Terror Atack in Stockholm

Update 1:52pm EDT: Steen says: “The Stockholm truckdriver has been apprehended — looks very likely; it’s Swedish police.

Lastbil påkører folk i høj fart på gågade i Stockholm

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Downtown Stockholm experienced a vehicle-and-firearm terrorist attack this afternoon. At least three people are dead.

Below is an (unedited) translation that Da Capo kindly provided in the comments on last night’s news feed:

Terrorist acts in Stockholm – several dead

Trucks have run into the crowd and rammed Åhléns City

Incorrect information about the shootings at Fridhemsplan spread of Expressen – denied now by the police
Police confirmed however that the shootings occurred at both Haymarket and Åhléns
At 16:04 people fled in panic, even at Stockholm Central Station after reporting a shooter on the station – is unclear whether the information is correct
Police confirmed that at least three people are dead and one person has been arrested
Published April 7, 2017 at 15:16
The attacker is believed to be terrorist attacks have occurred in the city of Stockholm. A truck has driven several people on Drottninggatan in central Stockholm and rammed Åhlens City, alarms have been received about a shooting at Fridhemsplan which later proved to be incorrect. At 16 o’clock the people fled in panic from the center of Stockholm, but it is unclear if something happened there.
The first incident occurred at 14:50 pm when a truck ran into the Åhléns department store located near the Central Station and Sergel Square. Aftonbladet shows television footage where smoke visible behind barriers on Drottninggatan at Åhléns.Doctors in civilian clothes came to the scene to help care for injured, according to the echo.
It is lifeless people on the street, said witnesses told Expressen.
– I saw hundreds of people ran, they ran for their lives, says the witness Anna Aftonbladet.
When the truck drove into the crowd saw a man running with a gun, according to TT, citing Aftonbladet. People fled in panic and police should also have taken shelter of anything, according to the news agency. SVT reported a short while later on shootings in central Stockholm.
The truck must be driven into the Åhléns department store located near the Central Station and Sergel Square. Aftonbladet shows television footage where smoke visible behind barriers on Drottninggatan at Åhléns. Doctors in civilian clothes came to the scene to help care for injured, according to the echo.
Police confirmed the information about the injured persons to Expressen.
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The Telegraph
#Stockholm crash: Swedish broadcaster SVT says shots have been fired. People in the area are fleeing the scenehttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/07/truck-crashes-crowd-people-stockholm/ …
3:37 PM – 7 Apr 2017

Aftonbladet’s reporter said that police officers warned that the case of a terrorist attack.
– I saw at least three dead, but there are probably more. It’s a complete mess here, says P4 Extras reporter Martin Svenningsen to echo.
While the truck drove into the crowd at Queen Street should a man have been springandes with a weapon, says Aftonbladet’s reporter on the scene.
“The police receive calls via the emergency of any person in the vehicle has hurt other people on Queen Street near Klarabergsgatan,” wrote police on theirwebsite.
“There have been reports of gunfire but it is not confirmed at this time,” continues the police.
According to Aftonbladet reporter smelled gunpowder in place.
The time 15:40 calls the police people to avoid the city center around the Sergel Square and the central area where around. At 15:54 affirmed authority alarm about shootings even at Fridhemsplan.
Underground traffic and other traffic in the city has been turned off until further notice.
“Commuter trains go out of town, leaving the travelers and then turn back empty,” writes the Stockholm police on Twitter.
According to witnesses to SVT News is all over Stockholm Central Station evacuated.
– More hundred people ran out of the station, said a witness to SVT.
Although the Parliament House has been closed and the few politicians and bureaucrats who are there on Friday afternoon may not leave the building, reports news agency TT.
Police urge people to completely stay away from downtown Stockholm.
– Our general recommendation is to avoid the city at all now, both on foot and in cars, says Lars Byström, spokesperson of the Stockholm police.
The truck used in the terrorist attack belongs Spendrups and cut from the company earlier in the day.
– In connection with the supply of restaurant Caliente it is someone who jumps into the driver’s cabin and drive away with the car while the driver unloads, says communications director Mårten Lyth said.
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who are in Skåne in the afternoon, said according to echo in his first comments to the press:
– Sweden has been attacked. Everything indicates that this is a terrorist act.
SD leader Jimmie Åkesson comments on the terrorist attack on Facebook:
“Terrible events in Stockholm at the moment, with both the dead and injured. Let our thoughts go to the victims and their families.”
King states that he and the entire royal family “with dismay” has “taken note of the information about the afternoon’s attack in Stockholm.”
– Background and scope of the incident are not yet known. We follow the development but already our thoughts are with the victims and their families, said the king in a statement.
The text is updated.

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    Attack in central Stockholm: ”Multiple casualties”
    Lorry drives into crowd on pedestrian street

    NYHETERless than 2 tim ago

    At least three people have died during an attack where a lorry crashed into pedestrians in the Swedish capital Friday afternoon.
    ”Sweden has been attacked, everything points to an act of terror”, says Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven.
    Police are currently urging people to stay away from downtown Stockholm.
    All hospitals in the Stockholm area have been put in a state of emergency.
    ✓ This is a ongoing breaking news story. More information is expected, this article is updated regularly…
    At 2:53 pm, Friday afternoon, police was alerted to Drottninggatan, a main shopping street in downtown Stockholm.
    An hour later Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven states that Sweden has become the scene for an apparent terrorist attack.
    ”Points to an act of terror”
    ”Sweden has been attacked, everything points to an act of terror” says Löfven in a brief statement.
    A lorry was, in what seems to be a deliberate attack, driven several blocks along the pedestrian street and both hit and ran over several people. According to the Swedish Security Service at least two have been found dead and there is ”a large number of wounded”.
    The lorry then drove straight into the storefront of the Åhléns department store, a main spot for Friday shoppers in the Swedish capital. Shortly thereafter the lorry caught fire.
    ”I saw hundreds of people running. They ran for their lives” says eyewitness Anna to Aftonbladet. ”I turned and ran aswell!”
    Panic as the lorry ran over people
    Swedish public radio, SR, reported previously that the Swedish prime minister confirmed that an arrest had been made, but at a press conference at 5:50 pm, Friday afternoon, the Swedish Security Service says that no one has been arrested as of yet.
    Another eywitness, Durde, tells Aftonbladet of how he saw the lorry hit innocent bystanders: ”The lorry just drove, full speed ahead, down Drottninggatan hitting people” he says. ”We had to throw ourselves into an H&M store, and then the lorry hit Åhléns”.
    Doing some Friday shopping on the street of Drottninggatan Jan Granroth heard people scream: ”We were inside a shoe store and heard noise. I looked out from the store to see this huge truck slam into the wall on the opposite side of the street” says he.
    ”I ran as fast as I could”
    Granroth had to escape through an emergency exit out onto a neighboring backstreet.
    Dimitris, another eyewitness describes the panic when the truck came out of nowhere.
    ”I was walking on the main street when a big truck came out of nowhere” he tells Aftonbladet. ”I could not see if anyone was driving it, but it seemed out of control. I saw at least two people being run over. I ran as fast as I could away from there”.
    Central Stockholm is currently under a complete lockdown. Car traffic as well as trains and underground trains have all been blocked from entering or leaving the area.
    Bomb threat against the Central station
    The Swedish government offices, situated a block from Drottninggatan, approximately 700 meters from where the attack took place, has been evacuated and all ministers put to safety.
    The Stockholm central station, in close proximity to both Drottninggatan shopping street and Åhléns department store, has also been evacuated after a bomb threat, presumed to be related to the attack on street level.
    Police are urging people to stay away from downtown Stockholm and to avoid large crowds.
    Security footage of man ”wanted for questioning”
    Swedish Security Service told during a press conference right before 6pm Friday afternoon, that the lorry, belonging to a well known Swedish brewery, was stolen in central Stockholm shortly before the attack.
    During the press conference the Swedish Security Service also presented of a picture from security footage, taken in close proximity to the Åhléns department store, of a man wanted for questioning. According to the Security Service the man is not a suspect but rather a person of interest, and might have information of importance for the ongoing investigation.
    See the picture in this Swedish language article. Police urges anyone who have information regarding this man to call 114 14.
    ✓ This is a ongoing breaking news story. More information is expected, this article is updated regularly.

    • Terrorist attack — 2017-04-08, 00:00

      Avpixlat can reveal some details about the man who was arrested in Märsta north of Stockholm. According to a credible source the 39-year-old Uzbek citizen has double identity, something that is typical or terrorists. According to the source, the man was rejected asylum in January this year, but have thus been able to linger in the country as “paperless”. He should on Facebook have expressed sympathy for the Muslim terror group Islamic State. Further, according to the source, paraphernalia found in the truck is suspected to be of type IED (Improvised Explosive Device). It is believed that it is the same man who also carried out the attack.

  2. An odd thing, in the first photo shown by following Da Capo’s link, above, the man being taken away by the police appears to be an Arab or similar. But Islam is the religion of peace, isn’t it?

  3. Like I said earlier, nothing good comes from hoodies.

    Good thing the first feminist government has everything under control. Maybe they can wear some hijabs in solidarity with the maligned religion of peace, or have a candlelight vigil complete with teddy bears and moments of silence. Those mullahs must be shaking in their boots awaiting that decisive response.

        • He means so someone can sing “Imagine” by John Lennon. I think it was after the Bataclan attack (or maybe Charlie Hebdo) that the piano was brought out onto the street and some warbler sat and played it while singing the SJW anthem.

          • Aye, Bataclan.

            The Charlie Hebdo massacre was not worthy of such eulogy. They were offensive you see and so in some small manner deserving of their fate.

  4. It is to be hoped that the authorities respond appropriately by:

    1. shutting down the non-Muslim areas with a dawn-to-dusk curfew

    2. sending in flying squads to apprehend Nordic Sympathizers who have been awaiting a pretext to move against the newer Swedes

    3. opening centers where dissident nationalists can be held in preventive detention until the new Swedes are confident of their safety and feel that the government is there to protect them, as well as house them, feed them, clothe them, educate them, attend to their needs and wants, et cetera, et cetera.

    But, in the long run, we have simply have to accept that no amount of temporary cringing and prostrated supplication, can rectify the wrongful fright inflicted upon the Noble Umma. Nothing short of complete subjugation by acquiescence to the Holy Sharia is acceptable.

    All resistance to the Borg is futile. Sweden will be absorbed.

    • At least the Borg had the virtue of being technologically literate; they sought to assimilate the best aspects of each species they encountered.

      Islam has no such redeeming qualities; it is more akin to a plague of locusts or a nasty virus. The former consumes every resource in sight then moves on to the next untouched area, while the latter example multiplies and multiplies until it overwhelms it’s host, before spreading to the next victim.

    • If Sweden is going to turn into a hellhole (when? I say “if” out of respect for the ethos around here), the sooner the better, to serve as a warning to other countries…

  5. Cue the flowers, candles, teddy bears and songs. Oh – and this tragic event has nothing to do with the peaceful religion of islam.

  6. Maybe this will contribute to the Swedes’ awareness of what is going on, and willingless to acknowledge this.

    I know I may be naive, and the Germans and French, as well as the Swedes themselves (and many of my fellow-Brits) still bury their heads in the sands, but people must wake up sometime, as they had to in 1939-40.

    • Well, their heads are buried somewhere for sure; sand wouldn’t have been my first guess.

      I believe the only thing that will succeed in awakening more than a few of the populace is some kind of attack that takes down large portions of the internet or cell phone networks; when people’s electronic pacifiers no longer work then you have their (temporary) attention.

  7. ..and so the carnage continues, whilst the smugness of the PC elites prevents a solution.

  8. Just another case of a moving building colliding with a parked truck. These things happen, although the recent spike in cases of buildings and random folks colliding with parked vehicles has provoked conspiracy theories.

  9. Four cops, two of each sex in that picture, show that ‘gender equality’ permeates most of Swedish government agencies. However it is the two XYs who got the job of ‘person’ handling the offender while the two XXs keep well away. Gotta love it.

  10. Maybe the XX’s have been told not to touch male mohammedans, as the MM’s react badly.

  11. Shocking news, but hardly surprising. It was to be expected, and can be expected to happen again.

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