Acid Attack in Erkrath-Hochdahl?

One of the common forms of “honor violence” used by Muslim men is to throw acid in the face of the wife, daughter, or sister who violated the family honor by taking off her veil or refusing to marry her cousin.

It’s possible that a similar act was committed last weekend Erkrath-Hochdahl, an eastern suburb of Düsseldorf, but this time the victim was an infidel female. If the substance poured down the young (native German) girl’s cleavage was indeed an acid, it was a mild solution, because the resulting burns were fortunately minor.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this report from PolitikStube:

Out of hatred for the way Western women dress?

Migrants pour skin-irritating liquid down the front of a 15-year-old girl’s shirt

On Saturday April 1st, 2017, two unknown “young” men poured an unknown liquid over the chest of a 15-year-old girl. The young girl suffered light injuries in the form of skin irritation. The incident took place on a walkway at the Eduard-Daelen-Strasse in Erkrath-Hochdahl, directly in front of house #11. The two unknown offenders walked up to the 15-year-old girl from behind and poured the liquid on her décolleté. Immediately afterwards the two men ran away on foot towards Schimmelbuschstrasse.

The offenders may be described as follows:

  • Trim
  • “Young”
  • Spoke German with an accent
  • wore darkly colored hooded sweatshirts, with the hoods pulled down over the heads of the offenders

The young girl was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and was immediately treated. It has not been confirmed yet what kind of liquid was thrown, or whether it was a type of acid. The police have initiated a criminal investigation.

3 thoughts on “Acid Attack in Erkrath-Hochdahl?

  1. Wearing hoodies should be cause for being stopped and frisked by the police. Nothing good comes from wearing such a garment.

  2. She may have rebuffed their amatory advances. This has happened a couple of times here in Chicago. All of the perpetrators were Hispanic women punishing romantic rivals.

    • We know it’s “probably not” Hispanics in Erkrath-Hochdahl. Very likely to be young migrants from the Middle Eastern horde. They are testing out the teenage version of disabling, disfiguring punishments for females who don’t do what a man demands of them.

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