Culture-Enricher Arrested in Dortmund Had No Connection to BVB Bomb Attack

We reported yesterday on Tuesday night’s bomb attack on the Borussia Dortmund soccer team’s bus, noting all the indicators that the attack may in fact have been a feint or false flag, luring “Islamophobes” to react before pinning the blame on someone else (presumably “right-wing extremists”).

Now comes another indicator: the mujahid arrested on Wednesday morning had nothing to do with the attack; he was arrested for involvement with the Islamic State.

Egri Nök, who translated a Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung article with the latest update, includes these observations:

Some Counterjihad writers don’t get it, and boast “Suspect arrested — guess what his religion is…” Even today! I fear they are going to get their fingers burnt.

But then, at the same time, the media here are giddy to pin it on someone other than Muslims, so presumably there is a lot of confirmation bias in their articles.

Notice that the translated FAZ article ends by citing Anders Behring Breivik — yet another indicator pointing to the possibility that Germans are being set up for their own Breivik moment:

Iraqi Suspect: No Clue to Involvement of the Arrested in BVB Attack

After the attack on the Borussia Dortmund team, the General State Prosecutor requested an arrest warrant against an Iraqi — but not for involvement in the attack itself.

April 13, 2017

[photo caption: The soccer match in Dortmund was rescheduled under high security precautions.]

Concerning the person temporarily arrested, investigators have so far not found any evidence for an involvement in the attack on the team bus of Borussia Dortmund, the General State Prosecutor announced on Thursday in Karlsruhe. But an arrest warrant on the grounds of suspicion of membership in the jihadist organization Islamic State (IS) was requested against the 26-year-old Iraqi national Abdul Beset A.

“The investigations have so far not yielded any instance for an involvement of the accused in the attack,” announced the General State Prosecutor. But according to media reports, the Wuppertal detainee is suspected of joining ISIS in Iraq in the end of 2014 or earlier.

The accused allegedly commanded a unit of approximately ten combatants in Iraq. According to the General Prosecutor, his unit was responsible for preparing kidnappings, abductions, extortions and killings. In March 2015, A. travelled from Iraq to Turkey, and from there, at the beginning of 2016, to Germany.

In Germany, stayed in contact with ISIS members

Even in Germany the accused allegedly held contact with ISIS members. The Iraqi is scheduled for arraignment to the committing magistrate on Friday before noon, who will decide whether to issue an arrest warrant and ordinance of custody.

Tuesday evening, in Dortmund, three explosive devices exploded near the team bus of the German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, thereby injuring the Dortmunder footballer Marc Bartra and a policeman. The Iraqi was temporarily detained in the ensuing investigations.

In view of the attacks, the conflict researcher Jochen Hippler warns against hastily assigning the deed to Islamists. “We have become so used to Islamist terror that we know in advance what the result will be even before an investigation is completed”, the political scientist of the University Duisburg/Essen tells WDR [public broadcaster] on Thursday.

“But we should keep in mind that most of the attacks of the past ten years were actually not carried out by Islamists, but by secular culprits. And in some instances, we drew the wrong conclusions relatively quickly,” said Hippler. Among others, he named the case of the right-extremist and Islam-critical Anders Breivik in Norway.

5 thoughts on “Culture-Enricher Arrested in Dortmund Had No Connection to BVB Bomb Attack

  1. Dear Baron Bodissey,

    I would NOT believe so readily anything which is published by Ralf Jaeger, the Minister of Interior of NRW!
    Let’s recap the confessions:
    – The Islamist one was found immediately, but was in German and had specific Knowledge of typical left-wing-hate-points (War in Syria, Rammstein Base)
    – The Antifa one was published on an Antifa-Website where a Log-In was needed, and immediately deleted
    – The supposed Nazi one was sent 2! days later PER MAIL to an left-wing Islam apologist newspaper.

    Mr Jaeger was one of the main perps of the infamous Cologne Silvester cover-up. So he would find any grain of salt which could disperse the Impression of an Islamist attack. His main Point: Only ISIS-certified attacks are Islamist/Jihadist Terror attacks.

    This sophism diverts from another possibility: Why is there no Investigation /mentioning of a possible Antifa/Left-Wing Islam convertite suspect? This would fit the first confession.

    The wording of the supposed Neo-Nazi confession is even more non-typical of a Neo-Nazi then all the other confessions.
    By the way, when the Neo-Nazi Party NPD underwent the outlawing process, it was revealed that up to 2/3 of the main personell where Intelligence agents of the state….

    • I’d heard that 1/3 of the leadership of the NPD was made up of state agents. That must have been a conservative estimate!

      • Great to see that You are closely following the developments here in the Caliphate of Alemania 😉

        All numbers in our Truthiness newspapers must be questioned: I have read Your estimates, too. For a realistic number, multiply everything up to 2 (if numerical possible), and get an idea of the real number. Thus 2/3 Leadership as state agents can be realistic, and the near total collapse of the NPD appears to emphasize this number by my opinion.

        Now the Focus (my personal favourite, as they are roumoured to have the closest sources to the BND, the Intelligence which informs Ms Merkel herself) places another possibility: A foreign Intelligence Agency:

        This is new, usually the Truthiness newspapers HARDLY EVER come up with a “conspiracy theory”, rather than denouncing any of the scarce independet media outlets as this.

        If you want to know how the majority of Germans think: The Focus is one of the few Media which allows comments from online readers, and rating the comments. Anyone with a somewhat realistic mindset does not take These “News” seriously and has made his mind up about Secretary of Interior Jaeger, as the Rating of These Comments suggests.

        • I don’t go by German newspapers. I go by the collective knowledge, understanding, and intuition of our German translators, whose observations are of far more value than the media.

          Egri Nök, who is German, has been following all the reports on these arrests, including the local ones (i.e. not Jaeger or Heiko Maas or Mutti). And she hears word-of-mouth information as well, which is valuable. She doesn’t think the arrest was connected with the BVB bombing.

          Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Just because Jaeger said it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

          I take in all the information and evaluate it carefully. And above all, I rely on the intuition of the Germans themselves.

  2. Thanks for sharing yout information, I am from Germany, too. Luckily, I don’t live in Northrhine Westphalia(NRW). I have visited Egri Nök’s great blog.

    Of course, Mr Jaeger doesn’t necessarily say something untrue. I don’t call him a liar. But there are some of his Actions and Speeches questionable.

    (The following text is my personal assumption, only a working hypothesis)

    My personal Intuition rates the arrests as doing things for the sake of doing things. (might not be true). The “Islamist Confessions” surfaced first. If they could not have been discredited in some way or Mr Jaeger would not have demonstrated assertiveness, he would have completely lost his face. In May, there are state parliament elections in NRW.

    Football/Soccer serves as a religion substitute for many here, thus these attacks cannot be omitted as easily as e g the Berlin vehicular Jihad. There might be an Interest in confusing these uncritical parts of the electorate with as much contradicting confessions as possible and keeping them “asleep”.

    Best Regards,

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