Ciampino Airport Security Discriminates Against Veiled Muslima

A Muslim woman in hijab set off the alarm when passing through security at an Italian airport, and then cried discrimination when asked to remove her veil for further checks.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from La Stampa. The video posted with it is in English:

Muslim woman stopped at the airport for refusing to remove veil

A Muslim woman was stopped at the security control at Ciampino Airport because she refused to remove her veil. Personnel explained to the woman that the check was required by protocol, as shown on the video posted to Twitter by the traveler, who felt discriminated against by the request, which was not imposed upon two nuns. @aghiaadzkia.

In a letter from the Rome Airports explaining their position on the episode: “What happened to Ms. Aghnia Adzkia applies exclusively to the procedures of security. The passenger crossing the security checkpoint caused the alarm signal to go off in the head area, and it was therefore necessary to begin the non-waivable checks in this case. For this our agents asked her to come to a reserved room where the checks of her head and head covering could be done in a discreet manner, as is strictly required by European and national laws, whose aim is to guarantee security and civil co-existence.” And yet, “When Ms. Aghnia refused to remove her head covering, asking to read the regulation, she was shown the National Security Program, readily translated into English by our agents. In the face of a final refusal, our agents were forced to remove the passenger from the control zone. Ms. Aghnia subsequently returned to that area (and on that occasion turned on the video) and then left Ciampino Airport. And thus she departed Fiumicino Airport on another flight, passing through the security controls without incident and this time removing her head covering.

“We are very sorry that the young passenger has seen had a negative experience at Ciampino Airport. At the same time, however, we affirm that what happened is completely removed from any type of discrimination.”

14 thoughts on “Ciampino Airport Security Discriminates Against Veiled Muslima

    • You bet she will. but “compassionate ” Westerners will will remove her from the camel’s back, carry her with her niqab on their back and place her aboard a Boeing.

  1. Nice to see some vestiges of old-style Roman guts from our Italian friends.

    As for the nuns, when was the last time a Catholic nun suicide bombed dozens of innocent civilians in the name of their faith?

    I rest my case.

    • More relevant, the nuns probably didn’t set off the alarm when passing through the metal detector, while the muslima did.

      The nuns are probably experienced flyers and know how to dress so as not to set off the detectors. The muslima may not, or she may not care — being a troublemaker may be part of her modus operandi.

      • Yes Dymphna, I can understand ” make a dangerous missile out of a blackboard eraser.”

        One day – when we were in grade 5 ( 11 years) we were being taught by a nun ( Sunday school). Another student – out of malice , not because I did something- secretly pressed on my toes, and instinctively I nudged him with my elbow (visible to the nun). And she slapped my.

        Two punishments for doing nothing. I had a high opinion of nuns and priests for sacrificing their lives for the lay people. This almost collapsed for some time. She did not ask why? The reason? I discovered to my surprise that nuns do not have divine knowledge: she did not know that my reaction was to hurting me secretly.

        They were unable – like the rest of us to be preternatural. And be aware of the unseen or be transcendental.

        Years passed and I noticed that nuns are also human beings. They have the same feelings, weaknesses and prejudices. They just happen to be nuns.

        When I became more aware of my human weaknesses I became more forgiving.

      • My parents withdrew me from violin lessons after I dropped my fiddle on the floor, and the irate tutor hit me over the head with a wooden blackboard eraser. Not a great loss to classical music performance; my coordination was never great. He wouldn’t get away with it now, quite rightly.

  2. Ahh, an Indonesian Muslim student from Goldsmith’s University in Londonistan!

    About three years ago I attended a three-day seminar there – although why serious non-political, non-‘multicultural’, non-snowflake subject papers were being deliberated upon there in that ideological cesspit I never could determine.

    Here is a short selection of the courses on offer just to give you the flavour of that place, and I do mean a short selection, so if you are some sort of intellectual masochist go and gorge yourself here – this place makes UCB look like a right-wing indoctrination camp:

    “MA in Visual Sociology
    Designed for students interested in new ways of exploring and understanding the social world through the use of visual, sensory and other experimental approaches, this programme…

    MA in Cultural Studies
    This programme brings cultural studies into today’s global age, offering both an integral grounding in critical thought and an active engagement with media, technology, aesthetics …

    BA (Hons) Sociology & Politics
    This degree gives you a thorough grounding in sociology and politics, in methods of social and political research, and in interdisciplinary approaches to political analysis…
    MA in Human Rights, Culture & Social Justice
    This MA examines contemporary issues concerning justice. You will learn how to conceptualise and study the possibilities of human rights, going beyond legal formulations to look at…

    MA in Gender, Media & Culture
    This MA introduces you to recent debates on gender in the disciplines of sociology and media and communications studies, and to the interdisciplinary domains of feminist social and…

    MA in Music (Ethnomusicology)
    The MA in Music (Ethnomusicology) introduces a range of methodologies in relation to the study of music in its cultural contexts…”

    Yeah, you read it correctly ‘ETHNOMUSICOLOGY’…four years intensive study to learn how a drum works???

    I despair.

    • So…no tracing the vagaries of particular geographically-limited Scots-Irish music as it traveled across the sea to become “mountain” music in Appalachia? Or the square dancing jigs and reels in the Smokey Mountains and Tennessee, or the way it was appropriated by black musicians like Scott Joplin and his amazing syncopations? Or that amazing stride piano work by so many unlettered but very musicked geniuses who traveled North to Mizzou and Chicago, changing ears and tastes as they went along…

      And then there is zydeco…best of the best in its prime. Or Texas swing. We are so blessed in our ‘indigenous music’, not the least of which were our natural-born hymnody.

      • BTW, Seneca III, Joplin’s parents has their priorities straight. They lived in a mud-floor shack but by heaven, their boy had a piano.

        • Joplin got his elegance from his idol, Chopin. It’s often massacred by pianists who play him too quickly, ignoring his instruction that Ragtime should never be played fast. Joshua Rifkin gets it right, even if I dislike his lightweight Bach.

  3. being serious, I would let Muslims wear whatever they want.
    this way, they are easier to spot and monitor.
    also easier to avoid communcation for those who prefer avoiding/boycotting them.

    • Heavens you are right. In the Darkest Ages that followed the burst of thee Pirate, non-mushies in the Middle East and North Africa were forced to cut their hair in a designated way and were not allowed to wear clothes worn by Racist/ real bigots . . . mushies. The reason so that they would not be mistaken for mushies and treat them as equal and say “shalom” = salam = peace be with you ”

      The reason they are ordered by the book of hate not to treat nonmushies peacefully. According to The pirate’s commandment and Umar’s Pact.

      Now after invading the west they are not yet in a position to force the non-mushies to wear distinguishing clothes in order to oppress them,
      rather they are setting themselves apart from others. By wearing religion- identifying clothes they have discovered that westerners voluntarily choose — out of sheer cowardice — into dhimmis with the help of the Traitors. In this way they have discovered that they command respect, have their own way unopposed, and tuned into a modern deity in the absence of spiritual emptiness in the west.

      How long is this rubbish going to be tolerated before frustration sets in and legitimate backlash begins.
      I can’t wait to see that day.

      Probably We can never see that day because 51% of westerners will defend them to have their WILL prevail of us — infidels.

      Why should the dhimmis be different in 20 years – when things will get real hot – than they are today?

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