Fr. Guy Pagès: “Islam is an imposture, and all the more demonic because it claims to be divine”

Father Guy Pagès is a French Roman Catholic and the author of several books on Christianity and Islam. Back in March Fr. Pagès took part in a “de-Islamization” event in Béziers in southern France. Below is a video of the speech he gave at the event (previously: the speech by General Christian Piquemal at the same event).

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Praise be to Jesus Christ! Dear friends,
00:04   I greet you and congratulate you, all of you who are here, Christians or not,
00:08   and have the courage and merit, so rare today,
00:12   to refuse our enslavement programmed by Islam!
00:16   I greet you and I congratulate you!
00:20   On this solemn day of the baptism
00:24   of our plan to de-Islamize Europe, allow me
00:28   to speak to you as a Frenchman and a Christian.
00:32   As a Christian, I have good reason
00:36   to worry about the Islamization of Europe, since Islam
00:40   is the sworn enemy of the Christian faith,
00:44   which is for it the worst possible abomination, the only sin
00:48   that Allah can not forgive (Sura 4.48),
00:52   so that its whole purpose is to destroy
00:56   and replace the Church (Sura 2.193).
01:00   As a Frenchman, I also have reason
01:04   to worry about the allegedly neutral Republican discourse
01:08   on religion, because if we find ourselves today Islamized,
01:12   it is because of the policy of de-Christianization
01:16   commanded by the religion of the Republic, Freemasonry,
01:20   for which, as is well known, there is no truth,
01:24   there is no truth,
01:28   there is no truth, so that all religions are equal.
01:32   Islam is therefore as true or absurd
01:36   as Christianity, and there is no reason to treat the two differently …
01:40   unless perhaps to consider that Islam, while generating
01:44   a people subject to the Arbitrary,
01:48   cannot leave indifferent a power that is all the more totalitarian
01:53   because it refuses the kingdom of Christ,
01:57   for whom Saint Joan of Arc justly fought, who replied
02:01   to her judge asking if God did not love the English,
02:05   whom, she assured him, she had received the mission to oust from France:
02:09   “Yes, God loves the English, but at home!”
02:17   The anti-Christian connivance
02:21   between Islam and secularism, this perversion
02:25   of the teaching of Christ distinguishing the natural and
02:29   supernatural orders (Luke 20:25), also rejected by Islam,
02:33   was very well-expressed in a famous phrase by the Mayor of Strasbourg :
02:37   “In the cafeteria we serve halal
02:41   for the sake of diversity, but no fish on Friday
02:45   out of respect for secularism.”
02:49   Here is a magnificent verification of the word of Christ:
02:53   “He who is not with Me is against Me.”
02:57   Because, unfortunately, even in the Church,
03:01   welcoming Islam has often become a virtue
03:05   and denouncing it a sin, I would like to show
03:09   that de-Islamization is on the contrary a vital
03:13   and urgent requirement of charity.
03:21   At least that is how our Fathers understood it.
03:25   The kingdom of the Franks, who remained Catholic, alone, amidst nations
03:29   that all became heretical, and — because of that — all politically divided,
03:33   pushed back the expansion of Islam;
03:37   which was halted at the battle of Poitiers.
03:42   Spain, Provence and Burgundy had become Arian,
03:46   North Africa Donatist, Egypt Monophysite,
03:50   Syria and Palestine, Nestorian.
03:54   And they all fell under the power of Islam.
03:58   It is a history lesson: a sick Church, an apostate people
04:02   easily pass into Islam.
04:06   It was popes and saints who,
04:10   in accordance to the Gospel, inspired the Reconquista,
04:14   the Crusades, the battles of Lepanto, Belgrade and Vienna.
04:18   If the Church had not inspired and supported
04:22   these fights against the Muslim invasion,
04:26   we would all be Muslim today.
04:30   And this is what our children and grandchildren will be, if we listen
04:34   to the voices of these cowards and traitors who want to convince us
04:38   that the Islamization of Europe is inevitable!
04:46   For Allah’s command to subdue the whole earth
04:50   is imposed upon all Muslims (Sura 5.33, 9.29,44)
04:54   in return for “a great reward, whether they be slain or victorious.” (Sura 4.74).
05:02   “Such is the immutable word of Allah, whose customs
05:06   do not change.” (Sura 33.62, 35.43, 48.23)
05:10   …At the moment, the nations of Europe
05:14   that resist Islamization are the countries that still have
05:18   a strong Christian identity. Be they Greece, Serbia
05:22   Hungary, Poland or Russia.
05:26   And this, after the murderous madness of the Revolution, which wanted
05:30   to kill the Church and make a clean sweep of the past.
05:35   As if it were possible to forget history! As if history didn’t matter!
05:39   As if Christ were nothing!
05:43   But without memory
05:47   there is no identity! A slave has no identity.
05:51   He is an object. And Islam, like globalism,
05:55   wants to make us slaves!
05:59   Firstly, of Allah! And secondly, of money! How long will it take
06:03   Europeans to reject anti-Christian propaganda
06:07   and stop despising Christ?!
06:11   We cannot serve two masters. To not want the Light
06:15   is to want the darkness. To reject Christ
06:19   is to welcome the Antichrist.
06:23   In the parable of the tares (Mt 13: 24-30) Jesus warned us
06:27   of the coming of Islam. He prophesied that after the preaching
06:31   of the Gospel in the field of the world, engendering the good grain
06:35   of the sons of God, the Devil would give himself
06:39   cursed offspring by sowing the tares,
06:43   this plant still called zizanie [discord]
06:47   (an entire program!), which resembles wheat,
06:51   as Islam pretends to be the only true religion,
06:55   and is poisonous, as Islam teaches hatred
06:59   in the name of Allah: “Allah loves those who go so far
07:03   as to kill for him.” (Sura 61.4).
07:07   The workers proposing to uproot this weed,
07:12   the master forbade to do so,
07:16   lest they at the same time tear up the good grain
07:20   … for there are brave people everywhere, and Muslims are also called for salvation.
07:24   If some want to lie to themselves by distinguishing
07:28   a good Islam from a bad Islam, Islam from Islamism,
07:32   for us the distinction is between Muslims and Islam.
07:36   I love all Muslims
07:40   as they, like me, are human beings, but I hate Islam
07:44   with all my soul.
07:52   To eliminate Islam without hurting Muslims
07:56   is the challenge that Christ confronts us with so that our actions
08:00   are irreproachable and that we do not lose our souls.
08:04   For the Devil does not only want to make us suffer
08:08   by imposing on us the presence of Islam
08:12   — even though God certainly uses it as punishment
08:16   to awaken us from the decadence into which we sink —
08:20   but he wants above all, by returning evil for evil,
08:24   that we become evil ourselves, and so we are damned with him…
08:28   The way of salvation is narrow;
08:32   it goes between approval of Islam and hatred of Muslims.
08:36   The Apostle St. John
08:40   does not betray the commandment to love our enemies (Mt 5:44)
08:44   when he forbids us to welcome those who refuse
08:48   our faith and our culture (2 John 1: 10),
08:52   for to do so would be profitable neither to them nor to us.
08:57   What St John Paul II taught in this way:
09:01   “The cultural elements that immigrants carry
09:05   will be respected and welcomed
09:09   insofar as they do not contradict
09:13   universal ethical values.”
09:17   Yet Islam IS incompatible
09:21   with universal ethical values, as recognized
09:25   by the European Court of Human Rights, declaring, as we heard,
09:29   that Shariah is incompatible with the fundamental principles
09:33   of our societies. That is why
09:37   nobody can reproach us for wanting
09:41   to de-Islamise our countries! That is why
09:45   we are justified in demanding that the authorities
09:49   immediately stop all aid
09:53   to the spread of Islam, in any form whatsoever!
09:57   On the basis of this incompatibility of Shariah
10:01   with universal ethical values, we can signal
10:05   ourselves at the reception to form groups tasked with demanding, each one: The prohibition
10:13   of all literature teaching the principles of Sharia;
10:17   the dissolution of any organization
10:21   related to the Muslim Brotherhood, such as the U.O.I.F [Union of Islamic Organizations of France];
10:25   examining the past funding
10:29   of mosques and “cultural” Muslim associations;
10:33   the cessation of the construction of mosques;
10:37   the abolition of the automatic acquisition
10:41   of French nationality by the right of the soil;
10:45   the abolition of dual citizenship;
10:49   tougher visa standards
10:53   for Muslim countries; the cessation of any military aid
10:57   to Muslim groups or states;
11:02   the ban on halal slaughter…
11:06   the cancellation of the preferential
11:10   tax regime granted to Qatari and Saudi buyers.
11:14   In short, it is a matter of
11:18   giving Islam the status of an enemy of the human race,
11:22   which it claims: “Between us and you
11:26   is enmity and hatred forever,
11:30   until you believe in Allah alone!” (Sura 60: 4).
11:34   But for de-Islamization
11:38   to be perfect, it must go to the minds,
11:42   to tear up the roots of Islam, that is to say,
11:46   to the reasons Muslims have for being Muslims,
11:50   and for this to show them the contradictions,
11:54   lies and calumnies upon which Islam is built,
11:58   so that they can freely choose
12:02   to remain Muslim or to deny Islam,
12:06   to stay in Europe or to leave it.
12:10   They must know that we have nothing against them,
12:14   but only against the evil of which they are both the victims and the agents.
12:18   While waiting for this happy day
12:22   when the nation will be able to place them before this choice,
12:26   it is up to us to highlight Islam
12:30   among the Muslims we meet and all those
12:34   who want to persuade themselves that “This is not Islam.”
12:38   To this end, the group Saint Michel Archangel, whom we thank for being the sponsor
12:43   of this gathering, organizes training days wherever it is called,
12:47   and I myself wrote a book entitled
12:51   “Ask Islam. 1501 questions to ask Muslims.”
12:55   Since only the truth sets you free,
12:59   let us never accept
13:03   that someone praises Islam, however little it may be.
13:07   No evil tree bears good fruit!
13:11   De-Islamising leads to denouncing
13:15   for example, the very common amalgam [confusion] between Islam
13:19   and the good that can be found among some Muslims.
13:23   This good NEVER comes from Islam,
13:27   but from human nature, which was created good,
13:31   so that those Muslims who do good prefer to listen
13:35   to their conscience rather than to Allah.
13:39   If they are called “moderate Muslims”, it is because having understood
13:43   that Islam is bad, they feel it necessary to moderate it,
13:47   to correct it.
13:51   And because they dare to criticize Allah, they are killed
13:55   as renegades by Muslims who want to be true Muslims,
13:59   that is, non-moderate.
14:03   This amalgamation between nature and religion still serves
14:07   to criminalize the criticism of Islam in the name
14:11   of anti-racism, as if being Muslim
14:15   was a fact of nature and not of culture…
14:19   In the opposite direction it is used to denigrate the Christian faith,
14:23   due to bad acts committed by Christians.
14:27   And to those who, in order to make us believe
14:31   in the capacity of Islam to produce some good,
14:36   and for that reason present us, for example, with Persian miniatures
14:40   of the XIVth century, we must answer that an Islamized people
14:44   can never produce anything good
14:48   thanks to Islam, but always in spite of Islam.
14:52   As true as the refusal of the Incarnation,
14:56   the visible manifestation of the Truth,
15:00   Islam also necessarily refuses the representation.
15:04   In communion with Asia Bibi
15:08   and all non-Muslims living continuously in fear
15:12   of being accused and sentenced to death for blasphemy,
15:16   let us proclaim loud and clear
15:20   that we ourselves are blasphemers!
15:24   Indeed, by the mere fact that we refuse
15:28   to convert to Islam, we confess implicitly,
15:32   but necessarily, that we hold Mahomet
15:36   as an impostor …
15:40   otherwise…
15:44   otherwise we would be converted! Let us invite
15:48   all non-Muslims we meet to realize that
15:52   in the eyes of Allah they deserve death!
15:56   “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them!” (Sura 4.89)
16:00   For their part,
16:04   Christians should stop the common
16:08   yet forbidden prayers, sources of confusion, relativism and apostasy,
16:12   and the Islamic-Christian encounters that give Islam
16:17   the legitimacy and respectability
16:21   it so badly needs. We do not have dialogue with an ideology
16:25   that teaches hatred of others, killing apostates,
16:29   the ontological inferiority of women and non-Muslims,
16:33   [unintelligible] polygamy,
16:37   repudiation, slavery, pedophilia, bodily mutilations…
16:41   It is by not maintaining the intellectual confusion
16:45   that we will help Muslims and non-Muslims understand
16:49   that Islam is an imposture, and all the more demonic
16:53   because it claims to be divine. Islam must cease
16:57   to be regarded as sacred, above all suspicion,
17:01   because it is hidden behind the mask of religion, which it is not,
17:05   since it does not connect to God!
17:09   The reason for which it rejects nothing so much as associationism,
17:13   a term by which he designates precisely the religion of God
17:17   that has come to associate us with Him and with each other…
17:21   Who can come AFTER Christ, if not the Antichrist?
17:25   But we can only eliminate
17:29   what we replace. In 1906 Charles de Foucaud
17:33   said of the Algerians:
17:37   “If we do not succeed in making them Christians,
17:41   they will never be French, for their dogmas
17:45   are opposed to it, and they will drive us away.”
17:49   And this is what happened fifty years later, under the auspices of the Freemason Third Republic,
17:53   having prevented the evangelization
17:57   of our colonies, this is how much it is true that to fight
18:02   the falsehood of Islam leads to the recognition of the truth of Christianity.
18:06   But what Charles de Foucaud did not foresee
18:10   is that after driving the French from Algeria, the Muslims would one day
18:14   be in Europe and would Islamize it!
18:18   Thus is verified this other saying by Jesus:
18:22   “Who does not gather with Me, disperses.”
18:26   So I say to you, dear friends, if the West does not return to Christ,
18:30   who gave His life for our sake
18:34   and “received all power in heaven and on earth”,
18:38   we will not weigh against the Muslims,
18:42   who are not fool enough to exchange the goods of this world
18:46   against the goods of eternity!
18:50   Why, just a century ago, did the Virgin
18:54   to whose victories over Islam Christendom has acknowledged
18:58   show Hell in a place called Fatima,
19:02   if not to say to the Muslims
19:06   — whose reason for wanting to be Muslim is to escape from Hell —
19:10   that Christians also believe
19:14   in Hell, and therefore in eternal life?
19:18   If the West does not find its faith and the spiritual weapons it gives,
19:22   it will not weigh
19:26   against those who wager their eternity…
19:30   The stakes of our life are fulfilled
19:34   until eternity… This is why
19:38   it is worth fighting to save it! Thank you.

27 thoughts on “Fr. Guy Pagès: “Islam is an imposture, and all the more demonic because it claims to be divine”

  1. Oh, why did he have to bring up the Freemasons? My father was a member, and by no means part of any conspiracy. And at 3.25, he appears to have a go at Protestants; Luther (and Jan Hus a century earlier) were reacting against the Catholic establishment’s corruption and authoritarianism.

    A house divided against itself…

    • Mark, my own research has led me to the conclusion that it is Freemasonry, that is partly responsible for what ails us now.

      It is not well known that the lower echelons of the Masons are as apart from the realities of the Mason’s agenda as is the Nuns, Brothers and Priests of the Roman Church to its age old agenda that works in with Freemasonry.

      A good source you could investigate to satisfy your own curiosity would be Albert Pike and his influence within Freemasonry and its worldwide agenda.

      I term both the Masons and the Roman Church as being Janus establishments, and for good reason.

      • I’ve Googled Albert Pike, and read the item “Albert Pike and Lucifer”; can’t see anything suspicious there. His wiki entry is fascinating; he certainly had an interesting life.

  2. Islam is the creation of a psychopath who{ for years of attempts } never could quite produce a ” Miracle ” to show the Jews and Christians ; proof that he was a legitimate “Prophet”. Mohammed took the course of savagery to others and won by intimidation. Current political and church leaders are too soft , stupid , and ignorant of history to see islam for what it is. Stupidity cures itself…..but a lot of innocents will suffer as this ” bromide ” is proven true. Listen to the priest and pray for all the people. As an aside…the generational inbreeding of muslims has had a negative effect on their cognitive abilities ; which explains their ” off the wall, and violent behavior ” when they feel aggrieved.

    • I believe Islam is the Devil’s religion to counter Christianity. One may put what ever spin they wish to on how such a death cult began, but when one delves into history, especially Biblical history, it becomes very apparent that there are forces at work in this world that we, as mere mortal humans, truly have no answer to.

    • If you want to understand islam, start with its creator mohammad. One way you can do this is get the CD set titled “Political Islam” from Dr. Bill Warner’s website:

      You will learn more than you can imagine just listening to that in your vehicle than you can know.

  3. Without Muslims there would be no Islam. Muslims are not a product of Islam, rather Islam is a product of Muslims; Islam is a reflection of the Muslim soul.

  4. Father Guy Pagès is on someone’s death list, then. And becauseI salute those who speak the truth, I salute him.

    • I agree. I don’t know where the fight back/civil war will begin but I’m determined to play my part.

  5. Fr. Guy Pages (sorry, no accent ague) is a heroic speaker for the West. Let’s hope his words fell on fertile soil *somewhere.* “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear” Matt. 11:15 (KJV).

    Sadly, as in the parable, much of his brilliance likely fell on rocky soil. But, as with the original teller of the parable, some has fallen on fertile soil, and some of his words were carried in the wind to other climes, there to fall on fertile soil.

    I wish Fr. Guy Pages a long and continued life of truth-telling, even though he has disturbed a nest of vipers.

  6. On the basis of this incompatibility of Shariah
    with universal ethical values, we can signal
    ourselves at the reception to form groups tasked with demanding, each one: The prohibition … of all literature teaching the principles of Sharia;

    Problem: if all literature teaching sharia is banned, how will Father Pages quote from the Koran to make his point?

    Other than that small point, I’m pretty much behind his program of steps to de-Islamize. Of course, he boggles the distinction between atheism and secularism, but in a free, Western country, debate and discussion sharpens the mind. I think it’s often better to throw out a concept and debate it than to hold off until you’re sure you get everything right.

    He’s absolutely correct about the fruitlessness of discussion with Islam. The Interfaith movement is typical of cross-faith discussion. As shown in Stephen Coughlin’s
    Catastrophic Failure the interfaith movement is a conscious mechanism to pave the way for Islam.

    He’s also correct about loving Muslims (but not Islam, of course). Our own governments have committed unthinkable evil by sponsoring the overthrow of non-democratic, but perfectly functional governments in the Middle East, resulting in untold suffering by Muslims as well as Christians.

    It’s pretty obvious by now that there is more to the pressure by the EU and the German, Swedish, Dutch, British, etc governments to import Muslims, than simply an ignorance of Islam. It is virtually impossible by now that Western leaders are unaware of the base tenets of Islam and sharia.

    Some people have cited the works of Coudenhove-Kalergi Practical Idealsim and the organizations he sponsored, such as the European Union, as having provided the rationale and pressure behind the current situation. I’m in the process of studying his works and trying to determine through reasoning if he is the cause, or the effect, of the avalanche of the dilution of the European peoples.

    • Ronald. Joseph P Farrell has a book out titled, The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union and Corporate Fascism, that may assist you in your endeavour.

      I have not read it yet, but I can gauge from the synopsis that the subject matter leads me in the direction I wish to explore.

      Farrell is a brilliant scholar in his field.

      • Kind of difficult to see how a Nazi conspiracy would have the objective of racial dilution of the German people.

        • Indeed. To these people, Fascism just means “baddie”. Hitler knew of Kalergi of course, and utterly loathed him and his program. The Evangelicals even fantasize that Hitler was taking orders from the Mufti!

          This is a simple association of course. They have already programmed us to hate Hitler, so they seek to transfer that hatred to the Muslims by associating them with Hitler.

          • The mutually beneficial alliance between Hitler and the Grand Mufti has been well-established.

            Of course, Hitler didn’t “take orders” from anyone; his input button was turned down so low that he couldn’t listen to ideas other than his own.

            Hitler’s grandiosity led to defeat; his delusions caused more destruction in Germany than might have been the case otherwise. [I was going to say “destroyed his own country” but then Hitler wasn’t German.] For example, the destruction of Dresden, awful as it was, grew out of the maniacal strategies Hitler initially employed against the Allies, England particularly.

            In any event, this purported “programming” against Hitler was his own doing. When the truth came out about him after the war, he turned out to be worse than imagined. Your proposition concerning some kind of “transfer of hatred” isn’t borne out by the reality of what the Hitler-Mufti alliance had planned.

    • An interesting point, is Couldenhove-Kalergi the cause or the effect?.
      He and his groups are certainly there, though openly there, still sort of veiled, in plain sight.

      Many of the EU leaders and backers received prizes like Merkel happily accepted like from the at the Federal Chancellery.

      The philosophy as espoused by Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove Kalergi,and his book “Practical Idealism”

      which then created “european society Coulden Kalergi” You may have to find on the page to language translation this link now closed.

      Another flow on “pan europea” Again may have to find on the page language translation

      Then there is;- So it becomes the undemocratic EU, is a system which courageously solves the problems itself created. just like Communism.
      “We” created the tyrannical system and since day 1 “we the wise governors” have been wrestling with the problems (it’s generated) or changing to another agenda, like the “Hooten Plan” The parallel is uncanny.!

      I find he seems to have an insidious effect and that gives a “feel good” factor and masks this “universalism”.
      Some masking as a number of links I used to have, are now closed.

      I am curious with what you come up with.

      • He obviously didn’t like his White father, like so many boys of mixed marriages. Then he met a Jewish girl and she convinced him they were the master race and something had to be done about the “white problem.”

        • To Jaego,
          I think you’re oversimplifying Kalergis point of view. He had a complex concept of the relationship between human groupings and heredity. Some of his observations are rather interesting. He admires the Jews (without distinguishing, say, Ashkenazim and Sephardi, which are distinct hereditary groups with their own characteristics). But, he is not entirely complimentary towards them.

          Kalergi took socialism as being the highest good, and regarded any group not disposed towards socialism as retrograde and an impediment to human progress. Kalergi saw genetic isolation of any group as contributing to that group’s resistance to “progress” (socialism). Thus, the people most receptive to socialism and progress would be a completely mixed people. Hence, in his worldview, the ideal people for the world would be a genetically-blended population exactly the same in its genetic composition all over the world.

          One of the paradoxes I find in Kalergi is that he is hyper-aware of the role of genetics and heredity in human traits, but yet advocates the blending of populations, seeming to ignore the vast differences in intelligence and personality characteristics of different populations.

          So, you have Kalergi, a screwball crank amateur ethnologist and Darwinian who seems totally alien to any real science concept such as quantitative thinking and the scientific method of hypothetico-deductive reasoning. He was very influential; he founded the Paneuropean Union, which holds annual conventions and has given awards to almost all the European political leaders most responsible for bringing masses of Muslims into European countries.

          At this point, I don’t have any conclusions on whether Kalergi singlehandedly engineered the destruction of European peoples, or if he was a reflection of a tendency that encompassed him but was by no means dependent on him.

          • Ronald, those you delve into are simply the peddlers of the idea. You need to be searching for those who put those ideas into practice and were and are still, far more ruthless than those you now mention.

  7. “But without memory there is no identity! A slave has no identity. He is an object. And Islam, like globalism, wants to make us slaves!”

    Fundamentalist religion makes us slaves. Radical Islam, Christianity, and Judaism is cut from the same cloth.

    “How long will it take Europeans to reject anti-Christian propaganda and stop despising Christ?!””

    How long will take God’s children to reject pro radical Christian propaganda that calls them “cucks” and “Churchians”?

  8. The good Father advises us to appeal to the State for help in defeating the curse of Islamism.

    The very State which is actively importing the Islamists. Well, that oughta work.

    But, more fundamentally, this is not the muscular Christianity that is necessary for the defeat of Islam in Europe. This deference to the State is EXACTLY what has caused the problems that we now experience.

    Does the Father serve God, or a bunch of politicians? The answer, to me at least, is unclear.

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