Femen vs. Marine Le Pen

During a recent campaign appearance by Marine Le Pen, a Femen activist rushed the stage where the leader of the Front National was speaking. At least it seems to have been a Femen operative, although the young lady was fully clothed, which is not usually the case. Ms. Le Pen was unscathed, and continued speaking.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   We need to quickly go back to the incidents that marked this meeting; there were some before,
00:04   there were some during, two especially, a woman, who tried to… who did climb
00:08   onto the stage during Marine Le Pen’s speech: there she is! —Voilà,
00:12   and who tried to disrupt, and who was very quickly
00:16   evicted by Marine Le Pen’s security crew. We don’t know
00:20   if it was an action by Femen, but… —Yes, because this woman tried to take her clothes off, she did
00:24   have writing on her chest, so one might think that. —Voilà, it’s generally Femen’s modus operandi.
00:28   We don’t know yet; there were also incidents before the beginning of the meeting.
01:08   Chant: Marine President!
01:16   Chant: It’s our home!
01:33   Those left-wing extremists are walking
01:37   on their heads…
01:41   There you have a total inversion of values, who are coming to disrupt
01:45   a meeting for the ONLY WOMAN who is defending women!
02:01   Chant: Marine President!
02:21   Women of France, I call out to you to raise your heads with me!
02:25   In order to defend your rights!

17 thoughts on “Femen vs. Marine Le Pen

  1. Wow. I hope she has strong words for the “security” which didn’t prevent that left winger from getting within touching distance.

    • France is infested with Macron-loving snowflakes; the crucial question is are there enough patriots in France to elect Le Pen in spite of them?

      • I believe Le Pen will gather the countryside in, but it is the big cities that will cause the fingernail biting. I do believe that she will win though.

  2. Vive Marine Le Pen ,Vive La Republique ,Vive la France .(Long Live Marine Le Pen , Long Live the Republic , Long Live France)

    All true patriots who love: French culture ,French values, democracy ,safety, liberty ,security,peace and France, should vote for Marine Le Pen.

  3. I recommend the extensive French section in David Vincent’s “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” (Amazon and Kindle) linking an unstoppable Muslim demographic with opinion polls showing 70% of all young French Muslims willing to commit violent jihad and similar statistics among the Muslim population of London.

  4. Whenever things escalate and a turning point is reached, France responds with a new Constitution so the changed political landscape can be re-framed. In a sense this is good b/c if she wins she could very plausibly put in place not just new laws for dealing with Muzzie stealth jihad at all levels of society, but a whole new framework. That would be all to the good. But it also should warn that the Left and other extremist parties have nothing to lose, and will do ALL they can (extra-legally) to keep her out of power. Just the whisper of possibly exiting the EU means all the power of that dying Leviathan will lash out in the coming weeks / months to shut her out. Expect at least as much as the loathsome Democrats have done in the USA.

    • Assuming Le Pen wins and assuming a Muslim created atrocity follows shortly thereafter — what next? I doubt any French Constitution drawn up would give the government power to expel a whole category of French citizens, which most Muslims living in France are. So Le Pen would probably be limited, by law, to rounding up and expelling a few ringleaders/Imams for cause.

      It is wonderful to live under a liberal (in the classic sense) Constitution. But such a Constitution rules out the kind of draconian acts – such as expulsion of the French citizen Muslim population – that may be necessary for France to survive.

      • They could force those with dual citizenship to choose; if they kept their Algerian (etc) ones, they would be easier to expel for transgressions.

      • @ ric , and it is that liberal ( in the classic sense) constitution that has turned that nation into a ” third world cesspool’ on the verge of implosion , good luck living in that ” enlightened version ” .

  5. Are Femen “left-wing exretmists” (01:33)? They have been brave enough to challenge sexim, as they see it, not only in Orthodox Russia, but also Muslim Tunisia, and been jailed for their troubles.

    • I think Femen are simple females who have been brainwashed into actively refusing to accept their role in this world – to be a wife and a mother. Femen kind of behaviour is just another aspect to undermining the bed rock traditions of Western culture.

      And if some have indeed tried their brand of stupidity on the Muslim, then that only enforces their own political/cultural naivety in understanding the traditions that control various cultures.

      • who are you to define “their role in this world – to be a wife and a mother”?

        this reminds Islam to me, frankly.

        do you apply these limits to Marine Le Pen as well, or only to females who disagree with Marine Le Pen?

        FEMEN have rights for non-violent protest.

        they protested against cleptocracy in Ukraine, against Islamic misogyny in Egypt and Tunisia, against mosques in Sweden, against Erdogan, and against Putin.
        whereas Marine Le Pen is cosying to Putin.

        I reckon Le Pen is still a lesser evil for France in current situation, and I don’t care about EU, – but her presidency can increase Putin’s weight in Europe and undermine NATO.

        not everything is rosy with Marine Le Pen, albeit girls are most likely protesting against some made-up “far right” myths.. well not everything is rosy with FEMEN either, but nevertheless.. 🙂

        • Hello AY. It is a fundamental tradition within all cultures that value their longevity, that to continue to survive as such, there must be a union between the male and the female into what all cultures recognize as marriage.

          And broadly speaking, it is the tradition of marriage that crosses all cultures.

          Have you ever wondered why that is?

          Marine Le Pen is divorced and has three children, so what has that got to do with limiting her role? Those who take up the FEMEN banner automatically limit their role as females in a world where male and female join together to raise families – have you thought about that aspect as to why they choose to do this?

          Yes, FEMEN in any current Western culture have rights to express themselves, but don’t you think that right is abused when they decide to interrupt a presidential candidate speaking to a house full of fans?

          And as for those FEMEN who chose Egypt and Tunisia to strut their protestations, perhaps you should be inquiring as to how they were treated in majority Islamic states. My bet is that they will never return to those countries!

          I believe Le Pen will become the next French President, and I agree with what you say about her leaning toward Russia – and you should take on board that Russia today is run by two notables, Medvedev and Putin, but I believe Le Pen will use Russia as a leverage against the current Globalist agenda that is destroying, not only France, but all of Western Europe.

          When one can see the Globalist agenda then one soon recognizes that there is no other alternative to saving France.

          I think we all need to remember that nothing in this world is guaranteed and that what we wish for has to be worked for.

          And, thank you for your comment.

          • as usual I’m not sure what you wanted to say.
            maybe my English isn’t enough for such nuanced thoughts.

            I’ll try to be as clear as possible now – in general I consider religion, nationalism and patriarchy as negatives.
            If that makes me godless globalist progressive feminist, so be it.
            That doesn’t preclude neither me, nor FEMEN nor other sane Western secular humanists, – and there are millions of people like us, – from clearly recognizing dangers from Archaic “regressives” (Islamic, criminal, tribal and lumpen/nihilist urban subcultures) infiltrating and parasitizing on Modernity.

          • Well, if you believe you are beholden to secular humanism then you obviously place yourself at odds with the majority of humanity who do not share the belief that secular humanism is the right path in one’s life.

            Islam though, cannot be cast in the role of a religion as it is a supremacist ideology that upholds a god figure as a token and has plagiarised both Judaism and Christianity in its bid to legitimise itself.

            The problem as I see it, with being a secular humanist, is that it tends to force one to stand for nothing while rejecting the very things that make us all human.

            And if one is busy deflecting or attacking all the things that they believe they are against, they then make themselves vulnerable to the forces aligned ready to deceive them for their own use.

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