Mujahideen on the Runways and in the Terminal of Montréal-Trudeau Airport

Montréal-Trudeau Airport is named for the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott “Papa Doc” Trudeau, whose son Baby Doc, a.k.a. “Justin”, now occupies the commanding heights of the government in Ottawa. Trudeau fils is importing Muslim immigrants into Canada as fast as they can be flown in, so it’s only fitting that his eponymous airport is riddled with mujahideen on the runways and in the baggage room.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from TVA Nouvelles:

Danger on the tarmac at Montréal-Trudeau airport

by Félix Séguin and Maxime Landry
March 28, 2017

Montréal-Trudeau Airport is confronted with employees who show signs of radicalization, including one who has just been relocated away from the runways because of the risks he presented. This is what our Bureau of Investigation and the show “J.E.”, presented tonight at 7:30pm on TVA, has discovered in recent months.

Four employees had their access to the secured area withdrawn as a precautionary measure. At least three of these individuals (two still working at the airport) display a profile that worries police.

Some have visited pro-Islamic State websites, broadcasted propaganda on social networks, and consulted an abnormal number of documents dealing with weapons or explosives.

Of the four security clearances that were withdrawn, one was withdrawn after an airport employee with access to the secure area suggested that he would perpetrate attacks similar to those in Paris on November 13 2015.

Two other cards were confiscated because workers had psychiatric problems that put the safety of airport operations at risk.


Montréal police provide armed security at the airport. Six officers are on-site at all times, but only three are available to patrol the entire terminal, and they do not have long weapons. In frequent practice, two agents are mobile.

For Patrick Lalonde, the assistant director of the SPVM and one of the leaders of the fight against terrorism in Quebec, this information is “worrying”. “The SPVM and its partners work every day to evaluate the threat and to counter it,” he said.

Marcel Savard, formerly in charge of counter-terrorism at the Sûreté du Québec, was also worried about the situation. “What concerns me,” he said, “is the strategic position that these people occupy.”

“We have a concern for all types of threats; radicalization is one of them,” notes Pierre-Paul Pharand, vice-president of airport infrastructures at Aéroports de Montréal (ADM), in a report that will be presented tonight on the TVA airwaves.

This former soldier watches over the safety of the 16 million passengers who pass through the airport each year. He argues that his organization takes the situation seriously. “Whenever there are issues related to radicalization,” he says, “we act with our partners.”

“I know of (employees) who arrived in Canada only two months ago and are already working around planes or in the luggage room,” said an airport employee who worked with some of these individuals and requested anonymity.

According to our information, national security squads have repeatedly addressed the “issue” of Montréal-Trudeau.

If in the past one counted on the good old technique of the physical surveillance, the methods have been refined: spying today is digital. This new technology has been used by our Investigative Office over the last eight months to identify individuals at risk.

“We need to look at the precise digital footprint of these individuals. It will allow us to know to what extent the individual is progressing and represents a risk,” explains Marcel Savard.

Two disturbing profiles

Our team targeted two ADM employees who presented disturbing profiles. The first employee occupied a strategic position giving him direct access to the runways and planes parked around the terminal building.

The police investigation showed that he regularly consulted pro-ISIS websites that tout the rise of the terrorist organization. By carrying out further research, investigators even discovered that he had acquired an impressive number of books and documentation on military-caliber assault weapons. Authorities transferred the individual to another post, away from the runways and aircraft, and outside the secure area.

Identified by the “J.E.” team, the second employee is from Algeria. A few months ago he was still living in the Montréal area. He posted an ISIS propaganda video on his Facebook page. It showed live killings being committed in the city of Mosul and passers-by being shot at close range by members of the Islamic State.

The individual seems to support the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist organization that experts consider to be the source of Islamic terrorism. Our research shows that the suspect supports the regime of the Islamist former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was driven out of power by the popular revolt in the summer of 2013.

The man appears to have left Canada a few months ago, but seems to have links with employees of Aéroports de Montréal who have access to secure areas.

25 thoughts on “Mujahideen on the Runways and in the Terminal of Montréal-Trudeau Airport

  1. The worm of Jihad to achieve Divinely Mandated Supremacy is already in the fruit of Islam. There is no vetting possible!

    The only prophylactic guaranteed to work is expulsion.

    And First Amendment protections do not extend to philosophies which insist upon a prerogative of extirpation of all competing philosophies. I’d like to see (and soon) a Congressional Resolution that initiatives intended to advance the interests of Muhammadism not be entertained by American courts.

    Neither the believers, nor their beliefs, nor their lawfare, deserve to be here.

      • I believe the term is the “weaponization” of our traditions of compassionate tolerance, which are non-existent within their societies, and which they conclude are a systematic weakness provided by Allah to be exploited to the Believer’s advantage.

        For them, the West is a big oyster bed, into which the Muslims come marching to feast like an army of Allah’s starfish.

      • Very good. Let’s take the wisdom of the EU as an example, and shred our first amendment rights by admitting there is advocacy speech which is not protected. Just coincidentally, it will be your speech which is restricted, compliments of Muslim-controlled compliance committees. Muslims are extremely good at identity politics.

        Speech is speech, and criminal action is criminal action. The problem is not with the Muslim right of speech, but with the special privileges given to Muslims because of political pressure, and the fact that Muslims don’t have common-sense laws strictly applied to them. It is even constitutional to keep Muslims from immigrating or even visiting the US. But, it is not Constitutional to restrict the religious speech of Muslims or Muslim advocates.

        The Muslims have a decades-long and international push to restrict free speech. And, you’re going to fight Islam by restricting free speech? Sounds crazy to me.

        Why do you think Obama refused to say “radical Islam”? Because the less said about Islam, the better for Islam.

        The US had the good sense to not put itself under the authority of the European Convention on Human Rights, or the International Court of Justice and if the countries of Europe regain their wisdom, they’ll withdraw from it as soon as the ink dried on their exit from the EU. Global justice is global tyranny.

  2. Time to start banning flights from Canada. This is a very serious issue, but it is not clear that Canada is taking it seriously. About all Trudeau is suggesting is that the country may wish to have a ‘conversation” about whether or not radicalized individuals should be working in airports.

    • If you mean who would take them, Trudeau would–without a doubt. And no, I’m not just going out of my way to be nasty; I genuinely believe Trudeau is so gormless, naive, leftist and above all, guileless, that he actually has the interests of moslems and other trash at heart more than Canadian citizens.

      Trudeau senior was dangerous because he was an evil leftist; ‘Baby doc’ is dangerous because he is just so frighteningly dumb, and of course, leftist.

  3. Hmm meanwhile it has been discovered that terrorists are planting explosives in laptops and have airport security scanning equipment to check and be certain it does not set off security alarms. Gosh I wonder how they got airport security scanning equipment.

    • The US Secret Service was asking how Iran acquired the same printing presses the US Mint uses twenty years ago.

      Rumor had it, serial number duplication had been detected upon indistinguishable bank notes held in European banks. Rumor also had it, twenty years ago, that foreign lunatics were discussing high-jacking commercial airliners loaded full of jet fuel to be used as flying fire bombs.

  4. Bienvenue a Bonne Chance! Then you have to deal with the potholes on the way home..And you’re taxed to death on top of everything else..Sometimes I wish I was my mentally handicapped brother..Happy go lucky and bathed by chicks three times a week..Guess it’s only a matter of time eh..JHC..I’d like to see what percentage of “new arrivals” this summer from the U.S. apply for jobs at Trudeau..Why the propensity for airports I wonder? Duh..

  5. Personally, I feel that the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle will experience a major incident prior to anything happening in Canada. If that is not enough to wake up the leftoid/limousine liberal/Maoist International sheeple crowd, then I don’t know what is.

  6. We should all be prepared to pay more for our airfares, and airports should be prepared to pay more for baggage handlers. Make it a job worth aspiring to, and people who’ve been in the country for more than two months might be willing to do it. Oh, and take out of it the mujahideen so that the new recruits from the general law-abiding population will be comfortable working there.

  7. All major Western airports and their security detachments are now heavily infiltrated with Islamic soldiers willing to die for Allah. About the only exception in this mix would be Israel, a country that chooses to stick to profiling all employees at sensitive locations such as airports.

    In my opinion, flying anywhere today has been made just too dangerous to even consider.

  8. Shortly after the 7/7/2005 London attacks I travelled through London Heathrow and saw a woman in mohammedan garb working at a ‘security’ checkpiont. I knew then and there right away that airport ‘security’ is a sham.

    • About three years ago, I walked past a uniformed individual at Toronto Airport, who happened to be the head of security in the outbound area.
      The name above the title was “Mohammed”.
      Not only is airport security a sham, but by putting us through the nonsense we have to bear (quietly), I, for one, realize that “they” are winning.
      The time to have “made a statement” to the world about terrorist attacks would have been immediately after 9/11. This “statement” would have been made, of course, “pour encourage les autres”.
      Alas, this wasn’t done, and to my amazement, of all people, the people of New York are among the most pro-islamic people in the US.

      • Bill Warner describes well this phenomenon of looking away from Islam’s atrocities. Again, I recommend to anyone interested in how they manage to get away with their 1400 years of slaughter, Warner’s video about this (now at over 3 million views):

        Not only is it a good history of Islam as a political entity, but it explains so well why we repeatedly see whole swathes of people turn away from what is unbearable. Watch Warner (in 2012) and you’ll understand the deer-in-the-headlights behavior of a massive number of Germans in 2017.

        Dictators depend on this.

  9. All that beating around the bush is criminal.
    It is “disturbing”, they feel “concerned”, they feel “worried”, in other words, while they are thinking about what could be done without of course offending anyone, well nothing is done.
    If 9/11 wasn’t a strong enough wake up call, nothing else will be.

  10. IMO, Israel is the smartest country in the world (no surprise there since Jews seem to be a lot smarter than the rest of us).

    And there is a quote I read somewhere: a people who can’t or won’t defend themselves, do not deserve to exist.

    Wake up, America! This is not going away any time soon. We really can’t afford to keep accepting the world’s trash (islam is what I’m talking about). Let Islam exist in its own land and let America exist here — we are blessed with freedom but we are also getting stupid — I know this from reading the news and not just the paper that lands in our driveway but online sources.

    Islam seems to feel entitled these days and I am not smart enough to come up with a solution (although the thought of bombs does drift through my mind at times). I hope this comment doesn’t ban me.

    • It’s not necessary to injure Muslims or damage their countries. It’s only necessary to let Muslims live in Muslim countries. I am opposed to any action that would injure Muslims, except for law enforcement or direct physical defense. Not the global chess game our government likes to play with supporting favorable, or subverting unfavorable governments.

      It is, of course, perfectly ethical to deport any non-citizen Muslim, and to refuse entry and citizenship to any further Muslims.

  11. Tommy Robinson believes a major incident in next 2 years will spur a reaction / revolt against the Labor, Liberal, & Social Democrat parties, a huge pushback that will lead to civil strife across Europe. The spark? – a new conservative leader will try to enforce existing laws & violent Muslim protests will ensue. In a matter of days it’ll spiral out of contrl & the death count will surge as running terror attacks vie with cars & buildings set on fire. First responders can’t keep up as entire blocks go up in flames.

    • Hope you’re wrong, Stephen (about the incident, not necessarily the result, though I don’t wish anyone dead). I can usually see the flag on the Houses of Parliament from outside my flat, which is more than close enough for comfort.

    • If the Leftists in this country have their way, it will happen here, too. They are working hard to make Trump’s administration look illegitimate. Sadly, it would appear that our former president is in the vanguard of this movement, especially now that Valerie Jarrett has moved into his home to help plan their campaign.

      I thought sure that once Trump was in office the noise would die down, but it’s only increasing.

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