J1H4D — I Like Driving

The following witty and amusing animated video is a reference to the recent vehicle-and-knife jihad attack in London. It was originally posted on YouTube, but it has now been removed, and the channel that hosted it was taken down. Vlad Tepes has kindly uploaded it to LiveLeak for everyone to enjoy.

Language warning: There are a few four-letter words in this clip:

16 thoughts on “J1H4D — I Like Driving

  1. That was great! Mock the Jumping Jihadists and Multiculti idiots both at the same time!

  2. Brilliant satire! Watched it twice.

    The moslem lunatics have been engaging in vehicular jihad or “car intifada” in Israel for nearly 3 years. Four dead in Stockholm the other day, four dead in London in late-March and four dead in Jerusalem in mid-January. Articles following the London attacks and articles now following Stockholm mention “Nice” and “Berlin”–but, never Jerusalem. Why is that? Is Jerusalem (or Israel) now an explicit metonym for “the Jews get what they deserve” or “look what hardship Jewish obstinacy is causing us all”?

    Back to England: the cartoon satire reminded me of more idyllic times and a driving song which celebrates and satirizes those trouble-free days when nations were nations, men were men and women were women:–and cars (and their engines) were more harmless metaphors. God save the West and God save the Kinks!

    The Kinks’ “Drivin'” (1969). A masterpiece! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzIxpWwIVPk

    • God cannot save a people if they choose stupidity and self-destruction. These come from deliberately ignore God. Islam is prospering in the west at the expense of Christianity and Judaism because they adhere tenaciously to the allah of sword, blood, taqqiya/deception, and victory. Islam is pampered in the west while treading on Christianity.

      The west ( gov, media … ) do not mention Israeli victims so as not to anger muslims . . . their idols: the west’s fashionable religion, using diversity, multiculti, equality, and others crappy terms, repeated ad nauseam.

      Jews were chased from their ancient land by Europeans into the four corners of the world. Then recently they were chased from Europe to their ancient land (Balfour) and then reneged the promise. The west claim to be strong but paralysed and jelly-fish like when facing islam.

  3. Talk about laugh! But, what a bunch of [insert expletive here] Youtube has become in taking this mockingly good example of those those who are only too willing to inflict their perverted beliefs on those who choose to not believe them.

    • Youtube, Facebook and all the rest work by simple algorithm. It only takes a certain number of complaints and something is taken down. And we all know who doesn’t like that kind of thing. They act as a swarm and gather the necessary clicks in no time if something catches their attention. We as individualists are no match for this, as much as we try to spread an important message, most are more likely to be triggered over the latest celebrity wardrobe malfunction than by an existential threat. The companies are not taking a stand, only numbers count.

      • You are spot on, exactly how it works. As for the swarm mentality, very precise observation and connects the two group: leftist and muslims both prefer to be mindless drones directed by simple programming. No wonder the NWO loves the concept of both ideology. I can almost see the future society: docile purple haired gender confused leftist elite and a large low IQ muscle and consumer muslim lower class. The techno elite can be kept inline by surrounded by the ever threatening muslim ideology and the muslims can be kept inline with the elite technological superiority. I have to give it to them, the Globalists planned this well…

  4. When experts in mental illness discuss causes and possible treatments, psychopathy in particular, they mention the usual issues; born or made, traumatic childhood incidents, faulty mental physiology and the usual yada yada but religion is never actually addressed. It is an inexact science at present but I contend the religion of, ahem, peace has more than its share of sadistic types which the rest of us would deem to be psychopathic in nature. If I’m right, I wonder why this is. In-breeding perhaps?

  5. Merkel said: But we need chemists! And truly, they came and we can now find them every night in every city’s parks, selling their daily produce to our youngsters. Then Merkel said: But we need truck drivers! And truly, they came and gave us demonstrations of their professional qualities in Berlin and elsewhere. The next time Merkel singles out an economic branch as being in need of immigrants, run for the hills!

    • Music “The hills are alive with the sound of Jihad.” Soon there will be nowhere to safely run. I saw a Swedish Minister today sobbing with grief at a memorial to dead Swedes. She ought to have been brimming with outrage and determination to actually bring this monstrosity to an end. But Sweden still offers hearts, candles and flowers. I wonder if she is a feminist.

  6. Never mind the hills, K from Germany.

    Leave Germany. Come to America. You will be happier and safer here, especially out here on the mid-west plains. We have guns here and they all know that, which is why it is safer here. Come — there is plenty of space out here on the prairie. And you can buy a gun if you wish. Finding a job might be harder though. Although you can start a business here easily.

    I am so sad to see what is happening in Europa. But a people who are unarmed will have a hard time resisting or fighting back. This is no longer the era of the original Gates of Vienna.

    I do hope this doesn’t sound too stupid, but I am at heart an optimist so I would hope any immigrant who is not a muslim would actually find a better life here than in tired, sick Europe.

    Europe will never be what she was unless she kicks the sick and/or evil muslims back to their home countries. If this sounds um, unaccepting — it is. It is an alien and evil religion and should be confined to the muslim world. Europe is basically Christian and through history we know that these two religions are not compatible.

    I hope I don’t get banned for these comments, but I’m taking my chance because I think the truth should be spoken. I am sick and tired of non-free speech. Politically correct can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

  7. Oh, Murad — I forgot to congratulate you on your comments. You are SO RIGHT!!

    • The ‘fun’ is inversely proportionate to the likelihood of your chances for being one of the red “splats” under his wheels.

      When ABB set off his truck bomb in Oslo before going on to murder the children of the elites gathered on Utoya to celebrate (among other things) their alliance with Hamas, Fjordman was within hearing distance of the bomb blast.
      ABB’s handlers had no idea he had plans to wear a police uniform on the ferry over to the island – or even that he was headed to the island.The plan that the Americans had left with PET as the former fled after the Wikileaks revelations was to roll him up as soon as he stopped that truck. But did Norway’s PET agents take it at all seriously? I doubt it. Even if they did, no one knew of his extracurricular Utoya plans.

      Thus when ABB began mowing down those kids, they had trouble making the jump from “police uniform = helpful” to “mass murderer in a disguise”. And the Keystone Kops were so behind the program that the television helicopters arrived first to film ABB walking down the shore finishing off those who might be playing dead…those jornolistas did NOTHING. They should have been up on charges themselves.

      One of our readers was within visual distance of that carnage site near Parliament…

      But, yes, if you can’t laugh, you’ll end up dead from dread even more quickly.

      The thing to look at from a strategic point of view is this: “how safe is this urban space I’m about to enter?” I do wonder if this will be the death of pedestrian malls? It certainly will put a massive crimp in the tourist economy at the very least.

      Invest in the flower and teddy bear industry…and wear kevlar – the new fashion statement.

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