Taking one for Team Erdogan

In the following video you’ll see a lefty journalist and Erdogan supporter get his nose broken for the cause. But this isn’t just any journalist.

Egri Nök, who translated the clip for subtitles, provides the following background on the man who gets punched in the snoot:

Martin Lejeune is a former left-wing journalist. He specialized in the Middle East, and was a big star in the “live reporting from Gaza.” All the major papers bought his reports. Mostly the lefty papers, but also Deutsche Welle. He reported from the Gaza strip on the conflict between Hamas and Israel for TAZ, Frankfurter Rundschau, Neues Deutschland, the Austrian Standard, and Deutschlandfunk, and was interviewed by BBC World.

Then he went a bit too far, arguing that it was justified when Hamas executed collaborators. And that Hamas was treating the widows and children “honorably”, giving them pensions. That made the papers uncomfortable and caused a bit of estrangement. In the wake of it, papers began to distance themselves from him.

In July of 2016 he formally converted to Islam (video of the ceremony here). And has been a great fan of Erdogan’s since.

In the video you’ll see Mr. Lejeune exhorting participants in a marathon to support the referendum to extend the presidential powers of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Then, when he encounters a runner wearing a “Free Deniz” t-shirt, he becomes angry, accusing him of being a PKK (Kurdish Workers’ Party) supporter. The shirt refers to Deniz Yücel, an obnoxious lefty Turkish-German journalist who is currently imprisoned by the Erdogan regime for being a supporter of Kurdish separatism (see this earlier post for more details).

Exactly what happens after that is not clear in the video. However, it seems the guy with the Deniz shirt punches out Mr. Lejeune, bloodying his nose and damaging his specs. After that the latter runs screaming to the police, calls them Nazis, and annoys them to the point where they arrest him.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (composited from two video sources):

00:00   I support Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Where is the next one with —
00:03   There! I see one! Look, on the right side.
00:08   Aahh okay. Go Martin go! Yeah, man!
00:15   (chants:) We are running for Erdogan! We are running for Erdogan!
00:19   Stop it! Take the shirt off! You support the PKK!
00:31   (hollering, whistling)
00:41   (laughter, applause)
00:50   Did you see that?
00:58   (laughter)
01:01   Are you still there? —Yes. —Look!
01:04   I am bleeding. He hit me in the face. The guy with the “Free Deniz”.
01:09   In front of the police! Is it visible? —Yeah.
01:15   Look. He —my nose is possibly broken.
01:19   He smacked the lenses out of my spectacles.
01:23   We must go to the police. —But it happened right in front of the police!
01:26   Let’s go! The police saw everything!
01:31   The police saw everything. These are Nazi methods!
01:36   You are employing Nazi methods! And Stasi methods!
01:40   Nazi methods! And Stasi methods! (Runner:) Shut your gob!
01:44   A supporter of the PKK smacked me in the face! In front of the police!
01:48   (Policeman:) Passport. —And now they are arresting me! Nazi Stasi methods!
01:51   (policeman:) Passport. —There is the lens from my spectacles!
01:54   I got the lens from your spectacles! —Nazi and Stasi methods!
01:57   They gave me a bloody nose! In front of the police!
02:01   The police saw it! Here is the second lens! —(Policeman:) Give me your passport.
02:04   Only because I support Erdogan! —(Policeman:) Yeah, yeah.
0:01   Here. Wait, wait, wait!
0:05   (Police:) … so to file a complaint…
0:08   Aahh! Aaahh! Aaahh!
0:15   He’s got my, he’s got my Erdogan poster!

11 thoughts on “Taking one for Team Erdogan

  1. He is a journalist? Looks like he may be creating his own news in this film clip.

  2. It just shows how seamless the transition from a left wing into islamist… I think he is the perfect proof of the world coming if those leftist and muslims has their way…

  3. Where were the close-ups?!? Any (long overdue) smackdown of a pro-jihadist mangina like this piece of slime-mold deserves extensive, high-speed camera footage.

  4. There’s a warning for obnoxious journalists who get in other peoples faces. Don’t come back whining to the camera afterwards.

  5. Nazi methods! Stasi methods!

    So there is no difference between the “right” and the “left” … interesting.

  6. My suggestion -call the wahhhhhhhhbulance ! Too bad it had not been a Greek or Armenian who punched him. I wonder if this foolish man supports Erdogan’s claim on Greek lands in Thrace and the islands. If so I might have been tempted to punch him also- LOL 🙂

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