Adding Insult to Injury for Sébastien Jallamion

Last September we posted about Sébastien Jallamion, a French police officer who was drummed out of the force and almost prosecuted for posting uncomplimentary things about Islam on social media. Not long afterwards he was severely beaten and almost killed by a pair of culture-enrichers.

Now Mr. Jallamion has to endure the infuriating and humiliating experience of seeing the men who almost killed him walk free after receiving the lightest possible slap on the wrist in court.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this video made by Sébastien Jallamion, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an essay about Sébastien Jallamion by Christine Tasin published at Riposte Laïque (also translated by Ava Lon):

Bastards! 3 and 6 months in prison for those who massacred Sébastien Jallamion!

April 3, 2017
by Christine Tasin

This verdict is a scandal, a slap to Sébastien, to all the victims, to all the patriots.

And here is the video he just left on his Facebook account, moving, revolting, disturbing.

Impressive because how could one not put oneself in his place, how could one not feel his despair and his revolt? He denounces the attacks and the Islamic state? He is dismissed from the police…

Revolting, because, dismissed from the police, he must depend on his former hierarchy to be able to find a job in the security field. Social death.

Revolting, because, beaten almost to death by two Muslims Arabs, then saved in extremis by a passing motorist, he kept scars and trauma from an attack that feels like retribution… and the aggressors will be free as a bird, ready to start again, insolvent — so they won’t pay any indemnity to Sébastien…

Worrisome, for his hesitant words, the emotion that you can almost feel on your skin, show that Sébastien is not well, although he asserts that he has not lost his courage.

Sébastien is at the end of his rope, because of Islam, because of the orchestrated Islamization, and he pays a high price for daring to stand up to the green plague.

Don’t give up, Sébastien; we are millions with you.

Video transcript:

00:00   My dear friends,
00:04   my dear people,
00:08   the perpetrators of the attack on me
00:12   were judged and sentenced
00:16   to three and six months in prison.
00:20   They
00:24   didn’t explain at all their true motivations.
00:28   They tried to
00:32   minimize the facts, telling
00:36   a slightly fantasized version,
00:40   minimizing the
00:44   violence they committed against me.
00:48   As a result, for me this sentencing
00:52   caused
00:56   a very legitimate frustration
01:00   And
01:04   it was
01:08   a time in my life quite
01:12   difficult to live through.
01:16   By definition they won’t go to jail.
01:20   Since
01:24   they received a sentence of less than 24 months,
01:28   they are exonerated — thank you,
01:32   Madame Taubira [Minister of Justice, socialist and black]!
01:36   They will be able,
01:40   unlike me, to continue
01:44   to pursue their profession,
01:49   to have a social life,
01:53   a life, I would say, almost normal,
01:57   if it weren’t for their obligation
02:01   to pay an indemnity to me.
02:09   I know from the beginning that of course they aren’t
02:13   solvent, and as a result
02:17   it’ll be society,
02:21   meaning all of us,
02:25   to assume the amount
02:29   related to my various surgeries
02:33   and to the reparation of my prejudice.
02:37   At the same time
02:41   I solicited
02:45   from my former superiors at
02:49   the Interior Ministry
02:53   an exemption which is mandatory for being able to
02:57   work in a profession
03:01   related to security.
03:05   This request for the departure [exemption], mandatory for all the former
03:09   police officers and all the former gendarmes
03:13   drew an answer,
03:18   a rather unusual one, since
03:22   I was asked to request the positive opinion
03:26   of my hierarchy in order to
03:30   be able to answer
03:34   a job offer in the area of security; I have to
03:38   get the permission of those who
03:42   decided about my removal from the national police forces because of my
03:46   publications. You can therefore understand that there were for me
03:50   two events which, one after the other,
03:54   hit me
03:58   and exhausted the
04:02   patience that I had until that point.
04:06   I would like to remind you that since the end of
04:10   2014 my life —
04:14   professional, social and
04:18   Personal — was particularly
04:22   impacted by
04:26   a number of events that you could
04:30   qualify as harassment,
04:34   but I insist
04:38   through this video —
04:42   which isn’t my habit: it’s the first time I’ve made one —
04:46   on making things clear, concerning
04:50   those who could legitimately
04:55   think that by their actions they
04:59   are able to
05:03   realize their objective,
05:07   which consists of destroying me
05:11   socially,
05:15   personally,
05:19   to accomplish what you could legitimately
05:23   qualify as
05:27   my social death —
05:31   which they partially managed to achieve.
05:35   Their goal,
05:39   where they managed to reach me,
05:43   what could
05:47   be qualified as
05:55   my Achilles’ heel;
05:59   but from now on,
06:03   from today, they should
06:07   get used to the idea that
06:11   all they managed
06:15   was to make me stronger. And as a result,
06:19   the battle that I was fighting: at the beginning,
06:23   right now, and
06:27   the one I’ll be fighting later on,
06:31   will make me even stronger.
06:35   Courage. I wish you,
06:39   if possible,
06:43   that you have same courage as mine.
06:47   Regards,
06:51   my friends.

9 thoughts on “Adding Insult to Injury for Sébastien Jallamion

  1. My final opinion on events such as this, and on the outrage committed against miss Ladenburger in Germany, is simply this: these are of course calculated humiliations. They are Bolshevik in character. They are reminiscent of the Stalinist courts where Orthodox priests would be humiliated, then killed. Or where after much thought the magnificent cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow was demolished to make way for a community swimming pool.
    The abstractions of culture in France and Germany are being similarly demolished. My question : treason and traitors are a surplus commodity in Europe since 1968. We all know that. But what has changed so mightily is the prestige of Communism. It commands no respect in European Russia. In China it is just another name for state capitalism.
    So, how do the 68’ers keep their fealty aglow? By worshipping an appropriately malign and foreign god, Islam.
    Ironically anywhere Communism dominated, Islam suffered. But then irony is a missing concept in the aging leftist lunatics’ sclerotic brains.

    • The operative word is ‘humiliation’. It is a way to break the spirit. We will then quietly accept totalitarianism. Of course, these Communists think that they will be able to control Islam. It did not work for the Left in Iran. The Leftists will be killed first. Serves them right.

      – Nature will win over Social Engineering every time. We will not, however, learn any lessons. A new generation will try again.

    • One would think so, and should Marine be elected, she will have a massive cleaning job to carry out; something on a par with the fifth labour of Hercules.

  2. One more example of “We mu[slim]s are peaceful. And if you say we aren’t, we will kill you.”

  3. There is a consistency in Western policy makers that is rarely connected. Too bad because there is a clear warning when one ties them together.

    Wherever rulers foster Malthusian, Utilitarian, Green and Islamistophilic nutcases, there the ruled are at grave risk.

  4. Is there some fundrising scheeme to support Sebastien financilly? Or more generally, is there some fund where we can contribute that would help similar victims of muslims and of islam apologists globally?

    • Indeed. Sebastien could set up a Patreon account, perhaps make a living out of youtube videos telling his story and other’s, he could even consider moving to a country that allows gun carry and the use of guns for self defense, and he could continue to change people’s minds about islam from there. What has happened to him and many others like him is outrageous.

  5. Obviously, this heinous attack upon Sébastien Jallamion will have left him not only in physical and emotional pain, but also financially harmed. I wonder if there is anywhere one could donate money to this very brave man?

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