Marine Le Pen’s Victory Speech

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National, gained enough votes today to make it to the second round of the presidential election in France. I haven’t seen definitive final figures — different news outlets give different numbers — but she was definitely either first or second. Some reports say that Emmanuel Macron, the socialist-turned-fruity-independent, was in first place.

Below is Ms. Le Pen’s victory speech to her supporters, as aired by RT. Many thanks to Ava Lon for timing the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:20   Dear compatriots, you have supported me
00:24   to go to the 2nd round of the Presidential elections.
00:28   I measure this honor,
00:32   with humility and gratitude.
00:36   I would like to address to you, French patriot voters,
00:40   my deepest gratitude. The first step
00:44   to lead the French to the Elysee is passed.
00:48   This result is historic.
00:52   It is clear to all French
00:56   that the system tried by all means, even the most contestable,
01:00   to prevent the great political debate
01:04   that this election was supposed to be.
01:08   This debate is finally going to happen.
01:12   The French must seize this historical opportunity
01:16   but the main challenge of the election
01:20   which puts our civilisation in danger.
01:24   The French have a very simple choice to make.
01:28   Either we continue on a path to total deregulation,
01:32   without borders nor protection, and leading to
01:36   delocalisation, the unfair International competition,
01:40   mass immigration and free circulation of terrorists.
01:45   The reign of money. Or you can chose the France
01:49   with borders which protect jobs, buying power,
01:53   our security and national identity.
01:57   What I propose
02:01   is the great alternation. The fundamental alternation
02:05   which will put a different politics,
02:09   different politicians and the renewing you want in place.
02:13   It is of course not with the heir of Francois Hollande and this
02:17   catastrophic five years that this expected
02:21   alternation will happen. It is time to free the French people.
02:29   This is the principle that I will put in motion:
02:33   the reassembling of the French people that everybody is waiting for can only be done
02:37   with the love of France. Long live the French people,
02:41   long live the Republic, long live France.

22 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen’s Victory Speech

  1. Marine Le Pen is a truly inspiring patriot; a modern day Joan de Arc combined with the clarity of Winston Churchill. That such a lady could make it so far in spite of the elite establishment and the brainwashed multiculti masses shows that not all hope is lost as the West confronts the twin totalitarian ideologies of islam and neo-feudalism. Someday, one will be able to tell of her example to their children and grandchildren and say “not everyone rolled over and did nothing in the face of evil”.

  2. As an American with French as my second language, I can confirm that Marine is legit.

    Were I French, I would stand with her, no doubt.

    • She should have gotten minimum 28% in the 1st round – esp given what just happened.

      Macron will win 2nd round resoundingly – done deal as all the mainstream establishment parties will throw their lot with the Rothchilds/NWO/EU cabal.

      Good bye France – another 5 years of neo lib statism plus mass immigration and it’s game, set and match.

      • Yes, I tend to agree. The same thing happened to Marine’s daddy. But this was the crucial election — by the time we get to the next one, we will have passed the tipping point, and it will either be civil war or the Islamic Republic of France.

        • My guess is civil war. No point in waiting another five years if the the globalist is elected. Demographics are still on the side of Europeans (barely), and there is enough opposition to the elites that if a small fraction engage in kinetic action, the state will have a difficult time putting down such rebellion.

          Another encouraging facet is that the rank and file of the enforcement of state power in France are not sympathetic to islam; the majority of the enforcers of the law are sympathetic to Front National. There will certainly be quiet support by those in the police and the military to those who fight back kinetically against islamists, if not outright assistance with providing both the means to fight, and identification of and intelligence on particular targets.

          I don’t think the EU would have survived another five years regardless of the outcome. We are deep into a Fourth Turning, and we are about to find out what happens when an irresistable force meets an immoveable object.

        • Islamic Republic of France for sure. Did you see their gendarmes and army? Its made up of immigrants, hardly any frenchmen or women. They wont fight their own people. Iran does not need to develop nuclear weapons. the Islamic Republic of France will give it to them.

          • My biggest fear since the European invasion began; France has 300 nukes in the loaded/ready to go condition.

      • I think that left to themselves, the Europeans under the very worst case will adapt a Balkanization between Muslim and European similar to the situation in the Yugoslavian breakup prior to the NATO attacks.

        What worries me the most is the thought of US and NATO intervention in what would be a messy but ultimately satisfactory process. I used to think that Trump’s election victory would preclude that type of action. I now have hope, but not the same confidence.

      • What does it have to do with Rothschild, or Cabals? Is this the Jew-hatred serpent yet again? Jews are inconsequential in the affairs of France – unless as victims of the Islamo-Nazis. The entire fortune of the French Rothschilds is a tithe of what Intel paid for Israeli tech company MobilEye. So why raise such antisemitic nonsense?

  3. You get a pretty good image about who’s a self-respecting candidate by who they choose to support after their loss in the first round – everyone told their voters to support that other guy. Everyone aside from the far left guy who told his voters to choose based on their own preference in the second round. Funny that a leftist would be the only decent person (from the losers) among the bunch.

    • Oh and of course congratulations to Marine Le Pen and all French patriots! Now push through in round two!

  4. God bless this woman!

    Someone infamously remarked that the French were ” cheese eating surrender monkey’s” I hope that the 2nd round of the election makes this woman the
    Rightful President of France and proves him wrong.

    However they were already rioting in Paris before the 1st round of voting had even been completed,the establishment press already denouncing Marine Le
    Pen as a danger to the world and France, so the odds have been very much
    Stacked against her!

    There can be no excuse now for the French if they vote again for Macron,
    A former banker, who describes Terrorism as an imponderable problem
    That the French must learn to live with and who described his own country as
    “Nothing” until it was in the EU!

    Sieze the Day France, make this truly splendid woman Madam President!

    • She is indeed a splendid woman and would be a great leader, but like the Dutch election, I get the horrible feeling it ‘aint gonna happen’.

      No, I think the French–like the rest of Europe–have not suffered enough yet, the problem is if they ever do finally wake up, it may well be too late.

  5. I can’t believe the people of France are willing to elect a globalist like the former Rothschild banker Macron. Who do they think is ruining this world? Glad to hear there will be a debate and I pray the French are able to take back their country from the globalists.

    Nice to hear Le Pen singing the French national anthem. The socialists / communists in France won’t even sing it.

  6. I think there’s a tendency to be overly pessimistic about election result. Here’s an example from US politics: in 1976 Reagan challenged incumbent Gerald Ford–the President–in the Republican primary. Ford barely hung on. Ford then lost in the general election. Republicans were downbeat. After Reagan lost the primary, some commentators said that was the end for Reagan.
    We now know subsequent history.
    Ok, so Macron has pretty good odds of winning the French presidency. Things can happen which could put a Macron presidency on a death spiral. It’s a pity that would mean additional suffering.

  7. That God-forsaken country is dotted with Australian war graves. I suppose we gave them a century or so of relative freedom. But from this end of the century it isn’t all that long.

    • The U.K. lost a generation of their best men – for nothing, really. The French cannot save themselves no matter; it’s no surprise they’ve surrendered to Islam, the only surprise is how long it’s taken the Mohammedans to figure out the frogs have no fight.

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