Closing the Mestre Mosque in Venice

As reported in last week’s news feed, Italian authorities are closing down a mosque in Venice (run by Bangladeshis) that was frequented by three Kosovars who were plotting to blow up the Rialto Bridge. The local Islamic community is furious, and Muslims are mau-mauing the government, threatening to shut down the schools, shipyards and city if there is no agreement by Wednesday. They will pray in the streets and go on strike.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this Italian news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The translator points out that Fincantieri is Italy’s largest shipbuilding company:

The article below from ANSA discusses the closure of the Mestre mosque:

Mestre Mosque Ordered to Shut Down

Frequented by three Kosovar jihadists in Rialto Bridge bomb plot

(ANSA) – Venice, April 7 – A Mestre mosque frequented by three Kosovars allegedly planning to bomb Venice’s Rialto Bridge has been given three days to close, sources said Friday.

The order was handed to the Bangladeshi clerics who run the mosque, informing them that its activity did not comply with its official use.

The Kosovar jihadists, who lived in central Venice, were arrested last month after a probe in which they were taped allegedly saying it would be easy to find paradise by bombing Venice “because of all the Christians here”.

Video transcript:

00:00   It’s the last Friday prayer in the Via Fogazzaro mosque in Mestre.
00:04   It’s the same one also frequented by some of the Kosovars, presumed jihadists,
00:08   who were arrested a few days ago in Venice and have already been deported.
00:12   The meeting in the Commune with representatives of the Islamic community ended with the idea
00:16   of finding other spaces, but time is short, and Ramadan is near.
00:20   “We don’t know where to go”, lament the Muslims,
00:24   and while they think of re-establishing their place of worship in one of many places abandoned
00:28   in an industrial zone, they are not giving up the outright threat of a strike.
00:33   The Bangladeshi community in particular, those who run the mosque,
00:37   are ready to stop work.—“Three thousand of us work for Fincantieri,
00:41   1,500 in the Venice pizzerias,” declares the spokesperson, Kamrul.
00:46   “If nobody goes to work, we will see what happens.”
00:49   “Even the kids,” he adds, “will remain home from school”.
00:52   And organizing a big demonstration is being considered. All in all,
00:55   without an agreement, a confrontation is looming.
00:58   One thing is certain. That cultural center transformed into a prayer room,
01:02   open from morning to evening on the ground floor of a small shop,
01:06   will be closed.
01:09   Defects of construction, continuous noise, dangerous crowding,
01:12   in a quarter not far from the center of Mestre,
01:16   which for the Italians, at this time estranged by the daily conflicts with immigrants,
01:21   has become difficult to live in.

Hat tip for the article: Insubria.

19 thoughts on “Closing the Mestre Mosque in Venice

  1. Imagine, such a vibrant, ethnically and culturally diverse society… Bangladeshis, Kosovars, Somalis, Syrians, Afghanis, all living in peace and harmony in the middle of modern Venice; all united by their shared religion and shared jihad.

    And this is the multiculti kumbaya that the dastardly Italians seek to destroy…

    • And now they are threatening to block streets while they pray to their moon god. Hmmmmm, lots of possibilities there, as long as Italians are willing to go ahead and ignore dhimmi opinion.

      What in hell are the Italians doing, letting that scum into beautiful Venice, one of the world’s favourite tourist spots!

      • Should the Italian authorities not restore order, that is prevent
        Mass prayers in protest on the narrow streets of Venice, tourism will suffer!

        Cruise liners rely heavily on American passengers who are
        Particularly wary of any threat of terrorism in Europe.

        Paris has suffered loss of tourism, as has London even BEFORE
        The Westminster Bridge incident!

        I am sure cruise companies will be looking very carefully at their Scandinavian iteneries too. Can they really guarantee
        The safety of their passengers when on trips ashore?

        Even the ever growing in popularity river cruises will have
        To rethink some of their overnight city stops too.

        Politicians readily state that these dreadful “lone wolf”
        Attacks will not change our way of lives but in fact they do!

        Job losses in the tourism and hospitality sectors are common
        As European Governments have allowed said attacks to
        Become the norm unfortunately.

        Whilst I understand the sentiment behind the candle lit and flower strewn vigils post every terrible attack I fear that they
        Are counter productive, showing us to be weak in the eyes of
        The hostile middle East and North African countries.

        Do I have a constructive alternative solution, I only wish I did.

        Perhaps if European countries freed their anti terrorism forces
        From the PC shackles they are forced to operate under would be
        One small step in the right direction.

      • Terror is a tactic.

        Jihad and hijra is a strategy.

        It’s obvious the political leadership support jihad and hijra. What to do? I don’t know. Lots of physical solutions, very few solutions of resolve and intention.

      • Of course they won’t. ..they will again become true Italian…made by Christian hands and not contaminated by Muslim sc?m
        Where ever these Muzzies go, there is ALWAYS trouble and strive❗

  2. Let’s simulate we are doing as they do. While they are blocking center of city, to pray, some audio simulators of explosions will create a good effect.

  3. If they pray in the streets against public ordinance than arrest them all – than deport them – papers or no papers.

    Closing the mosque is a baby set in the right direction – a small one since just 1 terror strike in Venice would demolish the economy.

    • If the Muslims walk out of work then fire them.

      If the kids don’t go to school then suspend them.

      If they pray to Satan in the streets then arrest them.

      Send them back to their war torn homeland because they don’t appreciate anything that has been given to them so that they can live in peace and freedom.

      The cost to deport them would be a drop in the bucket from the social and economic cost with the bombings and killing sprees they ravage on their host countries.

      Poland has it right. Shut down the mosques, they assimilate or they go!

      And don’t send them to Canada!

  4. I am ashamed of my native country, but not for what you think.

    I am ashamed because Italy has tolerated this for so long.

    When I visit my home country, it is obvious that it has been taken over by foreigners. In fact, a visit to Rome demonstrates that Italy has become a “melting pot” and the pot itself is melting.

    These foreigners are not assimilating into the Italian culture, which is slowly devolving into lawlessness.

    I droge out to Anzio last year and I saw some very disturbing things. A once beautiful seaside city has turned into a collection of criminals from the middle east and the far east. There are also many prostitutes from Africa. It is so sad.

    While visiting relatives in Anzio, I was watching the local news on TV. An elderly couple had been killed in their home, their throats slit by a large knife. The perpetrators then took the bodies and dumped them over the balcony on the 2nd floor. It turns out that a pair of illegal aliens from Somalia had killed the native Italian couple, and the town citizens were marching in protest, but of course, the government does nothing.

    These Muslims in Venice are free to practice their religion, as long as no threats are made. Obviously if one threatens violence and destruction, justice is warranted. If they don’t like it, then they are free to go, and of course we should MAKE THEM GO.

    • Lived in Rome 77-79. Probably my favorite city in the world. Chaos even than, but the uniquely Italian kind.

      I have friends who were there recently and they loved it – however they have no benchmark to what it was even a generation ago.

      Sadly, I will not go back.

    • “These Muslims in Venice are free to practice their religion”. That is said according the Italian Constitution, art 19 and 20. Here lays the pitfall eroding the fundaments of a sane society. The basic thought is this: “Religions are for good, Islam is a religion, so Islam is ok”. But are we sure about considering Islam a religion? Does deserve Islam that title when it looted and distorted Jewish and Christian bible? It is calculated that in the name of Allah and his Prophet over 200 millions of “infidels” have been killed during the 1400 years existance of “The Religion of Peace”. What religion is this one, imposing its truth by the sword? What spirituality bears it, when even Paradise is portrayed as an eternal male orgy, and the only possible female role is that of a kind of virginal whore? How can Islam be tolerated among religions, since itself is absolutely intolerant towards other religions? I know already what Italian authorities will do. They will quickly reopen the Mestre-mosque, a give-and-take compromise, and everything will end up with “tarallucci e vino”, as usual. Imagine instead the disastrous turistic view of all those “culi per aria” praying in front of Santa Lucia train station! Or Mr Minniti receiving a phone call, with a threat of a possible bomb explosion in Venice around Easter…

  5. If this maledetti pigs goes on strike the enterprises shall give job to the Italians. It would be great because without work these insane dogs will be able to back to the mulsumaniland!

  6. Last Sunday, sitting together with our Hispanic priest at a coffee moment, I tolh him how disappointed I was with our pope and his stance on Europe- they should keep on letting the economic refugees in. He replied with, ” Well in Italy no public terrorist attack has occurred because the Italians are very on the ball and ruthless when it comes to this kind of thing; they will not let it happen.” I just looked at him and barely said anything because it seems like a not- too- a – deepa- thinking to me. Why would a country let all these problem prople continue to come on rolling in that have the propensity to do such acts, if they are so determined not to have a terrorist attack there?

  7. Thankfully in southern Italy, where I am from and where my wife’s family is from, there is now an uprising against illegal immigration and the refugee program.

    These illegal immigrants and refugees are being treated like kings amd queens. Everyone thinks these people are destitute, but a fair percentage of them could work and become citizens if they wanted to. The problem is, they don’t want to. They want to live off of the government and tne Italian government is obliging.

    For example, a refugee friend of mine from Syria is living in my home town, Casalvieri, Italy. He obtained a PhD in asyronomy from NYU, but went back to Syria and was part of the early refugee waves. He now takes money from the government to “settle”, but in the mean time he works as an adjunct professor in “Computation Science for Astronomy”. This is rediculous.

    But people in southern Italia have had it. Protests and marches are occurring spontaneously in towns and villages. In Caserta there have been conflicts between the immigrants and the locals.

    Like in tne USA, the citizens must suffer because of the misguided wishes of politicians, who believe that they will gain more votes from illegal immigrants and refugees than they will lose from the actual citizens. That explains why they are putting their fingers in our eyes. But I have news for politicians..many refugees are conservative, religious, and have strong family values. Many of my illegal alien friends in Italy and the USA have told me that they have tried to vote for conservatives. So the very goal of liberals to obtain votes by catering is a failed one.

  8. Oh, I remember having such an excellent pizza in Venice in 2013. Proper thin pizza; the “deep pan” variety, good as it is, is an American invention. All the staff seemed Italian to me.

    I watched a cruise ship go by: actually they’re potentially a menace, since the city is supported on wooden piles; one slip, and an ancient church or two would disappear.

    The Muslims should of course be free to pray on the streets, so long as they stick to the “flooded” ones!

  9. So even Venice has been enriched. How depressing. I never went there, now I probably never will.

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