Submission Even After Death

Germany has strict cemetery policies, but it’s no real surprise that Muslims are being granted exemptions from the rules, so that everything in the Muslim section of the cemetery can be strictly halal.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Muslims do not want to be buried next to Christians, but social money from unbelievers is gladly accepted

April 2, 2017
by Victoria

In Germany the number of burials increases according to the rules of the Islamic faith. Whereas “those who have lived here longer” [PC or Merkelish way of saying ethnic Germans = white people] have to respect the rigid design possibilities of the cemetery management, the lease is limited to 25 years, and the extension of the retirement is associated with expensive fees, the special wishes of Muslims regarding burial according to the rules of their faith in Germany become more and more extensive: To be buried without a coffin, just in a cloth, the dead facing towards Mecca, and more and more the call for eternal peace of the graveyards, as is customary in their home countries. One would think the integration should work at least in the cemetery, if at all? Certainly not, because Muslims also show their intolerance in the graveyard, and don’t accept the burial of Muslims next to Christians, but they don’t have a problem taking welfare from the unbelievers.

More and more Muslims are being buried in Germany, increasingly according to their own conditions. The requirements for a burial are to be found in fatwas, which are intended to clarify religious or legal questions and are more of a doctrine than a fixed ruling.

A dozen men stand next to the grave at the Twelve Apostle Cemetery in Berlin and are yelling in Arabic, while wildly gesticulating, that a Muslima is slated to lie only four paces away from Christian remains — they don’t want to accept that.

8 thoughts on “Submission Even After Death

  1. Because, while living, it’s the duty of Islam’s followers to weaken the kafir by taking whatever his suicidially naive government will extend to them: it’s their duty to pilfer and steal, to live off those — as parasites do — whom they despise and wish to crush. (And apologies to all of nature’s invertebrates.)

  2. Oh Allah, please expedite the Believers’ geometrically perfect repose.

  3. Well, Islam would argue that it’s NOT a form of satanism. And I’d be inclined to agree with them since part of my agenda of exposure for Islam is to make sure it’s viewed correctly: Islam is a juridical, supremacist utopian form of tyranny. Very closely aligned with Communism in its ideas about how people are to live.

    Satanism is meant to be Christianity ‘reversed’, i.e., a negative of the original and therefore dependent on that which it hates. No Christianity means no Satanism.

    Islam has rules to cover every aspect of life and death. Thus, one of the first things an Islam pioneer group does is to demand a cemetery for its own use. I remember the controversy in Tennessee some years ago over the setting aside of land for Muslim burials, thereby making the land eternally Islam’s…forever and ever. Back then there were few Muslims in Tennessee.

    Brits who have witnessed the takeover of neighborhoods by Islam have reported the desecration of Christian and Jewish cemeteries by the invaders. Even before they had their mosque/”community center” or had yet to buy out the houses in a given area. Yes, they do have ways of making it attractive to leave, even if you get less for your house. Just dealing with the utter chaos of lawless parking on Friday nights was enough for some people…

    Bury a follower of Islam anywhere and that whole area belongs to Allah.

    • Since Islam borrowed from Judaism, it’s a shame it didn’t include an injunction to walk to the place of worship (though I understand some park round the corner).

      I have a friend who’s Orthodox, to the extent of keeping kosher, though he’s not a believer. When I went to see him after his mother died, he said the rabbi had called, but wouldn’t take any refreshment (since my friend and his wife don’t live within walking distance of the nearest synagogue).

      I’m reminded of Jesus’ remark that the Sabbath was made for Man, not Man for the Sabbath; also that dietary rules such as kosher and halal were designed to avoid food poisoning in a hot climate with no refrigeration, which means they can be ignored where this doesn’t apply.

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