Gunning for Sebastian Gorka

As most readers already know, the mainstream media have been targeting Sebastian Gorka, a national security adviser to President Donald Trump, as part of a disinformation campaign designed to throw sand in the gears of the Trump administration.

The latest smear against Mr. Gorka concerns an interview with him that aired on Hungarian TV ten years ago. Somehow it supposedly reveals his anti-Semitic opinions. But as Spengler reports today at PJM, the exact opposite is the case, and the radical left-wing Jewish org that did the hit piece on Mr. Gorka was using classical disinformation propaganda techniques to smear him:

The most outrageous tissue of lies I have seen in my forty-five years as a journalist appeared yesterday on the website of The Forward, a once-great Jewish publication long since absorbed into the echo chamber of liberal propaganda.

The Forward trumpeted an exclusive: It claimed to have found a 2007 Hungarian television interview with Dr. Sebastian Gorka, now a national security adviser to President Trump, in which Gorka endorsed a militia then proposed by anti-Semitic political parties. Embedded in the “exclusive” story is a clip of Dr. Gorka speaking on Hungarian television full of jarring cuts and jumps, and ending strangely in mid-sentence. The Forward may style itself Jewish, but it learned its journalism from classic anti-Semitism.

In fact, as David Reaboi shows at RedState, the Forward’s clip edits out Gorka’s denunciation of the anti-Semitic parties for exploiting popular fears in order to advance their own agenda. Gorka explicitly says that it is the ultra-right parties that are behind the proposal, and that his party, the New Democratic Coalition, is not behind it.

How does black turn into white, day into night, democracy into tyranny, friendship with the Jewish people into anti-Semitism?

There is a name for this sort of propaganda, and it is The Big Lie: as Hitler’s mouthpiece Joseph Goebbels liked to say, if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. I denounced the Forward’s campaign of defamation against Dr. Gorka last month in this space. Yesterday’s lie denotes a new low point.

With the help of our Hungarian correspondent CrossWare and Vlad the Video Man, we can now watch a subtitled version of the same clip, and see the entirety of what Sebastian Gorka had to say. To provide context for what is being discussed in the video, the translator sends the following background summary of the events of 2006-2007:

In 2002 the governing Fidesz party lost the election, and a socialist-liberal coalition took over with a Socialist majority and a Socialist prime minister.

The economic situation was getting worse year by year — the typical leftist-driven agenda, an “independent central bank” serving the bankers’ cartel instead of the country, debt, rising unemployment, the usual. Then in 2006 the Socialist prime minister gave a speech for his own comrades in the party, which was recorded and released to the public.

In that speech you could hear the fellow, half drunk, saying that they did “f***ing nothing” etc.

The speech caused outrage within the population. On October 23, 2006, which is a commemoration of the 1956 revolution, under Socialist direction the Hungarian police provoked the protesters, and with provocateurs successfully converted protests to riots. The rioting people even stole and started a T-34 tank from the museum.

The socialist government wanted to punish the people for revolting, and ordered police to handle the protesters brutally. There was a rally by Fidesz (Viktor Orbán’s party) nearby, and the police pushed the rioting ultras into that crowd. Thousands of peaceful citizens were trapped in there (police closed the streets up instead of providing escape routes for the people), and brutally shot up (with rubber bullets) and beat up (with expandable batons) a lot of people. Hundreds were injured, hundreds arrested (included people who were found in restaurants or other places in the route of the riots).

The outrage and desperation created the idea that the Hungarian people should have a citizens’ defense association. It was not a great idea, but it seemed that desperate times called for desperate measures. This idea was originally supported by both Jobbik and Fidesz. Later Fidesz slowly backed out as the leftist outrage grew louder. As soon as this “Hungarian Guard” or “National Guard” entered its organizational phase, the lefties and socialists started screaming, just as in the USA they call everybody who disagrees with them Hitler/fascists.

The discussion in this video occurred a year later than the events in 2006. Sebastian Gorka was an advisor to Viktor Orbán, but they had a falling out. Gorka tried to organize another conservative-leaning party, and the interview was conducted at that time. Not long afterwards this new party ceased to exist — it did not work out, and Gorka left Hungarian political life.

A note concerning the anti-Semitic slanders against Gorka:

In the interview he points out that calling someone anti-Semitic is a favorite weapon of a specific political group. That is absolutely true. In Hungary the leftist (80-90%) and socialist (60-80%) parties are stuffed with secular Marxist Jews (Soros-style), who are only known to be somehow Jewish in that every criticism they receive from the other side is silenced by calling everyone else an “anti-Semite”. This happens constantly.

The leftists are pro-Palestinian and against Israel — the usual cultural Marxist SJW types (mostly the young ones) I think the older ones just want power, and have no moral stance.

Obviously, Viktor Orbán is called an anti-Semite, and a “fascist”, despite the fact that Hungary has the second-largest Jewish community in Europe (after France, or now maybe the largest as the Jews are fleeing France), and by stopping the Muslim migrants at the border with the fence he is actually defending Hungarian Jews. The Orbán government currently has good relations with Israel.

But the left-wing media still have around 80% share of the market in Hungary (at the time of the recording in 2007 that percentage was more than 90%).

Note: The annoying robot voice-over in this clip was present in the original video file, and was put there by the unlicensed software that someone used to convert the old .WMV format to something that could be YouTubed.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   You are watching the Daily Actual on Echo Television, on August 6
00:08   Monday, today’s topics: the NDC [UDK — in Hungarian] supports the Hungarian Guard,
00:12   We will have Sebestyén Gorka, the charge d’affaires of the New Democratic Coalition
00:16   and we strike danger at the BKV [Budapest Transport Company], and I will talk to
00:20   Gábor Nemes, vice president of the Capital City Transport Corporation Union.
00:24   Please do not go anywhere, the Daily Actual now begins.
00:32   I welcome to the studio Sebestyén Gorka, the
00:36   chargé d’affaires of the New Democratic Coalition,
00:40   So you are managing director of the Institute of Developing Democracy and International Security.
00:44   Yes that is true. Dear Mr. Director,
00:48   How normal is it, or is it normal at all,
00:52   that in developing democracies, such an
00:56   organization — which defines itself as Historical and Tradition Preservation Association —
01:00   [unintelligible], a paramilitary organization is created?
01:04   Well, depending on the countries; if we look at the Swiss example,
01:08   or the Israeli example, then absolutely natural.
01:12   If we are talking about a small country, which does not have a large
01:16   mass army, then territorial defence
01:20   can be based on such a system,
01:24   and even in the United States, where the largest and richest army
01:28   exists, there are such programs, one can
01:32   get weapons almost free, if one participates
01:36   in organized weapon training,
01:40   and is always a member of an association,
01:44   that is… — Is it under state oversight? No. — So practically the basis
01:48   of the army is that territorial organization? No, in the USA the state
01:52   supports it, for example by handing over decommissioned weapons.
01:56   Then they are members of the National Guard, yes? No, these are associations, completely different,
02:00   a training organization, which functions in the form of an association.
02:04   But this not the reason why this idea came about.
02:08   It is very clear that in Hungary,
02:12   after last year’s riots [2006 — against the socialist government], we could ascertain a need to
02:16   — I was there at the siege of the [state] television headquarters,
02:20   and the interesting thing was that the regime-changer
02:24   people — average age in their 40s — were not there,
02:28   but many young men, who had all seen how sick
02:32   society is. And they felt a need to somehow
02:36   protect and defend the soul of this society.
02:40   So I believe for that great need, this societal need,
02:44   Jobbik realized that this is something they can…
02:48   capitalize on, they can gain political traction
02:52   — Would that be?… — Sorry… but behind… and this is the most
02:56   important part of the whole thing, behind this the news is not about the NDC,
03:00   but Jobbik, [unintelligible], …we know this is supported by Fidesz [Orbán’s party]
03:04   from behind the curtain, because this type of… this type of —
03:08   Yes. Well, this is the next question, this is the next question…
03:12   So your statement said, you support the Jobbik-Fidesz suggestion,
03:16   This is correct. So why would you think the Fidesz would support such a militant organization?
03:20   Because they must… they must. Why, because next time the police officers
03:24   — how to say this — will be a bit rougher with protesters,
03:28   then the crowd would have trained elements in them who can
03:32   fight back? — I do not believe so. Because I was also there,
03:36   when at the Astoria, hundreds of Fidesz organizers
03:40   who secured the ground, they did not defend anybody,
03:44   when the riot police came; I think Fidesz it does not really want
03:48   to form any kind of militant
03:52   organization, but I see it as something they can capitalize on,
03:56   and they can gain… —So how do you know this is Fidesz?
04:00   If you think about it, Mr Director, that practically,
04:04   most frequently against the Fidesz, attacked by
04:08   — liberal and leftist organizations —
04:12   and accused of anti-Semitism, the flirting with
04:16   the Horthy system…
04:20   Fidesz would support such an association,
04:24   that has such calling signs — I will list some of them — black uniform,
04:28   Árpád stripes, [unintelligible]
04:32   So that when on 25th, what will be on the flag… — Sorry this is not
04:36   Fidesz, sorry… Why not, why not? They failed twice in an election.
04:40   — And do you think they will win the election with such a paramilitary organization?
04:44   Because I think… In Hungary these parties, which could be
04:48   Free Democrats Alliance [liberal party] or the Hungarian Socialist Party
04:52   or Fidesz or the New Democratic Coalition, they can only run on the basis
04:56   of constitutionalism. So I would never think that a militarized… —They don’t, either.
05:00   I do not believe so. There are two reasons
05:04   why I say this. First, because on the 25th when this
05:08   ominous organization began, if you look it up, or the viewers or the journalists,
05:12   then you will see, that inside of organization
05:16   there are people, who are very very close to
05:20   Fidesz. —Who are those people? I can’t tell you that now. — Will István Simicskó be there?
05:24   No, somebody else, who was from the time of the Fidesz government.
05:28   Lajos Für? No.
05:32   He is too much of an independent personality to be attached to this… No,
05:36   such a person who is in reality in the media,
05:40   who did a lot for Fidesz… — So you know who will be there?
05:44   I know but I can’t tell you. — Why? Because I got my information from a confidential source.
05:48   In this small country, if I tell who this is, then he will know immediately
05:52   from which source I got this information. The other thing is why he doing this.
05:56   Not because of any kind of thing Fidesz would do, which is against the Constitution, but
06:00   they know that with Viktor Orbán they will not win.
06:04   And they need new supporters. — So, sorry this is how…
06:08   They want new blood, new voters. And we must see
06:12   who are the ones who went out. I have seen those
06:16   who protested against the government and went out,
06:20   those are the 20-something-year-old youth, who went… —Those were not Fidesz members but ultras,
06:24   Not sure if it was Fidesz — So they were not Fidesz but rather ultras, right?
06:28   No. — If we had to tie them to somewhere, then they were ultras?
06:32   The ones who were breaking the law, yes, but those who were just quietly
06:36   watching the events, those ten thousand people on the Szabadság square,
06:40   not the ones who caused any kind of damage and destruction. — Do you think
06:44   they would agree to an organization where they would wear Árpád-striped armbands and would get
06:48   weapons training, where in those analyses you wrote
06:52   it down also: Israeli owned, tasked with state roles,
06:56   security and protection companies you were talking about that
07:00   must be dissolved, and you were talking about the Hungarian population’s physical and mental defense.
07:04   This is evokes the feeling of October 1944.
07:08   No, this is a very distorted interpretation
07:12   of the situation, the truth is here… — Sorry, but…
07:16   Could I please finish my sentence here? There is one problem here.
07:20   The army. There is a very basic thing here… The army
07:24   always reflects the state of a specific country. And the Hungarian
07:28   army is sick. And it reflects perfectly the state of Hungarian society.
07:32   Stuffed with corruption scandals.
07:36   We can only talk about 16,000 soldiers, despite that almost twice,
07:40   almost 40,000 police officer are in service, this country
07:44   could not defend itself with this army. So for that Jobbik invented something.
07:48   I will not say this is a good solution, but weapons training
07:52   and the use of the [historical] Árpád stripes flag,
07:56   none of them are against the Constitution. Let me mention something here,
08:00   [unintelligible]. —But it is suitable to arouse such feelings,
08:04   which in the media started to spread, in some call-in shows
08:08   and in other shows, that
08:12   many say — who experienced 1944 and the Arrow Cross movement — that
08:16   they are just afraid of those phenomena;
08:20   now this is the time they should leave Hungary. So it is capable of
08:24   of arousing anti-Semitic feelings… This is a very useful…
08:28   This is a tool, this type of prosecution is a useful tool for a specific political group.
08:32   I will tell you a very important thing, that nobody is mentioning.
08:36   Do you know, when a new Hungarian Prime Minister
08:40   is taking his official oath, what types of flags are in front of him?
08:44   Yes, I know. So what types of flags? [unintelligible] So what type of flag in that group?
08:48   What flag is there? Among them the flag of kings from the Árpád House, striped flag [red/white]
08:51   So what are we talking about? —Just because someone use an Árpád striped flag,
08:56   in a future organization… — I do not have a problem with the Árpád striped flag,
09:00   So then from here, how do we end up at the Horthy era?
09:04   But the combination, and we are not even talking about the Horthy era, but
09:08   the Arrow Cross movement the Szálasi era. So the combination of Árpád stripes
09:12   on armband or scarf — as Mr Vona said it will be scarves —
09:16   and the black uniform. These now taken together, well…
09:20   how to say it… in some will shocked by it; in others
09:24   it will generate fear. This smells like provocation, so the Fidesz,
09:28   so it looks like, so at least let’s assume
09:32   Fidesz has nothing to do with it, and you were
09:36   connected incredibly fast with this Jobbik-Fidesz initiative.
09:40   Viktor Szabadi from SZDSZ [Free Democrats Alliance (liberal)] President of Budapest immediately
09:44   wrote a letter to János Fónagy, so this is smells so much like provocation,
09:48   I have to repeat it again: This was not the idea of the NDC [New Democratic Coalition = UDK]
09:52   What they refer to are facts: the country is sick,
09:56   the army is sick, not capable… — This is the solution? No, no.
10:00   I am not so sure. Something with a completely presentable organization
10:04   or with multiple respectable organizations would be possible.
10:08   And I think the Fidesz bet on the wrong horse with this one,
10:12   but just because someone wears a black- or red- or any other-colored uniform…
10:16   When the police send a SWAT team into the bank when its being robbed,
10:20   and the unit executes an action wearing black uniforms,
10:24   then nobody talks about fascist police in Hungary. Nobody.
10:28   Well, it is possible when they combine all these things together,
10:32   then in its effect it comes out at the end in a very bad way,
10:36   but that is NOT my problem. This will be a problem for the Jobbik and Fidesz.
10:40   But don’t you think… I have used some…
10:44   — non-presentable expressions — so would it be possible
10:48   that the Hungarian political elite would be that stupid? Ha… why not?
10:52   Can you see them falling for such a spectacular provocation?
10:56   Do we want to talk about the levels of stupidity? This is a party
11:00   which failed three times, now after the great renewal of officials,
11:04   they re-elect a leader who already failed three times.
11:08   They believe, they will win with Viktor Orbán for the fourth time,
11:12   with a fallen leader. How stupid must a party be for that? Very.
11:16   They must be very stupid. — I am sorry, but the analysis and research shows
11:20   that. It might be possible there is an aversion on the part of the voters to Viktor Orbán,
11:24   but Fidesz itself is very popular.
11:28   But this type of idea will be very good for them,
11:32   this hysteria around Jobbik that will explode.
11:36   Those results will be washed away.
11:40   Do you remember what the polls were saying about Fidesz in 2002?
11:44   By what percent they would be winning with? By 12%
11:48   they will win. That’s all we can say about polls.
11:52   I will be very interested in what will happen. Unfortunately we are out of time…
11:56   I am sure we will talk about this more. I do not like
12:00   conspiracy theories, and Hungary has plenty,
12:04   but I feel the smell of provocation in this whole thing,
12:08   so I am curious how this will proceed. Yes, me too. — Thank you for accepting our invitation.
12:12   You are very welcome.

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  1. Yes this is about information laundering. She is a unknown nobody, who writes a blog with 6 Twitter followers, then the Soros network echoing it between each other, where each time a larger media outlet picks it up (from different country) while they refer the previous one as “trusted source”. When it gets to CNN the source will be The Guardian or BBC.
    I had an article translated and showcased here showing an expert analysis how the Soros NGOs quoting each other and generate a pedigree for themselves…

  2. “Fake” news aside — and thank you for the full translation (not being a Hungarian news devote, I am still in process of absorbing): What is a revelation here is Sebastian Gorka’s deep and active involvement in Hungarian affairs as recently as ten years ago. Highly unusual to find in a top White House councilor.

    FYI, my views on his advice regarding Islam, etc., here:

    • I’m not a great fan of Gorka’s at the moment, given his part in the administration’s shift towards the “moderate Muslim” and “terrorism is not Islamic” fantasy. But he’s getting a bum rap on this one — there really is a concerted and coordinated smear job being waged against him.

  3. how does black turn into white, day into night, democracy into tyranny, friendship with the jewish people into anti-Semitism? in a word, communism.

  4. I do not accept homosexuality, I do not accept racism, I do not accept extremism and I will continue my work with the government to prevent youths from being radical, radical democrats, radical islamism supporters or anything else extreme!

    Let us work together we share the same vision to have a peaceful world. Let us reign in on Erdogan, Trump, Netanjahu and al Baghdadi!

  5. The real concern with Sebastian Gorka is not his past affiliations but his academic and intellectual ability.

    He has a lower second (ie very average) BA from a decent but obscure college of The University of London (Heythrop, mainly known for teaching philosophy and theology – and where I obtained an MA) and from all accounts a rather thin doctorate.

    Thank God for the appointment of the intellectual warrior McMasters

  6. Mustafa Cimsit, you can lump Erdogan with al-Baghdadi, and Trump with Netanyahu, but not all the four together. With your twisted mind you distort the facts and pervert the truth.

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