz sedan with blue and yellow license plates. Police said the car may have front-end damage.

The woman was crossing Rugby Road, off Route 50, when the car struck her, turned around and struck her again, Fairfax County police spokeswoman Tawny Wright said in a Facebook Live update.

“We’re definitely looking into why this would have happened, whether there was a dispute or a random act,” Wright said.

The investigation is expected to snarl traffic on U.S. 50 for several hours, police said. The westbound lanes of U.S. 50 are closed.

Man Arrested for Intentionally Hitting, Killing Woman in Fairfax Co.

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA. (WUSA9) — A 31-year-old man is in custody for hitting and killing a 75-year-old woman Friday in Fairfax County, police said.

Kenan M. Ozcan of Fairfax, Va. was arrested and charged with felony hit and run and robbery.

The victim has been identified as Maria Ascencio of Fairfax, Va. Police say she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police believe Ascencio may have been intentionally struck by a car twice on Route 50 at Fairfax County Pkwy around 10:15 a.m.

Ascencio was crossing Rugby Rd. when she was fatally struck. The car then turned around and hit her again. Ozcan and Ascencio do not appear to know each other.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

19 thoughts on “Vehicular Jihad in Fairfax County?

  1. another cultural enricher, I suppose? Why do we keep putting up with this? Just wondering, of course.

  2. Northern Virginia is crawling with Mohammedans; expect the frequency of these attacks to increase.

  3. Sounds like a depressed guy that needs mental help. I remember him in high school. Academically smart but strived to be cool so he did some dumb stuff and got expelled. [Ordure] finally caught up to him.

  4. this one may be different, but overall such “senseless” murders aren’t senseless at all in Archaic orders, be it Islamic, criminal or tribal.

    in a simplest form, it is that – “you are not man unless you killed somebody”.
    murder of random out-of-your-group victim is a form of initiation, or a way to raise status among peers, or redeem something, like paying a card debt.

    there is an abyss in terms of moral, intellectual and cultural semblance/compatibility between modern and Archaic people.

  5. If, in the “best case” scenario, he is tried, convicted, and given a long, preferably life, sentence, I will be paying for this man’s execrable life- room, board, and medical care- for the remainder of my days. I resent resent that very much.

  6. i cringe with fear when im on airplane with moslems or when i see lady in hijab driving car, i also get away in fear it will blow up

  7. Forgive me for being politically incorrect, but why do we keep allowing these people into our country? They do not assimilate, have no wish to become American in the sense of the phrase so why? Bang head here? Keep being stupid? It mystifies me.

    I will add this: I am an immigrant to this country. We came in 1950 after WWII settled down. I was a young child at the time. My parents assimilated, passed their citizenship tests, and did their best to be good Americans (they were successful in that) and I do not see why we are accepting people these days who have no wish whatsoever to assimilate and become American. Sickening. And dangerous.

    • He was born in America. He’s Turkish and Korean! [epithets]! I knew him right after high school. He was more American than most people. We used to listen to Pink Floyd together [phrase used as intensifier]! A real nice guy, take his shirt off his back for you. I was in a bad car wreck with him 13 years ago. He was driving, He became a different person after the wreck. Personality changed… he hit his head pretty hard and it changed his brain chemistry. He was awkward and creepy after that and I stopped hanging out with them.. too close to home.

  8. So glad you covered this angle; the day it happened I’d been sending it to Pam Geller and Drudge, trying to get it broken nationally. The media and authorities utterly ignored the jihad angle.

  9. Listen idiot ,Baron Bodissey, not all killers just because they are from Islamic countries are related to Jihad or fanatic Islamic movement. This person has an obvious mental illness but yours seems more severe. Because your so called false accusations are contagious among your peers.Please go to nearest hospital or call 911 get the medication and treatment you need before you post anything online which you have no knowledge about.

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