Muslima Pulls a Knife in a Vienna Park

Muslims in Europe don’t sweat the laws against carrying blades — evidently they are well aware that such rules apply only to the kuffar.

A teenage Muslima in a Vienna park must have been on a hair trigger when she pulled out a knife to avenge her injured pride. Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Österreich:

16-year-old Muslima stabs woman in park

Because she was offended, a student stabbed a woman with her knife

As has just now been made public, a Vienna woman (23) was walking through the Josef Strauss Park on April 5 around 2pm when she came upon the Chechen girl. The Muslim girl apparently provocatively asked, “What are you looking at?” The 23-year-old snapped back and said “I can look at anything I want to!” and then supposedly muttered under her breath “effing Muslima.”

Pierced Lung

This apparently was enough for the veiled teenager to charge at the woman. Armed with a small kitchen knife, she stabbed the woman three times in her upper body. One stab pierced her lung and injured the 23-year-old seriously.

In shock, the injured woman ran out of the park and towards a person who dialed 911. When the ambulance arrived, the woman was able to speak, and she was immediately brought to the hospital. Nothing further is known about her condition at this point. After the attack, the 16-year-old Muslim girl — she is to be considered innocent until proven guilty — went to her school, where she was arrested by the police after a call to the school principal.


The girl has been charged with causing serious bodily harm. The Chechen girl is now in detention. Whether the girl and the woman knew each other previously is not known; no interrogations have yet been conducted. It is entirely possible that the prosecutor will seek to charge the girl with attempted murder.

8 thoughts on “Muslima Pulls a Knife in a Vienna Park

  1. Doesn’t matter what the prosecutor will charge her with; he could charge her for plutonium smuggling, and she would go free because she is a muslima, foreigner, and still a child in the eyes of the law. Although, the last begs the question – if she is old enough to marry and beget invader after invader at her age by the rules of her religion, is she a child or an adult by the rules of her religion?

    • THANKFULLY the rules of her religion are not the rules of our laws. Let’s not invite them.

      • Too late, many of ‘their rules’ are already in many western countries, and most of them take no notice of our rules anyway, which is why GoV and many other sites exist.

  2. I remember the 1990s when European politicians and media every day shed gallons of tears over the little but proud Chechen people persecuted by those heartless racist subhuman Russians.

    Now the little but proud people has come to Europe.

  3. The charge should obviously be attempted murder. Why are the police going for the lesser charge?

  4. This is properly called ” low level warfare “. The morality that we think applies, doesn’t. Had she not been arrested this event would have become the stuff of family legend and pride.

  5. The victim will probably be charged with hate speech. After all she did say “effing Muslima”.

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