An “Epic Riff”: The NRA versus The NYT

Most, if not all, Americans on the Right find The New York Times every bit as odious as The Washington Post when it comes to the creation and maintenance of fake news. The Times has been at it for generations now. At Schloss Bodissey, the Baron has harrumphed for decades about the old gray hag’s blatantly left-slanted opinion pieces tarted out as “news” accounts. As it becomes more difficult to hide its true colors, the Times has doubled down on complaints about fake news even as it continues to promote false news stories.

If the NYT ever had integrity — and that’s a big IF since they didn’t admit until well into the 21st century that the fake stories created in the 1930s by their (in)famous Moscow correspondent, Walter Duranty, were an ongoing series of lies by a bought-and-paid-for Soviet shill.

They’d argued about his Pulitzer Prize for that Russia reporting for years, even in the face of Ukrainians’ organized anger and demand for the truth, until finally caving before world opinion almost fifty years after his death.

So, a half-century later, the Times called him — finally — their worst reporter ever. Duranty died in 1957. Many knew by then the level of his perfidy, but the Times was more than molasses-slow in admitting that prevaricator covered up the Soviets’ deliberately brutal starvation of millions of Ukrainians. For Duranty and his employers, the narrative came — and still comes — ahead of truth.

No organization can stiff-arm the truth as well as the NYT.

John Hinderaker at Powerline provides a punchy introduction to Ms. Loesch’s brief video:

Get out the popcorn: the nation’s largest and most effective civil rights organization has declared war on the New York Times. The Times is running an ad campaign portraying itself as a purveyor of truth, a claim that is met with hollow laughter by those who are familiar with the paper’s sordid history. Into the breach steps National Rifle Association commentator Dana Loesch, who — unlike anyone who writes about guns for the Times – knows a great deal about firearms. Her riff is epic:

Here’s Ms. Loesch’s Twitter account. [She has a radio show but I didn’t find the link].

Last year Loesch published Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To.

Here’s the Amazon description of her book on America’s current divided condition:

Dana Loesch believes in Christianity, patriotism, traditional marriage, and the right to bear arms, among other “quaint” ideas. For the elites in DC, Los Angeles, New York, and Silicon Valley, that makes her as bizarre as a three-headed dog.

Loesch is alarmed that America is fracturing into two countries—not North and South, but Coastal and Flyover. Worse, the people in charge don’t understand the first thing about how most of the country thinks and lives. Consider a few examples . . .

  • In Flyover America, people believe criminals should be punished. Coastal America focuses on “rehabilitation.”
  • Flyovers think the Declaration of Independence was crystal clear: “All men are created equal.” For Coastals, Black Lives Matter — but anyone who adds that all lives matter must be a racist.

  • Coastals think they understand firearms because they watched a TV movie about Columbine. Flyovers get a deer rifle for their thirteenth birthday.
  • Coastals talk about blue-collar workers in the abstract. Flyovers have a relative who works the night shift in a granola bar factory, where the big perk is taking home a bag full of granola bars every Friday.
  • Coastals think every problem—from hurt feelings to the cost of birth control—requires government intervention and huge federal spending. Flyovers know that money isn’t magic fairy dust, and many problems can be solved only by individual character and hard work.

It would all be funny — if Coastals weren’t winning on most of today’s big issues.

As Loesch writes, “Most of these pinkies-out, cocktail-drinking-appletini fans selfishly entertain grandiose plans of economic equality without realizing the negative impact their plans would have on the very people they pride themselves on helping. That’s the true class warfare.”

Loesch shines the light of truth on everything from feminism to gun violence to abortion. She reveals the damage done by elitists who flat-out don’t get the lives and values of people in the heart of the country. And she asks common sense questions such as: How can you be angry at Walmart if you’ve never shopped in one? How can you hate the police if you’ve never needed help from a cop? How can you attack Christians if you don’t have a single friend who goes to church?

In other words, how can you run a country you’ve never been to? And how much could our politics improve if Coastals would actually listen to their fellow Americans? This book is a rallying cry for anyone who wants our leaders to understand and respect the culture that made America exceptional in the first place.

I haven’t read the book. It’s too expensive — more in line with what Coastals can afford, but there must be a few well-off Conservatives out there, given that the book has 275 reviews, of which at least eighty-seven percent are positive (I consider a four-star review “positive”).

In doing some research on Ms. Loesch, I found she wasn’t a Trump fan but didn’t dig deeply enough to see if she went on to become a #NeverTrumper. I don’t trust the latter; in politics, one has to be willing to bend if one doesn’t want, in her words, to surrender the future of America to the “Coastals”.

In her new role as spokesman for the National Rifle Association, Ms. Loesch’s already quite large presence among the Conservative commentariat is bound to become even bigger. The NRA were smart to hire a woman. I know a number of gun-totin’ females in our patch, many of them quite outspoken… but others? Well, remember the old (by now positively ancient) TV commercial touting hair-coloring? Their tag line was, “only her hairdresser knows for sure”. In other words, they don’t talk about covering their gray hair. Or, in this case, their .30-30 deer rifle, either.

But some do indeed talk. In this area, I know at least three gun-totin’ “hairdressers” who are closed on the first day of deer season because they’re out there looking for a buck with a “right big rack”. And yes, their daughters go with them. If you want to eat it, you have to learn to field-dress the thing.

Me? I just wait to be offered the occasional leftover shoulder and such. I have a great buttermilk-and-brine marinade for venison. Not even my hairdresser knows for sure.

I found this video on Powerline . Thank you, Doug Ross, for posting the link.

3 thoughts on “An “Epic Riff”: The NRA versus The NYT

  1. I belong to the NRA but only shoot pheasant. They taste fantastic. Free range beef and home bred pork is a lot better { to me } than venison and elk; although antelope sausage is a heck of a lot better than Jimmy Dean’s.The ” wussified ” men in modern America are now dominated by females who still have some ideas about their role in life. Most Amrican men are so emasculated that they grow facial hair to remind themselves of their lost gender. When the banks fail, and the distribution hubs break down ; we will be left only with the few strong survivors who can again start the game over again. Between fluoride in our water and high fructose corn syrup in our food ; all the while under a curtain of toxic particulate spray. the population will be culled fairly soon. Here’s to the strong females who will lead the way back.

  2. I may not share all of Dana Loesch’s opinions, but she’s on the button with “Flyover States”; here in the UK, it’s mainly the non-London Metropolitan elite who voted for Brexit.

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