Femen Activist Says She Was Assaulted by the Front National

We reported last night on a speech by Marine Le Pen that was interrupted by a protester from Femen, who failed to tear off her top in time, and also failed to prevent Ms. Le Pen from speaking.

Below is an interview with the young lady in question. According to her version of events, the security people for Front National assaulted her, and she is apparently pressing charges.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   They dragged me from the stage; right away they picked me up and they looked me straight in the eye,
00:04   and one person from security
00:08   for the National Front punched me in the eye, right there.
00:12   Still, I understand being pinned to the floor on stage, since they are there to protect
00:16   the candidate, but backstage
00:20   I don’t see the reason, in fact. He was holding my hands like that while hitting them
00:24   against the ground, and my head as well. Then they dragged me
00:28   in order to imprison me in a shower, and there I refused,
00:32   and I said “No, I want the police.” I demanded that the police be called, because
00:36   I also realized that my ID was stolen during the attack, because for me it
00:40   was an attack. And there the militants came and
00:44   they took the pictures of my torso [where she had text, which we know from another video]
00:48   with the message that I was a dirty whore and that
00:52   they would quickly put me back out on the sidewalk.

16 thoughts on “Femen Activist Says She Was Assaulted by the Front National

  1. If they hit her in the eye they didn’t hit her hard enough. Another useful idiot for the globalists and islamists…

  2. *shrug*

    I’d say the security staff’s assessment is accurate.

    This is nothing more than the standard leftist tactic of trying to tie up the system and smear someone by any means possible.

  3. What has always baffled me is why the left thinks the answer to everything is taking their clothes off.

    global warming- take clothes off in protest
    police brutality- take clothes off in protest

    Makes you think they might just want to take their clothes off. All I have to say concerning this particular protestor is that I’m willing to see…. I mean listen to her “argument”.

    • Notice that there are very few zaftig activists in Femen and similar ecdysiast organizations. They seem to have a fairly strict BMI requirement, which would elicit outrage cries of “SEXISM!” if it were applied to, say, stewardesses.

      • Yes, but just think of the possibilities if they were to enlist the help of the morbidly obese. The entire shahada could be emblazoned across the mammaries of some of those heftier supporters!

      • It has been shown that Femen is Soros-funded, so of course they are raging hypocrites.

        • I didn’t know that, but if Femen, unlike many of their “sisters”, are willing to challenge Islamic misogyny as well as other kinds, how are they hypocrites?

  4. She thinks she should be able to invade space that the FN has booked and paid for and disrupt its lawful business there without consequences.

  5. I think there’s a difference between the necessary use of force to protect a person or a gathering, and the use of force to punish unpleasant behavior.

    If in fact, security hit her after she was whisked away from the meeting, and she can prove it, I think she has a legitimate case for damages and possibly criminal assault. Our system of justice is under attack, but one of the fundamentals is, the police enforce the law, the judiciary punishes lawbreaking. I choose to protect my society by insisting its fundamental laws be obeyed (as long as the threat is not existential, in which case, all bets are off), by the side I support as well as the side I oppose.

    By the way, there is nothing wrong with the Berkeley demonstrators beating up the violent counter-demonstrators when the police are standing back. That’s part of self-defense, but not intentionally injuring the counter-demonstrators beyond what was necessary to protect the speaking rights of the protesters. Nothing says you can’t enjoy the process of self-defense, but it has to remain within the realm of self-defense.

  6. She should have her day in the sun. If she wants to compete with Ms Le Pen on female attributes, why not? Ms Le Pen could gaze upon those offerings without batting an eyelid and persist in claiming that under Shari’a this woman would be stoned to death and only under French law she can actually press charges.

  7. As a doctor, I can safely say this eye right or left did not sustain any meaningful injury. Notice she did not say which eye was injured, typical of someone making something up as they go along

  8. femen–isn’t that an outfit started by a sexploiting Ukrainian male? Didn’t they have a group strip in an Orthodox cathedral once?

  9. What is she sueing for? SHE was going to attack Le Pen and others
    The cops did to her what she was going to do to others.
    She should have been punched more!

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