An American Easter

This song has been playing non-stop in my mind…

…because Alison Kraus is memorable indeed.

While we are still permitted to say it, Happy Easter to everyone.

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    • It’s not late at all. Pascha begins on April 16 – at the stroke of midnight – and continues until Ascension 40 days later.
      If you want to save the West from anomie and the paynim, you better learn and CELEBRATE your orthodox Christianity. Without firm belief in Christ rooted in theologically sound doctrine, you have “rejected your own Mercy”.
      You may have completed your sectarian Easter and it has passed you by – but we have only just ended the fast and begun the spiritual feast that is the Resurrection of the Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ.
      Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

      • you’re fighting an old fight, minor differences that need to be let go in the face an enemy who would destroy us both.

        The churches descended from the Latin rite also celebrate the season of Eastertide, lasting from Holy Saturday (the day following the last of the season of Lent) through to the day the season of Pentecost begins…since this period – beginning back on Ash Wednesday and going through the various observations and obligations all the way to Pentecost – is the only part of the Latin rite that is like Judaism in that it is based on a lunar event rather than being a “fixed (calendar) feast”. Knowing when Easter will occur in the Latin rite requires being familiar with changing lunar/solar events.

        Thus, the date for Easter every year (in the Latin rite) is arrived at by figuring out the first full moon after the vernal equinox and then finding the first Sunday after that full moon. From there it remains to back-track among the previous forty days to find Ash Wednesday and then proceed those forty days…

        That’s the simple version. I find the structure of the Liturgical Year fascinating.

        And it is deeply sorrowful that the descendants of those who worked out these events are caught up in an annihilating genocide, the victims of Islamic murderers who are terrified of anything outside their limited understanding. But in that, they are simply following the fears and frustrations of their Profit. He saw religion as a path to power.

  1. She is one wonderful singer. Always nice to listen to her sing.
    Puts a lot of peace and comfort into your life.

    • Alethos Anesti!
      Keep the feast in Spirit and Truth! The only One who defeats darkness is the One Who dwells on everlasting light!

  2. I chose this version of AK’s voice because of the pictures. Better than the out-of-context film version, imo. But to each his own…

    …when I chose a version of a song someone has taken the trouble to fix for an upload to You Tube I am always partly led by the number of views. In this case, more than eight million.

  3. Her voice is beautiful and unique–a perfect fit to the song. Yes, the pictures are fascinating–a statement to power of their beliefs. One thing that struck me was the harmony. It’s structure is very common in country music, but I have never understood how it is done.

    A very belated Happy Easter to you as well. From the image of the arisen Jesus has sprung the stream of accomplishment and civilization that has produced the greatest riches (not just material) the world has seen. Let us pray it continues

    • A haunting rendition of a simple, poignant song which made me think
      Of simpler yet happier times.

      What wonderful black and white pictures too!

      Happy Easter everyone and thank you GOV for a timely reminder that
      It is not all about Easter Eggs and fluffy bunny costumes.

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