Marine Le Pen: “I’ll arrive at the second round, and I’ll be leading in the second round”

Below is the second part of a recent TV interview with Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France. This clip was recorded several days ago, and Ms. Le Pen’s prediction about today’s election seems to be coming true: as of this writing current projections show her neck-and-neck with Emmanuel Macron, and some exit polls even put her ahead.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


05:14   Marine Le Pen, social issues this time. Last night you mentioned social issues a lot:
05:18   if I tell you — put the age of retirement at 60, 40 years of contributions,
05:22   recalculate benefits for the handicapped adults,
05:26   recalculate benefits for the elderly, raise the minimum wage; all that it resonates with you?
05:31   Oh yes, it resonates with me. —It resonates with you because it’s in your program; it so happens
05:35   that those very propositions are exactly the same as propositions by Jean-Luc Mélenchon:
05:39   Concerning social issues, what sets you apart from the candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon?
05:43   The candidate for the Left Front, who proposes exactly the same thing as you, on three subjects
05:47   you just mentioned. —The subjects I mentioned, I think they’re interesting for… —So I’ll tell you
05:51   what sets me apart from him: —…our listeners. —Sure, I’ll tell you what sets me apart from him.
05:54   I will not rule France through the Zadists of Notre-Dame-des-Landes [ecology group]. I will not
05:59   levy an additional 100 billion in taxes! 100 billion in taxes! I want the French people to realize
06:03   that there was an increase of 35 billion over the last 5 years. So they can imagine
06:07   what it’s going to be like with 100 billion! And above all, Monsieur, I want to stop
06:11   all policies of massive immigration. However, Monsieur Mélenchon,
06:15   he wants to grant amnesty to all the illegals; no need to tell you
06:19   that the appeal of that will be considerable, but mostly
06:23   let’s talk about what is in the heart of… at least apparently…
06:27   of the interests of Monsieur Mélenchon. This massive immigration he wants to impose on France,
06:31   well it’ll have dramatic consequences for employment. Because it’ll create once again
06:35   and worsen the competition occurring on our own territory, and that we experience
06:39   especially because of the policy of contract workers, but mostly because
06:43   immigration is used to lower the wages;
06:47   so putting into place the policies of Monsieur Mélenchon is additionally a policy deeply contrary
06:51   to the interests of those who are work, but also of those who are retired. —And for that reason
06:55   you would like to drastically reduce migration numbers to ten thousand per year.
06:59   There is a point, on the contrary that you don’t… —Not only, Monsieur Namias,
07:03   do I want to protect the employment of French people. —… a provisional moratorium…
07:07   and I have an entire list of measures. Economic patriotism that has never been enacted,
07:11   intelligent protectionism, the de-taxation of overtime, the suppression
07:15   of contract work, the lowering of tax rates, but exclusively
07:19   for the TPE-PME [small and medium enterprises], meaning those who create jobs in our country.
07:23   This entire political and economic process will allow
07:27   the re-creation of 1.7 million of jobs in our country over the next five years.
07:31   Marine Le Pen, there is a subject, on the contrary, that you seem
07:36   less fond of tackling, which was at the heart of your campaign in the beginning:
07:40   exiting the euro. So it’s true Jean-Luc Mélenchon,
07:44   that distinguished you from him, because he gave it up a couple of days ago… —Yes, incidentally, it’s…
07:48   …are we today … —Tsipras [Greek politician] was at least elected and he held on for a couple
07:52   of months before kowtowing [to the EU]. Monsieur Mélenchon on the other hand kowtows even before
07:56   the election. —But on leaving the euro, the moment is important; we’re 3 days away from
08:00   the election, the primary. Do you still support this measure fully? —I discussed it only yesterday;
08:04   It’s a shame you didn’t come to my meeting, Monsieur Namias. I talked about it last night,
08:07   and I said to the French people — I for one, I am absolutely clear: I am going to
08:12   start negotiations, but at the end of those negotiations there will be a referendum.
08:16   So it’ll be the French people who will decide whether we stay in this European Union
08:20   or whether we leave it, with the hope, of course
08:24   that I succeed in those negotiations on four elements:
08:28   1. Retrieve control over our territory, 2. our currency, 3. our economy and 4. our law.
08:32   I heard you talk about it during the meeting, but I’m asking you a question, because you know
08:36   very well that a majority of French people, at least people participating in polls, seem hostile
08:40   to that exit from the euro. There was a poll that appeared in Figaro three weeks ago, where
08:44   only 28% of French people seemed favorable to this measure. —Yes, but
08:48   there is a very large majority… —So if you entrust it to a referendum, you’re taking a major risk.
08:52   No, a very large majority of French people consider the euro a total drag, a restraint.
08:56   A restraint on employment , a restraint on competiveness… —Yes, but it’s… a restraint…
09:00   but most want to keep the euro… —No, I’m sorry, a restraint on purchasing power. —You managed
09:04   to partially scare them, telling them: “you’ll see, it’ll be a catastrophe, like during Brexit.”
09:08   It was supposed to be a catastrophe. I remind you that Christine Lagarde, the president
09:12   of the IMF, went to London before Brexit to alert them
09:16   to the risk of a reaction by the markets. And then on January 6, 2017, the governors
09:20   of the Bank of England did their mea culpa, saying: “We predicted a slowdown
09:24   much more violent than what has occurred,” just like almost all the large polling institutes.
09:29   In reality today Great Britain is doing very well. So you always use this “Fear Project”.
09:33   Well, I will take advantage of those six months of negotiations to explain to the French people
09:37   all the advantages of having a national currency again; and especially
09:41   the level of job creation. Because this is also one of my priorities: re-creating jobs.
09:45   Today the EU forbids us everything: they forbid us to be competitive,
09:49   they force us to lower wages and social security to be competitive again,
09:53   while it would be enough to control our currency, but the EU forbids us
09:57   to practice economic patriotism. We have no right to give advantage
10:01   to our French companies with government orders. We have no right to protect
10:05   our sectors, our farmers, our industries from unfair international competition!
10:09   Marine Le Pen. I would like to tackle international questions
10:13   that also worry many French people. France — through the foreign minister —
10:17   said yesterday that it was sure that the chemical attack fifteen days ago in Syria
10:21   was an atrocity on the part of the regime of Bashar al-Assad. A very simple question as well:
10:25   if you were president of the Republic, during the meeting of the Security Council
10:29   ten days ago, would you have joined the Russian veto to block
10:33   the investigatory commission on the activities of the regime of al-Assad?
10:37   I think the Russian veto happened because
10:41   in reality the resolution was written in such a way that it assigned
10:45   responsibility to Bashar al-Assad
10:49   while NOT opening an international investigation.
10:53   So it’s obviously rather difficult, before even an investigation has been conducted, to pronounce
10:57   a verdict. —But today, considering what is being said by the government… —I want, but, Monsieur —
11:01   But do you… the French people, you condemn the regime and you want an investigation? —I want…
11:05   no, but… the French government made mistake
11:09   after mistake for years! The French government intervened in Libya.
11:13   It contributed to installing the Islamist fundamentalists in power.
11:17   And to open, by the way… —but here we’re talking about Syria, Marine Le Pen! —No, but…
11:21   I’m sorry; I’m trying to tell you… —But let’ s not talk about what former governments did,
11:24   but what you’ll… —I’m sorry; the French government made
11:27   a major mistake in Syria. —What would you do if you were in power?
11:30   There also we’ve contributed to reinforcing Islamist fundamentalism. It was a terrible event;
11:38   there needs to be an international investigation, and if I were there
11:42   I would vote for opening an international investigation,
11:46   but not for a condemnation BEFORE that international investigation
11:50   opened. Because this is the best way, obviously, of preventing us from knowing the truth.
11:54   Today you agree that the Russian veto and obstruction are a problem
11:58   for the investigation and understanding of what is really happening in Syria? —Yes, agreed, but
12:02   there needs to be a resolution that would be more clear about the opening of an investigation,
12:06   but without prior condemnation. It’s as simple as that. —Marine Le Pen, can you
12:10   tell us with the same assurance shown by François Fillon at this microphone three days ago:
12:14   “I’ll arrive at the second round”? —Yes, I’ll arrive at the second round, and I can even tell you
12:18   that I will be leading in the second round. —How can you be so sure?
12:22   I will be leading on the evening of the primaries, because
12:26   I can feel that there is an incredible mobilization,
12:30   an incredible dynamic,
12:34   and I know my voters quite well, and I think they’ll put me ahead.
12:38   on Sunday night. —Thank you, Marine Le Pen, for being with us live
12:42   from Marseille this morning, on Europe 1. Fabien, we will see you tomorrow morning at 8:15am.

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  1. The” twerpy” little interviewer did his best to distract Ms. Le Pen and came up a very distant second. I hope he goes to vocational school and learns a trade. He is a poor tv interviewer….but might find work in a retail store. Why is it that left wing interviewers speak as if they have some sour substance in their mouths ?. Is it their ideas ? Lets hope the interviewer’s mom lets him stay in the basement of mom’s home.

  2. Elections !
    Did you say electing our representative so that he will rule us. This means we the people are our own rulers. We can can give him ( don’t forget equalitate = égalité , or her) 4 years or five ( whatever), and if we are not satisfied we kick them out.

    Really? Can we kick them out after every atrocity committed by an imported jihadi?

    Can we kick them, after one or two years? Ok what about this? We kick them out after ruining the country for 4 or 8 years. Then we elect another one because during the campaign he says the right things. And once he/ she is elected he /she finds out that it is easier to cross a field of thorns and salt bare-footed than to apply those logical and reasonable ideas and attitudes.

    Le Pene is the best choice. Wilders is the best choice. Still wilders was not elected. Do Dutch softies and stupid need more corpses by ramming trucks to see why they should elect and select Wilders?

    All those atrocities in France, the majority still Marie Le Pene unworthy of their sublime morals of enslavement to muslims. So uncertain to be elected even after 30 years of France in chaos and turmoil.

    She is labelled FAR Right, therefore Jews are reminded of Hitler and his holocaust. So they are skittish. No one can blame them.

    But why no one blames the current leader of France, Sweden and other European nations, who ignore all types of aggression against the Jews? They have no other choice but to emigrate. If they go to Israel, their ancestors’ legitimate land, not only Arabs antagonize them and accuse them of occupation, but Europe will play the music first. It was first Europeans who denied holocaust followed by Iran and the rest.

    When people don’t distinguish right from wrong, and they see their nations occupied by jihadis in clothes of refugees, and when the elected are Traitors but friendly to jihadis (enemies of Christians and JEWS) , WHEN THEY ACT AND THINK LIKE ZOMBIES then democracy when is used to blind people and as a vehicle to surrender to islam, then that’s the worst so called “system”

  3. The conventional wisdom is that in the second round the left and the centre right will join forces to defeat Le Pen. But will it happen? It depends how angry the electorate is with the status quo in France.

  4. Marine Le Pen is wonderful in opposition, but I somewhat doubt her competence in power. So I wish her to 49,99% of the vote in the second round. That would allow her to troll Macron very effectively, reminding him that he represents only half of France.

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