Marine Le Pen: Deport the S-Files!

France goes to the polls today to vote in the first round of the presidential election. Below is the first part of an interview conducted by an annoying progressive media snoid with one of the candidates, Marine Le Pen.

Note: when Ms. Le Pen and her interlocutor discuss “S-files”, they are referring to residents of France with known terrorist connections for whom a dossier known as an S-file has been compiled by French intelligence.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   Political interview live from Marseille this morning. Fabien Namias, you’re hosting Marine Le Pen.
00:08   Good morning, Marine Le Pen. —Good morning. —Last night in Marseille, while discussing the arrest
00:12   of the two men who were planning an attack, you talked about the S-files
00:16   as “a huge shadow army which would like to teach us to live in terror.”
00:20   Concretely and very simply how your policies would prevent
00:24   the S-files [terrorists with those files on them] from engaging in terrorist activities?
00:28   Well, very clearly the foreign S-files will be immediately deported from our territory.
00:32   The dual-nationals will be subjected to the procedure of revoking [French] nationality,
00:36   and will be — as the result of this procedure — deported as well.
00:40   Concerning the French S-files, they will be subject
00:44   to the article 411/4, meaning
00:48   the article which considers spying for the enemy a crime,
00:52   all links with an organization that has
00:56   criminal enterprises concerning France and the French people, well,
01:00   will be covered by this judicial procedure.
01:04   But… in detail, what you just said, you are suggesting the deportation of foreigners with
01:08   S-files. Today it’s a measure that the law doesn’t permit. We can’t.
01:12   There’s nothing in the law allowing us to deport the S-files, because we can’t deport someone
01:16   who didn’t commit a crime. So how are you going to get around the law?
01:20   Or do we need to change the law? —Monsieur, I think the French people
01:24   are the owners of their country, that as a result… —Yes, but there are the laws… —No, no,
01:28   as a result, a foreigner is on our territory because we authorize him to be there.
01:32   The law definitely allows immediate the deportation of people
01:36   who have been proven to have links to Islamic fundamentalism. Voilà.
01:40   The law allows their deportation if crimes were committed, not if… —No, Monsieur, no,
01:45   …not if there is the presumption of a crime… No, no I’m sorry, Monsieur, if a foreigner
01:49   represents a danger to the public order — and it is the case [with the S-files] — well, he can be
01:53   immediately deported. And it has to be done, because there are ten thousand S-files
01:57   who have links with Islamist Fundamentalism. Ten thousand in our country!
02:01   Without counting those who are planning to come back. Can you imagine
02:05   the load of work this represents for our intelligence services, for our
02:09   police, to have to follow ten thousand! So if we are able to deport those
02:13   who shouldn’t be on our territory, we won’t deprive ourselves of that!
02:17   But even you mentioned — you just did — article 411/4 of the penal code.
02:21   You are an advocate; you are a lawyer; you know those subjects perfectly well. This article
02:25   that mentions spying for the enemy, it was written to deal with high treason, with espionage,
02:29   but cannot be applied to terrorism! It’s, I think, book 4
02:33   of the penal code… —But why? —because there is the law concerning terrorism, but
02:37   this article cannot be applied to terrorism —It’s funny; every time I suggest something, I am told
02:42   it’s impossible. Well, I am a lawyer; I was an advocate for 6 years, I tell you it’s possible!
02:45   But it’s the law! —For the simple reason that this article about spying for the enemy
02:49   includes not only the foreign states, you’re right, but also organizations
02:53   which must be on a list; incidentally, I am surprised that the government
02:57   still hasn’t prepared that list; we might want to do it together on the edge of a table… because
03:01   it’s quite simple: al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram,
03:05   Al-Nusra, and so on. Well, each and
03:09   every person having any link — any link, Monsieur Namias — with
03:13   one of those organizations, a list of which will be composed, will be prosecuted and tried
03:21   for spying for the enemy. We are at war or we are not.
03:25   If we are at war, then we have to fight against terrorism.
03:30   Today this war isn’t being fought. —On those subjects that are at issue
03:34   and that worry the French people there is an obligation for precision. You spoke a very
03:38   important sentence during your meeting; not yesterday in Marseille, but on Monday in Paris,
03:42   “the immigrant terrorists of the Bataclan couldn’t have entered France.”
03:46   In this case it’s not true, since those terrorists were
03:50   born in France. —No, Monsieur… —The four terrorists who committed
03:54   the massacre at the Bataclan, all four of them were born in France. —No, Monsieur, NO, Monsieur, NO!
03:58   There were two attacks that same evening, you know it well:
04:02   the stadium, the café terrace and the Bataclan; the four at the Bataclan were born in France.
04:05   Well, that night there were three people who had infiltrated the migrant wave
04:09   who weren’t French, who were sent by the Islamic State,
04:14   whose travel to our country was facilitated by the fact that
04:18   we have no borders, and that as a result the porosity
04:22   between the different countries of the EU and — you must admit it —
04:26   the “Swiss cheese” that in fact serves as the borders of Europe,
04:30   allowed this terrorist to come to France. —But there were still terrorists who were born in France,
04:33   Marine Le Pen, who were there and were not subject to deportation. —Monsieur, I am…
04:38   I explained to you the three cases… —One must be precise in those subjects. —Fine, don’t try
04:42   to explain to me or to French people that nothing can be done! I am telling them:
04:46   We can! You are trying to make excuses for those who did nothing for the last couple of years;
04:50   well, I for one make no excuses! And I… —No, I’m only trying to understand how you wish to fight…
04:53   —and I will fight the curse of terrorism, it’s as simple as that! —Monsieur, I already
04:58   answered you! The foreign S-files will be deported, the dual-national S-files will have
05:03   their nationality revoked, and the French S-files will be prosecuted and tried
05:07   based on article 411. It’s clear. It’s very clear!

23 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: Deport the S-Files!

  1. This lady is an amazing person.I look at her eyes when she speaks and I see a very intelligent , cool , collected leader.That reporter was not even able to look at her when he was pandering his stupid and idiotic ideas;as oppose to him, she was speaking directly looking into his eyes with conviction and strength.A true , stable, immovable queen

  2. Marine Le Pen is a modern day saviour for France. The media are all left wing so they hate her ,talk over her ,constantly interrupt her.They do the same to anyone who opposes their “let all the terrorists in to live on welfare and blow us up” mentality.

  3. A traitor in front of a camera is still a traitor. Those useful idiots need to be prosecuted as well for aiding and abetting the enemy.

  4. You would think that Marine is attempting to round up thousands of people with parking tickets to expel them the way the host is responding to her plans. Collectively, had European politicians nipped all hostility to the host countries from the Muslims in the bud, the way they now do with so called “Islamaphobic rhetoric”, I do not think we would be in the horrendous situation we find ourselves in today. Absolute appeasement to a tiny minority has literally cost the lives of many Europeans.

  5. My admiration for this lady grows every time I see her. The trouble is she speaks sound common sense and has the welfare of her people as a priority, and in today’s crazy world that would make her a wicked racist.

  6. Dirty little secrets:

    Most likely, there are laws and regulations EVERYWHERE–both here in the USA and in EUrope that permit the expulsion/deportation/incarceration (pick one) of our islamic enemies. Not just in France.
    The “impossibilities” here stated are NOT impossible at all.
    They can and MUST be done.
    The ONLY thing lacking is the political will of our “leadership” here in the West.

    Could it be that too much $oro$ or $audi money i$ at the heart of the matter?

    Ju$t a$king.

    • You’re so right, depressing isn’t it that so many people in the world today would sell not only their mothers, but their culture, way of life, their children’s future, everything; for tainted filthy lucre.

    • The United Kingdom General Election of 2017 is scheduled to take place on 8 June 2017.

      The Conservatives are optimistic. Polls says that they will gain seats in Parliament. Increasing their lead in Parliament will give them a stronger hand in Brexit negotiations.

      The next Italian general election is due to be held no later than 23 May 2018, that is to say no later than seventy days after the natural expiration of the current five-year parliamentary term on 15 March 2018. I would not be surprised if the election was held this year.

      I have seen polls which put the Italy’s Five Star Movement in first place. My impression of the Five Star Movement is that it is NOT a conservative/libertarian party ala UKIP. However, it looks like that they want a referendum on whether to ditch the Euro.

    • United Kingdom – June 8.

      no good options.

      Theresa May isn’t worst PM in last, ehm, many years – but still she is part of the religion of peace, hug a Saudi, equality-diversity, monopoly/oligarchy dependent establishment.

      Lib Dems – Tim Farron, devoult Christian comuno-socialist. In his recent interview, refused to say that homosexuality isn’t sin. Proud cretin.

      Labour – Jeremy Corbyn, “friend of Hamas”, just today confirmed he wouldn’t bomb ISIS, wants to scrap Trident; endlessly fighting the hydra of Antisemitism in Labour party.. despite hydra won long ago.

      Greens.. is politics place for veggies? Skip.

      UKIP – Paul Nuttall, middle class, middle quality, low achiever in life, – maybe considers resorting to political common sense as the only decorum he can earn for his dim personality.
      Not entirely sure, but if no other candidates given, will vote for him.

      • According to bible, homosexuality is a sin. If you want, negotiate with god so he will remove it from bible.
        A sin is sinners problem, he will answer for that at the right time. It is not me to judge this. It is not me to accept it as normal. And I don’t want homosexuality presented as OK, as normal. We must tolerate the sinner, we must help the sinner and try to not promote the sin. Yes, homosexuality is a sin, according to the bible. I can’t accept to present black as white, even if I will resemble stone age man.
        I am also a proud cretin, I think.

          • All remarks, including near death experiences, are talking about a he. But we will know at a moment. If God is a she, is not a terrestrial she. To good to be a terrestrial woman.

          • Ounces a philosph said that if woman was not the only way to produce men, women would be extinct for very long time. And that would be bad. I really like them. Not all, not all the time, but I do.

          • And if God is a she, or with no gender, changes something? If God is only love, an infinite energy source, makes a big difference?

      • This is why I will never be the pope…and because I am ortodox christian…

  7. French election : latest exit projections ( main polls closed 2o minutes ago ) ; Macron 23-7% / Le Penn 22% .

      • the votes given to Fillon and Le Pen combined, are maximum 45%.
        this isn’t enough to win in second tour.

        remind that Muslims constitute at least 10%, likely even higher among voters.

        conclusion – Macron will be elected, exactly as Hollande before him, by Muslim/tribal votes.
        one of the reasons why Muslims/tribals were imported, as far-right narrative tells us. 🙂

        I think that will simply speed-up disintegration.
        non-Socialist, non-Muslim councils will resist bullying from Islamized MC/PC establishment in the center – civil disobedience, taking children from government schools, local self-defense (“private security”), fenced communities, refusal to pay taxes to “Feds”, things like this.

  8. The skinny little softie interviewing M. Le Pen is way out of his depth. The Smarmy little posers who cannot stand the idea that the common man in the country he lives … actually a productive working entity who has absolutely no need of the babblers like him who infect the media…….The fact that his theoretical social justice nonsense and goofy ideologies are the only stock in trade for these babbling misfits; is what drives them to try and shout over the heads of logical patriots. Take a close look at that guy….I’ll bet he is still living in his parent’s basement

  9. it looks like both Fillon and Hamon call their electorates to vote Macron in secound round.
    which makes Macron’s win more definite.
    but overall, all that was expected.

    • In the USA many had D. Trump counted out, they were wrong. This will IMHO be an extremely close one in France.

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