Halal-Slaughtering Sheep in the Garden

Culture-enrichers near Cologne decided that German laws against home butchering didn’t apply to them, and halal-slaughtered a number of sheep in their garden. Or tried to — they seem to have botched the job.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from the news magazine Tag 24:

Police Action! Family halal-slaughter five sheep in garden

Düren — Easter Saturday, Düren, a Cologne suburb of 90,000 in North Rhine-Westphalia. Suddenly neighbours hear the desperate death cries of sheep. They call the police.

The officers can hardly believe their eyes when they arrive at the “crime scene”.

A family had turned their small garden into an amateur slaughterhouse, shortly before Easter.

Five sheep were scheduled to be halal-slaughtered by the men of the family. According to Express, they went about it very unprofessionally.

Three of the animals were lucky: the officers managed to save them. They are in an animal shelter now. Police are investigating.

According to the translator, Express.de gives the same account, but additionally mentions the obvious: a family “with a migration background”.

8 thoughts on “Halal-Slaughtering Sheep in the Garden

  1. I wonder if the police bothered to rape test the survivors; not that adding rape to the charge of butchering without a license would affect the outcome of the case.

  2. I seem to recall similar stories from the “sensitive zones” in Paris. These even involved homemade pulley systems to transport the carcasses up the high rise housing. Halal slaughtering, even with sedatives, is an abomination. An australian lady produced a wonderful video on the ills of halal slaughter and certification a few years back.

    • I swan…if ever there were a clash of civilizations, you have just described it. Or rather civilization vs. barbaric “cultural” practices.

      I think that’s one video I will skip, though I am sure it would further my anthropological education.

      Ugh…OTOH, the Baron read Hughes’ book on the “settling” of Australia by England’s convenient ridding itself of those vile felons sent to prison for stealing bread and such. He advised me not to read it or I’d not be able to sleep…it is a testament to the foundations of western culture that it’s so-called “undesirables” were the beginnings of a prosperous, lawful state.

  3. The very same thing was going on in the Muslim areas of East Lancashire (UK) at Eid over thirty years ago. It probably still is.

  4. sacrificial meat….
    The Islamic shake-down is growing exponentially with the introduction of more and more halal abattoirs to satiate the hunger for sacrificial meats. Halal slaughter bypasses the humane western technique of stunning the animal prior to killing it. Halal Sacrificial slaughter slices the animal’s throat while it is conscious. The animal slowly bleeds to death, in pain and extreme anxiety. In an halal abattoir only practicing muslim need apply for work, there is a fee for prayers by the imam on every cruelly sacrificed animal, prayers offered to the most benevolent the most merciful~!?!
    And there are fees for halal certificates, all paid for by unsuspecting consumers……. quite a ludicrous ‘ Shake-Down ‘ for the Islamic coffers!
    Islam is controlling our meat industry except pork of course…. Islam is growing rich on the sharia-compliant sacrifice of animals and unsuspecting consumers pay for the privilege….. often because the halal abattoir is becoming the only source of meat… other than pork of course….
    Sacrificial meat cruelly slaughtered & blessed in the name of the most ‘beneficent’ most ‘merciful’ …….. you cant make this […] up ….
    It’s a multi-million islamic shakedown …… only practicing muslim allowed to work in halal abattoirs……. the fee for the imam’s sacrificial blessing & the fee for halal-certification all passed on to {often unsuspecting} non-muslim consumers of sacrificial meat….
    Halal abattoirs are growing exponentially in the West to satiate the barbaric taste for sacrificial meat and the blessed money that comes with it….

  5. These people are going to behave they way they see fit, and German culture will have no effect on them. The hope is, apparently, that their grandchildren will behave. The hope is misplaced because family influence far exceeds ” social ” influence such as education, psychology, and the law. Even if there are a few success stories – so what? These cultures’ importation into Germany are a net loss for the host society.
    The only people who gain are the neo-Marxists who think they are still fighting WW2, and who can now gloat about the distress they are causing to the former West Germany. Unfortunately the neo-Marxists have a penchant for the social sciences ( where else? ) and eventually become thoroughly obnoxious minor ministers. The people who object to the trashing of their homeland are, of course, “Nazis”.

  6. “Three of the animals were lucky: the officers managed to save them”

    Who will save Germany?

  7. These savages do this wherever they go, it is part of dawah/hijrah.

    We brought some of them to the US for training, and they managed to locate and purchase two goats for their “celebration”.

    My firm wound up paying to completely refurbish two rooms in the hotel these cretins were lodged at.

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