Hussein K. to be Tried as a Juvenile for Raping and Murdering Maria L.

Late last year we reported on the rape and murder of a native German girl named Maria L. in the town of Freiburg. A culture-enricher named Hussein K. was eventually named as the perpetrator and arrested.

Official reports only identify victim and perpetrator by their first names and initials. However, their full names eventually escaped into the press (especially on the Internet): Maria Ladenburger and Hussein Khavari.

See these earlier reports on the crime and the subsequent investigation:

Now Hussein K. is going on trial for the murder. However, since he claimed to be 17 years old when he entered Germany, the state feels that it is impossible to try him as adult. He will be tried under the juvenile code, so the absolute maximum penalty he can receive for his crime is fifteen years in prison. And all this after it was revealed that he had remained 17 for at least three years.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from DieWelt:

Hussein K. Charged with Murder of Freiburg Student

In the case of Maria L., the State Prosecutor presses charges for murder against the alleged perpetrator. Hussein K. will be trialed under the juvenile criminal code. An age assessment classified him as an adult.

Five and a half months after the violent crime against a student in Freiburg, the State Prosecutor is pressing charges for murder against the suspect Hussein K. He is being charged under the juvenile criminal code at the district court Freiburg.

19-year-old Maria L. was raped and murdered in October 2016. Seven weeks later, the suspect was arrested. The refugee stated he was 17 years old. Nevertheless, two age assessments commissioned by the state prosecutor assume that at the time of the crime he was at least 22 years old.

But as doubts cannot be overcome, he will be tried under the juvenile criminal code, the State Prosecutor explains. No date yet has been set for the trial.

Under the adult criminal code, the suspect might face a life sentence. Under the juvenile criminal code, the maximum possible is ten years, in severe cases fifteen years.

He had been convicted in Greece

The crime ignited a debate over German refugee policy, even before the attack on the Christmas market in Berlin. According to German authorities, Hussein K. came to Germany in November 2015 without any documents.

He stated that he was 17 years old and from Afghanistan. Therefore he was under the protection of the Youth Welfare Office as an unaccompanied minor refugee, and lived with a foster family in Freiburg. He could not provide any verification of age and background.

He had been sentenced to ten years in prison for a violent crime against a young women in Greece in 2013. But he was released early in October 2015 under constraints. Shortly thereafter, he disappeared and came to Germany as a refugee.

German authorities weren’t aware of the criminal background of the man, because Greece did not issue an international arrest warrant.

Hussein K. was arrested in Freiburg early December, and has been under arrest since. Police found his DNA traces at the crime scene. According to reports, he remains silent on the allegations.

16 thoughts on “Hussein K. to be Tried as a Juvenile for Raping and Murdering Maria L.

  1. What a […] mess Germany has become.

    And to think before the wall fell young East Germans would willingly risk their lives entering West Germany. Then, Stasi guards would machine gun their fleeing brethren without compunction. Now, thought police will imprison their brethren for complaining incorrectly if their womenfolk are raped and murdered.

    • Germany is definitely leading the strait-jacket wearing pack. But name ONE country in the West which does not share that culpability.

      In the US, our government deliberately set up a small-time Egyptian Copt film producer to take the fall for Benghazi. He spent a year in federal prison while the rest of us Americans did nothing.

      And each country in the West has a laundry list of such sins. It’s unwise to sit in our glass houses compiling lists of our allies’ wrong-doing.

  2. If one were searching for an argument for restoring capital punishment, this is your guy. He should have made the six meter drop with window weight leggings before the equinox.

    A repeat offender, a compulsive who is void of empathy, incapable of compassion, possibly one of those monsters like Ted Bundy who [explicit details redacted].

    And his creed admits no moral offense if the gentleman is appropriately discriminating in the selection of his attentions. The Kuffar are “permissible”, after all.

    I want immigration stopped; no more demographic transfers. I want every practitioner of the creed of the Prophet capable of procreation removed from the USofA. There is to be no breeding stock. There cannot be, as their presence would abrogate the commitments to liberty we honor within the First Amendment.

    No more mister Niceguy. No more Saracens.

  3. Deport or otherwise [intemperate content redacted].

    Sorry for being this blunt. What is going on in the continent I was born in and raised is beyond any measure and lenience. Just get rid of this miscreant.

  4. when are you germans going to wake up to how morally corrupt your politicians are?

    • Never it would appear.

      My heart bleeds when I think of the tragic waste of such potential when this poor girl was murdered by this savage.

      • I agree totally – a brilliant, hard-working medical student who was also a beautiful person eradicated in such a cruel way – alone at night – I have a daughter the same age and never cease to think of how her mother must feel – its truly tragic

  5. What is one supposed when the father does not want to acknowledge what happened? I could not care less about the Germans. They will vote for Merkel or Schulz later this year and continue the madness.

    It bothers me, however, that they want to compel others to join them in suicide.

    • I think the father never commented, so to be fair, we don’t know what his thoughts are. He got an enormous backlash, for allegedly asking for donations for refugees at her funeral. But I did a bit of research on that.
      This is the funeral ad:
      It says nothing about refugees, but names two charities. One is a Christian Church in Bangladesh, the other just a neutral name of a charity in Freiburg which does not give away what they are doing.
      How, from that scarce information, Huffington Post can title “Moving funeral ad: Maria’s parents ask to donate for refugees.” (as can be seen here: remains the Huffington Post’s secret.
      It appears that Huffington Post never bothered to contact the organization in Freiburg and ask.
      The organization have since clarified that the project which Maria was supporting was an elementary school in Ghana, and that Maria never supported refugee work. (clarification here:
      As far as I know, the family never commented on all of this.

      • I believe they did not comment – also the funeral took place before it became evident who the perpetrator was – the family is a good charitable family and did no way deserve that this tragedy should befall them. Poor beautiful Maria was a victim of an evil person – who could have been any nationality – but the German state should not be lenient – and to try him as a juvenile – when there is so much evidence to contradict that – is wrong – and an added insult for the family and to Maria herself.

  6. This Angela Merkel character will go down in history as worst than Hitler for Germany.

    • I don’t think so. At least I haven’t seen an allied attack on Germany so far. And Germans are not fleeing the country in great numbers…yet. Let’s leave ol’ Adolph out of the equation. “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”, etc.

      • [Redacted for incivility].
        Angela Merkel has been a very good leader for Germany.
        Yes, maybe she took too many people in at the time but again
        what sort of other solution was left????

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