The Usual Response

It was open season on gay men in The Netherlands this past weekend. Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this report on the culture-enriching antics of high-spirited “youths” in Arnhem and Eindhoven.

The usual response

by H. Numan

Over the weekend two gay men were savagely beaten by a gang of resident mohammedans in Arnhem. Moroccan juveniles, euphemistically described as ‘young men’. We don’t want to accidentally incriminate mohammedans, do we? In that case, they have to complain to I did a search on ‘Moroccans savaged gays’ in Dutch, giving me 69,600 results in 1.01 seconds. Clearly Google is not politically correct. Something has to be done here.

What happened this time? Jasper Vernes and Ronnie Sewratan went out for the evening on Saturday night in Arnhem. They are married. Normally they don’t walk hand in hand, but it was late in the evening or early in the morning. They had downed a few glasses and thought ‘what the heck’. So they did. Bad decision. Toto is not in Kansas Marrakesh anymore. Toto lives on welfare in Holland.

Near the Nelson Mandela Bridge (what’s in a name, said the great bard) a gang of eight Moroccan juveniles saw the couple walking hand in hand and immediately verbally abused them. ‘Filthy faggots’ was one of the eloquent phrases in their extensive vocabulary. You can say what you want about Moroccan illiteracy, but they are 100% fluent in Dutch and Moroccan slang. Spoken only, of course. The Moroccans then told them to clear off. As they didn’t, they were immediately jumped by the gang and severely beaten. One of the boys used a bolt cutter he just happened to be carrying around and smashed the Ronnie’s face in. He lost five teeth. Both victims suffered severe contusions and needed medical treatment.

Two boys, aged 14 and 16, were arrested shortly afterwards. Four others reported themselves to the police, and two more are still on the run. Their ages vary from 14 to 20 years.

That’s the first news item. Since this became national news, it’s been all over the media on every page, and we get the usual politically correct response. People place a silly sad cartoon to show their respect on Facebook. Politicians weep crocodilian tears. Alexander Pechtold, leader of D66 went even as far as to walk hand-in-hand with his no. 2 Wouter Koolmees on the (heavily guarded) Binnenhof. So there was zero risk for him, but it’s a great photo shoot, of course. I’d like to see him do the same in a more integrated part of The Hague, in the Schilderswijk or Hollands Spoor, for example. Accompanied by a single policeman. Not the riot police. That would be a lot more protection than ordinary Dutchmen have.

The Nelson Mandela bridge is appropriately lit up in rainbow colors. No doubt a few silent protest marches will be held, maybe a bed of flowers next to the bridge. That’s part of the politically correct religious ceremony. And — you never guessed it — here’s item two:

The arrested boys filed complaints with the police. They were provoked by those highly aggressive gays. They had to defend themselves. Of course they didn’t use a bolt cutter. It’s quite common for fourteen-year-old boys to carry one in their pockets. Or to roam the streets in the dead of the night. Doesn’t every teenage boy do that? They simply punched out five teeth with their fists in an act of pure self defense. They, an innocent group of eight, were aggressively attacked by two men of 32 and 35. They feel abused and slandered by the wild accusations of those damn fagg— pardon my Moroccan, those highly offensive and above all extremely dangerous Dutch men.

We’re not done yet. Actually we are, because this one didn’t get to the front page. Therefore it never really happened. Here’s item no. 3 for you.

In Eindhoven another gay couple was beaten on the same weekend.

Google showed much more tolerance for the religion of peace here: a search on ‘Moroccans attack gays Eindhoven’ gave me just 28,300 results in 0.8 seconds. Eindhoven knows how to integrate cultures!

As Arnhem couldn’t be kept under wraps, the suspects are still in custody. Not so in Eindhoven. The 18-year-old suspect is no doubt already back on the streets to promote peace and understanding.

Oh, before I forget: there has been a terrorist attack on the St. Petersburg subway in Russia. Ten people died in it. I mention this, as it is barely reported in the Dutch media. Probably didn’t happen either. Certainly not by people with a phobia about pork. They never do anything like that.

Another thing you probably want to know: the media — all of them — have decided that mohammedans are pictured too negatively in the media. To counter that vicious right wing propaganda they have decided — all of them — to broadcast only favorable items that put them in a better light. That means only cuddly documentaries about Al Andalus and delicious recipes how to make couscous will be broadcasted. Nearly all our media are public; they are funded with taxpayers’ money only. Your taxpayer’s money certainly is at work here. As it is in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Fully funded by tax money. They decided to hold five expositions slandering Wilders and the PVV.

I can only say to Dutch readers: Well folks, that’s what you voted for. You — most likely not the readers here — voted for a known liar, Mark Rutte. So you got that known liar. You voted en masse for a more conservative government. But with that known liar in control you got what you voted for. A ultra left-wing government. Just grin and bear it.

— H. Numan

25 thoughts on “The Usual Response

  1. “The Nelson Mandela bridge is appropriately lit up in rainbow colors. No doubt a few silent protest marches will be held, maybe a bed of flowers next to the bridge.”

    The piano…..where’s the piano???……Just imagine….

  2. Did the attacked gay couple had the “Refugees Welcome” sign with them? Maybe that was the problem!

  3. We need more teddy bears and candlelight vigils. And more Moroccans…

    • Yes definitely more Moroccans. Geert Wilders were fighting for the very same thing. More Moroccans, more “peace” or “piece of …” (I always mix up the spelling)

  4. The latest news from the Netherlands is the PvdA (social dem.) have decided to lift their ban or “cordon sanitaire” on the PVV.
    Previously they would automatically block out of spite any PVV parliamentary proposals disregard their merits. Even if those proposals were akin to their own.

    Is there any significance in this course reversal?
    Muah… hardly I think. The PvdA lost a whopping 29 seats in parliament.
    So now they are left with a measly 9 seats, relegating the party to the back benches.
    A mere pimple on the buttocks of the body politic.
    Or as we Dutch like to say “they got nothing left to crumble into the milk”

    Yes folks we Dutch have a plethora of sayings and expressions revealing life’s wisdom.

    Anyway, this story illustrates how quickly politicians can dump their high and mighty lofty principles and do a 180 whenever they’re going down the drain in an attempt to salvage whatever they can.

    • However cynical and desperate the Dutch PvdA party is – going from 38 seats to 9 must be a world record – in lifting its cordon sanitaire against Geert Wilders PVV party, it is to be welcomed. Once one party does it in a multi-party system such as the Netherlands has, inevitably others will follow. That means the Christian Democrats, now with the third largest number of seats, is likely to be next. And that gives the PVV a real chance of participating in a coalition government at the next election.

      More broadly it reveals that the Social Democrat PvdA appreciates that its traditional voter base quite sensibly likes the PVV’s anti-Islam position. And the PvdA is quite influential in the media, State-run and otherwise. Maybe Wilders may start getting some fairer treatment by the media. Maybe.

  5. Hah! Imam Pechtold! Mr Numan is right, I’d like to see him do the same, walking hand in hand with a man in Schilderswijk in the dead of night and with NO police around!

    This very same Pechtold has been instrumental in speeding up The Netherland’s islamization. You reap what you sow.

  6. On the Nelson Mandela bridge … Is that a burning tire of leftist irony in your eye or what?

    • The two hand holding politicians, as a defiant protest against the anti gay attitudes of the 3rd world immigrant perpetrators is hardly going
      To strike fear into their hearts and turn them into peace loving liberals is it?

      Totally reminiscent of the men wearing mini-skirts in protest of the mass sexual assaults of their women folk by immigrants several months ago.

      For pity’s sake grap the nettle people, you are dealing with Neanderthals who see you as weak, effette, inefectual PREY.

      Light candles, sing “imagine”, rename bridges, wave rainbow flags,
      These people hate you and will eventually totally destroy you
      Until you find some backbone.

      Perhaps you should have voted for Greet Wilders after all?

  7. Sweet Jesus! Just when, oh when, will Europeans with a brain just accept that Islam will always be at odds with the way we live our lives. Whether they are supposedly moderate Muslims or radical Muslims, the end result will always be the same. I am sure that the sane majority of Europeans are sick to the back teeth with a very small minority of the population causing so much upset, and holding so much sway over their small Countries. I really do dread to think what Europe will be like when Muslims represent 20% of the population of this once beautiful Continent.

  8. I don’t know about you– but it is very hard for me to look at 2 men or 2 women holding hands.
    The last couple years my interior design magazines show gays in their homes together wrapping their feetsies around one another sometimes while laying on their $5,000 sofa, and I want to immediately throw the magazine away. There is however no where to run,. Their unnatural lifestyle is portrayed in every industry now under the sun.

    • I don’t understand your reaction, Gretel. Anyway I hope you’d still defend such couples if they were attacked in public, or at least call the police.

      • Gretel’s reaction is not uncommon or strange, Mark. A generation ago her response was the norm. The times change but what would your own parents’ response have been when they were young?

        I’m glad my gay friends feel freer than they did in the “good old days” but Gretel is expressing an instinctual reaction. If she were to find that one of her children or a beloved family member was gay, she might gradually soften her response. OTOH, the public image of gays expressing physical affection is much much higher than it is for heterosexuals. Their freedom is relatively new; when it becomes commonplace, the need for a constant public reminder will gradually disappear.

        Same thing goes for the radical feminists who insist on baring their breasts and generally being in-your-face “free”…free to make their audience cringe. Right now they’re still acting out – e.g., the silly trivialization of those exhibitionist pussy hats.

        • Of course I would call the police and I invited 2 guy friends to my wedding, but that does not mean that I think 2 grown men getting “married” and playing house together is normal or healthy behavior. We all know it is not and that this is abnormal and that it is against natural law/order of things.

          That does not in any way mean I do not like them individually, I have met a number whom I cherish. Most were older friends who then came “out” But I don’t care to see 2 men in suits holding hands.

          They want children to grow up seeing this so they
          will be convinced this is normal.

          Tell me, would you like to grow up as an adopted child with two mommies or two daddies? I would not for many reasons.

          • However – to the Islamic monsters we all non-Muslims are trash to be used and murdered. We non-Muslims must learn to stand together against Islam. Islam certainly knows how to stand together – against us all.

            We don’t need to be all alike to stand up a common threat.

          • That would be a hard choice. When I was at the orphanage a not-out-of-the-closet gay man was my teacher. I was seven and had a big crush on him; he was so kind. I’d have taken him for a daddy is a minute. And his partner, too…they were nice people – it never occurred to me that there was anything wrong with two men or two women sharing living quarters in what appeared to be a companionable arrangement. When you’re a kid, the sexual part isn’t in the foreground. The younger one of this couple (in his 40s) died suddenly of a heart attack. In typical child self-centered sorrow, I was quite stricken – yet another father figure was gone suddenly and I needed all the solid male influence I could get back then.

            So to answer your question: it would depend on the particular two mommies and the two daddies who were interested in adoption. I’d have to make a case-by-case decision, I guess. I’d probably go for the two daddies, just based on my experience of men and of women. Aside from my mentally ill former spouse, I’ve never been back-stabbed by a man. Even in that case, his mother was much worse than he ever was.

            But in work situations, I’d rather work with men. They don’t form cliques and play far fewer games till you get nearer to the top where the power is.

            Do I think that men and women are so constituted as to be the norm for forming families and raising children? Yeah, I do. But “norm” doesn’t mean “only”. And lots of kids are going without stable adults in their lives. The results are devastating.

            In all cultures, the number of gay people has remained steady at two percent, and occurs more frequently among men. The number of asexual people is an unknown but I intuit it’s close to that same percentage (which is also the same percentage across cultures for schizophrenia).

            I don’t pretend to grasp the physiology/brain structure of those attracted to their own sex and/or the asexual people who experience no attraction at all, but these phenomena are real and that very small percentage of those who somehow deviate from the male<->female coupling norm deserve the right to make their own life arrangements in peace. At the same time, I also believe business contracts are voluntary on both sides; it is wrong to force those who object to providing services to be forced to do so, especially in the case where other providers exist who have no problem with it. Forcing those who genuinely disagree with you is spiteful and small-minded; it would seem that some gays are so heady with their adolescent freedom they just have to make a stink. If I were gay, I’d avoid straights for *any* services because I’d never know when I’d be blind-sided by a hater. Like many gays I know, I’d surely be part of my own little gay ghetto – a place to be truly comfortable in my own skin.

            I have a friend whose daughter is a policewoman and happens to be gay. This daughter has several children from her first marriage. When she married her girlfriend, my friend didn’t go to the ceremony or reception. She was simply too uncomfortable to celebrate something she has been unable to understand. But she and her daughter got past the painful Disclosure Day and have consciously chosen to maintain their close relationship. Mostly she admires her daughter’s life and choices but she’ll never be able to accept her daughter’s lesbian life as “real”, despite the fact she genuinely likes her adult child as a human being. Like most parents, for her being a parent comes first, and she made a conscious decision to bracket what she says she will never understand.

            Anyway, we are in a period of great social upheaval and we’ve at least one more generation to go before it all falls apart and things begin again. Too bad for us to have to live through it, and I hope those who survive the unprecedented population implosion coming circa 2040-2050 find the upheaval to be not-all-that-bad.

            The only certainty in life is change.

          • I wouldn’t, Gretel, as it’s well established that children thrive best when raised by parents of both genders, irrespective of sexual preference.

        • I think my Mum would have been ok with it; Dad maybe less so. But I’m a generation younger (and have lived in the vile sink of depravity of London since 1969; one of my flatmates way back then was gay, so I got an education in the- not always salubrious- lifestyle quite early).

    • I can relate. It is not natural and it is an evolutionary dead end. Beware, I consider myself ‘progressive’ in the sense that I am okay with some kind of a civil contract, but I am absolutely against gay marriage and gay adoption.

      To answer Mark H’s question, yes, I would defend such couples. I would defend their right to walk hand in hand on the street. Even physically defend. Whether I like it is something totally different however.

      It is disheartening to notice the UBIQUITOUS propaganda in the newspapers, gossip magazines, talkshows, soaps – all of which portray the gay lifestyle as something utterly normal – while our population is dying and is not being replaced. I’m a grown man of 51, still very active professionally, and I still take on life’s challenges with vigour, but somewhere deep inside me I’m desperate and heartbroken.

      I open my high school magazine yesterday. It’s a periodical, appears 4 times a year. The last pages feature the obituaries and the births. There were ten deceased and one (1) birth. We are wasting away.

      In the meantime, leftists and greens urge everyone to embrace their inner gay person, to see the virtues of mutilating yourself to become another sex if you are not happy with your current one…

      … they also push so very hard for abortion and euthanasia…

      I mean, we already have deathbed demographics. In my own circle, the number of bachelors, especially young women, is ASTOUNDING. Off the top of my head I’m thinking of a Caroline, Veerle, Annick, Hilde etc etc etc. Worst is, they are even attractive young women (most are in their thirties now however). All are staying barren deliberately. All eschew motherhood, which is seen as a terrible burden. Why in my opinion it’s the greatest thing that can happen in a woman’s life.

      I don’t know what is going on. Europe has a death wish, that’s for sure.

      Over the past two years, I have been wondering about myself. Wondering how it is possible that I am so very different from all the people around me. It’s a bit like a movie about an apocalypse where everybody is wiped out because of some unfathomable virus and the lone survivor is wondering how it was possible that he wasn’t affected.

      • Hi Mike I am sorry that you feel isolated and alone.Many women I know longed to settle down ,marry a good man.And they desperately longed for children.

        Some were lucky and did indeed marry and produce sprogs.You’ll find that traditional culture thrives in many parts of the world.

        But it is the culture of the politically incorrect.It is the culture of people who acknowledge: the complementarity of the male and female sexes ,the glorious completion and contentment possible in a heterosexual marriage,the bone deep shared joy of raising children with all the genetic material of both partners exquisitely blended.It is a primal culture driven by primal urges that no amount of social engineering can destroy. It can submerge the expression of those urges ,drive it deep underground .But it cannot ever destroy instinct.

        And this is what our biology drives us to be .Gender is a biological not a social construct.Sexual attraction is a biological ,hormone driven construct.We are simply more or less intelligent primates.Nothing will change that.

  9. Prior t 1971 ; it was accepted medical opinion that homosexual behavior was a ” pathological “condition. The very normal revulsion to same sex men displaying sexual mannerisms to each other follows the inmate human core behavior that demands a procreative role for such activity. Women are NOT subjected to this revulsion because they are naturally affectionate to all ; chidden oldsters and each other. This rather recent effort by the media and academics to ” Normalize ” what is obviously activities that are inimical to the family..society and the misguided individuals themselves is simply another effort by Statists..and malevolent forces to diminish the dignity of humanity to a lower level of existence. Private lives should remain private. Celebrating aberrant behavior does not change aberrant behavior. Those two men should be left in peace….BUT…if they were smart…they would save their displays of sexual affection for the privacy of their home.

    • All true. But, it’s not only that. It’s that the gay lifestyle is simply unhealthy.

      Over the years, I’ve been paying close attention to many a gay person, especially men, and it’s striking how many of them simply don’t look healthy! Many have a weird, puffed up face, slightly red. Couple of weeks ago, there was this movie on this site featuring a Dutch gay man who adressed Mark Rutte, the Dutch PM, with “Lieve premier….” “Dear PM”, to lament the fact that he was beaten up by you-know-who.

      I looked at that guy’s face and I saw a sick person. I don’t know what he and his buddies do when they come together and I don ‘t want to know it, but whatever it is, it can’t be healthy.

    • Thanks for your comments, glad I am not the only here who understands the difference between normality and aberation or perversion
      of human dignity and behaviors. This is a “lifestyle”
      these people have chosen. I know a number who were married hetrosexuals first who then get tempted to try a same sex lifestyle and then get stuck it it. I also know an identical twin who’s twin is as hetroexual as you can get.
      They are not born this way.
      No way, no how and I have had a coulpe gay friends even admit
      this to me. They simply transitioned over to this!

      But keep on destroying our Western culture and ideals, you’re not the only crazy group that’s trying to do so…

      • No. You are not the only one.

        Speaking about transitions, this phase too, with men “married” to other men and women “married” to other women, is a transition, and a fleeting one.

        There are several dynamics at play, and for a while the champions of the glorious multiculti society who at the same time have labored so hard to destroy the traditional family, will be able to pretend they won.

        Twenty-five years from now, our homes for the elderly will be choke full of old and sick whites. In sad brown apartments old not-so-virgins anymore who in their youth proudly claimed that they were master over their own body will wither away in lonely depressions. The streets will be roamed by gangs of feral African gangs and marauding bands of muslims. The greying champions of the multiculti society will secretly ask themselves how on earth they could ever have been such fools to believe that a Vlaams Belang or a PVV or a Front National participation in politics would have heralded the Fourth Reich. Here and there some lonely white kids will sit in classes which for the rest will be indistinguishable from those in Nouakchott or Islamabad, and they will be the saddest minority you ever saw. The economy will have grounded to a standstill because of a desperate lack of talented young engineers and designers and innovators on the one hand, and skilled labourers with a decent work ethic on the other hand.

  10. Please don’t make me cry, I was having a pretty good day. Going out for my second dog walk today in the glorious spring sunshine!

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